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XCOM Developer Shell Initial Screen


The developer shell is a useful tool to quickly test mod changes or discover information. This article will focus on how you as a modder can take advantage of this.

How to Enable the Developer Shell

The easiest way to enable the shell is to use the XCOM ToolBoks mod.

Failing that, How to enable the XCOM developer shell provides directions to directly modify the UPK files and executable.

First Steps

Once the developer shell is enabled, ...

Console Commands

To enable the command line, use the '\' key. The command line features an auto-complete function. A list of possible auto-complete commands will be displayed above the command line. You can use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the possibilities, then use the TAB key to complete the command. Some commands may require additional parameters to be entered. Frequently used commands can be mapped to a key.

This article will focus on some XCOM:EU 2012 useful console commands. For all available commands see Console Commands - XCOM:EU 2012 and Unreal Engine 3 Console Commands.

Create Alien Base Alert

  • The CreateAlienBaseAlert strategy command spawns alien base alert on the next visit of Mission Control.
  • You will need Skeleton Key in order to access the base. "GiveItem Skeleton_Key 1" command can be used to get one.

Give Item

  • The GiveItem strategy command gives an item specified by enum EItemType.
  • Numbers are updated on screen change.
    • Parameters:
      • <Item> -- string value
        • Weapons -- [LaserPistol, LaserAssaultRifle, LaserAssaultGun, HeavyLaser, LaserSniperRifle, PlasmaPistol, PlasmaLightRifle, PlasmaAssaultRifle, AlloyCannon, HeavyPlasma, PlasmaSniperRifle, BlasterLauncher]
        • Armor -- [ArmorCarapace, ArmorSkeleton, ArmorTitan, ArmorArchangel, ArmorGhost, ArmorPsi]
        • Items -- [Medikit, CombatStims, MindShield, ChitinPlating, ArcThrower, TargetingModule, ReinforcedArmor]
        • Tanks -- [SHIV, SHIV_Alloy, SHIV_Hover]
          Note: Spawns with the best available weapon equipped
        • Aircrafts -- [Interceptor, Firestorm]
          Note: Spawns in HQ's hangar even if there's not enough capacity
        • Aircraft weapons -- [IntWeap_I, IntWeap_III, IntWeap_IV, IntWeap_V, IntWeap_VI]
          Note: I Phoenix Cannon, II Avalanche Missiles, III Laser Cannon, IV Plasma Cannon, V EMP Cannon, VI Fusion Lance
        • Aircraft consumables -- [IntConsumable_Dodge, IntConsumable_Boost, IntConsumable_Hit]
        • Satellites -- [Satellite]
        • Corpses -- [SectoidCorpse, SectoidCommanderCorpse, FloaterCorpse, FloaterHeavyCorpse, ThinManCorpse, MutonCorpse, MutonEliteCorpse, BerserkerCorpse, CyberdiscCorpse, EtherealCorpse, CryssalidCorpse, SectopodCorpse, DroneCorpse]
        • Captives -- [SectoidCaptive, SectoidCommanderCaptive, FloaterCaptive, FloaterHeavyCaptive, ThinManCaptive, MutonCaptive, MutonEliteCaptive, BerserkerCaptive, EtherealCaptive]
        • Collectible resources -- [Elerium115, AlienAlloys, WeaponFragment]
        • Other collectibles -- [AlienEntertainment, AlienFood, AlienStasisTank, UFONavigation, AlienSurgery, UFOPowerSource, DamagedAlienEntertainment, DamagedAlienFood, DamagedAlienStasisTank, DamagedUFONavigation, DamagedAlienSurgery, DamagedUFOPowerSource]
        • Plot and special items -- [Base_Shard, Skeleton_Key, HyperwaveBeacon, PsiLink, UFOFusionLauncher]
        • Interesting but not working -- [FlameThrower, SmokeGrenade, FlashBang, DamagedHyperwaveBeacon]
      • <Amount> -- integer value
  • Example: "GiveItem WeaponFragment 10"

Give Resource

  • The GiveResource strategy command gives a resource specified by enum EResourceType.
  • Numbers are updated on screen change.
    • Parameters:
      • <Resource> -- string value [Money, Elerium, Alloys, Engineers, Scientists, Power]
      • <Amount> -- integer value
  • Example: "GiveResource Engineers 5"

Restart Level

  • The RestartLevel tactical command starts current level from the beginning including intro animation.


  • The general "Set" command is used to set the properties of any object. It is useful for changing the number of charges of items, as well as a variety of other things.
    • Parameters:
      • <ClassName> -- examples : xgunit_0, xgunit_1
      • <PropertyName> -- examples : m_iBattleScanners, m_iSmokeGrenades, m_iGhostCharges, m_iShredderRockets, m_iArcThrowerCharges
      • <Value> -- integer value
  • "set xgunit_3 m_iBattlescanners 20" will give unit 3 (counting from 0) 20 battlescanner charges.
  • "set xgstrategysoldier_0 m_iEnergy 5" will give strategy soldier 0 5 units of energy.
    • this is useful with the Expanded Perk Tree mod, since that mod uses m_iEnergy to track which ranks have been leveled

Set HP

  • The SetHP command sets the HP (Health Points) of the currently selected target to the supplied value. To change HP of an alien, first switch its team using the SwapTeamsOnNearestUnit command.
    • Parameters:
      • Integer value. Values greater than the units maximum HP will set to the maximum HP.

Swap Teams On Nearest Unit

  • The SwapTeamsOnNearestUnit command switches the team of the unit nearest to the cursor position when the command is executed.

Teleport Alien To Cursor

  • The TeleportAlienToCursor command moves a designated alien to your current cursor position.
    This command is useful to placing aliens in or out of cover, or out of awkward to reach places.
    • Parameters:
      • XGUnit_## (for example, XGUnit_9 or XGUnit_12). Unit numbers for aliens can be determined using the AIDebugAI command.

Toggle Unit Flags

  • The ToggleUnitFlags tactical command hides or shows health and cover flags of all units.
  • Can be invaluable when taking screenshots.

Unlimited Moves

  • The UnlimitedMoves command lets your character take an unlimited number of moves and actions during your turn.


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