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The Blade and Sorcery official SDK is used to create custom contents for the VR game "Blade and Sorcery". The game currently supports JSON/data modding, custom assets and plugins support (custom c# code).

This SDK is still a work in progress and should evolve over time depending on game updates and community involvement.

The SDK can be downloaded from GitHub here.


You will need to download the latest version of Unity to use this SDK. Download

How to install

  • Download the and extract the files to a safe location on your PC.
  • Open Unity and in the "Projects" section of the Unity Hub window, click "Add".
  • Select the BASAssetsCreator folder from your extracted files and click ok.
  • Click the new entry in the Unity Hub to open the editor using the BAS SDK.

Video tutorial:

Tools Included

With this SDK, you will find all the tools you need to create mods Blade & Sorcery.

This repository contains 3 folders:

  • BasAssetsCreator - A Unity project used to create assets bundles (compressed archive containing textures, meshes, sounds, etc...).
  • Plugins - A visual studio project example of a plugin (generate a custom dll)
  • ModFolderExample - An example of a finished mod.

For more information about the SDK and how to use it, I recommend to join the game Discord and check the Wiki.