About recurring Premium Membership payments and how to cancel them

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The default payment method for Premium Membership is a one-off, non-recurring payment. For example, if you pay £2.49 for a month of Premium Membership then your Premium Membership will last for a month, after which it will expire and you will not be charged again. If you want to renew your membership you will have to go through the Premium Membership payment process again the same as before.

However, we do provide a subscription/recurring payment method which is not the default payment method. In order to use this service you have to specifically select it from the "Payment method" drop-down menu during the Premium Membership checkout process. This process is handled via Pay Pal. If you select this option then a recurring payment profile will be setup by Pay Pal that will automatically take money out of your account a few days before your Nexus Premium Membership expires and renew your Premium Membership for the same price and amount of time as before. For example, if you go to pay for 6 months of Premium Membership and select the recurring payment option you will pay £14.49 immediately followed by £14.49 every 6 months automatically, ensuring that your Premium Membership does not expire.

How to know whether you're paid via the recurring payment method

The easy way to see whether your Premium Membership payment is recurring or not is to login to your Nexus user area (http://www.nexusmods.com/games/users/userarea/?). It will either say "Yes" or "No" next to the "Recurring payment" field if you have bought Premium Membership. If it says "Yes" then you have paid using the recurring payment method.

How to cancel your recurring payment method

First of all ensure you've actually paid using the recurring payment method using the instructions above. If you have paid via the recurring payment method and would like to cancel your recurring payment method then it's as simple as logging in to your Pay Pal account, navigating to your subscriptions and cancelling the subscription to Nexus Mods. Once you've done that you will no longer automatically send payments to Nexus Mods and your Premium Membership will expire as it would if you hadn't paid using the recurring payment method.

Do you store/get to see any of my debit/credit card details? Can you change the payments or force payments through I haven't authorised?

Absolutely not. All payments are processed through secure payment gateways that ensure I, or any staff at Nexus Mods, or anyone who might gain access to our servers, will never see your card details. We do not and cannot store your card details on our servers and we cannot change your recurring payments or force card payments against your wishes. Any charges that are made are made because of something you've done!