Blender bows with modified geometry

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This tutorial will show you how to modify geometry on an existing bow model so it will work with the morphing sequence (the difference between the bow at rest and when fully drawn).

All required software can be found at TESNexus.


Software used in the creation of this tutorial:

  • Blender 2.49b
  • Blender NIF Scripts 2.5.5
  • Python 2.6.2
  • PyFFI 2.1.6


We will modify the Daedric bow by moving some verticies on it to make spikes. If we are only moving existing verticies, we do not have to modify the UV layout or the texture for this to work...although the texture will seem stretched if the verticies are moved too far apart.

  1. Start Blender and import the Daedric bow that comes with Oblivion.
  2. Select the bow while in Object Mode and click the Shapes tab.
  3. The default shape key selected should be "Base", click the arrow beside it to show the "BowMorph" key which will also update the bow model.
  4. Put the bow back to the "Base" position and press TAB to enter Edit Mode.
  5. Grab (G) and pull a few vertices to make a simple spike and press TAB to exit Edit Mode.
    Image 1
  6. On the Shapes tab, press the arrow beside "Base" to change it to "BowMorph" which should change the bow model.
  7. Press TAB to enter Edit Mode, make the spikes again by moving the same verticies and press TAB to exit Edit Mode.
    Image 2
  8. On the Shapes tab, press the arrow beside "BowMorph" several times to make sure the ends of the spikes are in the exact same position in both modes, if not, continue editing the "BowMorph" position until the match perfectly (or very close).
  9. Export the bow to NIF format and make sure it works in NifSkope and then put it in the game!

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