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EAbility (upper case 'E') is believed to refer to Equipment Ability. They are values used in the properties of equipment (found in the DefaultGameCore.ini (DGC.ini) file.


See DefaultGameCore.ini settings - XCOM:EU 2012) to grant or deny specific capabilities listed here when the item is equipped. The decimal value is used in the DGC.ini file, and hex values (listed after the "-") are used when making modifications directly to hex code.


enum EAbilityTarget
00 eTarget_None,
01 eTarget_Self,
02 eTarget_SingleEnemy,
03 Target_MultipleEnemies,
04 eTarget_SingleAlly,
05 eTarget_SingleAllyOrSelf,
06 eTarget_MultipleAllies,
07 Target_SectoidAllies,
08 eTarget_Location,
09 eTarget_SingleDeadAlly,
10-0A eTarget_SingleDeadEnemy,
11-0B Target_MutonAllies,
12-0C eTarget_MAX


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