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This tool is used for creating and setup of inventory templates.
Each NPC has its own persistent inventory which is initialized by the inventory template. Inventory template (simply called inventory in all tools) is assigned to a soul in WH NPC Editor or in this tool.    

Making a new inventory

If you have some inventory selected and click the “New inventory” button, a new copy of this inventory will be created. It will have the same name with an incremented number at the end. 
If you don’t have any inventory selected and press the same button, the new inventory will have the default name “MyFirstInventory”.
You can change the name by simply rewriting it in the dedicated tiny window.
NOTE: You cannot decide on a name in this window and THEN create a new inventory of that name. If you do that you will have changed the name of some inventory and created its copy. Be aware of that.
All the data is eventually saved in DB. All the changes you make are local. They are committed to DB only after clicking the “Save to DB” button. You can always undo all local changes.

Item rules

The inventory settings consist of a list of rules. A single rule applies to an item class and specifies its health and the range of count for that item. If you don’t want to randomize the count of an item, the “Count min.” and “Count max.” must be the same. If you set “Count min.” to 0, the item is permitted to not be present at all.
The NPCs inventory will be filled according to the rules after starting a New Game.

Inventory presets

Inventory presets are another way to fill an inventory (template). While normally you have to fill the inventory one item class rule at a time, row by row, the presets represent a batch of rules which usually come together and can be reused. That way you can, for example, fill your new inventory with 5 item settings with just one click.
Available presets are listed in the third column. You may view and edit their setting by switching to radio button “Edit inventory prestes” at the top.

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