Anonymous Takes Down 10,000 Dark Web Sites

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An Anonymous hack typist guaranteeing obligation regarding closing down at any rate 10,000 dark websites and taking individual information says he did so due to uncontrolled youngster sex entertainment on the system.


The assault last Thursday focused on Freedom Hosting II, the biggest host of underground websites that must be gotten through the undercover web program Tor. The dark web framework where clients' personalities are typically covered up is well known with youngster pornographers.


As per the programmer who asserted obligation regarding the activity to Motherboard, in excess of 50 percent of all records facilitated on Freedom Hosting II workers were identified with youngster erotic entertainment.


The hacking was especially prominent in light of the fact that it influenced around 20 percent of the dark web, and it effectively split a framework that is by and the large idea of as being secured by generally complex hindrances.


Clients were paralyzed to discover a message from the Anonymous team declaring, "Hi Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked," the Telegraph reports.


"We are disillusioned," the message included. "This is a selection from your first page, 'We have a zero-resilience strategy for youngster sex entertainment.' All your records have been duplicated and your information base has been dumped."


The note closed, "We are Anonymous. We don't pardon. We remember. You ought to have anticipated us." The message noticed that the activity was "shockingly simple."


Other than the message stamping pages, programmers requested .1 Bitcoin (esteemed at $100) to return taken information, including the messages of near 400,000 clients. Since the sum called for was moderately little, it wasn't clear if the interest was not kidding.


The programmer disclosed to Motherboard it was his first activity. He said he simply needed to get to Freedom Hosting yet chose to close it down when he found how much kid erotic entertainment was being circulated.


Mysterious programmers in 2011 penetrated the first Freedom Hosting, which housed around 40 kid pornography locales and distributed the names of clients. The cyber-attack was essential for Operation Dark Lord to take action against kid erotic entertainment. The activity set off law authorization contribution which brought about a few indictments. In 2014, Anonymous programmers again focused on kid pornography in Operation Death Eaters.

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