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The following results from explorations in the XCom Forum thread XCom EU Properties Lists for eAP, eCP and eWP.

EProperties entries are enumerated values used in Structures found in the XComGame.UPK file. They are found in XComGame.upk >> [XGTacticalGameCoreData] >> [Enumerations], and NOT in the DGC.INI as might be expected. There are several structures, three of which are summarized here.

Properties are more tangible (physics or physical) while Abilities have a certain Intellectual connotation for being the uses to which one puts said physics or physical properties. In an Unreal gaming world, these logical concepts may be a bit murky and/or a blurry gray, but they still do tend to be a part of the common lexicon.

See also the wiki articles Enum_Expansion and XGTacticalGameCoreData.EAbility.

Programs and Tools


The descriptions of the properties from DefaultGameCore.ini settings - XCOM:EU 2012) to grant or deny specific capabilities listed here when the item is equipped are in the XComGame.INT language localization file.


ALL Ability and property descriptions with internal names can be found and altered in the file XComGame.int present in install sub-folder .\XComGame\Localization\Int. (Note: INT extension = International/English. Other regions may use different three-letter language codes for localized text display.)

Properties can be added to Armors, Characters (a.k.a. UNITS), and Weapons (& Equipment); some have effects similar to abilities. This is a complete list of the Properties (that can be used in the DefaultGameCore.ini) with a brief description about what each does.

The following properties appear on Armors: as the "eAP_" prefix (denoting eArmorProperties) suggests.

From: XGTacticalGameCoreData.EArmorProperty (File=XComGame.upk \ XGTacticalGameCoreData \ Enumerations \ EArmorProperty).

  • See also: XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.TArmor (File=XComGame.upk \ XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase \ Structures \ TArmor).

The following properties appear on Characters: as the "eCP_" prefix (denoting eCharacterProperties) suggests.

From: XGTacticalGameCoreData.ECharacterProperty (File=XComGame.upk \ XGTacticalGameCoreData \ Enumerations \ ECharacterProperty).

  • See also: XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.TCharacter (File=XComGame.upk \ XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase \ Structures \ TCharacter).

The following properties appear on Weapons: as the "eWP_" prefix (denoting eWeaponProperties) suggests.

From: XGTacticalGameCoreData.EWeaponProperty (File=XComGame.upk \ XGTacticalGameCoreData \ Enumerations \ EWeaponProperty).

  • See also: XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.TWeapon (File=XComGame.upk \ XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase \ Structures \ TWeapon).

General Rule
  • As adding to one of these lists may break links to anything after your addition, (please) add to the end of said list; that is just before the "<list-name-prefix>_MAX" line.
  • You are able and willing to mod EVERY function that references anything in said list; DO take the time to make sure you aren't breaking positional (aka index) links to anything in said list.

The "Structure" references are to "XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.Structures" (from the XComGame.upk file, as viewed in UE Explorer).
  • TArmor ("XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.TArmor" - 89 [0:88] aAbilities; 9 [0:8] aProperties, etc).
  • TCharacter ("XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.TCharacter" - 111 [0:110] aUpgrades; 89 [0:88] aAbilities; 14 [0:13] aProperties; 19 [0:18] aStats; 15 [0:14] aTraversals, etc).
  • TWeapon ("XGTacticalGameCoreNativeBase.TWeapon" - 89 [0:88] aAbilities; 20 [0:19] aProperties, etc)

As all three structures (TArmor, TCharacter, and TWeapon) have 89 [0:88] aAbilites and as I found only one Abilities Enumeration - I'm presuming that these all could share the same 89 (0x59) Abilities.
But, as all three (TArmor, TCharacter, and TWeapon) have different numbers of Properties and as I did find different Property Enumerations for them - I must conclude that the Properties are unique to each one (of TArmor, TCharacter, and TWeapon).
The aAbilites and aProperties (which appear to be used as binary values?) with one for each possible Ability & Property - suggest that these are used as flags denoting the presence / absence of each Ability & Property.

To use more than 3 [0:2] eAbilities and/or more than 4 [0:3] eAP-s (on an Armor) - need to mod (at least) File: XComGame.upk, Class: XGTacticalGameCore ( Function1: BuildArmors, Function2: BuildArmor ).

  • This requirement is not limited to just these 2 functions; there may be more!

There are corresponding functions for Characters and Weapons.

Notation clarification

In "# [#:#]" the "#" is used to denote a decimal (base 10) value, and the "[#:#]" structure denotes an 'inclusive range'; [0:3] would be a range with a low value of 0 and a high value of 3.

  • Thus "4 [0:3]" indicates a range of "4" values, the lowest value being "0" and the highest value being "3"; with the values "1" and "2" coming between the low value and the high value.


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