Adding a new game to Vortex

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To add a new game, first, navigate to the “Games” section from the side menu. There you will have 3 tabs which display games Vortex supports;

  • Managed - Games currently handled by Vortex.
  • Discovered - Games Vortex knows are installed but not managed.
  • Supported - All games Vortex supports that are neither discovered nor managed.

If your installed game does not appear in the “Discovered” tab, you can have Vortex attempt to find it by running either a quick scan (from the toolbar) or a detailed scan (from the button at the bottom of the Vortex window). A detailed scan may take several minutes to complete.

Once your game appears in the “Discovered” tab put your mouse over the game tile and click “Manage”. Vortex will automatically switch to that game mode.


If Vortex cannot automatically detect your game, find it in the “Supported” tab. Click the game tile and select “Manually set location”. This will open a file dialogue where you will need to locate the folder where the game’s executable file (EXE) is stored and select that folder. Once you have done this, Vortex will add the game to your “Managed” tab.