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The Blade and Sorcery official SDK is used to create custom contents for the VR game "Blade and Sorcery". The game currently supports JSON/data modding, custom assets and plugins support (custom c# code).

This SDK is still a work in progress and should evolve over time depending on game updates and community involvement.

Download the B&S SDK from GitHub.


You will need to download the latest version of Unity to use this SDK. Download

How to install

  • Download the and extract the files to a safe location on your PC.
  • Open Unity and in the "Projects" section of the Unity Hub window, click "Add".
  • Select the BASAssetsCreator folder from your extracted files and click ok.
  • Click the new entry in the Unity Hub to open the editor using the BAS SDK.

Video tutorial:

Tools Included

With this SDK, you will find all the tools you need to create mods Blade & Sorcery.

This repository contains 3 folders:

  • BasAssetsCreator - A Unity project used to create assets bundles (compressed archive containing textures, meshes, sounds, etc...).
  • Plugins - A visual studio project example of a plugin (generate a custom dll)
  • ModFolderExample - An example of a finished mod.

For more information about the SDK and how to use it, I recommend to join the game Discord and check the Wiki.