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A list of ToolBoks Custom Mods for XCOM:Enemy Unknown.

CAUTION: These may or may not work with any given independent mod. In general, Custom Mods assume a vanilla game. Adjusting offset locations may be necessary, but overhaul mods (such as Long War) may have re-purposed existing vanilla functions or variables. Check with the author of the mod in question about potential conflicts.

Custom toolboks mods compatible with Patch 4 (Changelist: 356266)

[See the Basic_Guide_to_installing_mods#Patches article for other ways to determine your current patch level.]

How to add your own ToolBoks Custom Mod to the above list

  • Login to the Wiki.
  • Edit the list above and add an entry section like this:
* [[Page Name of your ''Custom Mod'']] - ''By Your Name''
** Short description to show below the mod
  • Click on this template link and follow the instructions inside the template.
  • Copy the template to your clipboard.
  • Click on the link to your new Custom Mod's page:
    • edit that page
    • paste the template copy from your clipboard
    • replace the instruction text with your toolboks mod
  • Preview and then Save your new Custom Mod page.
  • Update the References section with the link to your Custom Mod page, by copying the bracketed portion of the first line of your entry section above.

Note: If someone has accidentally vandalized the template you can find a backup of it here.


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