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Nordic Skyrim





Yet Another Guide To Modding Your Skyrim SE


Modding Skyrim SE may have become a tiny, little, totally manageable obsession of mine.  They say admitting it is the first step to beating addiction, right?  Except it's not an addiction I want to beat. In fact, I just wish all the other shit that gets in the way, you know, like family, friends, work and stuff, would just fuck off, and leave me to it.  I'm happy now I've got a gaming PC, and I don't need you anymore!  Hey Nordic, it's a lovely day, why don't we go outside? Why the fuck would I want to go outside where the textures are shit, and the people are real??

I started modding Skyrim SE on the PC in April 2017, and I've been dedicated to it ever since.  Originally the guide was smaller, and more specific, but it's evolved over time with new mods becoming available, my own skills improving, and with feedback, and suggestions from users.  It is now absolutely huge, contains many choices, and continues to grow.

This does mean a lot of steps to follow, and it will take some time to get through it all.  I can only semi-apologise for that, because there is a lot of information to give, and reading is very much a key part of modding any game. 



CHOICE: With this guide I want to include as many choices as possible, with all choices leading to a stable game. The way I try to do this is by including a huge number of mods, and options, but have all choices accounted for, covered in detail, and be as much a part of the guide as anything else included in it. This way you can install any mod listed, and be confident that it will work alongside your other choices, unless it says otherwise in the description I give. 

EXPERIENCE: I want it to appeal to new and experienced modders alike. The way I try to do this, is by offering a range of options that vary in their technical difficulty. This will hopefully give the user some control over how challenging they want their modding experience to be.   

INFORMATION: Another priority is to supply as much information as possible that is relevant to the mod, or choice, so that you can make informed decisions. These notes could also be useful for anyone using the guide more as a reference, rather than following it step by step. 

LOAD ORDER: It includes specific information on load order for every mod in the guide. Instructions are given at the end of each section, but I've also included a file to download.

TESTED: Even though the guide is very large, the vast majority is very well tested, and the rest is tested to some extent. If I do include any untested mods they will be marked as such, still thoroughly researched, and will be tested at a later date. 

UP TO DATE: I continuously add to it, and keep it up to date, and intend to do this for some time to come.

WHY SO SERIOUS?: Despite my quite random attempts to be funny at times, it's a very serious guide, and I would hate to waste your time if you choose to follow it. So basically I won't write something unless I'm very confident the information is good. 



I would like to thank all the people that have left positive comments, and those that have contributed to the guide. I've had some great compliments. Although I've never really mentioned endorsements before, I do appreciate them, and it's the easiest way for me to measure how well it's regarded. Thank you to all that have. Page views are great too, but a thousand people looking at your guide, doesn't mean they liked it!


To start with, let's get the game installed, and prepped to mod. Once that is done, I will discuss some key factors of modding, and how they relate to the guide. YOU CAN'T SKIP THIS SECTION! Everything is in form of articles.




  • (NEW) - mod is new in the guide.
  • (SKSE) - mod require the Skyrim Script Extender 64. 
  • [1] [1/2] [1/4 A=2] at the end of each mod, are my own notes on an ESP count. The A stands for average. It is a good indicator for which mods have ESP's, and how many they have.
  • [ESPLite = 1] - mod has some ESP-ESL files that doesn't count to the 255 mod limit.
  • [ESPLite] - you can add ESL file header to ESP in SSEEdit to save slot in 255 ESP limit (guide).
  • [ESPLite - C] - you can add ESL file header to ESP in SSEEdit to save slot in 255 ESP limit. C means that it also require Compacting FormIDs before adding ESL header (guide).
  • [CLEANING] - you need to clean it in SSEEdit.
  • [OLDRIM] - mod from Skyrim Legendary Edition.
  • [WATERFLOW] - You need to fix waterflow in xEdit via this script.
  • [NAVMESH] - You need to fix deleted NavMesh in CK (useful guide)
  • [44] - mod from Skyrim Special Edition that has incorrectly ported esp (form 43). You need to resave this plugin in Creation Kit.
  • (Y) - mods that I always use in my load order. I do sometimes use the mods not marked this way, but these are the ones that I consistently use in my game. They're not core mods, just ones I particularly like. 
  • [CORE] - YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS MOD. There will be no support for people that don't have these mods installed (because of some custom patches that are included in the guide).



If a mod is hosted on the Nexus, you can add it to MO in two ways. One is to click Download With Manager under the file on the Nexus, and this will download it directly to your mod manager. The other is to click the Manual Download button, and this will download it to your download folder. See below for specific instructions.



DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER: When you first launch MO it will ask you if you want to set it up to use nxm links, which means do you want to be able to use the Download With Manager button. Click yes.

To sign into the Nexus with MO, click on the screwdriver, and spanner symbol (configure settings, and workarounds) on the main top left tool bar. Click the Nexus tab, type in your Nexus user name and password, and click the box that says to automatically login to the Nexus. It will automatically login for you when you press the Download With Manager button.

If you did click yes, and you want to choose where MO stores the mod, click on the screwdriver, and spanner symbol, click the Paths tab, and point the downloads to a folder of your choosing. To do this click the tab with three dots opposite downloads, and navigate from there. It could be useful if you want the mods to be stored on your HDD, rather than your SDD, to save space. 

MANUAL DOWNLOAD: To add a mod to MO that you downloaded manually, click the computer and CD symbol (Install a new mod from an archive) on the main top left tool bar, navigate to where your mod is located, and double click it. 

INSTALLATION: Once a mod has been added it will appear in the left panel. Click the box next to it to install it. If it contains a plugin, it will then also appear in the right panel, which is your load order.

When installing a mod with MO, it may say 'No game data on top level', and a screen will pop up. If this happens, double click the mod in the pop up screen, right click the Data folder, and set it to data directory. Sometimes the Data folder will already be showing.

To uninstall, un-tick the box you ticked to install it. If you want to remove it completely, right click it, and select remove.

OVERWRITE FOLDER: The overwrite folder is found at the bottom of the left pane, and is used to store files MO doesn't recognise, because it doesn't know where to place them. What you do with them depends on what type of file it is. Double clicking it will bring up the main folder it contains, but to access the contents you need to right click Overwrite, and select open with Explorer.

Keep an eye out for the triangle containing an exclamation mark near the top right corner turning red, and a number appearing. This will let you know the Overwrite contains files. 

SEEedit (also called xEdit): When you clean your masters it will place a back up of the original plugins into the Overwrite Folder. If you want to keep them you can create a folder elsewhere, and drag it into that. Or copy, and paste it into it, and delete the original from the Overwrite. 

Another option would be to right click the Overwrite Folder, and select create mod. The folder will be removed from Overwrite, and appear in the left pane. If you do this, don't activate it.

The easiest option is to just delete the back up, as you don't really need to keep them.

FNIS and SKSE: Any log files created by these that appear in the Overwrite need to be moved into the correct folders. First open the Overwrite folder with Explorer, and see what is inside. Find out which mod it is for.

Then go to the main folder for MO, open it, and open the Mods folder. Open the mod the log was for, and then place the file/s from the Overwrite into the corresponding folders. I find it easier to copy, and paste them into it, and then delete them from the Overwrite.



In the Overwrite folder you find SKSE/Plugins/Fus Ro D'oh.

You would then open Mod Organiser 2/Mods/Fus Ro D'oh/SKSE/Plugins, and then move the Fus Ro D'oh file from the Overwrite into the Plugins folder. 



If you're like me, you don't have a premium account, so your mods from the Nexus will only download at 1MB per second. This isn't a big problem if you plan for it by downloading the mods you will need in advance. I tend to have about five mods downloading at any one time.

Sometimes the mod is named differently on the download than it's named on the Nexus, but it will share the name that's found on the Nexus file page of the mod (almost always), so check there to see what to look for if your struggling to find it. 

You may want to keep an untouched copy of any mods you use, because it's not unknown for mod authors to hide them temporarily, or even remove them completely.


CHOICES: There are a lot of choices in the guide, and it would be impossible to install all the mods listed.  This means it will involve some planning on your part if you intend to use a lot of mods. To help with this, I've noted if, and how many plugins a mod has, and tried to give some indication of how many patches will be required for that choice. 

I also intend to add a very rough recommendation for how many ESP's to spend on each section. This will never be that exact because what people want in their game varies, and some choices require several patches resulting in more plugins than other options. 

If you get near to the end of the guide, and don't have enough room left, it will be possible to remove some mods you have already installed to make space.

OPTIONS: Sometimes I'll write (Optional) next to a mod, but obviously almost all are really. I write it for many reasons, which will hopefully be apparent in the notes.  

The guide offers alternatives for many mods.

If I write OR: between two or more mods, it's a straight choice between them. 

If I write AND: between two mods, it means the next mod compliments the previous one, and it's suggesting you might want to use both together. 

If I write AND / OR: it means the next mod would compliment the previous, but is also suitable to use instead. 



Load order is exactly that. It's the order in which the game loads your mods, and it will load the mods at the top of the list first. 

MO: The load order for your plugins is given in the right panel on the main screen. The left panel is your load priority order, and MO will load all the assets from your mods in that order. Match the priority with the guides installation order


LOOT is an external tool, and its primary function is to sort your load order into one that works. Unfortunately, it doesn't always place mods where they should go, and if you were to use it, you would still have to manually move many of them afterwards. It is possible to update its metadata so that it remembers the changes you've made, and there is nothing wrong with this approach to managing your load order, but it isn't the one I took for myself, or the guide. 

THE GUIDE'S LOAD ORDER: Instead of using LOOT for the guide I have included information on any changes you should make to your load order at the end of each section. This way, by the time you have completed installation, your load order will also be correct. So if it doesn't say to move the plugin, it can be left where it is, in the order it was installed. 


Other than using guides, there isn't really any short cuts in modding, and it can be very time consuming. The more mods, and tools that you use, the longer the process is going to take. 

I think it's better to look at it as more of a hobby, but at the very least you should commit to it on some level, and accept that it's a lengthy process. What I'm saying is take your time, and don't try to break any speed records for getting the job done. You won't win any prizes, and you may end up with a broken game. Take time to get to grips with the tools you will use, read a mods description, and double, if not triple check everything you do.

It's important to test your game regularly. I've marked good times to do this throughout the guide, but there's no bad time to do it, and the more the better. 

I always test my game whilst modding. Although I do use new mods each time, I would still do it if I was using the exact same load order I had used many times before. This is because it's possible for something to have gone wrong in the download, or installation process. Mistakes can be made too, even if you are doing something you've done ten times before. Mods also change when they get updated, and some updates bring new bugs, or new conflicts with other mods.



Right! Time to start thinking about what type of character you're going to be, and the world you want to create. Knowing this will help you select the mods you need. I like to somewhat role-play with my characters by giving them a history, a personality, and most importantly, a goal. 

This way when playing, I can be heading towards my goal, and react to anything that comes up in a way that's in character. I think it's more fun, more immersive, and it stops every game being a generic 'do and collect everything' scenario.

You don't have to go crazy, and dress up in real life, do voices, or anything like that. Just a few lines of history (you don't even have to write it down), what sort of person they are, such as their moral compass, and what they want to achieve so that you can start the game with purpose.  

I favour mods that add realism, and increase the difficulty of the game. If any of these mods don't appeal to you, simply don't install them. None are crucial, anyway. 

It won't be possible to install all the mods listed anyway, but there's no obligation to install a full load order of 255 plugins. You can work through it, and pick the ones that appeal to you. It will say if a mod relies on another. Providing you have any required mods for a mod you install, and you stick to the install/load order of the guide, everything should work well together.

With this said, you're good to go, and can FINALLY install some mods. I like to half watch, half listen to something whilst I mod. I've tried watching several Skyrim play through's on YouTube but the only one I stuck with was from Rycon Roleplays. Some of his other series are really good too.


If you're curious why something is not in the guide, check this list and also REJECTED MODS list.


  Alternative: OBIS SE - Organized Bandits In Skyrim Special Edition


  • Wild World SE [1.40 version] - really interesting concept, but there is still to much problems and CTDs to use it in normal playhtrough.
  Alternative: SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators; Animal Tweaks


  Alternative: Know Your Enemy - Trait-based resistances and weaknesses


  • Monster Mod SE [V1.2 version] - to much problems in current version. Don't use it if you don't want break your game!
  Alternative: Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition


  • Agent of Righteous Might [1.1.0 version Oldrim] - really old mod, with tons of problems and incompatibilities. Don't even think to play with it.
  Alternative: VIGILANT SE


  • Immersive Roads SSE [1.0 version] - not properly updated textures. Very poor visual consistency with the surrounding landscape.
  Alternative: Blended Roads


  • Unique Flowers and Plants SSE [1.1 version] - old mod that need to be rebuilded to work in SSE (mod is not compatible with DLCs and other SSE landscape changes). Textures are really low quality compared to newest mods. Also USSEP fixes are not forwarded. Author of port delete all comment about problems with his work... 
  Alternative: Skyrim 3D Landscapes


  • InnCredible [1.3.1 version] - abandoned, bugged mod. There are also some issues with NavMesh in some inns and CTDs.
  Alternative: Distinct Interiors


  • Semper Fi SE - An Imperial Armor Mod [1.01 version] - I'm not sure why, but this actually causes issues with the mesh/texture on the body for the heavy armour in my game, so I no longer use it. I don't think it's an issue with this mod, but a conflict with another mod I'm using.
  Alternative: Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged 6-0


  Alternative: Nothing, because there is nothing to fix.


  • SSE High Quality Music [1.8 version] - it slows loading of your game, not compatible with some mods without additional workarounds and it doesn't match mod-added voices because is louder than vanilla voices.
  Alternative: Unofficial High Definition Audio Project


  Alternative: Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM


  • Simply Optimized Textures for SSE [1.0 version] - this mod is pointless, combined with rest of the guide. Almost all textures in game are replaced by other mods so there will be no benefit from this one. 
  Alternative: performance optimized textures for SSE


  • Enhanced Texture Depth - Landscapes [1.1 version] - weak illusion of 3D landscape. Actually, doesn't look good and cause crashes combined with other retextures. Even vanilla have some problems.
  Alternative: Nothing


  • Qaxe's Questorium for SSE [14 version] - similar thing to Maids. Nothing wrong with the mod. You're just need to build your load order around this mod (it's not that hard like with Maids, but still it require a lot of patches do to) and this guide is not about that.
  Alternative: Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE


  Alternative: HQ Bark Overhaul


  • Vindsvept - Music for Skyrim Special Edition - 2018 [1.2 version] - I really like music from that mod.. but everything else is made wrong. Plugins is not properly ported and not cleaned, folders structure is weird so Smashed Patch can't be made properly. It will be a good mod when author finally fix these issues.
  Alternative: Anything from Music section.


  • Death Mountain 1 SSE [1.2 version] - broken port. It can cause random CTDs. Port author disabled bug tracker and deleted comments about various bugs.
  Alternative: Forgotten City


SKSE Plugins

1) (SKSE) Achievements Mods Enabler

Description: Enables achievements in Skyrim SE when using mods. 

WARNING: Download and install it manually or it will be not working!


2) (SKSE) PrivateProfileRedirector SE - Faster game start (INI file cacher) - [CORE]

Description: Speeds up game start by storing INI files in memory instead of opening, parsing and closing the file each time some value from it is needed.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


3) (SKSE) Stay At The System Page - Updated - (Y)

Description: When you press Esc it takes you to the System page, which is the one where you can save the game, and configure your mods, and what not. I find I want that page much more than the quests page.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


4) (SKSE) Misc Fixes SSE - [CORE]

Description: Fixes misc bugs with the engine.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


5) (SKSE) More Informative Console - [CORE]

Description: An excellent mod, which will display a lot more information for whatever you click on whilst in the console.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


6) (SKSE) Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice - [CORE]

Description: It makes the lips move, and slows the subtitles down for unvoiced NPC's added by mods.

Note: A lot of mods require it.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


7) (SKSE) Skyrim Skill Uncapper 

Description: This DLL plugin unlocks the skill level caps of 100 and makes some relevant leveling tweaks.


8) (SKSE) Classic Sprinting Redone (SKSE64) 

Description: Makes sprinting behave the same way as it did in old Skyrim. Hold instead of toggle.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


9) (SKSE) Better Jumping SE - [CORE]

Description: Allows to jump while sprinting. Also you can configure jump height multiplier, how many times you can jump (double jump like in action games).

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


10) (SKSE) Glow Be Gone SSE - (Optional) (Y)

Description: Dynamically removes annoying edge glow from shader effects via an SKSE plugin.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


11) (SKSE) Hook Share SSE - (Optional) 

Description: This project exists to share hooks to the same functions with multiple projects. Required by Quick Loot RE and Skyrim Souls RE. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


12) (SKSE) Quick Loot RE

Description: This mod adds a looting menu akin to the one present in F04. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


13) (SKSE) Skyrim Souls RE

Description: Unpauses game menus. It's still in super early alpha, so use it on your own risk.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


Core files

1) Unofficial High Definition Audio Project - text? [CORE]

Description: This improves the quality of the vanilla music and sounds, especially if you have an ear for such things. I recommended it, if you don't use a music mod, or if you use a music mod which doesn't touch the vanilla music files. 

Choice: Celtic Music is a good example of this, as it adds it's own, but doesn't replace the vanilla music. It won't have any affect if the music mod you choose only replaces the vanilla music.

Note: You need to download everything from Main files: Music - HQ, Voices EN - Part 1, Voices EN - Part 2


2) Lanterns of Skyrim [1]

Description: It adds additional external lights to towns, villages, farms, mills, and roads.

Choice: I used this over Claralux, because it's a simpler option, has less impact on your game, and requires less patches. 

Patches: Settlements Expanded.

WARNING: It can cause light problems in combination with mods that adding light sources.  



Claralux SSE Controllable Lights Everywhere [1]

Description: It adds additional external light sources. 

Choice: There is more variety to the lights it adds, and the locations it adds them to. It also allows you to customise your lighting by using a control centre, which is actually a building in the game. 

Patches: It has an optional file for patches, which includes a FOMOD. You can download it at the same time you download, and install the main mod later in the guide. There are a lot of patches, but it's unlikely you will use all the mods that they are for. Many of them are optional, because they just allow you to control the lighting added by other mods.

WARNING: It can cause light problems in combination with mods that adding light sources.


3)]Lanterns of Skyrim Light Balance Patch] - (Optional) [1][color=#00ff00] [/color]

Description: It's found in the files section of the S.E.P.T.I.M guide, and it tweaks the lighting for LOS. Made for Vivid Weathers, and Re-engaged ENB, but it's still worth trying for other options. I always use it in combination with Lanterns of Skyrim. 


4) Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) - [1] [CORE]

Description: This is a very important mod, because it fixes many of the bugs that Bethesda couldn't be arsed to do. It also makes tweaks for consistancy, or because it should have been in the base game. I would consider it essential.

Note: The plugin shows as an ESP, but it is treated as a master.


5) '(SKSE) FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts - FISSES - [1][color=#00ff00] [/color](Optional)'

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Easy to use interface for modders to save&reload in-game variables (e.g. MCM settings) to/from file. Required by some mods.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


6) Cutting Room Floor - [1] [CORE]

Description: It adds back content that was originally intended to be in the game by the developers. Pretty much essential. 


7) Guard Dialogue Overhaul (GDO) Kels version - [1] [CORE]

Description: This mod alters the guard dialogue, changing it from something that breaks your immersion in the world of Skyrim to something that actually increases it. All in the original voices and fully compliant with Skyrim lore. 


Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE - [1]

Description: It does the same things as previous version. It's basically a port of the original mod without any additions (like in Kels version).


8) Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (WACCF) - [color=#00ffff][1/2] [CORE][/color]

Description: It edits, and corrects a lot of settings for the items in its title. Install the optional texture files after the main if you wish to use them. 

[color=#e69138]Load Order:[/color] The main Weapons Armor Clothing and clutter Fixes ESP should stay here in your load order, and it will only be ESM's that go above it. The WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp should always be the last ESP in your load order, but it is only needed if you intend to create a Bash Patch, and can be deleted if you aren't going to. The ESP will be incorporated into the Bash Patch if you do use one. You don't have to decide now. 


Rustic Clothing - [CORE]

Description: An amazing must have mod, which re-textures all clothes. I recommend 2K or lower, unless you have a monster computer that's hungry for 4K. 


(SKSE) Armor and Clothing Extension (ACE) - [color=#00ffff][1] [CORE][/color]

Description: It adds more diversity to armour, and clothes, and edits NPC's outfits. Install the optional texture files after the main if you wish to use them. Require WACCF, and Rustic Clothing.


9) Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Classic - (Y)

Description: Adds lots of pouches, bags and bandoliers to help easing your burden. 

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix all meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer. 

WARNING: Hide ESP in Mod Organizer 2 or simply delete it. There are also two BSA files - unpack them via BSA Extractor (you need only loose files). You will be need to activate this mod in MCM Menu of Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade in game.


Bandolier - Dawnguard - '[color=#00ff00][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [/color]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00](Y) [/color][/color] Description: Dawnguard extension for Bandolier mod. 

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix all meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer. 

WARNING: Hide ESP in Mod Organizer 2 or simply delete it.


Bandolier - Tighter Female Fit - (Optional)[color=#00ff00] [/color]'[color=#00ff00](Y) [/color] Description: Changes the meshes of the Bandolier mod by Dragten to be a tighter fit on females.

Note: Download loose files from Misc.


Bandolier - Tight-to-Male-Bare-Body Bandolier Option for Skyrim SE - (Optional)[color=#00ff00] [/color]'[color=#00ff00](Y) [/color] Description: Bare body version of Bandolier.


10) Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks - [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color]

Description: Adds lore friendly cloaks and hoods into the world through the use of level lists and crafting, this will add more diversity to the game while keeping the "feel" of Skyrim.  

WARNING: Hide all ESP in Mod Organizer 2 or simply delete them. You will be need to activate this mod in MCM Menu of Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade in game.


11) (SKSE) Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade (CCOR) - [1] [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [CORE]

Description: Complete Crafting Overhaul provides the most comprehensive, consistent, and fully customizable crafting experience in Skyrim. The primary intention of this mod is to correct logical inconsistencies in Skyrim's smithing system and to enhance the functionality and balance of crafting in Skyrim. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] (Optional) Most mods that add armors, weapons, or other items to Skyrim should work fine with Complete Crafting Overhaul. Without specific built-in support, they won't benefit from many of the features contained in CCO, but neither are they likely to create serious conflicts. Check]THIS] if you want to make some armor/ weapons mods compatible with CCOR. 

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix all meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer, resave ESP in Creation Kit 64.

WARNING: You also need a CCOR - SSE Updated patch from main files in download section. Patch require WACCF and ACE.

WARNING: You also need a CCOR - SSE Script Fix. I'm not sure who is the original author (user send me that link), but a big thanks for this!


User Interface

1) A Quality World Map - [1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: Improves the textures of the world map, adds roads, and has an optional file to remove the clouds.

Choice: I choose vivid or classic, and also install the file to remove the clouds.

Note: Someone who was using this mod alongside Vivid Weathers, said they didn't get the clear skies unless this mod was loaded below it, so try that if you also encounter the problem. 

WARNING: The paper option can cause problems with compatibility, and it's recommended not to use it.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]The ESP for the Vivid version is still in Form 43, and will need to be converted in Creation Kit. The ESP for the classic version is in Form 44, and is fine to use without conversion. 


2) Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map with Roads - (Optional) [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] (Y)[/color]

Description: Improves the textures of the Falskaar and Wyrmstooth maps and adds main roads to the maps.


3) Dynamic snow For Map - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Improves the snow texture in world map. 


4) (SKSE) SkyUI - [1] [ESPLite] [CORE]

Description: It changes the interface for the inventory, and magic. It also allows SKSE mods to use a MCM. MCM stands for Mod Configuration Menu, and they allow you to customise a mod in game

Note: It's recommended to download it manually, and then add it to your mod manager.

WARNING: This is essential if you're using SKSE, because most SKSE mods use MCM. 


(SKSE) SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix - [CORE]

Description: Fixes the flashing savegame entries when trying to save or load a game in the in-game main menu (quest journal).


5) (SKSE) SkyHUD - (Y)

Description: It offers alternative Hud presets in its FOMOD, and it's possible to customise them, or create your own. Download the first main file and the update.

It has its own config file set out like an .ini file located in your Skyrim SE folder/Data/Interface/Skyhud, and this can be used be used to customise it. There is a manual of how to use it linked on the mod page. 

[color=#e69138]Presets:[/color] There are few SkyHUD presets that you can use, if you don't know how to make your own config:]T'Skyrim - SkyHUD Preset],]Lyrae's skyHUD Preset],]TappeiTeiffer's Presets]. Use only one of them (load it after SkyHUD).

Note: In the FOMOD select the Loose Files option. Then select patch for iHUD.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


6)]Pastel SkyUI Markers] - (Y)

Description: Retexture for map markers icons. Download second main file (for SkyHUD). 


7) (SKSE) Immersive HUD - iHUD - [1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: It allows the HUD to be toggled on and off with the X key. What shows when the HUD is active can be customised. I consider it essential, and it's great for immersion, and screenshots.


8) (SKSE) MoreHUD SE - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C][/color][color=#ff7700] (Y)[/color]

Description: It provides useful information about items, and enemies when you hover the mouse cursor over them. Compatible with SkyHud, and Immersive Hud. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


9) (SKSE) MoreHUD SE Inventory Edition - (Y)

Description: This mod brings some features from moreHUD into the inventory menu. From your inventory you can now see if enchantments are known by the player and other features. Also increases the Item Card size for mods that have long effect descriptions. 

Note: Download Loose Files version. Compatible with SkyHud, and Immersive Hud and MoreHUD. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


10) (SKSE)'A Matter of Time - A HUD Clock Widget -(Optional) '[1]

'Description: It displays information, such as the date, and time of day. It can be customised. Compatible with Immersive HUD, and SkyHud. 


11) Updated Categorized Favorites Menu - '(Optional) '[1]

'Description: This is an updated version of Categorized Favorites Menu Oni Edition which is an updated version of Categorized Favorites Menu from Oldrim. 


12) Enderal Font Replacement -' '(Y)

Description: It changes the font used by the game. Other options for fonts exist on the Nexus, but this is my favourite. 


Sovngarde - Mist's Font Replacer

Description: Other option for font. 


13) Skyrim Se Skill Interface Re-Texture(Y)

Description: Re-textures the skill interface. It has a range of options included in a FOMOD.

Choice: I choose the 4th option, option 5, blue, option 3, option 3, 1st option, and 1st option. 


14) Better MessageBox Controls - [CORE]

Description: Allows you to navigate message boxes with the left/right keys, and select using E. It also makes the options easier to select with the mouse. 


15) Better Dialogue Controls - [CORE]

Description:It stops mouse movements from interfering with your choices.


16) Lock Retexture

Description: Simple re-texture with two options. 


Lockpicking Interface Redone - (Y)

Description: A completely new look. It also includes textures for the lock pick. There's no divider lines on the lock like the previous mod, which will increase the difficulty slightly. 


JS Lockpicking UI SE

Description: A brand new re-design of the Lockpicking Interface! Also features a new, remade Skeleton Key model. Comes in 4K and 2K resolutions. 


Lockpick UHD 

Description: Similar in style to the first choice. It includes textures for the skeleton key, and the shiv. I really like the style of this, but prefer the previous option. There are textures for the skeleton key, and the shiv later in the guide.



[color=#ffffff]1)[/color] Quest Conflict Fixes - (Optional) [1]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Tweaks or fixes certain quest which can conflict with each other. If you have a quick read of the description, you can decide if their important to you. Their fairly minor, but can be significant.


2) Dawnguard and Clan Volkihar Epilogues - [1] [color=#c27ba0][CLEANING] [ESPLite - C][/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Adds an additional quest to either side in the Dawnguard DLC, which allows you to obtain the items normally exclusive to each faction. 

[color=#e69138]'Note':[/color] It has an optional No Crafting Patch, if you don't wish to be able to craft them.


3) Paarthurnax Dilemma - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [ESPLite - C]'[/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Gives you the choice to not kill this poor innocent dragon. Fuck you Blades. Then again, maybe you should kill him. He is a dragon after all.


4) AbsorbsDragonSoulsTalent - (Optional) [1] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Sometimes, due to an issue with the base game, you won't get to absorb their soul. This gives you a spell, which allows you to absorb the soul of a dragon if this happens. This is essentially a bug fix, but it's a rare bug. It's not common or important enough for me to use, but you might want it. 


5) Alternate Start - Live another Life - [1]'

'[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]An amazing mod, which starts you in a cell located in the abandoned prison (a location in the game). It gives several options to start in different locations, and as different character types by talking to a statue.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]It also allows you to skip the games vanilla intro, and therefore access the main game more quickly. This is great for testing whilst modding, and for role-play options when you finally start. I recommend installing it now for ease of access to the main game, even if you decide not to use it later. 

WARNING: Skyrim's vanilla intro can be very buggy with a modded game, because it's so heavily scripted. If you do want to play through it when you have finished testing, I would advise the following. Deactivate all your mods first (Don't uninstall them), play through it, make a clean save, and then reactivate your mods. 

Although the vanilla start is included as an option in Alt Start, there isn't much point in using it. If vanilla is what you want, you might as well uninstall this mod once you are done testing your game.

Alternate Start adds to the world in a variety of ways, including adding structures. There is a possibility for conflicts.


Alternate Start - New beginnings - (Optional) [1]'

'[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]A great addition to the above. It makes more options available at the statue. Check this mods page, and if none of the options appeal then you could leave it out. 


5b) Realm of Lorkhan - Custom Alternate Start - Choose your own adventure - '[1] [color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]''''

'[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]This mod focuses on improving the freedom of the character creation sequence. It skips the initial cart intro, and begins the player at a custom area. From there, the player can teleport to a number of places in the game to begin. You can begin the original story by visiting Whiterun and reporting a dragon attack, but you will not have any quest log entries when beginning the game. Much more compatible with other mods than LaL.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] You need to download]Realm of Lorkhan - USSEP + WACCF + ACE Patch] from main files in download section.


5c) Skyrim Unbound - '[color=#00ffff][1] [color=#c27ba0][CLEANING] (Y)[/color]'[/color]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another mod similar to LaL, but much more compatible with rest of the guide. Skyrim Unbound is designed for generic roleplay with more freedom of choice than other alternate start mods.


[color=#93c47d]Load Order and Checking Your Game[/color]


  • You can just leave the load order (right panel in MO2) the way it was installed for this section.

This would be a good time to test your game. I normally start with a new character each time I test a section, and pick my starting location using the options from alternate start mods. 

The more mods I have installed, the longer I test the game for. I travel around the map to locations that I have just modded. Get in some fights, run through heavily modded areas, check out shops, try out any gameplay changes, and so on.  After character creation, wait in the cell until everything has loaded up. This will take longer the more mods you have, and by the end of the guide may take as long as 10 minutes, depending on which mods you've installed.



[size=4]MUSIC MODS Obviously music mods aren't needed, but they can really change the feel of the game, and I would recommend using one if you've played the game a lot. I will give my recommended choices, but it's worthwhile having a look for yourself. They should all have sample videos on the mod pages to give you an idea of what they're like.


ADDONS [i]It doesn't replace any vanilla tracks, just adding new music. You can have several of them, thanks to smashed patch at the end of the guide.[/i]

1)]Celtic Music in Skyrim SE] - [color=#00ffff]'[1/3] [ESPLite]'[/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Adds 79 music tracks to the game. It's the most popular music mod, and one of my favourites.

Note: It also has the option of additional dungeon, and combat tracks, which can be used in addition to the main file, or independently. Both also result in an ESP. [color=#00ff00] [/color]

AND:] Immersive Music] - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)[/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]The main file adds the music in addition to the vanilla music, and the second file replaces the vanilla music. Having tried this now, I'm undecided if I prefer it to Celtic Music, but it is good, and definitely worth considering. 

Note: Download non-replacer version (not replacer)

AND:]Still - Skyrim Inspired Music] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Adds +35 minutes of soundtrack, heavily inspired by the original tracks. 

Note: Download ESP flagged as ESL version from Optional Files.

AND:]Hun Lovaas - Skyrim Fan-Made Combat Music] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another great music mod by author of Still (mod above).

Note: Download ESP flagged as ESL version from Optional Files.

AND:]Yggdrasil Music and SoundFX Overhaul SE] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] [color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]'[/color] [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Adds 9-10 hours of lore-friendly Dark Folk (nordic) / Dark Ambient music to the game.

Note: Download only main file.


REPLACERS [i]It replace vanilla tracks. You can use only one of them + addons (if you want them).[/i]

1)]Glory Days - Music of Skyrim] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Replaces the vanilla music only. Great music, and it's really well integrated into the game. Plus as an added bonus there's no ESP!

OR:]SE Skyrim Extreme Music] - [1]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]There's not a lot of examples for the music on its mod page, but it's actually very good. I wanted some music that was less happy elf skipping through the glen, and feel like I have found it with this. If you also want something a bit more serious, and slightly darker than the previous options, then I recommend giving it ago. It adds to, and replaces some of the original music.

The main file has an ESP, and only replaces, and adds combat music, but I also install all of the update files except for the very last one, which will replace the previous city music file also under updates. None of these have an ESP, and they will replace some of the vanilla tracks.



WARNING: Most of these mods are not adapted to 21:9 monitors, so if you have black stripes on the sides it's because of that!

COMBINED [i]It replace main menu screen and loading screens.[/i]

1)]iLuvLoading SSE] - [color=#ffe599]NSFW[/color] [1]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]So hot you won't want your game to come back on. It replaces the vanilla loading screens with adult Skyrim artwork.

Note:This mod will overwrite the vanilla music for the main menu screen with the music from the series Vikings. I think this is a good thing. 


MAIN MENU [i]It replace only main menu screen.[/i]

1)]Darkfox127's Main Menu Replacers SE]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]This is a collection of new main menu replacers designed to fit the style of the game. They are simplistic but stylish menus and some change the music to better suit the image being shown, as well as provide a fresh feel to the main menu screen. 

OR:]Aela the Huntress Main Menu Replacer]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]SSE Main Menu Mashup] - (Y)

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]Eli's Main Menu Replacer]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]Wild Main Menu Replacer]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]Natural Main Menu Replacer]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]DRELDYN's Original Main Menu Overhaul (Now for SSE)]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]Animated 3 Main Menu Replacer]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.

OR:]Animated 4 Main Menu Replacer]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Another option for main menu.


LOADING SCREENS [i]It replace only loading screens.[/i]

1)]Lore-Based Loading Screens] - [1]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]The most popular choice on the Nexus. It adds lore based information to the loading screens.

OR:]Nexus Loading Screens Reborn] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It's similar to the previous option, but it include new images from Nexus images authors. Download ESPLite version.

OR:]Ultimate Lore Loading Screens] - [1]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It's similar to the previous option, but it also includes new images.

OR:]Simplistic Loading Screens]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It's similar to the previous options, but it includes other images.

OR:]Uncle Sheo Does Legendary Loading Screens] - [1]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Similar to Lore-Based Loading Screens but is made in much funnier way.

OR:]Loading Screens With Extra Sarcasm Special Edition] - [1]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Similar to previous mod but is made in much more sarcastic way.

OR:]Adult Slideshow in Loadscreens - NSFW] - '[color=#fce5cd]NSFW[/color]'

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Good replacement for iLuvLoading.

OR:]Battle Maidens Loadscreens SSE] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1][/color]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Similar to previous mod but is much more SFW.


EXTRAS [i]You can use it alongside all previous mods. [/i]

1)]Loading Screen Smoke Remover] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It removes the smoke so you can see your loading screens in their full glory. 

AND/OR:]No More Creation Club News]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]I'm not a fan of the CC. and now I don't have to be reminded of its existence every time I load my game. Compatible with iLuvLoading, and it should also be with similar mods that change the title screen. 


2)]Clean Menu (no Bethesda logo and smoke and intro)] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Include[color=#e69138] [/color]previous two mods. It's recommended to install the first main file. The intro will be removed by Bethini's recommended tweaks anyway. 


[color=#93c47d]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • It will be worthwhile checking your loading screens, and music are working as they should be. 
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).


[size=4]LUCIDITY 1)]Lucidity Sound FX SSE][size=2] - (Optional)[1]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color][font=Trebuchet MS][size=2]Remasters, and mixes Skyrim sounds. Compatible with all audio mods. Use it as a base, and overwrite this with them.[/font]

Note:[size=2]There is an optional file to add extra sounds created by the author. 


[size=4]CORE 1) (SKSE)]Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE] - [1][color=#ffffff] [/color][color=#00ff00][CORE][/color]

Description: This is my recommended choice, and it was extremely popular on Oldrim.[color=#ffffff] [/color]

Note: Download both main files. [color=#ffff00] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] All the patches are under misc files. Download Enhanced Blood Textures, Legacy of the Dragonborn, Immersive Weapons and your weather choice (for me it's Obsidian and True Storms) patches.  

AND:]Immersive Sounds Compendium] - [color=#00ffff][1][color=#ffffff] [/color][color=#00ff00][CORE][/color][/color]

Description: It changes, and adds sound effects, which can be customised in the FOMOD installer. In FOMOD check: Less Intense + Instant Impact, Semi-Smooth Equip, Realistic - Twangy, Alternate, High Fantasy, Extra Gory Killmove Sounds, Templar, Swooshy, all Creature options, Silent Nirnoot, More Rustling Heavy Armor, TESO Summoning. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] You will require this]patch] for Enhanced Blood and Effects. The one for Morrowloot on the same page, can be installed later. 


2)]Kill The Orchestra] - (Optional)

Description: It allows you to remove music from different parts of the game. For example, you can remove music from dungeons. It does this by replacing the music file with a silent one. The list of options is given in the FOMOD.


[size=4]LAST BUT NOT LEAST 1)]Creepier Daedric Princes] - (Optional)

Description: Changes the sound of their voices to sound more God-like. Some are changed more than others. I haven't tried this yet, but they sound great on the YouTube clips from the mod page. Plus there's no ESP.


2)]illy's High Quality Fire Audio] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Better fire audio. 


3)]Sound Hammering Sounds] 

Description: NPC's hammering on wood now no longer sounds like they're hammering metal. No ESP, so you might as well pal. 


4)]Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: It will no longer be so bloody noisy. 


5)]Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] 

Description: It's in the guide for the new sounds, but there are files for textures, and some for improved meshes. If you do use the meshes they will need converting. 


6)]Thundering Shouts] - (Optional) [color=#00ffff][0/1][/color]

Description: Improves the sound for shouts for all races, and both genders. It lowers the pitch, but there is an optional file that doesn't, and that choice has an ESP. 

AND/OR:]High Pitched Female Shout Voices] - (Optional)

Description: It increases the pitch for female shouts. You could combine it with the previous mod, and you would have lower pitch for males, and higher for females.


7)]Yggdrasil Music and SoundFX Overhaul SE - New Sounds] - (Optional) 

Description: Second optional file. New sound effects (New Game / New Location Discover / Level Up / Skill Learn & Increase / Perk Selection / New Quest & Objectives / Alchemy / Enchanting) and main menu replacers.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move Audio Overhaul Skyrim.esp above his patches (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Sound Patch.esp under Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Note: I play the game with some decent headphones, and I highly recommend you do the same. It makes a huge difference, and I think it's the only real way to enjoy your audio mods in their full glory. It will improve the sound quality, and make individual sounds stand out more. The voice acting will even sound better. It gives so much more atmosphere, and dungeons will feel more intimidating. I think it's one of the biggest improvements to your game that you can make. </div> </div>  


[size=4]A NOTE ON TEXTURES [color=#fff2cc]It's important that you install a texture quality that is suitable for your computer, and the display of your monitor. Using more than you should will lead to fps drops and lag, and using to much will lead to a CTD. There will be times in the game that will put your computer to the test, such as in the civil war battles, and it needs to be able to handle those too.[/color]    As a rule the larger the object, the better it is to have higher quality textures. So for example mountains 4K, jewellery 1K or 2K max. You can afford to go higher in internal cells such as mines, because it's a smaller world space to calculate.

To what extent you want to re-texture your game is entirely up to you. I would recommend SMIM, and Ruins Clutter Improved as a minimum, but they're all optional, even if it doesn't say it.

You might want to go in game after installing the larger texture mods, as these will greatly affect the style, and look of your game. If you don't like them, you can just uninstall it, and try another. Make sure your ALT Start plugins are at the bottom of your load order before you go in game.


MESHES AND TEXTURES A mesh is the 3D shape of a model, and the texture is the sheet of detail that covers it. If you think about it in terms of a model kit, the model is the mesh, and the paint job is the texture.

Many different types of mods include meshes, and textures, but if a mod only includes them, then they are generally referred to as texture mods. Even mods that only include meshes tend to be included in this category.

Meshes, and textures don't conflict as they are two different types of files. Therefore if you install a mod that only improves the meshes of something, it's still worthwhile installing a mod that improves the textures. Let's look at an example.

The mod Leanwolf's Better Shaped Weapons includes new meshes for most of the weapons in game. If you only installed that, you would get the improved shape, but the weapons would still have vanilla textures. You could then install a mod like aMidianBorn's Weapons, which only includes textures, and now your weapons would have the improved meshes from Leanwolf's, and the improved textures from aMidianBorn.


WARNING AND IMPORTANT IN THIS SECTION In this section you'll see a lot of [color=#fce5cd]WARNING[/color] and [color=#fce5cd]IMPORTANT[/color] tags. Warning tag is something that you need to ALWAYS do. YOU CAN'T SKIP THIS! Important tags are my recommendation for textures. Thanks to them you can make a beautiful mashup that include best textures from different texture packs. These instructions apply only for this section!


OPTIMIZED TEXTURES [color=#fce5cd]WARNING: [/color]Before you'll install optimized textures, make sure that you have backup of all Skyrim - Textures0-8.bsa files from your game data folder (I have them in my Modding Folder/Backups)!

[color=#ffffff]1)[/color]]performance optimized textures for SSE] - [CORE]

'[color=#e69138]Description[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] Make sure that you have backup of your all Textures.bsa files! Manualy download the mod (I'm using 1024x1024 file), then go to the game data folder and replace existing Textures0-8.bsa files with these that you downloaded.


[size=4]MAIN TEXTURE MODS [font=Arial][size=2]Foundation Mods[/font] These mods are a great foundation to build upon, but you should notice a significant improvement in graphics with them alone. If you have a very low end PC, you may just want to use these.

[color=#ffffff]1)[/color]]Skyrim Realistic Overhaul] (SRO) - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]This is a huge texture mod, and is over 10 GB in size. It covers most environmental textures including those found in internal cells, and other textures too. Install parts 1, 2, 3, and then the update. [color=#fff2cc]Make sure it is the update for SSE, and not Oldrim as both are on the same page[/color]. Even if you install most of the other texture mods in the guide, you will still be left with many textures from this mod. [color=#ffff00] [/color]

Note:The textures included are 4K diffuse, and 2K normal. 


[color=#ffffff]2)[/color]]Skyrim particle patch for ENB] - [color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite] [/color][color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700]'[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][CORE][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Skyrim has quite a few object meshes that have their shaders or blending properties set incorrectly. As a result, when using ENB many of these objects look buggy or react to an incorrect category in enbseries.ini. This mod fixes that.

WARNING: Only if you're using Clean Menu or Loading Screen Smoke Remover. Double-click the mod in your left tab. Now, go to the Filetree tab. Hide [i]meshes/interface [/i]folder.


3)]Enhanced Textures Detail UV] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]UV mapping is the 3D modelling process of projecting a 2D image to a 3D model's surface. In the case of this mod it can improve the texture quality of objects when close to them. It's compatible with all textures, and doesn't include any of its own. 

Choice: In the FOMOD pick Imperial Forts (Exterior), Imperial Forts (Interior), Mountains and Volcanic Pools, Rocks and Cairns, Markarth Rocks and Bridges.

WARNING: Double-click the mod in your left tab. Now, go to the Filetree tab. From [i]meshes/dungeons/caves[/i] drag the [i]clutter [/i]folder to [i]meshes/dungeons/mines[/i]. [url=9951-1541421425-707680234.png]Before] and [url=9951-1541421425-1459165749.png]After].

Note:You may want to experiment with some of the other options. Tick the box for all the available files, including the ones which conflict with SMIM for all the options to show. There's a detailed description of what each choice does in the FOMOD. There can be negative effects from some options.


4)]Static Mesh Improvement Mod] (SMIM) - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C]'[/color][color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][CORE][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It replaces a huge number of the games meshes, and includes some textures. Most people install it for the meshes, and would consider this mod essential. 

Note:In the FOMOD pick Skyrim 2016 Special Edition: Everything.


5)]Unofficial Material Fix] - [color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700]'[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Fixes countless material bugs. Download ONLY main file.


6)]Ruins Clutter Improved] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It's similar to the previous mod, but only covers ruins clutter. Install the second main file.

Note:It also has some updated files. Install them all.

WARNING: Double-click the mod in your left tab. Now, go to the Filetree tab. Hide or Delete [i]meshes/dungeons/imperial/PortcullisSmall01/impportcullissmall01.nif[/i]. [url=9951-1541423249-1565376305.png]After].  

In Filetree tab find [i]textures/_byoh/clutter/food/[/i] and rename it to [i][/i]. [url=9951-1541428473-1929772402.png]Before] and [url=9951-1541428472-897316274.png]After].

AND:]Ruins Clutter Improved - Fixes] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description[/color][color=#e69138]: [/color]A patch for Ruins Clutter Improved SE that allows to install other retextures for Enchanting Table and Bloody Rags.


7)]Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K] - (Y)

Description: A fantastic mod, which concentrates on architecture, but also includes a lot of landscape, and furniture textures.

Note: Download second main file. Also download SMIM patch from Update files.

Even if you install most of the other texture mods in the guide, you will still be left with some textures from this mod. 


[size=1]Real Roads

[size=2][font=Arial]Roads[/font] [size=1][i]Don't use Real Roads and Blended Roads together! Pick only one![/i]

1a)]Real Roads for Skyrim] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: It adds new meshes for roads. Install the second file (loose), and then the mesh fix below.

Choice: Both are great mods, but Blended Roads is an easier option, and it works better with Enhanced Blood Textures.

WARNING: Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.

AND:]Real Roads Mesh Fix] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] 

Description: It replaces one mesh from the previous mod. Download main file, not the file from optionals!

WARNING: Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.

AND:]Real Roads SSE Fixes] - [1]

Description: Replace ESP from original mod with this.


1b)]Blended Roads] -[color=#00ffff]' [1] [ESPLite] (Y)'[/color]

Description: By the author of Majestic Mountains. It adds new meshes for roads.

Note: In FOMOD pick REALly Blended Roads and SMIM Compatible Patch for REALly Blended Roads.



Landscape Texture Mods

[color=#fff2cc]This sub-section will include very few textures that haven't already been covered by the previous mods. So they are only really worth installing if you prefer the style of one of them, but I think these options offer the best landscape textures. (Y) and IMPORTANT tags in this section are only my recommendations. You can simply skip them and download only these textures that you like/ not hide textures that you like.[/color] 

1)]Skyland - A Landscape Texture Overhaul]

Description: Quality landscape textures. 

Choice: Using these textures alongside Nobles is a popular choice. The author also has texture mods for Imperial Forts, Towns and Villages, Riften, and Whiterun, which can be found later in the guide. 

OR:]Y.A.L.O - Yet another Landscape Texture Overhaul]

Description: A great mod that re-textures the landscape of Skyrim, Solstheim, and some other areas, such as the Soul Cairn.

Note: Don't install LOD texture files from optionals if you want to use Y.A.L.O!

OR:]SSE Texture Pack Osmodius]

Description: It mainly includes landscape textures for the mainland, but it also includes textures for farmhouses, dungeons, Solitude, Windhelm, Whiterun, and Riften.

OR:]Landscape Overhaul HD] 

Description: It covers all landscape textures except for mountains. Personally, I don't recommend them.

Note:It includes the authors standalone mods Real Snow HD, Bridges HD and Glacier 4K.

OR:]Skyrim 2017 Textures]

Description: Some more great textures, and they've been split into 12 files, which is very useful to pick and choose. I particularly like the landscape, and Windhelm files. 


2)]Tamriel Retextured - HD Texture Pack] 

Description: Texture pack made by merging the textures of Tamriel Reloaded by 32cm and Tamriel Reloaded Plus by ciathyza.


3)]Skyrim 3D Ice Floes] - (Y)

Description: Improves the meshes for flat ice flows.


4)]Skyrim 3D Landscapes - Groundcovers] - (Y)

Description: Another quality landscape textures. Download Skyrim 3D Landscapes Groundcovers (choose from 1k, 2k and 4k). Also, from Misc files download Skyrim 3D Landscapes Groundcovers Alternative Road Dirt02.

WARNING: Don't download the first main file! You want only textures at this point!

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] Double-click on it, go to the Filetree, then Landscape folder. Find and hide [url=9951-1542133316-643750158.png]THESE] files. 


5)]MystiriousDawn's HD Skyrim] - (Y)

Description: A lot of quality textures from MystiriousDawn. Mainly 4k and 2k.

Choice: Download only the Landscape Textures - Highest Quality or Mid Quality from optional files. Also download update file.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] Double-click on it, go to the Filetree, then Landscape folder and hide/delete everything except files from [url=9951-1542133529-441795789.png]THIS] list.


6)]Dawnguard Landscape Overhaul] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures any landscape added by the Dawnguard DLC. And no... It NOT require Landscape Overhaul HD to work.


7)]HD Lava for Dawnguard] - (Y) [color=#e69138] Choice:[/color] I choose 4K because there won't be that much of it in game.


8)]Solstheim Landscape Overhaul HD] - (Y)

Description: Quality textures covering the landscape, and some buildings from Solstheim. 

Choice: You could still use this with YALO, because YALO covers more than just Solstheim textures, but I would choose one or the other. [color=#f4f4f4]


[/color]]Forgotten Vale HD Ice Textures] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: It re-textures the ice found in the Forgotten Vale. 

Note:The textures are already covered by SRO, and Dawnguard Landscape Overhaul. 


9)]Just Ice] - (Optional)

Description: Ice textures are often included in the landscape texture mods, but you may prefer these.


The Soul Cairn and Sovngarde

1)]Soul Cairn HD] - (Y)

Description: This compliments the mods SRO, and Y.A.L.O perfectly, because it only includes meshes, and textures not covered by those mods.


2)]Sovngarde Misc HD] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures Sovngarde. 


Rieklings and Falmers

1)]Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures Riekling architecture.

Note:These texture won't be covered by any other mods.  


2)]Falmer Clutter Texture Mod] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures Falmer clutter. It also includes very good textures for the Chaurus.

Note:The Falmer clutter textures have already been covered by SRO.


3)]Falmer Texture Overhaul] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures Falmer clutter.

Note:The Falmer clutter textures have already been covered by SRO.


4)]Better Falmer Cave Ceiling Glow] - (Y)

Description: When I first saw the cave glow, I thought there was something wrong with my game, until I realised I was just looking at vanilla textures. Seriously, I used to avoid having it in screenshots, and now i don't have to. 


[size=1]Underground - A Dungeon Texture Overhaul

[size=4]RUINS, CAVES AND MINES Many of the textures included in these mods have been covered by several of the previous texture mods, but I think these are the best options for dungeons. 

1)]Underground - A Dungeon Texture Overhaul] - (Y)

Description: An excellent re-texture for Caves, Mines, Forts, Dwemer and Nordic ruins, and the Ratway. I recommend installing the main file + optional file for SMIM wood.

Choice: I think the author is one of the best texture artists, and this is my favourite re-texture for dungeons. They won't be a great option for performance, due to the high quality. It covers all the dungeon textures in the game.


2)]Skyrim 3D High Hrothgar Steps] - (Y)

Description: Improves the meshes for the steps leading to High Hrothgar.


3)]Gecko's Nordic Ruins Textures] 

Description: A great re-texture of the Nordic ruins. 3 choices of texture quality.


4)]Gecko's Dwarven Ruins Textures]

Description: A great re-texture of the dwarven ruins, by the same author of the previous mod.


5)]CC's HQ Mines Redone]

Description: Fantastic mine textures with some colour options. 2K and 4K options. I think it has more of a limestone look to the textures.

AND:]CC's HQ Caves] 

Description: Fantastic cave textures with 3 colour options. 2K and 4K options. They're in the same style as CC's HQ Mines.


6)]4K HD Fine Mines]

Description: 4K retexture of Mines made by Pfuscher.


7)]Caves HQ]

Description: Nice new HD textures for the caves.


8)]Skyland - Imperial Forts and Dungeons] - [1]

Description: Another great choice for forts. In 2K. 


9)]Skyland Nordic Ruins] 

Description: Great 2K textures.


10)]Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE] - (Y)

Description: The best rextexture for nordic ruins on Nexus.

Note:Also download all optional files.


[size=1]Underground - A Dungeon Texture Overhaul - Markarth HD Re-texture

11)]Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture] - (Y)

Description: A lovely re-texture of Snow Elf ruins.

Note:The only other mod that covers these is Skyrim Realistic Overhaul.


12)]4K - 2K Stockade Wood Revamped Re-texture] - (Optional)

Description: Re-textures stockade wood, and planks. It includes a choice of colours, and texture quality.

Choice: Most of the textures included in this have already been covered by Noble, and SRO, but I think these are the best available for stockade wood. 


[size=1]Fluffy Snow - Immersive Creatures

[font=Arial][size=2]Snow and Ice[/font] 1)]Fluffy Snow] - (Y)

Description: My favourite snow texture. It's also patched well for other mods I use.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] After the main file, install the patches for Majestic Mountains, 3D Trees, and iNeed, if you used any of those mods.

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] I also install the Windhelm Bridge, and Street Fix file. It covers all the ground in the city, and on the bridge in snow. In my opinion itt looks good, and suits the city, but it is optional.

Choice: It just comes down to personal taste. Other snow textures look more compact to me, and I prefer the rougher look to these textures. What is worth bearing in mind is that the author of Majestic Mountains recommends Fluffy or Real Snow, and because of this they are likely to work better with that mod than Nordic. 

WARNING: If you're using Blended Roads (and probably Real Roads but I don't tested it yet) you need to do this step to make both mods work together.

Double-click the mod in your left tab. Now, go to the Filetree tab. Go to the Landscape and hide Roads folder. It should look like [url=9951-1542204360-660920381.png]THIS]. 

OR:]Nordic Snow] 

Description: The most endorsed snow texture. Obviously it's very good. 

OR:]Real Snow HD 2K] 

Description: A new, and already popular option. It also includes a separate file for snow textures on the Windhelm Bridge. 


[color=#ffffff]2)[/color]]Better Dynamic Snow] - [1]' '(Y)

Description: The mod replaces the default snow shader with a more dynamic one. Although this mod largely improves surfaces, it does make the odd one look worse. 

Note: Tick the option for SMIM. You can also pick the No snow under the roof patch if you're using it.

Choice: Majestic Mountains has it's own snow shader. This is not a problem because later in the guide you'll need to install patch for both mods. This also applies to ELFX (there is no patch). The conflict only affects a few meshes, and I think it's better to load ELFX afterwards. Read the mod page, and try it out in game if you're undecided.

From mod author site. Currently there are two choices: [list=1]

  • Install ELFX before BDS - this will allow BDS to take priority and you will have the new snow on the conflicting meshes, but you will likely also have light flicker on the meshes too.
  • Install BDS before ELFX - this will allow ELFX to take priority and you will NOT have the new snow on the conflicting meshes, but you shouldn't have any light flicker on meshes.

I recommend to choose second option.


3)]Better Dynamic Ash] - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [ESPLite] (Y)'[/color]

Description: Does for ash in Solstheim what the previous mod does for snow. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements: [/color]Better Dynamic Snow 


4)]Ashbound -- Solstheim Enhanced] - '[color=#00ffff][1] (Y)'[/color]

Description: It adds ash to a lot of buildings, and clutter in Solstheim. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Better Dynamic Ash

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Download patches for Better Tel Mithryn and Quaint Raven Rock. [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 2][/color]


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • It's worth going in game, and checking out your snow to see if you're happy with it, and that it blends well with your other textures. 
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Test your textures in game. </div> </div>  


1)]Bridges HD MD by MystiriousDawn] - [color=#00ff00](Y)

[/color]'Description: The best retexture for bridges!

Choice: Install Bridge weathered grey stone/ green stone (I prefer grey stone) and Stone Detail for Bridges.

AND:]Cleaner Bridges - No More Bridge Dirt] - (Optional)[color=#00ff00]

[/color]'Description: Removes the dirt along the sides of bridges for a cleaner look. Includes support for SMIM and Blended Roads.


2)]Rustic Monuments and Tombstones] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [color=#00ff00](Y)

[/color]'Description: Re-textures Monuments, and tombstones. In the FOMOD there is a choice of texture quality. Choose the SMIM meshes.

Choice: The textures included in this have already been covered by SRO, and Noble, but I prefer these.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer.


3)]Haladoon's Retexture Project]

Description: Re-textures puzzle doors, word walls, standing stones, urns, murals, and puzzle pillars. 

Note: The way the files are presented is somewhat confusing (in my opinion). I install the All In One file, then the AIO Fixes file under updates, then the 4K Door, Ruins Clutter and Puzzle Pillar file under main, and then the SMIM patch. 

Choice: There will be other texture mods that cover some of the same objects as this mod. I will note which ones they are. You could replace part of this mod with one of the alternatives if you prefer them. 


4)]Rustic Nordic Murals] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: Re-textures murals.

Note: Covered by Haladoon's.

OR/AND:]Murials That Don't Suck] 

Description: Re-textures murals. These are my favourite textures for murals. Doesn't cover all Murals.

Note:Covered by Haladoon's.


5)]Rustic Word Walls] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: Re-textures the word walls. There is a choice of texture quality.


6)]Astral Aspect - 4K standing Stones] - (Y)[color=#00ff00]

[/color]Description: Re-textures the standing stones with a distinctive look.  [color=#00ff00]

[/color]7)]Revamped Assets Skyrim] - '[color=#00ff00][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)'[/color][color=#00ff00]

[/color]Description: Gives new form, design and definition to Skyrim's vanilla assets whilst still respecting the original design scheme of the vanilla assets. 

Note:Go to custom install. Select Mystic Tuning Gloves, Bones, Dead Animals, Display Cases, Pelagius Hipbone, Sovngarde, Statues, Weapon Rack, Furniture - Install All, Traps - Install All.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer.

WARNING: Hide these files: textures\clutter\statues\ textures\clutter\statues\ textures\clutter\statues\


8)]Stunning Statues of Skyrim] - (Y) 

Description: The FOMOD installer gives choices on style, and texture quality.  

Note:Select everything except Malacath, Dibella, Falmer, Mara, Talos and Azura.

AND:]Unofficial Material Fix - Stunning Statues Patch] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Fixes countless material bugs. Download only Stunning Statues Patch from optionals.

OR/AND:]Sexy Statues Skyrim V2] - [color=#fce5cd]NSFW[/color]

Description: Makes the female statues sexier. 


9)]Mara 2K - 4K]

Description: A quality re-texture for the Mara statue with several choices of style.


10)]True beauty for Dibella (Statues)] - (Y)

Description: New meshes for Dibella statue. 

Note: Download second main file.


11)]LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Talos Statue with Greatsword SE] - (Y)

Description: New meshes for Talos statue. 

Note: In FOMOD select High-Poly Statue and Iron Greatsword.


12)]Rens HD Shrines] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture of the shrines. Lots of choices for style, pick according to taste. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING: [/color]Do not pick Chrome version of Zenithar Shrine - it's broken.


13)]Unofficial Material Fix - Rens HD Shrines] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Fixes countless material bugs. Download only Rens HD Shrines Patch.


14)]Stalhrim Source] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures Stalhrim. There's also optional files to install after the main, to customise the transparency effect if you desire. 

[color=#00ff00] [/color]15)]Inconspicuous Art] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional)

Description: Adds some beautiful additions around Skyrim such as stained glass windows for the Blue Palace, and Dragonsreach. There is a separate file for each. There is also an ELFX compatible version of the Solitude stained glass windows, so install that if you used that mod.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]The meshes should be converted in SSE Nif Optimizer.  </div> </div>  



LOD stands for level of detail, and refers to the level of detail for 3D objects in the distance.

Most mods include any LOD files that they need. They would require them if they have added a new building, or other object to the world, so that you can see them from a distance. Or if they had significantly changed the shape or look of a model from the vanilla game. A good example for the latter would be a new tree type. Without new LOD files, it would take it's vanilla appearance from a distance.  Most mods include any LOD files that they need. They would require them if they have added a new building, or other object to the world, so that you can see them from a distance. Or if they had significantly changed the shape or look of a model from the vanilla game. A good example for the latter would be a new tree type. Without new LOD files, it would take it's vanilla appearance from a distance. 

This section is for mods that improve the LOD's supplied with the vanilla game. I recommend using them, but they are optional, and can have an impact on performance. Before you install them there is something to consider.

In a few cases a mod can require you to use a tool to generate LOD's for it.

There are a few mods in the guide that require this. For example two mods that add a forest to the tundra in Whiterun Hold. They aren't compatible, and it's a straight choice between them. More information on the mods can be found in the Vegetation and Mountains section. If you wish to use one of them you'll have to use use one of the tools to generate some LOD's for the trees.

There can be other reasons, and advantages to using one of these tools, and you may want to whatever your decision on the forest.

Generating LOD's will affect performance, and I don't recommend it for lower spec computers.


Introducing the tools:]SSELODGen:] This was the first one I encountered. I found it easy to use, was happy with the results, and never felt the need to try the other option. It's a simple process, and this choice is covered in the guide.]DynDOLOD:] This is a more advanced and also not that performance-friendly option as previous one. Still, it's worth to use it instead of SSELODGen (there are different performance options that you can choose from). (Y)

LOD's aren't generated until later in the guide. More information about SEELODGen and DynDOLOD can be found in the section Last Steps.

The reason that I'm introducing these tools now, is because some of the mods in the guide have optional files to be installed if you are generating your own LOD's, and two of them are in this section. So it does require a decision, but it will be possible to change your mind later if you are undecided now. I've also noted any in the guide that have them, and there aren't many. 

DynDOLOD Performance   1)]DynDOLOD Resources SE] - (Y)

Description: Core files for DynDOLOD. Make sure to use DynDOLOD Resources version only with matching or higher DynDOLOD standalone versions but never with older versions.

Note:In FOMOD take all Visual Options, Performance textures from Performance Options and Desync Birds of Prey from Misc.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]You don't need it for SSELODGen.


2)]Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE] - (Y)

Description: Billboards for Skyrim.


3)]Terrain LOD Redone] - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [ESPLite]'[/color] (Y)

Description: An overhaul for terrain LOD. It's recommended by the author of HD LOD Textures to be used alongside theirs, and should work with others too. 

Note:Download the main file and also the LOD resources from misc files.


4)]HD LOD Textures SE] - (Y)

Description: HD LOD's for the buildings, and landscape.

Note:Download the first main file and also the update file. If you want even more performance, download second file from Optional Files instead of the first main file.


5)]Majestic Mountains - LODs] - (Optional) (Y)

Description: It's made specifically for Majestic Mountains users but it also looks good with other mountains retextures. Three types of LOD. Check which one looks the best combined with your mountains textures.

Note: Files are under Optional. In FOMOD choose 1k or 512 textures.

FOMOD Instructions
Majest Mountains - LODs
Majest Mountains - LODs

RadioButton.png 512k

RadioButton.png 1024k

</div>   </div> DynDOLOD Normal

1)]DynDOLOD Resources SE] - (Y)

Description: Core files for DynDOLOD. Make sure to use DynDOLOD Resources version only with matching or higher DynDOLOD standalone versions but never with older versions.

Note:In FOMOD take all Visual Options and Desync Birds of Prey from Misc.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]You don't need it for SSELODGen.


2)]Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE] - (Y)

Description: Billboards for Skyrim.


3)]Terrain LOD Redone] - [1] (Y)

Description: An overhaul for terrain LOD. It's recommended by the author of HD LOD Textures to be used alongside theirs, and should work with others too. 

Note:Download the main file and also the LOD resources from misc files.


4)]HD LOD Textures SE] - (Y)

Description: HD LOD's for the buildings, and landscape.

Note:Download the second main file and also the update file.


5)]Majestic Mountains - LODs] - (Optional) (Y)

Description: It's made specifically for Majestic Mountains users but it also looks good with other mountains retextures. Three types of LOD. Check which one looks the best combined with your mountains textures.

Note:Files are under Optional. In FOMOD choose 2k or 1k textures.

FOMOD Instructions
Majest Mountains - LODs
Majest Mountains - LODs

RadioButton.png 1024k

RadioButton.png 2048k


DynDOLOD Ultra


1)]DynDOLOD Resources SE] - (Y)

Description: Core files for DynDOLOD. Make sure to use DynDOLOD Resources version only with matching or higher DynDOLOD standalone versions but never with older versions.

Note:In FOMOD take all Visual Options and Desync Birds of Prey from Misc.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]You don't need it for SSELODGen.


2)]Indistinguishable Billboards for Skyrim SE] - (Y)

Description: Billboards for Skyrim.


3)]Terrain LOD Redone] - [1] (Y)

Description: An overhaul for terrain LOD. It's recommended by the author of HD LOD Textures to be used alongside theirs, and should work with others too. 

Note:Download the main file and also the LOD resources from misc files.


4)]HD LOD Textures SE] - (Y)

Description: HD LOD's for the buildings, and landscape.

Note:Download the second main file and also the update file.


5)]Majestic Mountains - LODs] - (Optional) (Y)

Description: It's made specifically for Majestic Mountains users but it also looks good with other mountains retextures. Three types of LOD. Check which one looks the best combined with your mountains textures.

Note:Files are under Optional. In FOMOD choose 2k textures.

FOMOD Instructions
Majest Mountains - LODs
Majest Mountains - LODs

RadioButton.png 2048k


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Even with textures, it's still worth checking everything has installed properly. </div> </div>  




I've decided to remove the PACKS from the guide, and it's now a case of picking, and choosing which DLC/Quest mods you want to use for the character, and world you want to create. There is still a note on each mod to suggest the types of characters it would be particularly suitable for. 

Another option would be to use Legacy of the Dragonborn, and pick the rest of your DLC/Quest mods out of the one's that Legacy has patches, and built in support for. There is a full list on its mod page. Doing it this way wouldn't limit you much at all, because almost all the DLC/Quest mods in the guide are included. 

Legacy is a great mod, and there isn't really any disadvantage to doing it this way. My only argument against, would be that Legacy shapes your game, and makes it centred around collecting everything of note in the world. It's like the ultimate accompaniment to the traditional theme of the vanilla game. It's done in a lore friendly way, with a great story, but I don't think it suits all character types.

The final option would be to build your world around one of the large mods listed under Alternative. This is something I intend to build on, adding more information on compatibility, and other suitable mod choices to be used with them as I gain that information. If you do have experience using these mods, any information on compatibility would be appreciated. 

There will be other quest mods later in the guide as well.


1)]Legacy of the Dragonborn] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[CORE]''''[/color]

Description: A complex quest line that will lead you to work for a curator of a museum, who will send you off to collect artifacts, old and new. You will even get to set up your own explorers guild. Go to the museum in Solitude to start it.

A great choice for Dragonborns, Explorers, and more.

Note: Install the main file, and the update. There is a file for High Res Textures under Misc, and I would recommend installing them if your computer can handle it. They are only 2K.

WARNING: Legacy contains textures that may replace some from mods that you have already installed. If you don't want them, you should hide them once it is installed.   

[color=#e69138]Patches Download:[/color] There is a separate file called Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches SE (Light Plugins), which includes all the patches needed for other mods, and they are presented in a FOMOD. [color=#f4cccc]Don't download it now, it will be installed much later in the guide.[/color] 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] It's compatible with SKSE, and SkyUI, but they aren't a requirement. If you do use SKSE, and want the full features, also install]PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions].

AND:]CCOR - CRF and Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] '[CORE]'[/color]

Description: Patch is under main files. If you're not using LotD... well. You need to make a patch for CRF by yourself.

AND:]Relic Hunter (Legacy and ASLAL addon)] - [1]

Description: This adds an option to the mod Alternate Start, which allows you start the game as the Guild Master for the Explorers Society. It can be installed later if you want to avoid moving it in your load order whilst you follow the guide. 

AND:]Legacy of the Dragonborn - Fate Cards Re-texture] - '(Y)'

Description: Re-textures the Fate cards included in the mod.


2)]Beyond Skyrim - Bruma] - [color=#00ffff]'[3] [color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [CORE]'[/color]

Description: A fantastic mod set in Bruma just over the Imperial boarder. There isn't a main quest-line, but there is a variety of side quests. Cross the boarder to Bruma to start it. A good choice for any character type. It's part of a huge modding project known as Beyond Skyrim. The teams involved aim to releases similar mods for many areas of Tamriel.]Here is a link to the mod page].

Note: It contains three plugins, and they must be in this order.  

BSAssets.esm BSHeartland.esm BS_DLC_patch.esp 

AND:]Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Overhaul HD] -[color=#00ffff]' (Y)'[/color]

Description: HD texture overhaul for Bruma.

AND:]Bruma SMIM Sign Patch SE] - [color=#00ffff][1][color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][CORE][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: A SMIM patch for the signs found in Bruma.

AND:]Alternate Start Bruma] - [1] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] This adds two options to Alternate Start to start your game in Bruma.

AND:]Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Unofficial Ayleid Load Screen Hotfix] - '[color=#00ffff][1]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][CORE][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] A tiny hotfix to reduce the chance of Bruma's Ayleid load screen being added to the random load screen pool from 15% to 1%.

AND:]Mihail Wolves for Bruma] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] New models and textures for Bruma wolves.

AND:]Bruma - Better Defendable SE] - [1/2] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] This mod makes the city of Bruma better defendable. Also have optional synergy patch for Bells of Skyrim.


']Imperial City LOD fix for custom lods (Beyond skyrim Bruma)] -' [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color]' Fixes the Whitegold tower with custom lods (For Dyndolod and Bruma).

AND:]Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Tweaks Enhancements and Patches SSE] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1/10] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[CORE]'[/color][/color][/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] A collection of tweaks, enhancements and patches for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.

Note: Install everything from FOMOD (Except Hunt of Hircine; Less Item Weight and SkyTEST plugins are optional).

AND:]Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Tree LOD billboards] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] '[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700]'[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] Bruma tree billboards for use with TES5LODGen or DynDOLOD.


3)]Beyond Reach] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]

Description: A huge DLC style mod the size of three Holds, and my favourite out of the new lands mods. The quests take place east of High Rock, and involve a plague, a criminal faction, and an Orc invasion. Head to any major city to find the priestess, and her bodyguard Oliver, and listen to their dialogue to start it. Seriously, listen to their dialogue, or they will stalk you like some pissed off Scientologists.

It's suitable for all character types, but there are quests that will appeal to criminals, and vigilant types.

AND:]Dark Forest of Skyrim SE - Beyond Reach] - [1] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] This mod adds over 1000 trees to the Arnima worldspace for the mod Beyond Reach. Download fourth main file.

AND:]Beyond Reach - Tweaks and Enhancements] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700]'[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] A compilation of tweaks for Beyond Reach.

Note: From FOMOD install: Delayed Quest Start, Skyrim Border Tweak, Shields and Cloaks and Temper Recipes. 

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer and resave all plugins in Creation Kit 64.


4)]Falskaar] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: Another huge new lands mod the size of 3 holds. A 9 quest main story, and 17 side quests, with an emphasis on dungeons. Go to Riften, and talk to Jalamar, who's normally around the market or inside the Bee and Barb, or go directly to the new Echo Deep Mine just north east of Riften to start it.

Good for Dragonborns, adventurers, and hero's. 

AND:]Falskaar - Addons and Patches] - [color=#00ffff][ESLite = 1/8] [color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] A collection of tweaks, enhancements and patches for Falskaar.

Note: Install everything from FOMOD. MAKE SURE that Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp is not overwriten by other Falskaar patches! (must be below other Falskaar patches in load order).

AND:]Falskaar Wildlife add-on] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] This simple mod adds more wildlife around the island of Falskaar so that the wilderness area fells more lively.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


6)]Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color]

Description: A great mod taking you to the lands of the Khajiit. Talk to the Khajiit just outside Falkreath to start it.

A good choice for any character type.

AND:]Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

Description: It fixes some minor issues, and includes a patch to stop the quest from beginning until you have become Dragonborn. 


']Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: You may want to use this if you're using Beyond Skyrim. It relocates the quest start to the most Southern point in Bruma, to create a better feeling of an epic journey to get there. Remember that with this patch you can start the quest only after completing "The Way of the Voice" quest.

AND:]Moonpath to Elsweyr Sky and Lightning fix] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

Description: Download the first main file that merge Sky and Lightning fix with Custom Music to Elsweyr.


7)]The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE] - [1] '[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'

Description: A great new world mod talking you to Hammerfell that's especially suited for thief characters. The quest is triggered by pick pocketing someone.

Excellent for thief characters, and being one is central to the story line.

There is an optional file to start the quest in a different way. Read the sticky post on the mod page for more details. [1]

AND:]The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SSE - HD pack] - '[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'

Description: This mod improve quality of the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by replacing original mod textures with new ones in 2k resolution and BC7 compression.

AND:]Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Alikr Flora Overhaul SE] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING] '[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color]'[/color]

Description: Additional desert flora for Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.

Note: Download the main file and also the file from optionals.

AND:]The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE - Addons and Patches] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1/5] [color=#a4c2f4]'[color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]

Description: A collection of tweaks, enhancements and patches for The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE.

Note: Install all ESPLite options from FOMOD.

AND:]The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Combo] - [1]

Description: Replaces the Gray Cowl functionality from "The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE" with the functionality of "The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - Fully Functional Gray Fox Cowl".


8)]Project AHO] -[color=#00ffff] [1] [color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [/color][/color]

Description: A large quest-line based around a hidden settlement of House Telvanni, amongst some Dwarven ruins. I believe there is just one entrance to it added to the main world, so it has a low chance to conflict with other additions you add to the world. You need to be level 15, and travelling by foot in the wilderness for the quest to be activated. 

AND:]Project AHO - USSEP Patch] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] [/color]

Description: Patch is under main files.

AND:]Project AHO - Delayed Start Patch] - [color=#00ffff][1][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700] [/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

Description: This mod ties the opening scene for Project AHO to a vanilla quest that you can choose when to complete in addition to the regular level 15 requirement.

AND:]Unofficial Project AHO Mesh Patching] 

Description: It adds SMIM meshes to any chains found in Project AHO.


9)]Vigilant] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [/color][/color]

Description: A four part dark quest-line for a vigilant of Stendarr. It's one of my favourite quest mods. To start the quest speak to Altano in the Dawnstar Inn.

Excellent for any character type (but especially Vigilant).

Note: Unless you can speak Japanese, you will also need this mod]Vigilant Voiced - English Addon], by The Skyrim Voice Alliance. With this you can have the whole mod fully voiced acted in English, but it also gives you the option of English subtitles. [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] If you want higher res textures, you can download them from the]oldrim] version under optional files. 


10)]Darkend] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]

Description: Awesome, new island with questline and bosses.

A good choice for any character type.

AND:]Darkend Balance Patch] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [color=#00ffff][1] [/color] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] This is a balance patch aimed at nerfing the most OP rewards in Darkend.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


11)]Helgen Reborn] - '[color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: An excellent multiple quest story-line to rebuild Helgen. 

A good choice for any character type.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]If you are going to do the vanilla intro, you should deactivate the plugin, and then reactivate it once you have left Helgen. It works fine already activated with any other alternate starts. 

Note: It's worth following these steps to ensure Helgen Reborn is properly activated in game when using any options from Alternate Start, other than the vanilla intro.[color=#ffffff] 

Alternate start will prompt you to go to Helgen if you ask any barkeeper about rumours. They will tell you about Helgen, and start a quest-line. Go there in your own time, and find the journal. Then go through the keep as you would in the vanilla start until you get to the bit where the corridor caves in.

Leave the keep, following the journal to the cave, rescue who ever you choose, and then follow them to Riverwood. Wait at least 4 in game days, visit Whiterun, and then activate Helgen Reborn via the book you are given at the start of the game at some point after this. 

AND:]Helgen Reborn - USSEP Patch] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] '(Y)'[/color]

Description: Patch is under main files. [/color]

12)]Moon and Star] - '[color=#00ffff][1/2] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#00ffff]'[CORE]'[/color]'[/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: A smart quest based around a mysterious criminal. A courier will deliver a letter, which activates the quest.

Good for Dragonborns.

Note: It has an immersion patch to delay the quest start until after you finish the quest Way of the Voice. If not used, you will receive a letter at the beginning of the game, and later be called Dragonborn out of context. [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][color=#ff7700]'[color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]'[/color][/color]

AND:]Moon and Star - USSEP Patch] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] '[CORE]'[/color]

Description: Patch is under main files.


13)]The Forgotten City] - '[color=#00ffff][1] [color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]

Description: An amazing mod that is very well known, and has won awards. It adds a new city, and the quest has different endings, tough choices, and much more. It's better to do later on in your game because your previous history can affect decisions. You will receive a letter to start when you reach level 5, but the location should show up on your map before.

A good choice for any character type.

AND:]Forgotten City - Reach and Bruma Patch] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1] '(Y)'[/color]

Description: Patch is under main files.


14)]Clockwork SSE] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]'[/color]

Description: A large quest centred around Clockwork Castle, which becomes a player home once you complete it. It includes new NPC's, and enemy types, and takes about 6 hours to complete. The quest will start when you're at least level 5 and travelling in the wilderness.

A good choice for any character type.

Note: It adds exits/entrances to some settlements in Skyrim, which could potentially conflict with some overhauls.


15)]The Republic of Maslea - Chapter one - SSE] - [1]

Description: The first chapter of the new land mod "The Republic of Maslea", including many hours of gameplay in a totally new environment.


16)]Wyrmstooth SE] - [1]

Description: A new lands mod, with a quest to slay a dragon that leads to a lot more. It has several download options on the page, but I just downloaded the zip file. 

Note: The plugin shows up as an ESP, but it is treated as a master. 


17)]The Brotherhood of Old - Open Beta - SSE] - [1]

Description: The Brotherhood of Old is a quest mod for Skyrim, taking place after the final quest in the original Dark Brotherhood questline. This 24 quest epic will take you all across the land of Skyrim, as you try and rebuild the Brotherhood and strengthen it against future attacks.


18)]The Second Great War] - [color=#00ffff][1/2] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW][/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: Completely new war. You may keep your allegiance to the Imperials or Stormcloaks and defend Skyrim, or betray them and join the Aldmeri Dominion. It is possible to lose the war, giving a total of 4 endings.


19)]Folkstead and the Border of Hammerfell] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#8e7cc3][NAVMESH][/color] [/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: This mod makes use of the worldspace behind the Skyrim border and truly expands the game, offering you 2 Nordic towns, south of Falkreath hold and northeast of Windhelm, two Forsworn settlements South of the Reach, a Redguard Principality called Morreath, across the border in Hammerfell and a few other new locations as well.


20)]Haafstad and the Border of High Rock] - '[color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#8e7cc3][NAVMESH][/color] [/color]

Description: Like mod above this one makes use of the worldspace behind the Skyrim border, offering you one Nordic Island with the town Haafstad. From there you can visit the bordering lordship Pinemarch in High Rock and sail to the remote Breton island Kirkmore. It adds 6 quests, 6 towns, new creatures, 2 player s homes in High Rock, and more.


21)]Nyhus and the border of Cyrodiil] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW][/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: Another mod that makes use of the worldspace behind the Skyrim border and truly expands the game to Cyrodiil, Morrowind and Solstheim. This mod offers you 4 new towns with NPCs, 2 dungeons, 5 quests, a players house near Solstheim, a Castle south of Riften, fully voiced followers and more. Connected with Shadow of Morrowind.


22)]Outlaws and Revolutionaries - Quest Mod Plus] - [1]

Description: Amazing mod with 27 fully voiced quests. Many of them add to, or offer alternatives to the vanilla quest-lines. It has a story-line with a drug dealing kid, new followers, and new locations, including a brothel. The author recommends downloading it manually, and then adding it to your mod manager.

Note: It has to be installed after any character edits to Elisif, and it will change her appearance. 

This mod is actually compatible with mods that change the vanilla quests such as Thieves Guild for Good Guys. It is also compatible with Amorous Adventures despite the changes to Elisif.  


23)]The Final Cataclysm - Ultimate Edition] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]'[/color]

Description: An end-game quest that will take you beyond Tamriel, and the 4th era. 8+ hours of playtime. New locations, new dungeons, new items, new NPCs and a lot more.


24)]The Shire SE] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#8e7cc3][NAVMESH][/color][/color][/color]'[/color]'[/color]

Description: The Shire is on the brink of disaster and it falls to an Outlander to determine its fate. Will it be conquered or liberated? In this DLC-sized adventure the decisions of one traveler hold the answer.


25)]Pirates of Skyrim - The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW][/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: Be a pirate or privateer! Pillage enemy vessels and obtain unique loot. Sail the Sea of Ghosts and explore the ocean floor! Pay your crew by sharing the spoils of your pillages, or better, give them rum!

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Download main file and script fix for it. Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move any masters (.esm) up in your load order (right panel). They need to be right below UHDAP and USSEP plugins.
  • Move Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp below rest of the Falskaar patches (right panel).
  • Move MoonAndStar_ImmersionPatch.esp below MoonAndStar_MAS.esp (right panel).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Now would be a good time to test your game. I've listed how each quest starts, so you should at least be able to do a quick check to see if they've installed OK.





Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements(Optional) [1]


It makes the prices you buy and sell at brutal if you don't invest in the speechcraft skill-tree.

But it also changes what goods shops sell, and also makes many other adjustments to the economy. 

There are also files for optional tweaks, one for General Goods merchants to buy anything, and one for hardcore prices. [0/2]



Trade Routes - [0/2] [OLDRIM]

Description: Dynamically adjusts the gold value and merchant supply of materials, ingredients, food, drinks, soul gems and spell tomes based on regional supply and demand, Which creates a network of profitable trade routes to discover.

Note: In FOMOD pick patch for Helgen Reborn.


  • Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer.
  • Re-save main plugin in Creation Kit 64.
  • Re-save patch for Helgen Reborn in CK.

WARNING: MCM doesn't save your settings. I'm working on a work-around but until I finish this or Trade Routes is ported correctly to SSE, don't use this mod.



Trade and Barter[1] [OLDRIM] [CORE]

Description: Provides many new, fully customizable variables to adjust the trade and barter rates in Skyrim, including merchant gold, trading perks, inventory respawn rates, and more.

Note: Download the second main file.


  • Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.



Taxes of the Nine Holds SSE[1]

Description: This mod adds a tax system to Skyrim, fully customisable with an MCM menu.

The tax system operates on a per-Hold basis, so effectively you may pay up to 9 separate taxes.



Inn Room Costs [1]

Description: Allows you to configure how much rooms cost at each inn in Skyrim, for example: an inn room at Riverwood might cost 15 gold, where the room in Whiterun might cost 30 gold.




Ordinator [1] (Y)

Description: Changes the skill trees, and adds new perks.

It's a great mod, but I have decided to no longer use it, because I find it to overpowered, and a few of the perks unrealistic. For example, I use mods to lower my carry weight, but the first two perks for pickpocket increase it by 100. Another is the smithing perk that allows you to build a portable cannon.

It comes down to personal taste. There are other options available on the Nexus.


Note: There are some optional files to speed up your levelling by 20 or 50%. I don't use these as I don't think they're needed. If anything, I would choose to slow down levelling. [1]

There is also a file called Thief Skills Rebalance.

There is another mod later in the guide that does something similar, and I prefer that one. [1]


Patches: Install this if you used Beyond Skyrim Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch (Y)

Note: Contains the latest Modern Brawl Fix.


Mayhem - Perk Overhauls Overhauled] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color] 

Description: A 'simple' patching/merging of three major perk overhauls and one excellent spell mod, forming a single enormous replacement for Skyrim's (skill) perk trees.


TTRSO - TheThirdRace Skill Overhaul - Modular] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color] 

Description: TTRSO is a minimalistic and modular skill overhaul aimed at balancing the vanilla skills while maintaining the vanilla feel.

OR:]SPERG - Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay SE] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color] 

Description: Another minimalistic perk overhaul aimed at making leveling more fun and rewarding. Earn basic perks automatically, saving perk points for specializing your character with unique abilities. SPERG also boasts an easy installation, a variety of configuration options, and high mod compatibility.


2)]Path of Sorcery - Magic Perk Overhaul] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color] (Y)

Description: Overhauls all 6 magic perk trees, providing more interesting perk options, better ways to role-play, and a more well-rounded magic progression system.

[size=4]STANDING STONES, SHOUTS, AND BLESSINGS 1)]Diversified Divines (expanded religious blessings and amulets)] - [1]

Description: A lore-friendly expansion of Divine Blessings and Enchantments, with visible Blessing text at altars included.


2)]Patron Gods of Skyrim] - [color=#00ffff][1] ''''[ESPLite - C]'''' [/color](Y)

Description: A great mod, which gives you the opportunity to gain an extra perk. I think the perks are well balanced. It allows you to choose a deity, good or bad, and you get a bonus from it. 

Not exactly a survival mod, but it does give a perk which might help you survive. Anyway, it needs to be above Realistic Needs and Diseases. 

Note: It can be combined with]Divine] and]Daedric Cloaks], which place an appropriate cloak at each alter. They will be installed later if you choose to use them.


3)]Classic Classes and Birthsigns SSE] - (Optional) [1]

Description: It allows for more detailed character creation with different classes, and birthsigns to choose from. Skills suitable to your class will start at 25, but other skills will start at five. The 3rd era birth signs included will give bonuses not normally obtainable in game, but this should be balanced by the stat changes. 

Note: When the menu pops up in game I would pick the 3rd Era Birth Sign first, because if you don't you may not get the chance again. The 4th Era Birth Signs just allow you to pick a standing stone at character creation.


4)]Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim] - '[1] '[CORE]

'Description: Replaces the effects from standing stones, and gives two abilities for each one. If you find them all, each one will also provide a unique power. It allows for more diverse character builds. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] It has a patch for Classic Classes under optional. The descriptions in the Birth Signs Selection Menu will remain vanilla with out it. [1]


5)]Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

'Description: It adds new shouts, and edits the vanilla ones and it adds other tweaks too. You will be able to meditate to learn words, and a library is added to High Hrothgar.

Note: Two of the shouts, which activate on a hit in combat may not work if you have another mod which activates at the same time. 


6)]Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

'Description: Wintersun adds religion and worship. Meditating, praying and adhering to the tenets of your deity strengthens your bond with the deity and eventually grants divine powers. In addition to the divines and daedric princes, the mod adds many other deities from Elder Scrolls lore with their own shrines.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move TradeRoutes-HelgenReborn-Patch.esp under TradeRoutes.esp in your right panel.
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Now would be a good time to test your game. Check if every standing stone and perk work as it should.






[size=4]HORSE GAMEPLAY 1) (SKSE)]Immersive Horses] - [1]

Description: It allows you to manage your horses, and includes many features.

[color=#e69138]Choice:[/color] I really like some of the features of this, and some from Convenient Horses, but this mod appeals to me more. If you want a more in depth horse mod it's worth reading about the differences between this, and CH to see which you prefer. 

This mod doesn't allow followers to ride horse, but the follower management mods later in the guide do.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] There is a]patch for Bruma]. Also there are two other patches for]BCS and RDO].

Note: Textures for the horses from the mod Kitty's Realistic Horse Breeds is include with the main file. Those textures are given as an option later in the guide, so don't install them a second time later. There is an optional file to increase the textures from 1K to 2K.   [color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]]PapyrusUtil SE]. [color=#fff2cc]Make sure it has been updated to match the current version of SKSE.[/color]

OR:]Convenient Horses] - [1]

Description: I would say the biggest difference between this , and IH, is that this has horse training, which allows you to improve their stats. 

Note: It can cause problems with AFT, but they should work fine together if you disable followers been able to mount horses, and the followers teleporting to you on weapon draw option, found in the AFT menu in game. There is now another option for a follower mod in the guide, which shouldn't conflict.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] If you installed]Bruma, Shire or Reach] it has a patch you can use. There is also a patch for]AFT] and]Andromeda]. Also check]patch hub] for CH. If you doesn't like startup quest download]this].  [color=#ffff00] [/color]

OR:]Slightly Faster Horses] -[color=#00ffff] [/color][1] 

Description: A simple, but effective horse mod. It speeds them up, which makes it less frustrating, and more worthwhile riding them. You can use follower management mods to have followers ride horses. 


[size=1]Apocolypse - Magic of Skyrim - Frozen, Electrocuted, Combustion

[size=4]BLOOD == 1)]Enhanced Blood Textures] - [color=#00ffff][2] '[ESPLite - C]''''[/color] [CORE]

Description: A re-texture for blood with options.

In the FOMOD I go for larger splatter size and long effects distance. On the second screen I go for high res default colour. I don't choose the blurry vision. I don't pick any on the third screen, because I want more blood and for it to stand out more, and these options are for the opposite effect. 

Note: On the mod page there are instructions for some ini tweaks, but the tool Bethini will do this for you when it is used later in the guide.

AND:]Gorecap] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures the neck after a beheading. It's looks great, and is a big improvement. 

AND:]SE - More Bloodshed] - (Optional)

Description: Adds more blood. 


[size=4]ENEMIES 1)]OBIS SE - Organized Bandits In Skyrim Special Edition] - [1] (Y)

Description: An amazing mod, which overhauls the bandits into specialised groups, and it makes fighting bandits all the time massively more interesting, and fun. 

Note: Also download Immersive Weapons Patch and Patrols Addon.

AND:]OBIS Loot SE] - [1]

Description: Visually overhauls many of the OBIS bandits and their loot. Also adds a boatload of other content. 


[size=4]ANIMAL GAMEPLAY MODS == Image 1)]SkyTEST -  Realistic Animals and Predators] - [1]

Description: It makes huge changes to animal AI, and makes other tweaks.There is a file for people using the Creation Club Survival mod, and one for those who don't. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color]]SkyTEST Integration Project] offers several patches for this, and other mods. The two that can be installed now are No Extra Spawns (removes the extra spawns added by SkyTEST), and SkyTEST Vanilla, and DLC Creation Extension (adds the AI from SkyTEST to any creatures from the vanilla game that aren't already affected). I recommend both. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

Install the patch for Immersive Horses from the SkyTest Integration Project if you used it.

There is also a patch for Immersive Creatures, which will be installed later. There will be a note to remind you.

Choice: I would use this or Animal Tweaks, but they are compatible with the patch from Animal Tweaks below.

OR/AND:]Animal Tweaks] - [1]

Description: It makes animals tougher, more intelligent, have improved abilities, and it increases their speed.

There's an optional file to reduce the damage from the animals.[color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]It has a patch for OBIS. Install it if you used that mod. [1]

There's a patch to make it compatible with SkyTEST. [color=#fff2cc]This patch is still in Form 43, and should be converted before you use it[/color]. [1]

There's also a patch for sands of time (not in the guide) [1]

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING: [/color]This mod makes mud crabs, and trolls, particularly tough, especially when combined with a mod that raises the enemies level. It's even more challenging without a mod that makes damage more realistic.  



[size=1]Moonlight Tales - HD Werewolf Re-texture

1)]Moonlight Tales SE - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul] - [1] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color] Description: An in depth werewolf overhaul. Read the mod page for more details.

AND:]Moonlight Tales - Werebear Form Bug Fix Patch] - [1] [color=#00ff00]'[color=#00ffff]'[ESPLite]'[/color]'[/color] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color] Description: Invisible glitch skin fix.

AND:]Moonlight Tales MCM] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ff00]'[color=#00ffff]'[ESPLite]'[/color]'[/color]'[/color] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color] Description: A Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) for Moonlight Tales Special Edition, as an alternative to the "Ancient Ring."


2)]Lupinus - Werewolf Tweaks] - [1] (Y)  Description: It adds extra werewolves, and tweaks their speed and AI. My favourite feature is that it brings back the Lupinus disease, which will make you become a werewolf.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Install the patch for Moonlight Tales.


3)]Sacrosanct Vampires] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: An extensive overhaul with to many features to list

Choice: I've always used this because I liked some of its features, but very recently, I've switched to Better Vampires, which can be customised, and was updated very recently. If you are into your vampires, it will be worth reading through the descriptions of these, and the other options available to find the right one for you. 

WARNING: When using ALT Start, if you pick any options where you start as a vampire, the changes from this mod won't be applied to your character, and you will just be a vanilla vampire. You would then have to cure yourself, and become a vampire again, for the effects from this mod to take place.

It's better to not start as one, and then use the console to spawn a blood potion to turn yourself into one straight away. If you do want to use Alt Start to begin the game as a vampire, I recommend one of the other options.  

OR:]Better Vampires] - [1] 

Description: The most popular vampire overhaul. Allows you to customise the mod to suit your vampire needs.

Note: It's compatible with SKSE, but it isn't required.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]This mod can actually be combined with Sacrosanct, but I'm not recommending it as part of the guide, and the author of Sacrosanct doesn't recommend it either. If you do want to, there is a patch on this mods file page under optional. Your load order would be Sacrosanct, this mod, and then the patch.



1)]Know Your Enemy - Trait-based resistances and weaknesses] (KYE) - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [CORE]'[/color]

Description: Uses a trait system to change the resistances and weaknesses of creatures and armors to magic (fire/frost/shock), physical damage (blade/blunt/axes/arrows), poison and disease.


If you intend to use MorrowLoot (MLU) later in the guide, it has its own version of the following mod type. I prefer these because they raise the difficulty more than the MorrowLoot version. They are compatible. All you will need to do is install the patch MLU has under its option files, which reverts its encounter zones back to vanilla, and then move your choice of this type of mod to below it in your load order. [color=#fff2cc]This will be done later in the guide.[/color]

2)]Rebalanced Encounter Zones and Levelled Actors] - (Optional) [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#980000][44][/color]

Description: This will significantly raise the level of the enemy you meet. You will still meet low level enemy, and animal's aren't affected, but the average enemy will be closer to your level. You will also often meet high level enemies and they can be many times higher than your current level. 

Note: I use this with the realistic damage plugin from Wildcat. It makes combat more challenging, but its still quick and brutal. I don't think I would enjoy this mod without the increased damage, because I would have to hack and slash at enemies for much longer. Even with realistic damage, you will still meet some enemy that can take a bit of a beating, and I think it works well like this.  

OR:]High Level Enemies] -[color=#00ffff] [3][/color]

Description: A similar mod, but done in a different way. It adds 874 higher level enemies to the game. It also has a light version.

There is also a scaled version. Install it after the main file.

There's an optional file to raise the ability caps of some spells, and one to increase the maximum resistance to damage. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

Choice: I would say Rebalanced Encounter Zones is the better choice if your using realistic damage, but I would choose this if I wasn't, and still wanted an extra challenge. 

OR:]TrueSectors - Legendary Capped Sectors] - [1]

Description: It increases the difficulty/level of enemies like the previous mods, and does it in an interesting way. The game has been split into sectors, which includes the 9 holds, and special areas such as the Vale. The sectors range in difficulty.

What this ultimately does is restricts your movement around the map, because unless you level up you will be massively over matched by the enemies you encounter in certain areas.

Choice: You will essentially need to start in Falkreath as the lowest level hold, and work your way through from there. So if you plan to start as a mage or something specific to another area, you may not want to use this.

Note: There is an]uncapped version] here, if you want an even bigger challenge. Only install one file. [1]




1)]Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[CORE]''''[/color]

Description: This mod is a complete overhaul of the alchemy and cooking systems. Its intention is to provide a balanced, consistent experience throughout all aspects of alchemy and cooking, from harvesting and collecting ingredients to high-level potion and food creation.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Patches will be installed later in the guide.


2)]Skytoxin - Realistic Dangerous Poisons] - (Optional) [1]

Description: An excellent mod which makes poisons realistically deadly. It also adds side effects to beneficial potions. It's great for assassins, and role-play.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

Choice: The poisons you find can be very powerful, and even more so with any mod that increases damage. I think this is balanced by enemies using them on you (especially the Falmer). If you get hit with a strong poison, or by a Frostbite Spiders venom, it will be powerful enough to kill you several times over. 

Other aspects of the mod that are worth considering before deciding to use this are: 


  • They are worth a lot of money.
  • It's possible to essentially one hit kill most humans, including any that are boss fights. 
  • The potion Cure Poison no longer works.

This mod won't appeal to everyone.


[size=4]TRAVEL 1)]Carriage Stops of Skyrim] -[color=#00ffff] [/color][1]

Description: It places carriage stops in villages, and special locations. There's just a bench, and you can access a list of destinations by clicking on it. I like it because it doesn't modify the vanilla carriage system, and this makes it more compatible than some of the other mods that do something similar.

It's a good option for anyone looking for an immersive way to fast travel.


2) (SKSE)]Immersive World Encounters] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][CORE]

Description: A fantastic mod that adds 50 new random events to the world, and tweaks ones from the vanilla game. It comes with a MCM, and can be customised. New NPC's are added for some of the events. 


[size=4]ENCHANTMENT 1) (SKSE)]Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging] - (Optional) [1]

'Description: Enchanted Weapons Charge Over Time - Affects you and/or your followers. It can be customised. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


2)]Summermyst - Enchantments] - '[1] '(Y)

'Description: It adds a huge number of enchantments, effects to enchanted weapons, and distributes them to level lists. It may require a Bash Patch depending on what other mods you use.  

AND:]Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (WACCF) and Summermyst Enchantments Consistency Patch] - '[1] '(Y)

'Description: A patch that carries over WACCF's level list changes into Summermyst Enchantments and is required for consistency, even if you use a bashed patch. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]  


  • Move Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Enhanced Blood Textures.esp under dD-Larger Splatte Size.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move ISC Enhanced Blood Patch under Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Enhanced Blood Textures.esp patch (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Bruma - CACO Patch.esp under Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

I would go in game and try out the mods from this section.



1)]Campfire - Complete Camping System] - [1] (Y)

Description: An amazing mod, which allows you to camp, make items, and much more.

AND:]Campfire Better Dynamic Snow Patch] - [color=#00ffff][1] ''''[ESPLite]''''[/color]' '(Y)

Description: The snow accumulation on Campfire tents will use the Better Dynamic Snow shader instead of ugly vanilla white paint effect.

[color=#e69138]Requirements: [/color]Better Dynamic Snow, Campfire 

AND:]Tentapalooza for Campfire] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Themed player tents, furniture, storage, follower tents and pet beds for Campfire. Options for vampires, shamans, relic hunters and more.

Note: I'm aware that there is a SSE version of this mod. Oldrim version is more up to date (MCM menu and other stuff).

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Unpack .bsa archive in BSA Extractor. Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.

AND:]Necromancer's Camp] - [1]

Description: Adds necromancer-themed camp gear, weapons, and spells for Campfire.  

AND:]Eremite Camping and Combat for Campfire] - [1] (Y)

Description: A Campfire add-on with perks for the constant travel, permanent campsite builder, or no-armor warrior monk.

Note: Download the first main file.


2)]Frostfall] - [1] (Y)

Description: It makes cold weather a huge factor in the game, and brings in hypothermia. You will need to wear suitable clothing, and seek out heat.

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] Campfire.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] Once you enable Frostfall in the MCM, let it load and finish, and then go under Equipment and RESET DEFAULTS FOR ALL EQUIPMENT. Without this, the game thinks you are sitting at zero warmth and coverage, hence you'll freeze abnormally quickly.

WARNING: Not all of the features work. See the fix below.

AND:]Frostfall - Seasons] - [color=#00ffff][1] ''''[ESPLite - C]'''''''[/color] (Y)

Description: This mod adds monthly modifiers to Frostfall's base regional temperatures so that the temperatures will vary throughout the year.

AND:]Food effect for Frostfall] - [color=#00ffff][1] ''''[ESPLite]'''''''[/color] (Y)

Description: Frostfall fix, soups and drinks properly affect exposure. Similar to CC Survival mode. Is compatible with iNeed, etc.


3) (SKSE)]PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions] - (Y)'

'[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]An SKSE plugin adding several new scripts with native functions that provide various conveniences related to data storage and other misc functions to the scripter/modder.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]It's required by other mods from the guide.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE.


A FIX FOR FROSTFALL[color=#ffffff]

[/color]WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]When using the fix some people have reported CTD's when quickly scrolling through menus containing clothing, and armour. In the description it says it's due to the warmth/rain protect script firing to many times in a short space of time. Some people don't seem to experience it. 

I think it's worth the risk, and if you don't use the fix, the warmth rating from your clothing won't work sufficiently enough to survive in the very cold areas of Skyrim. Some other features will be missing too. If you don't want to risk it, I recommend not using Frostfall.]Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update] - (Y)

Description: It allows the MCM to be used, reinstates interface widgets, and fixes the warmth rating. 

In game you will get warnings from SkyUI when you enter your inventory, or use a crafting station. To remove them, go to Mod Configuration in the game settings, select SkyUI, go to the advanced panel, and deactivate all the options under SWF Version Checking.

If this still doesn't work try these instructions:]Campfire - Frostfall - Papyrusutil fixed for Skyrim SE].


4)]Wet and Cold ]- [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: It adds special effects such as breathing out visible moisture, dripping when wet, strong winds, and effects to vision in some situations. It also adds suitable winter clothing to NPC's, and more. 

[color=#fff2cc]It has an Alpha version which restores the SKSE dependant features under misc files, which is what I use.[/color]

AND:]Wet and Cold - Fur Hoods Fix] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: Makes Fur Hoods and Hooded fur scarves looking different from each other. 

AND:]Improved Wet and Cold Water Drips] -[color=#00ffff] [/color](Y)

Description: A simple replacer for the drips in the Wet and Cold. 

AND:]Alternative Frost Effect for Wet and Cold] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color][color=#00ffff] [/color](Y)

Description: Alternative frost effect for Wet and Cold.


5)]Realistic Needs and Diseases] - [1] 

Description: A great mod which adds structure to your characters life. It implements the need to sleep, eat, and drink into the game. It has other features too.

Note: SKSE isn't required, but if you have it, the MCM menu can be used. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patches if you used]Frostfall], or]Beyond Skyrim]. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

OR:]iNeed] - [color=#00ffff][1/2] [/color](Y)

Description: It's very similar to Realistic Needs and Diseases, but with some differences. iNeed have self-patching capability, so it's save you from a lot of work. Also these icons are insanely good.

Note: In the FOMOD, I recommend going for the Extended: No Food/Recipe Changes. Remember to put the iNeed - Extended.esp under iNeed.esp in your right panel.

WARNING: It is also recommended that you disable iNeed's option (in MCM menu) to alter the weight of food, as this can conflict with the changes made by CACO and result in some odd weight values. Also, iNeed's degradation system isn't recognized by CACO's food portion system, which results in some slight inconsistencies. For example, if you eat a loaf of bread which is considered stale by iNeed, the second half of the loaf is returned to your inventory as if it were a fresh piece of bread.


6)]Hunting in Skyrim - A Hunting Guild SE] - [1] (Y)

Description: It adds many features, such as fishing, animal dens, the use of traps, and a guild. It also adds textures that make animals look like they have been skinned when they have. 

Note: It's compatible with Hunterborn. 


7)]Hunterborn SE] - [color=#00ffff][1/5] (Y)[/color]

Description: It enhances, and adds to the process of harvesting, and butchering animals. 

Note: In FOMOD don't take anything.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING: [/color]Soups and Stews can be problematic. The author describes it as unfinished, and several people report CTD's in the posts. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] If you installed Realistic Needs and Diseases, install this patch for]Hunterborn]. [1]

Note: Don't disable the animations from this mod, if you're using it with Ordinator.


(SKSE)]Hunterborn SE MCM] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: It adds back the MCM menu, but also improves compatibility between Hunterborn and Hunting in Skyrim, because in this MCM you can enable the skinned animal textures from HiS to work with Hunterborn. 

Note: In FOMOD choose Super Merge.

Note: Hunterborn Creature Patcher from Misc files will be used later in the guide.

AND:]Hunterborn - Scrimshaw Expanded SSE] - [1]

Description: Adds hundreds of new recipes and items to Hunterborn's Scrimshaw feature.

AND:]Hunterborn - Animal Blood Potions for Vampires] - [1]

Description: This mod allows your hunter vampire to craft animal blood potions and raw meat meals at the cookpot.


8)]You Hunger] - [1] (Y)'

'Description: It dramatically decreases the amount of food available in the world in a realistic way. Food added by other mods, won't be affected, but they could be patched. It makes other changes too, such as making farm crops owned, so that taking them counts as stealing. It compliments the other survival mods. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] There is a patch to have the effects from You Hunger in Falskaar under optional files. Also download patch for CACO. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]  


  • Move Campfire.esm under USSEP plugin (right panel).
  • Move iNeed - Extended.esp under iNeed.esp (right panel).
  • Find Bruma - iNeed Patch.esp and move it under iNeed - Extended.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Find Falskaar - iNeed Patch.esp and move it under Bruma - iNeed Patch.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move You Hunger - Falskaar.esp under You Hunger.esp (right panel).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

I would go in game and try out the mods from this section.


I always use a weather mod. Obsidian is my favourite overall, but it really does come down to personal taste, and it's worthwhile spending sometime to decide, and trying a few out.  It's possible to combine True Storms with most weather mods using a patch. 



1)]Obsidian Weathers] - [color=#00ffff]'[1] (Y)'[/color]

Description: A fantastic mod, which quickly became my favourite on its release. It's a combined effort from several weather mod authors, and was the first to include seasons on SE. The style can be changed in game with several presets. It will be fine for all lighting mods, but the authors recommend ELE. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] There is an optional patch in the files to have the weathers occur for Vigilant. [color=#00ffff][1] '(Y)'[/color]

There's also a patch for True Storms, but it only affects the audio. Don't download it.

AND:]True Storms Special Edition] -[color=#00ffff] '[1] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color]

Description: A complete overhaul of the storm systems in Skyrim.

AND:]Obsidian Weathers - True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch][color=#00ffff] [/color]-[color=#00ffff] [1] '[color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]''''[/color]

Description: This mixes the weathers from True Storms with those from Obsidian, and not just the audio. There is two versions, which gives you some choice over what features you want to keep from each.

Note: In FOMOD choose None, Spectral - Water's Edge Fix, none and none.

AND:]Obsidian Weathers And Seasons - Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch] -[color=#00ffff] '[1] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color]

Description: Adjusting the climate in Cyrodil to make use of weathers from Obsidian Weathers.

AND:]Seasonal Calendar (for Obsidian or Aequinoctium and seasonal mods)] -[color=#00ffff] [1] [/color]

Description: Displays the current season in the game menus.

AND:]Darker Nights for Obsidian Weathers] -[color=#00ffff] [1] [/color]

Description: Makes nights darker by decreasing night brightness while preserving light sources by increasing contrast.



1)]Mythical Weathers - Weathers and Lighting Overhaul] -  [1]

Description: This is another favourite of mine. It has beautiful skies, and lighting with a fantasy edge to it. There is several presets to choose from in game. Several fantastic ENB's cater for it. One made by the author, and the other by firemanaf the reigning king of ENB for SSE. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color]]Mythical Ages - True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch.]

There is now a patch for True Storms. If you wish to use both mods, install Mythical Weathers, then True Storms, and then the patch. It has two options to choose from, depending on what features you want to keep from each. [1]

Under the Misc files for this mod, there's a patch that patches the weather mods with Wet and Cold, and I would recommend it if you used that mod.[color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Download:[/color] There is a patch for Sounds of Skyrim under optional files. It will be installed if you decide to use that mod, and there will be a reminder later in the guide. [1]

There is a patch for Lightning During Storms. I have removed that mod from the guide, because the script in the mod is referencing the Oldrim version rather than the SE version, and this has the potential to cause problems in game.



1)]NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel] - [1]

Description: NAT has a crisp realism to it. How much, and how easily you can customise it is fantastic. The interior lighting is surprising good, one of the best I've seen. I recommend checking it out before you install a lighting mod, you may well be happy with it. It really makes the detail pop out in some textures, details I haven't noticed before.

Choice: If I was using this I wouldn't use an interior lighting mod, but they are compatible. In fact you can turn off the interior lighting in the options menu of this mod. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color]]NAT - True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch.] [1]

This mixes the weathers from True Storms with those from NAT. There is three versions, which gives you some choice over what features you want to keep from each.

This patch has a FOMOD, and it includes several more patches. They are for Wet and Cold, Audio Overhaul, and Immersive Sounds Compendium. They are optional, but I think they are worth using. If you don't know which audio mod you are going to use yet, you can always reinstall the patch later when you do. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

With this patch, you install NAT first, then True Storms, and then the patch.



1)]Vivid Weathers] - [1]

Description: A very popular choice, which adds over 500 new weathers. Certain aspects of the mod can be adjusted in game. It has its own stars and galaxy textures, and so much more. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] There are many patches in the FOMOD. They are for Audio Overhaul, Bruma, Falskaar, Lighting During Storms, and Sounds of Skyrim. [color=#00ffff][0/4][/color] 

[color=#fff2cc]Don't pick the patches for the sound mods. The sound mods include their own patches for this mod, and have been updated more recently. They will be installed later.[/color]

Choice: In the FOMOD, there is also optional choices for Summer Seasons, Winter, Extended Rain, and Extended Snow, and each will result in an ESP. [color=#00ffff][0/4] [/color]

[color=#d9ead3]I don't recommend choosing the tree LOD's, because they can interfere with other LOD's you have installed.[/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color]]Vivid Weathers - True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch.][color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

This mixes the weathers from True Storms with those from Vivid. There is three versions, which gives you some choice over what features you want to keep from each.

Under the Misc files for this mod, there's a patch that patches the weather mods with Wet and Cold, and I would recommend it if you used that mod. [1]

Install this, then True Storms, and then the patch. 



1)]Climates of Tamriel] - [1]

Description: Another great choice. I really like the range of weathers, how they're implemented, and the other effects included. I do find its nights to bright though, even with the option to make them darker.

Choice: It has several optional tweaks in the FOMOD, but these will lead to extra ESP's.

These include a choice to darken dungeons, a choice for interior lighting, and darker nights. [1]

I wouldn't choose the extras (they're textures). It has its own cloud, cosmos, and moon textures, but you can still choose to install others over it if you like. Includes it's own lightning effects.

There is also a patch under optional files to make Skyrim an even colder, and more harsh place.[color=#ffff00] [/color][1]

   [color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] There is a patch for Falskaar if you installed that, and want the weathers there[color=#ffff00].[/color] [1]

It can be combined with True Storms by using this]patch]. Install this, then True Storms, and then the patch. [1]



1)]Rustic Weathers] - [1]

Description: A weather mod, which gives a rustic medieval look.

Choice: It has an optional file to add different presets which can be selected in game. It's only recommended to use this if you're not going to use an ENB. [1]

It's compatible with Minty Lightning, but not compatible with Darker Nights.

[color=#e69138]Patches Download:[/color] There is a patch for Sounds of Skyrim as a separate file, and it should be used if you use that mod later in the guide. You will be reminded of this at the time.[color=#ffff00] [/color][1]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now: [/color]]Rustic Weathers - True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch.] [1]

This mixes the weathers from True Storms with those from Rustic. There is two versions, which gives you some choice over which features you want to keep from each.

Under the Misc files for this mod, there's a patch that patches the weather mods with Wet and Cold, and I would recommend it if you used that mod. [1]

Install this, then True Storms, and then the patch. 



1)]Dolomite Weathers] - [1]

Description: It has lots of clear blue skies, and a clear crisp look. Weathers change twice as quick. It has it's own cloud effects, and uses the vanilla weather records. It has some option .ini changes you can install.[color=#ffff00] [/color][1]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color]]Dolomite Weathers - True Storms Merged Compatibility Patch.] [1]

This mixes the weathers from True Storms with those from Dolomite. There is two versions, which gives you some choice over what features you want to keep from each.

Install this, then True Storms, and then the patch. 



1)]True Storms] - [1]

Description: A viable option on its own. It's good for performance, and builds upon the vanilla weathers, which are actually quit good. It includes new sounds, new weathers for Solstheim, and much more.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] There]is a patch] to make True Storms work seamlessly with Wet and Cold. Don't use this if you are combining True Storms with another weather mod. [1]



1)]Surreal Lighting - Vibrant and Cheerful weathers and Lighting] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

Description: It mainly changes lighting, and creates a fantasy style. No weathers are added. I used to use this on the PS4, and loved it. By the author of Rustic, and Mythical.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

It says it's compatible with True storms, providing you load it below this mod.

WARNING:The ESP is still in Form 43, and will need to be converted.

[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • You should go in game to check that you like your weather mod. If you don't, you can uninstall it, and try another. Like with your large texture mods, it will have a big impact on the look, and style of your game. 



[size=4]TEXTURES FOR THE SKY 1)]Ethereal Clouds] - (Y)

Description: An excellent re-texture for clouds. 

OR:]Northern Realistic Clouds] 

Description: Another great choice for your clouds. 

OR:]Real Clouds] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: This mod adds pseudo-volumetric clouds to skyrim, i.e realistic 3d clouds. These clouds will change in coverage and altitude depending on the current weather. As well as normal clouds, there are also rain clouds which you can see raining in the distance, (at close distances they will look like fog).  

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


2)]SOLVEIG - Cinematic Sunglare] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures the Sun, and sun glare. Download first main file. Some weather mods have their own version of this. 

OR:]Luxor's Sun Textures 4k]

Description: Another re-textures for Sun and sun glare. Some weather mods have their own version of this.


3)]Skyrim textures Redone - Enhanced Night Sky] - A great re-texture, which also includes the moons. 

OR:] Ethereal Cosmos] - (Y)

Description: My favourite. I use either the first main file, or twinkle subdued. 

OR:]Ultra Hi-Res Nightsky] - Another great re-texture. 

OR:]8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies - Cathedral Project] - Next great re-texture. 


4)]Skygazer Moons - Masser And Secunda Ultra HD 4K (2K and 1K) Moon Texture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: The title says it all. I think this is the best re-texture for the moons. 

OR:]Skyrim Textures Redone - Moons] 

Description: Another option to re-texture for the moons.

OR:]Simply the Moons (Secunda and Masser) for Sse] 

Description: Another option to re-texture for the moons.


5)]Obsidian Mountain Fogs] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#00ff00](Y) - I would always use this if I wasn't using Obsidian.[/color]

Description: If you don't think your mountains are cloudy enough then install this. 

Note: This feature is already included in Obsidian Weathers.[color=#ffff00] 


6)]Wonders of Weather] -[color=#ffff00] [/color][1] (Y) Description: It adds rain splash effects, shooting stars, and rainbows


7)]Smooth Sky Mesh] - (Y)

Description: It removes the banding, and improves the transition between the horizon, and sky. It only includes one mesh. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]  


  • Move Obsidian Weathers for Vigilant.esp under Obsidian Weathers.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Audio Overhaul Skyrim - True Storms.esp under Obsidian_TS_Patch_Spectral_WaterFix.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Obsidian Weathers.esp under Audio Overhaul Skyrim - True Storms.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

I would go in game and try out the mods from this section.




[size=4]FORESTS FOR THE TUNDRA IN WHITERUN HOLD 1)]The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: It adds a huge dense forest to the tundra of Whiterun Hold.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] The patches are included as individual files on a]separate mod page]. 

Choice: It isn't lore friendly to have a forest there, and the tundra is referenced a few times in game, but I do think it's worth adding some sort of addition to the area to make it more interesting, and visually appealing.

I used to use this, but the next choice, which is new, is more balanced in my opinion. It still adds a forest, but it includes a lot less trees, and it keeps some areas of tundra. This also makes it more performance friendly. Both are compatible with any tree mods.

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] [color=#fff2cc]It requires you to generate LOD's for the trees using SEELODGen, or Dynodolod later in the guide.[/color]

OR:]Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Similar to the previous option, but with a lot less trees.

Choice: Another advantage to this choice, is that it doesn't require any patches for mods in the guide. It's designed to be already patched for any mods that place something in the tundra. It's also patched in this way for a mod called Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold, which is an excellent mod. No patch exists for this for the Great Forest. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] [color=#fff2cc]It requires you to generate LOD's for the trees using SEELODGen, or Dynodolod later in the guide.[/color]

WARNING: You will probably have floating, and strange looking trees if you check the area before you generate LOD's for them.




1)]Majestic Mountains] - [2/3] (Y) [color=#fff2cc] [/color] Description: Truly exceptional mountains by the gifted T4GTR43UM3R. There are other great mountain mods, but none that make as many changes as this. It's more than a re-texture, because it adds a lot of new meshes, and makes other edits, which is what makes it so distinctive. I prefer the dark side file.

Note: In the FOMOD I choose the the moss rocks (which has an ESP). The optional mixed landscape textures, will work better for some texture mods than others. I don't use them. If you do use them, install the Missing fielddirtgrass file under optional afterwards, and check them in game to see how well they blend with your other textures. Also pick SMIM patch.

WARNING: Don't change the sun direction if you intend to use an ENB, because it will cause problems.

Choice: After the main Darkside file, I also install the Old Darkside file under optional. This replaces the textures with the previous version, which I, and many others prefer.

Note: Majestic Mountains is a more complex mountain mod, because it also edits the landscape, and therefore has the potential to clash with mods that do the same. This is already taken into account in the guide, but worth bearing in mind if you are adding mods not included in it.

Set "bEnableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals" to "1" in your SkyrimPrefs.ini.

WARNING: You also need the]Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains]. (Y)

OR:]Red Rocks 4k] 

Description: Excellent textures with a distinctive style.

OR:]Gecko's 4K Mountain Textures] 

Description: Another textures for mountains.

OR:]Real Mountains ] Description: Another textures for mountains.

OR:]Northfire's Photoreal Mountains 2 for SE 1 - 4K]

Description: Another textures for mountains.

OR:]Northern Realistic Rocks 4K - 2K]

Description: Another textures for mountains.

OR:]CC's UHQ Mountains]

Description: Another textures for mountains.

OR:]Authentic Mountains and Rocks]

Description: 4K textures for mountains by MystiriousDawn.


3)]Clay Deposits HD] - (Optional)

Description: A re-texture. Despite the name, it also covers the stone quarries.

Note: You may want to check how the quarry re-texture blends with those from your mountains.

OR:]HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for Hearthfire] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional)

Description: An alternative re-texture.

Note: You may want to check how the quarry re-texture blends with those from your mountains.




1)]Skyrim Trees 3D] - [1]

Description: A truly great mod. The 3D meshes, and the variety of trees give the game a whole new feel. I can really see this becoming the greatest tree mod of all time for Skyrim. The most performance heavy option out of the tree mods in this guide. 

This mod also overhauls all of the plants to a very high standard. Included in this are the ingredient bearing plants that you harvest in game. 

Note: Install the UV log fix under Misc files.   Also install the billboards under misc files if you intend to use SSELODGen or Dyndolod. 

OR:]Skyrim Flora Overhaul] (SFO) - [1]

Description: A fantastic mod that overhauls more flora than just the trees. In includes new grasses, and tree types.

There is an all in one option, but the trees, and grass can also be installed separately. If you want to use a different grass mod, just install the trees. The trees only version doesn't have an ESP. 

OR:]Enhanced Vanilla Trees SSE] (EVT) - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: Much, much better vanilla-like trees. Download file from Misc. 

Note: In FOMOD choose Post Processing, Lush Trees (Large), Enhanced Tree Clutter, Realistic Aspen Trees, Billboards.


2)]HQ Bark Overhaul] - [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color]

Description: It's compatible with most tree mods, including 3D Trees, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Simply Bigger Trees, and Enhanced Vanilla Trees. 

WARNING: You will need to download the file, and then extract the contents to a new folder. Inside you will find the different options. Install the one for your tree mod.

There is also some alternative textures in the folder. Install the main file first, and then these if you wish to use them. [color=#fff2cc]Only install files that contain the name of the tree mod you are using.[/color]

OR:]Tree Bark in High Definition]

Description: Redone version of HQ Bark Overhaul. [color=#fff2cc]Use it instead of previous one, if you want to use Skyrim Flora Overhaul and Realistic Aspen Trees.[/color][color=#fce5cd] [/color]

OR:]Realistic Aspen Trees SE] 

Description: These are great textures, and they are are compatible with SFO. Included in EVT.

Note: In the FOMOD pick the option for SFO. Also pick the billboards.

OR:]Better Textures - Vanilla Trees]

Description: It changes, and improves the vanilla textures. Performance option.


3)]Bent Pines] - (Optional) [1]

'Description: It adds large, yep you guessed it, bent pines to your game. Specifically to the Tundra around Whiterun. It's compatible with other tree mods. Due to the LOD's used it's not the most performance friendly option.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]It's not compatible with the Great Forest, but it wouldn't really serve a purpose anyway. It is compatible with the Alpine Forest. 


4)]TREES ADDON SE] - (Optional) [1]

'Description: Places Enderal Trees and other tree models from resource packs around Skyrim for more tree diversity

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]Download both main files and update file.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • It's worthwhile going in game to check that you are happy with your tree mod.


[size=4]GRASSES == [color=#f1c232]GRASS .INI TWEAKS:[/color] All grass mods require or recommend making some tweaks to your .ini settings. Some include a file that will do it for you. I recommend making any edits when the tool Bethini is used later in the guide.

1)]Veydosebrom] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: A fantastic overhaul for the grass. It has a FOMOD with several options. I choose default density, and vanilla coverage. This is partly for FPS reasons, but also so that I can see more of my landscape textures. I pick 2K, but 1K would be a better option for performance.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]An .ini file is include, so you don't need to tweak it yourself. 

Choice: I mainly choose this over Verdant because I like the options it gives in the FOMOD. 

OR:]Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin] - [1]

Description: Fantastic grass. This is probably the most FPS heavy option, but there are optional files to reduce the quality.

It has its own ini tweaks included, but the author also suggests turning off grass shadows. This can be done manually, or by downloading the optional file.

[color=#e69138]Patches Download:[/color] It has a patch for Realistic Water Two to be installed later. [1]


There is another mod based on Verdant, which you may prefer called]Viscous Foliage - A T H I C C Grass Mod]. It has its own recommended grass settings, and some further ini tweaks recommended by the author on the mod page. FPS heavy. [1]

If you do choose Viscous, I recommend using]Viscous Grass Plus Tweaks], to reduce any grass clipping through mods you install. It replaces the ESP from the main mod.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • I would go in game, and check that you're happy with your grass mod.



[size=4]EXTRAS FOR VEGETATION == 1)]Skyrim 3D Landscapes] - [1] 

'Description: It adds new hand placed trees, and plants, and is by the author of 3D Trees.

'[color=#e69138]Note[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] It's compatible with all tree, and flora mods, but not the mods Water plants and Enhanced Landscapes.

'[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color]' (Optional)]Alternative textures for Skyrim 3D Landscapes]. They are on the same page as HQ Bark Overhaul. I haven't tried them.


2)]Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods] - (Optional) [1]

'Description: Reduces grass clipping through structures.

The main file covers vanilla locations, but it has optional patches for specific mods. and each one will cost an ESP.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] CRF, and Alt Start. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Download:[/color] JK's Skyrim, and Immersive Citizens. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

Choice: I recommend using this if you have used Verdant, or the full cover option with Veydosebrom. I don't use it because I pick the vanilla covering.


3)]Riften Leaves HD 2K] - [color=#b6b6b6]'[OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: It re-textures the fallen leaves. It's already covered by SRO, but I prefer these. 

OR:]Organic Riften Leaves] 

Description: They are a different style, and it has the option for 1K, and 4K, rather than 2K only.


4)]Better Dropping Aspen Leaves] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional) 

Description: They come in a choice of colours. 


5)]Dandelion Seeds] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional) 

Description: Yep, a re-texture of the floating dandelion seeds. Up to 2K, and with a choice of styles. 

OR:]Realistic Dandelion Seeds] 

Description: These textures go up to 4K, but the previous mod has more choice.




[color=#ffffff]1)[/color]]EEKs Renthal Flora Collection] - '(Y)'

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]It re-textures the standard plants of the game, and the ingredient bearing ones too. The textures used are from Renthal's mods. They are very high quality (2K-4K), so you may not want to use them on low end computers.  

'[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color][color=#e69138] [/color]'Download the main file. Hide ALT Textures folder. Also find and hide/delete [i]textures\landscape\grass\[/i]

Then download update file.

There's also an optional file to desaturate the textures. The optional re-texture for Aspens won't be compatible with all tree mods.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING: This isn't compatible with Skyrim Trees 3D. They cover the same plants anyway.

Don't install any re-textures from the list below that are already covered by Skyrim 3D Trees either. I've marked the ones that aren't with a [/color](Y)  

It should be OK to do so if you used [color=#fff2cc]EEKs Renthal Flora Collection, but it would be worth checking them in game.[/color]


2)]No More Glowing Vibrant Thistle and Texture SSE]  

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]A fantastic mod that's either fairly unknown, or misunderstood. It re-textures the dead shrub, thistle, hanging moss, tundra cotton, and the dead fish.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and Skyrim 3D Trees, which I prefer. Don't install it if you used those mods, but I recommend it if you didn't. 


3)]EEKs Mountain Flowers SE] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Several files offering optional texture quality, and the choice of being in 3D. 

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already included in EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and covered by Skyrim 3D Trees.

OR:]Mountain Flower by Mari] 


4)]Neurotic Nightshade]  

Description:Re-texture with a FOMOD installer.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and Skyrim 3D Trees.


5)]Sweet Snowberries] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]FOMOD installer. 

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and Skyrim 3D Trees.


6)]Deathbell by Mari SE] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]FOMOD installer, with lots of choices for colour. I like the more fantasy look of this mod.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and Skyrim 3D Trees. I prefer these to EEK's.


7)]Mushroom Retextures] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]They look good and their for SE, so I will use these rather than the next from now on.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by Skyrim Trees 3D. 

OR:]Realistic HD Mushrooms] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Alternative textures.


8)]Mora Tapinella 2K]  

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Re-texture. The ingredient is covered by High Quality Ingredients. 


9)]4K and 2K HD Juniper] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Re-texture. The author recommends 2K.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and Skyrim 3D Trees.


10)]Realistic Jazbay Grapes] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Re-texture.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by EEK's Renthal Flora Collection, and Skyrim 3D Trees.


11)]Hanging Moss Replacer into Plant] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional)

Description: Re-texture of hanging moss. Install the main file, and the update.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by covered by SRO, but these are very good.  


12)]Better Nirnroot Hi-Res 2K Textures] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] 

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]A fantastic re-texture, with several options for style, and quality. 

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]The textures are already covered by Skyrim 3D Trees. 


13)]Giant Lichen Retexture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]The only re-texture that I know of for these. 


14)]SwampFungalPod Retex] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Re-texture of the Swamp fungal Pod. It has several colour options, but I like the dark blue version. 


15)]No More Ugly Vines] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]The only re-texture that I know of for these. 


16)]Creep Cluster - 4K ]- (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]No more ugly vanilla textures sticking out of the ground!

The file is found on the same web page as HQ Bark Overhaul. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm under USSEP plugin (right panel).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Test it in game.




(Y) - I would always use some of these, and my choices would depend on the type of character I was going to be.

QUESTS 1)]Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna - Ge] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

Description: It adds 42 destruction spells with custom graphics, and sounds. It also includes six new locations, six quests, and more. It's compatible with Ordinator. A great choice for Mages. 

[color=#e69138]Note[/color][color=#e69138]:[/color] It's not compatible with Mirai - The Girl With a Dragon Heart.


2)]The Doubt Suspended Quest Pack] -  [3]

Description: It adds three fully voiced quests, including one for an assassin, and a crime based one. To start the quests, find the body near Honningbrew Meadery, talk to Hellen in the Winking Skeever, and speak to Radovar in Solitude's jail. A good choice for criminals, and assassins. 

Be aware that it places a house in a very popular spot, which at the very least clashes with some player homes. One of these is]Skystone Castle], and its location can be seen on the second page of the authors images for a reference. 


3)]The Grand Paladin] -  [1]

Description: High level dungeon with a detailed back story. For the quest to start, you have to be at least level 40, to have completed A Blade in the Dark, and then enter Whiterun, Windhelm or Solitude. The author recommends to be level 50-60. No incompatibilities known. A great choice for people going full Dragonborn.


4)]Ravengate - Riften Underground] - [1]

Description: A fully voiced quest revolving around an underground fighting tournament. For the quest to start, you have to be at least level 5, and to have murdered someone (fun times). You will then receive a letter from the courier. If you go to the location before this, people won't talk to you, and you won't be able to take part. A great choice for criminals, and warriors that are a bit rough around the edges.


DUNGEONS 1)]Immersive Dungeons SSE] - [1]

Description: This adds 7 dungeons connected by a story. It's compatible with Forgotten Dungeons, and Hammets Dungeon Pack. Suitable for all character types, but maybe mages most of all.


2)]The Unfinished Business - Dungeon Pack] - [1]

Description: This adds 8 dungeons connected by a story. It also adds NPC's to the world, and an Adventurer's Guild to Whiterun Hold. It's compatible with Forgotten Dungeons, and Hammets Dungeon Pack. A good choice for adventurers, and mercenary types.

WARNING: It's not compatible with The Doubt Suspended Quest Pack.


3)]Hammets Dungeon Pack] - [1]

Description: Adds new dungeons to Skyrim, and Solstheim. Some are for high level characters. A good choice for any character type.


4)]Jurgholm] - [1]

Description: Jurgholm is a content mod for Skyrim Special Edition, adding a late game multi-cell dungeon with a questline.


5)]EasierRider's Dungeon Pack] - [1]

Description: This mod adds new dungeons around Skyrim, all of which are lore-friendly, seamlessly integrated into the world.


6)]Forgotten Dungeons] - [1]

Description: It adds lots of new dungeons, which are well placed around Skyrim. 

Note: I haven't read about any conflicts with any of the mods in the guide, or experienced any in game, but I can't 100% guarantee it. 

A good choice for any character type.


7)]Apotheosis - Lifeless Vaults] -  [1]

Description: A Darksouls inspired dungeon quest with 5 high difficulty custom bosses, and 3 unique items. To start the quest go to Windhelm stables, and look for a corpse by a dead horse. A great choice for adventures, and Vigilant types.


8)]Solemn Keep Chronicles - Shimmerfall Springs] - [1]

Description: Bandits from all around Skyrim have been gathering and digging out the once abandoned caves of Shimmerfall Springs, causing local concern. Venture deep into the caves to find what they are seeking and stop the mysterious bandit leader who wields a dangerous power.


9)]New Lore-Friendly Dungeons] - [1]

Description: Tired of the same old dwemer and nordic ruins? Try this mod for more variety!


10)]Jornheim SSE] - [1]

Description: Deep within the bowels of The Throat of the World, lies the ancient ruins of Jornheim. 


11)]Hope's Abandon] -  [1]

Description: Hope's Abandon is a huge dungeon filled with challenging puzzles, traps and encounters. It has a custom boss and a follower. Level 40+ is suggested.


12)]The Treacherous Hollows] - [1]

Description: The Treacherous Hollows is medium sized dungeon.


13)]Path of Champion SSE] - [1]

Description: Multi-level dungeon crawl with dozens of custom objects to interact, puzzles to solve, traps to die to, loot to find, enemies to fight and quest to guide you through.


14)]The Midden - Expanded] -  [1]

Description: A quality dungeon and house mod that greatly expands the College Midden, with minimal changes to existing areas. A new lore-friendly player home serves as a hub for new dungeons.


15)]Moonshimmer Mine] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Moonshimmer Mine introduces a medium-sized dungeon: Moonshimmer Mine & Athurhumz' Tomb. Adding about 30 minutes of gameplay, it takes the player on an adventure through an recently abandoned mine and unearthed Dwemer ruins.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Unpack .bsa via BSA Extractor. Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


16)]Temple of Kruziik] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Temple of Kruziik is an ancient temple built by a cult of Nords worshiping the dragon Kruziik(meaning 'ancient' in the dragon language). Inside the temple you will find evidence of the Nord's worship and an ancient defender of the artifacts deep inside the temple.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color][/color] Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


17)]Volundr] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Volundr is a new, multi-wing dungeon with a variety of settings, enemies and unique rewards. 

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] [/color]Unpack .bsa via BSA Extractor. Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


18)]Orvar's Tomb Remastered] -  [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Simple, but very good dungeon with one boss fight.

[color=#fff2cc][color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color][/color] Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


19) Path of the Revenant - [1]

Description: A small dungeon quest about a necromancer with two unique items. It can be played as a good, or bad character, and you can also claim the necromancers lair for yourself. A great choice for Vigilant types, and necromancers.

The file for the necromancers amulet is a separate mod and I personally wouldn't install it. [1]

WARNING: There are several bugs reported for this mod, but there seems to be a lot more people that have good experiences than bad. It hasn't been updated for some time though, and it would be worth reading through the bugs, and some of the posts, before deciding to use it. Don't clean the mod.


10) Skyrim Underground - [1]

Description: It adds a huge underground network across Skyrim, and Solstheim. There are lots of custom enemies, and it includes quests. A few of the enemies may not be considered lore friendly. A good choice for Vigilant types, explorers, and darker themed characters.

WARNING: I don't think this is compatible with Palaces and Castles Enhanced, because this mod adds entrances to the main palaces/castles. If you do try them together, it would be better to load this below, but even then it may not work. Also it's not compatible with Outlaws Refuges.


11) Blood and Silver - Cidhna Mine Expanded - [1]

Description: It expands the prison mine in Markarth, and adds new NPC's, and challenges. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • It's a bit more difficult to check these mods thoroughly, but it's worth going in game, and doing a general check that they at least installed OK. Some of these mods will add NPC's, to the main cities, and additions to the world.
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Check if everything works fine in game. Some of these dungeons/ quests can collide with other mods from the guide/ section so it's always good to double-check everything.




Immersive Citizens is a truly amazing mod, and the chances are you will have heard about it even if you've never modded Skyrim before. Unfortunately, several mods included in this section are not compatible with it, and you will have to decide which you want to use. Let's take a look at some good old pros and cons.

[color=#f1c232]PROS For Not Using It[/color]


  • It will give you a lot more freedom in what mods you can use. Specifically from this section, it allows you to use Dawn of Skyrim, JK's Skyrim, Inncredible, and some Arthmoor mods. Dawn is my favourite overhaul of the 5 main cities, and can even be combined with JK's. It's worth seriously considering for this alone.
  • Even though other settlement overhauls might not be listed as incompatible on the IC page, or their own, it doesn't mean they are.
  • It can also conflict with other types of mods that change nav meshes.
  • The mods Wet and Cold, and Run for Your Lives cover two of the AI changes included in IC.
  • There are still mods available that change AI, such as combat mods, mods that change the behaviour of specific NPC's, or mods that add their own NPC's with detailed AI.
  • Peace of mind from worrying about compatibility issues.

[color=#f1c232]PROS For Using It[/color]


  • It's really fucking good.
  • Adds depth, and realism to your NPC's behaviour like no other mod.



In the Forum there is an additional mini guide on city, and town overhauls by MrPavoni72. It looks really good. His guide is hand picked, tried and tested.


Use]Skyrim Reborn - Ultimate Locations Guide] by mnikjom. There is plenty of choices (Packs).



[color=#ffffff]1)[/color]]JK's Skyrim] - [1] [color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]'[color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]'[/color][/color]

Description: Finally all of JK's settlement overhauls have been released in one mod.

I recommend installing the optional file to remove the external lights if you decided to use Claralux. 

It covers Whiterun, Riften, Windhelm, Markarth, Solitude, Riverwood, Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Rorikstead, Falkreath, Morthal, Winterhold, and the Skaal Village. So that's a lot of bang for your buck! (I think that's what Americans say anyway). 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Under Misc there are patches for some mods. You may want them. Right now install only Thunderchild patch and 3D Trees patch (if you use it).

[color=#fff2cc]NOTE: There is also a patch called Arthmoors Patch Pack. This includes patches for all the Arthmoor mods JK's conflicts with, and one of those is CRF. It has a FOMOD installer, and all the patches can be installed individually, or as one merged ESP. [/color]

[color=#e69138]Compatibility:[/color] It won't be compatible with other mods that overhaul the same settlements unless there is a patch available. 

[color=#e69138]Choice: [/color]One mod of note that it's not compatible with, is Expanded Towns and Cities. You might want to check it out first before deciding. More information can be found under the Towns and Hamlets section.

AND/OR - There is a patch for JK's Skyrim, and Dawn of Skyrim, which is installed after Dawn. 

2)]Dawn of Skyrim] - [1] 

Description: A mod which adds stalls, clutter, NPC's, and animals to the 5 major cities in Skyrim. It's my favourite overhaul of the main cities, and was the reason I stopped using Immersive Citizens.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patch from]Economy Overhaul] for this mod if you used it. 

There is also]a patch for Realistic Needs and Diseases], which makes any food added by this mod, satisfy your thirst, and hunger. It's optional. 


3)]JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim - Patch] - [1] [color=#00ff00]

[/color]'Description: It has it's own mod page, and combines elements of both mods. Install in the order of the guide. 


4)]Whiterun Expansion Redone and Open Cities Compatible] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] (Y)[/color]

Description: Whiterun will almost double in size by expanding the northeastern region of the city.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]Download the second main file.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Resave plugin via Creation Kit 64.


5)]Solitude Docks] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#b6b6b6](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: It adds a whole new village by the docks with an Inn, and individual shops. According to MrPavoni in the comments section it's compatible with Solitude Exterior, Skyrim Sewers, The Scarlet, and Solitude Better Cities. 

WARNING: Conflict with the Interesting NPC's was reported but I don't tested it yet.


6)]Solitude Exterior Addon] - [1] (Y)

Description: A great mod which adds houses, and individual shops to the exterior of Solitude.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]A cleaned version of this mod, with some minor bug fixes can be]found here] from mnikjom. If you do use this version it would be good etiquette to download the original mod, and endorse that as well. 

It does slightly clash with Outlaw Refuges by covering the external entrance, but visually it looks fine, and there is an entrance inside the city.


7)]Windhelm Exterior Altered] - '[1] '[color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]

Description: A great mod which adds to the dock area of Windhelm.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]A cleaned version of this mod, with some minor bug fixes can be]found here] from mnikjom. If you do use this version it would be good etiquette to download the original mod, and endorse that as well.   

8)]Windhelm Bridge Overhaul] - [1] (Y)

Description: A great mod that adds stalls along the bridge to Windhelm. 

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]A cleaned version of this mod, with some minor bug fixes can be]found here] from mnikjom. If you do use this version it would be good etiquette to download the original mod, and endorse that as well. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] If you used the cleaned versions of Windhelm Exterior, and Windhelm Bridge from Mnikjom, then you can also use his patch for the two mods, which is also]found here]. It is available as an ESL, and as an ESP.  



9)]City Entrances Overhaul - Markarth] - [1]

Description: A complete overhaul of the Markarth entrance area. Also download cleaned version of the main file from optionals.


10)]Winterhold Restored] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: A complex overhaul of Winterhold, which adds buildings, NPC's, marraige partners, and many special features. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Download patch for Ambriel, JK's Skyrim and Windyridge (if you want to use it). [1/3]


11)]Dawnstar] - [1] (Y)

Description: An expansion for the town of Dawnstar.

[color=#e69138]Note: [/color]Patch for JK's Skyrim will be installed later in the guide.  

12)]Quaint Raven Rock - SE] - [1] (Y)

Description: It expands Raven Rock.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Download patch for Clockwork if you want to use that mod. [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1][/color]


[size=1]Winterhold Restored

'[size=4]EXTRAS FOR THE CITIES1)]Skyrim Sewers 4] - [color=#00ffff][1][color=#00ffff] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]'[/color]'[/color]

Description: It adds a sewer system to all main cities except Riften, and includes enemies, NPC's, and loot. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patch for Windhelm Exterior Altered. It can be]found here].


2)]Outlaw Refuges] - [1] ''''[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]'[color=#00ffff] [/color]''''[color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW][/color][/color]'[/color]'[/color]'''''''[color=#8e7cc3][NAVMESH][/color]

Description: I like this mod because it represents a criminal element in each city, gives you access to fences without joining the thieves guild, and it's great for role-play. It is compatible with Skyrim Sewers if you wish to use that as well.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patch from]JK's Skyrim]. [1] It has a patch for Enhanced Lighting for ENB to be installed later if you use that mod.

AND:]Outlaws Refuges - Dynamic Progression Patch] - [1]

Description: It unlocks the clutter, and loot found in the refuges as you progress through the thieves guild story-line. I haven't tested it yet, but it sounds great. 

AND:]Skyrim Sewers - Outlaws Refuges - Patch] - [1]

Description: Compatibility patch for Skyrim Sewers and Outlaws Refuges. Places a door in the Solitude Outlaws Refuge to directly access Skyrim Sewers without having to go up to the surface.


3)]Immersive Laundry] - [1] (Y)

Description: This has more of an effect that you might think, by making settlements feel a lot more lived in. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patch from]JK's Skyrim] if you used it. It's a replacement ESP.

If you used]JK's Skyrim, and Dawn of Skyrim] use this patch instead. It's also a replacement.


4)]Bring Out Your Dead] - [1] (Y)

Description: Adds proper burial sites for various unique NPCs found throughout Skyrim. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patch from]JK's Skyrim]. 


5)]Windhelm Lighthouse] - [1] (Y)

Description: Adds a lighthouse near Windhelm.


6)]Provincial Courier Service] - [1] [CORE]

Description: This mod is a simple immersion/realism mod that provides a small shack outside of Whiterun along the main road, next to Honningbrew Meadery.


7)]Gildergreen Regrown] - [1] (Y)

Description: A mod to make the Gildergreen in Whiterun grow from the sapling back into a full tree over time. Takes approximately 6 months in-game time to grow from a sapling into a full adult.


[size=4]OPTIONAL CITY RE-TEXTURES 1)]Skyland - Whiterun] 

Description: Although I like the Nobel Skyrim version, this is also a great choice. I wouldn't recommend it for low spec computers.

OR:]Whiterun HD] 

Description: Another great re-texture option. It's mainly in 4K, so it's not a great option for performance either. 


[color=#ffffff]2) [/color]]Markarth HD Re-texture]

Description: A choice of texture quality. I really like these textures. It will overwrite some of the textures from whichever mod you used that covers Dwemer ruins, but that's not a bad thing. 

OR:]Frankly HD Markarth - The White City Redux] 

Description: Another good choice. It's much lighter in colour, which gives it a real alternative look. It has a FOMOD, where you can choose if you want the textures to cover the interiors, exteriors, or both. Not choosing the interiors will allow you to avoid overwriting your dungeon textures. 

OR:]Markarth HD] 

Description: Another choice for a re-texture.

OR:]Skyland Markarth] 

Description: Similar to Frankly HD Markarth.


4)]Riften HD] 

Description: By the same author as Whiterun HD. An alternative texture option to whichever you have already used.

OR:]Skyland Riften] [color=#e69138]'Description:'[/color] High Quality textures for Riften. It also includes textures for the Ratway.


5)]Solitude HD] 

Description: By the same author as Whiterun HD. An alternative texture option from whichever you have already used. 


6)]Windhelm HD]

Description: By the same author as Whiterun HD. There is alternative textures for the stone floor, and textures for the puddles under optional files. You will definitely want the puddle textures.


7)]Tel Mythryn Enhanced]

Description: An alternate re-texture you might prefer. it looks good. 


8)]Whiterun Roofs]

Description: An excellent mod that re-textures the roofs in Whiterun with several choices of style, and colour. It allows you to add that extra touch to the city. The optional textures are separate files you overwrite the main with.

If the styles don't appeal to you, I still recommend installing the Whiterun Roof Jorrvaskr file. [color=#00ff00]


[/color]9)]Whiterun Stone Floor] 

Description: I like a stone floor in Whiterun, and this one looks great. 


10)]Windhelm Legendary Textures] -[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Replaces the Kings Monuments around Windhelm. Recommended in Mr Pavoni's city overhaul guide in the Forum.



'[size=4]TOWNS1)]T'Skyrim - Riverwood (Addon for JK's Skyrim)] - (Optional) [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)'[/color]

Description: A beautiful addon for JK's Skyrim.  

Note: Leaf Rest version and patches for other mods are included in FOMOD.


2)]Dragon Bridge] - [color=#00ffff][1] '[CORE]'[/color]

Description: An Arthmoor mod for a town well worth expanding due to its significance in lore. 

Note: Compatible with JK's Skyrim with the Arthmoor Patch Pack. 


3)]Rorikstead] -[color=#00ffff] '[1] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color]

Description: An Arthmoor mod.

Note: Compatible with JK's Skyrim with the Arthmoor Patch Pack. 


4)]Karthwasten - Let the Silver Flow] - [1] 

Description: An alternative to Arthmoor's mod with more references to lore. Choose whichever you prefer. 

OR:]Karthwasten] - [1] (Y)

Description: Arthmoor's mod.


5)]Ivarstead] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: An Arthmoor overhaul mod. 

Note: Compatible with JK's Skyrim with the Arthmoor Patch Pack. 


6)]Greater Skaal Village] - [1] (Y)

Description: Has a light version too for if you wish to add other mods to the area. 

Note: Compatible with JK's Skyrim with]a patch]. 


'[size=4]VILLAGES AND SETTLEMENTS1)]Kynesgrove] - [1] (Y)

Description: A simple village expansion for Kynesgrove.


2)]Better Tel Mithryn] - '[1] '(Y)

Description: An overhaul for Tel Mithryn.

Note: Download main + Update file. The optional file for the prison has a couple of bugs that haven't been addressed. I don't use it.


3)] Shezries Old Hroldan Town] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]

Description: A fantastic town with very individual features. I can't understand why its not more popular. 

OR:]Old Hroldan Ruins] - '[1] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]'

Description: There are two files, one for a standard version, and one for an enhanced version. Both add the ruins, but the enhanced adds a player home, some guards, a vendor, and a dungeon. I recommend second file.


4)]Shor's Stone] - '[1] (Y)'

Description: A simple village expansion for Shor's Stone.


[size=4]MINES [color=#ffffff]1) [/color]]Expanded Towns and Cities (SSE)] (ETaC) - [color=#00ffff][1] '(Y)''''[/color]

Description: An on going project where the author is re-making their previous mod of the same name from Oldrim for SSE. It adds shops and houses, new voiced NPC's, and side quests. A great mod, which is well worth checking out.  

So far it includes Darkwater Crossing, Dawnstar, and Riverwood (in FOMOD). [color=#fff2cc]You want to pick only Darkwater Crossing.[/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] There are also several patches in the FOMOD. The patches for mods in the guide are: Noble Skyrim, Better Dynamic Snow, RS Children Overhaul (only if you want to use it), Skyrim 3D Landscapes (only if you want to use it).


2)]Soljund's Sinkhole] - '[1] (Y)'

Description: A simple village expansion for Soljund's Sinkhole.


3)]Whistling Mine] - [1]

Description: A simple village expansion for Whistling Mine.


4)]Helarchen Creek] - '[1] (Y)'

Description: A simple village expansion for Helarchen Creek.


[size=4]MILLS 1)]Mixwater Mill Reborn] - [1] (Y)'

Description: A simple overhaul for Mixwater Mill.


2)]Anga's Mill Reborn] - '[1] (Y)'

Description: A simple overhaul for Anga's Mill.


3)]Half Moon Mill - Vampire Town] - [1] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]

Description: Turns Half Moon Mill into a vampire town. For any vampire hunters out there, I believe all the inhabitants can be killed. The file is amongst others, from mnikjom's Ultimate Locations Guide.



Now install the Arthmoor's Patch Pack from]JK's Skyrim]. It will select all patches that you need.


[size=4]OTHER LOCATIONS 1)]Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold] - [1] [CORE]

Description: Mnikjom has combined all his mods for Whiterun Hold into one ESP, which is great news. It revamps many vanilla areas. 

Note: There is an extensive list of compatible mods in the posts of the mod page, that you may want to check before installing this if you have used mods not in the guide. It's only semi-compatible with The Great Forest, and trees will have to be disabled using the console to avoid clashing. It is compatible with Alpine Forest.


2)]Legendary Cities, TES Arena, Skyrim Frontier Fortresses] - [color=#00ffff][1/7] [/color][CORE]

Description: It currently adds 7 historical, lore friendly, fortress towns. They are interesting locations, well designed, and contain mini quests. Not all the NPC's are fully voiced. 

In the FOMOD pick: Custom, Amol, Nimalten, Dunstad, Granite Hall, LODs and take lods for towns that you picked.

Note: Unfortunately an Amol clash with Whistling Mine. I recommend use Amol instead of Arthmoor mod. This isn't really a problem to me as this mod serves the same role, and I prefer it. 

WARNING: It also seems Vernimwood conflicts with Majestic Mountains. I've tried loading it before and after, but part of a wall is out of place. (This hasn't been confirmed).[color=#ffff00] 


3)]Settlements Expanded] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color] (Y) 

Description: Great mod that expands the hamlets, and adds a new one. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] Install the patch for Legendary Cities, RS Childrens (if you want to use it), Soljund Sinkhole and Skyrim Better Roads (if you want to use it).         


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • It's worth going in game, and checking the town, village, and hamlet overhauls that you chose.
  • Move ETaC - RESOURCES.esm under Gray Fox Cowl.esm (right panel in MO2).
  • Find Undriel_QuaintRavenRock Ashbound.esp and move it under Undriel_QuaintRavenRock.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Find Tel Mithryn Ashbound.esp under Tel Mithryn.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Winterhold Restored.esp above his patches (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Bring Out Your Dead.esp above Winterhold Restored.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move ETaC - Better Dynamic Snow Patch.esp under ETaC - Darkwater Crossing.esp (right panel in MO2). 
  • Move Settlements Expanded SE.esp above his patches (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Test some of the overhauled locations.



1)]Gavrostead] - [1]

Description: A great mod that adds an additional town to a neglected area.

Note: It can be used with the Crossroads Inn mod but you will end up with 2 inns of the same name close together. If you're using Man Those Borders move Gavrostead plugin below Man Those Borders.


2)]Overstead] - [1] 

Description: It adds another town north of Windhelm, and is well worth installing. 


3)]Keld-Nar] - [1] (Y)

Description: It adds a village in Eastmarch near the ruins of Mzulft. An Arthmoor mod. 


4)]Ashlander camp New Zainab SSE] -[color=#ffffff] [/color][1] (Y)[color=#ffffff]

[/color]Description: It adds a Dark Elf camp located in Eastmarch, south of Windhelm, and includes two potential followers.


5)]Badersee SE] - [1] [color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff]'[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color]'[color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4] [color=#00ffff][color=#8e7cc3][NAVMESH][/color][/color] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]'[/color][/color]

Description: Adds a new town to Winterhold Hold. It's by the same author as Gavrostead, and Overstead. 

6)]Telengard] - [1] (Y)

Description: An Arthmoor mod, which adds a fishing village to an island in the Sea of Ghosts.


7)]Viking Towns of Skyrim] - [1] 

Description: It adds three Viking Towns.  

8)]Lyngwi - A Nordic Village] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: It adds a village to an island north of Dawnstar, and has an immersive fast travel system. An area well worth adding some life to.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Check all new locations in game.





[size=4]DRAGONS 1)]Diverse Dragons Collection SE] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: It adds 28 new dragons, each with unique bodies, texture, and abilities. 


2)]Splendor - Dragon Variants SE] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: Drastically increases the visual diversity of enemy dragons, while using only vanilla resources. Extremely compatible with other dragon mods. 


3)]Serio's Enhanced Dragons] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: Immersively enhances Dragons. Adds more shouts, more speed, and more reinforcements.


'[size=4]BIRDS1)]Ducks and Swans] - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C]'[/color] (Y)

Description: It adds them to lakes and rivers, and they move around the water, but they are static objects. They can be killed, and looted.


[/color]2)]Birds and Flocks SSE Edition] - [1] (Y)

Description: Adds more of the vanilla fleeing birds, and bats special effect, and includes new sounds. It also adds more hawks.


[/color]3)]SkyBirds SSE Edition] - [1] 

Description: Adds many species of birds with custom sounds. They're animated, and will nest at night, and in bad weather. A great mod, but it can be quite intensive performance wise.

WARNING: The birds nests won't be placed correctly when using most tree mods. Skyrim 3D Trees is a good example of this.

Choice: I no longer use this because of the nests clipping with tree mods.


4)]Birds of Skyrim] - [1] 

Adds ground birds, crows, and seagulls with custom sounds. Also adds crows and seagulls. Load after SkyTest.


[size=4]ADDITIONAL ANIMALS 1)]Wild Penguins] -[color=#00ffff] [/color][1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: I choose the killable version. There is an optional file to have them on Solstheim. It adds them to specific areas. 

Also install one of these textures for them -]Snow Penguins] - I go for the first file King Penguin, or]Realistic Penguins 2K]. You must install additional textures for this mod. (Y)

2)]Wild Herds Of Skyrim] - [1]

Description: It adds four herds of six horses that roam. It includes foals. Very pretty, and you can ride them, but they will return to their herd afterwards.


[size=4] LARGE CREATURE MODS 1) (SKSE)]Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition] - [1] (Y)

Description: A huge, and amazing mod, which adds new animals, creatures, and monsters. It also adds NPC's to the roads, such as Imperials on horseback, and Thalmor patrols. More diversity is added to the vanilla content as well. 

I would also recommend installing]Skyrim Immersive Creatures Official Patch]. [1] [color=#00ff00](Y)

[/color]It should fix any known bugs, and it won't cost an ESP, because it overwrites.

If you want to increase the level of the enemies, install the High Level Enemies File after the Main. It also has a patch for Falskaar in the FOMOD. [1]

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]If you used SkyTest, I recommend this patch for it]from here] (SkyTEST Integration Project SE). It isn't essential, but it has some worthwhile tweaks.

Choice: If you are using SKSE I recommend just using this mod for your additional creatures. There will be smaller mods that add them later in the guide. Some will be OK to use with this, but for the most part, I consider this mod, a one stop shop when it comes to your wildlife, and monster needs.  It's worth paying attention to how many mods you are using that add addition NPC's to the roads of Skyrim. I think it is OK to use a few, but to many can affect performance. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • Move Ducks and Swans.esp below SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp (right panel in MO2). 
  • If you used Animal Tweaks.esp move it to below this section (right panel in MO2).
  • If you used Immersive Horses.esp, move it to below Skytest, and it's patches (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It will be worth going in game and checking the animal mods are working fine. You should encounter more if you explore off road.



[size=4]FARMHOUSE TEXTURES It might seem like a lot of options for your farmhouse textures, but they will have a big impact on the visual style of your game. It's well worth spending some time choosing. 

The main textures have already been covered by SRO, and Noble (that I really like). 


1)]R's Farmhouse and Handcarts] 

Description: A gorgeous mod unlike any other equivalent. It changes some stone walls to fences.

Note: Install the main file, the red ivy hotfix under updates, and the SMIM rope patch under misc.

OR:]Skyland - Towns and Villages] 

Description: Also great textures, and the wood is the best I've seen. It's not a good option for performance.

OR:]Farmhouse HD] 

Description: Another great texture offering an alternative look. 

OR:]Idyllic Farmhouses]

Description: Another choice of style. There are several files with some alternative texture choices. Install them after the main mod, if you prefer them.

There's also separate file to re-texture the doors, but you may prefer Farmhouse Door 3D further down. 

OR:]Shibui Skyrim ]

Description: High quality rural architecture and furniture textures for the demanding Skyrim player. Remember to remove all parallax files (_p file extension).  


[color=#fff2cc]I would go in game to check that you're happy with your farmhouse textures before continuing. [/color]


2)]Ultimate Stonewall] - (Optional)

Description: This is by the same author of Idyllic Farmhouses, and it's the same textures from that mod. The difference is that it offers up to 8K texture quality, and has the option for darker stone. It can also be installed if you used other Farmhouse texture mods. 


3)]Farmhouse Wooden Fence] - (Optional)

Description: If you didn't choose R's Farmhouse, which has its own great fences, you may want to install this. Several texture options.


4)]Skyrim 3D Walls] - (Optional)

Description: By Mathy79 the same author of Skyrim 3D Trees. A significantly different look for your walls. Install the main file first which comes with the default textures. Then if you want one of the alternative textures offered, install that file afterwards. 


5)]CC's HQ Carts] - (Y)

Description: 1K, 2K, and 4K options. 


6)]Farmhouse Door 3D] 

Description: Gorgeous. [color=#00ff00]


[/color]7)]Rustic Windows] - (Y)

Description: Gorgeous windows.  


8)]Rugnarok] - (Y)

Description: Different texture quality options. 


9)]Peltapalooza] - (Y)

Description: Full, and lite versions. I go for full, which includes two extra pelts. 


10)]Iconic's Real Hay] - (Y)

Description: Two options of style. Already covered by SRO, but I prefer this. 


11)]HD Photorealistic Ivy] - (Y)

Description: A fantastic re-texture for Ivy.

Note: Install the patch for R's Farmhouse if you used that, or the patch for Enhanced Texture Details if you used that, but didn't use R's. 


12)]Farmhouse Floor 4K Re-texture]

Description: An alternative texture for the farmhouse floor. I use it with R's Farmhouse because I prefer a stone floor rather than the light floor boards included with that mod.


[size=4]INTERIORS [color=#fff2cc]Interior mods aren't as straightforward as you may think. They can conflict with mods that add NPC's, mods that edit AI, mods that add idle markers, and even lighting mods. Most issues can be avoided by not using any mods listed as incompatible, and with load order placement, but even when doing this, I can't guarantee you won't experience conflicts in your game. The easiest option is to not use them. [/color]

Note: You may encounter items added by these mods clipping with items added by other mods. In most cases it can be fixed by entering the console, clicking on one of the items, typing disable, and then pressing enter. 

1)]Distinct Interiors] - [1]

Description: An overhaul for interiors. It includes shops, Inns, guilds, player homes, and misc. I normally use this.

You can install the mod in modular form picking and choosing which you want, but it will be an ESP for each. If I was going to pick one module it would be the shops. All the modular options require the Core Module [color=#00ffff][1+][/color]

WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]Remember the All in One version isn't compatible with any other mods, which change the same spaces, for example Eli's Breezehome or other overhauls for the vanilla homes.[color=#ffff00] [/color]Some people have reported CTD's with this mod.




1)]Noble Furniture Improved] - (Y)

Description: This only includes meshes, and is compatible with any texture mods covering the same items from this. It would work great alongside Rustic Furniture, and as far as I can tell the replacer version of Snazzy Furniture too. I recommend the first main file, which doesn't have an ESP.

AND/OR:]Rustic Noble Furniture] - (Y)

Description: A great looking re-texture for the Nobel furniture. Use SMIM version.

AND/OR:]Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul]

Description: In the FOMOD pick the Replacer version. With this option you won't get the added clutter such as the paintings, but it won't require any patches. If you do go for the full version, the patches, and its effects on other mods isn't covered by the guide. 

The replacer version covers Display Cases, Imperial Banner, Noble Chairs, Double and Single Beds, Riften Throne, Weapon Plaques, Weapon Racks, Whiterun Drapery.


2)]CC's HQ Barset] - (Y)

Description: A great re-texture. 


3)]Comfy Dwemer Beds] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures, and adds to Dwemer beds. Why would you not want this? 


4)]Vampire Coffins 2K-4K] - (Y)

Description: They are covered by Nobel, but you may prefer these.


5)]Pelted Chairs] 

Description: It adds pelts to seating without changing your textures. It has a FOMOD installer with pictures. No ESP! 

Note: I wouldn't use this with Snazzy Furniture.


6)]2K Re-texture Mage Tables] 

Description: If you like the design in the images, I highly recommend them because they look great, and offer a genuine alternative look. It has several optional files to customise the look further. 


7)]Archery Target Retexture] - (Y)

Description: Install the optional file. 


8)]Training Dummies Retexture 4K and 2K] - (Y)

Description: A great re-texture. Also install the rain barrel fix under optional. 




1)]Misc Retexture Project] - (Y)

Description: Download both main files. The mod aims to cover textures missing from other mods. High quality, and I'm sure it will be expanded on. I install all the files. 

Some other mods in the guide also re-texture some of the items included in this. I have noted which ones they are.


2)]Forgotten Retex Project] - (Y)

Description: I choose all the extra options in the FOMOD installer. Also install patch from optionals. 

Some other mods in the guide also re-texture some of the items included in this. I have noted which ones they are.


3)]Rustic Clutter] - (Y)

Description: It includes the mods Rustic Pottery, Dinnerware, and Silverware. Other items not included in those mods are also re-textured.


4)]HD Sacks Retexture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Type B is my favourite, but you can have different styles for the big, and small sacks. Make sure you install one for both. Having a type B, and a type C looks good. I prefer this over Simple Sacks. 

OR:]Simple Sacks] 

Description: FOMOD installer. It gives the option for a pattern on flour sacks.


5)]Cl's Barrels and Crates] -[color=#00ffff]'[1] [ESPLite - C]'[/color] (Y)

Description: A great re-texture. 

Note: The textures are already covered by SRO. Don't install it if you want to save an ESP.


6)]Awesome HD Barrels] -[color=#00ffff] [/color](Y)

Description: A great re-texture for barrels. 


7)]Those Buckets] - (Y)

Description: By far my favourite bucket textures. There are several options, but woodway 4 is my favourite. 


8)]Snazzy Bloody Rags] - (Y)

Description: Makes your bloody rags sexy. The textures are already covered by the Misc Retexture Mod, but I think these are better. 


9)]Vanilla Lantern Retexture] - (Y)

Description: Install the optional file for SMIM. 

10)]Shuffler90's 4K Doll] 

Description: 4K re-texture for the child's toy. 

OR:]Dressed Hearthfire Doll] - [color=#00ffff][0/1][/color]

Description: Re-textures, and adds clothes to the doll. There is an optional file, which adds the dolls to the world as decorative items, but it has an ESP, and may conflict with other mods.[color=#00ff00] [/color]


Description: A re-texture for horn candles. 


12)]Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE] - (Y)

Description: HQ meshes for a glazed pottery with a new 4K/2K textures. HQ meshes for in-game silverware with a new HQ candles. Realistic apples, tomatoes, potatoes, and a common bed pillows, plus HQ meshes for a common plates.

Description: Download: Imperial Candles; brown, green or vanilla Pottery; Sliverware for Rustic Silverware, The Rest; Lanterns from optionals. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

You might want to go in game, and check your interiors and textures before continuing.




1)]Convenient Bridges] - [1] '(Y)

Description: A great mod, which adds man made, and natural bridges to Skyrim.

Note: It's not compatible with Stonecrest City, Better Docks, or Oblivion Gates (not in the guide). It's only semi-compatible with Fallen Trees. 


2)]Northern Marsh Bridges] -  [1]

Description: It places bridges across the marshes of Morthal, and includes lanterns! 


3)]The Ruins] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: A great mod that adds ruins to Skyrim. It adds several structures to the outskirts of Whiterun, which look really good. 

Choice: I would use this or the next mod.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] Install the patch for]The Great Forest] if you used it. [1]


4)]Dolmen Ruins] - [1] '(Y)'

Description: An Arthmoor mod, which adds lore friendly ruins. This may clash with The Great Forest.


5)]Immersive Fallen Trees] -' '[1]

Description: A fantastic mod, which adds fallen trees to the world. I used to use the old version on the ps4. 

Note: It has a chance of clashing with other mods, such as Convenient Bridges. If you do find a tree out of place, you can enter the console, click on it, type disable, press enter, and then exit the console.


6)]Man Those Boarders] - [1] (Y)

Description: It adds walls, and towers at the boarders between holds. It fits well with Gavrostead, and other additions. A great mod.


7)]Unique Border Gates] - [1] (Y)

Description: It adds gates on the borders between Skyrim, and other countries. A great addition. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install the patch for Beyond Skyrim Bruma. [1]


8)]Hold Border Banners] - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [ESPLite - C]'[/color] (Y)

Description: A great immersive mod, and I never play without it. I choose the option without text. 




1)]Frozen in Time] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: It adds frozen bodies in the north. Some with journals, and all with loot.[color=#ffff00] [/color]There's a few options for textures, and a file to reduce the loot. Some bodies at least, do contain a lot, but it's quite varied in the types of items you get.


2)]Better Treasury House] - [1] 

Description: It greatly increases the amount of loot in the treasury house located in Markarth. It has one safe in it that can't be picked (the others can), and you will need a key to open it. The key is carried by a NPC, but which one? 


3)]Blacksmith Forge Water Fix] - (Optional) [1]

Description: It makes forge water beautiful. Install the file for USSEP.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] There is a patch for Cutting Room Floor.[color=#ffff00] [/color][1]

There are patches available for some mods too, such as]Blacksmith Forge Water Fix Settlements Expanded Patch]. There are links to other patches in the description of that mod. Each one has an ESP. [1]

Choice: I don't install the main mod these days, because RW2 now improves any that are in the vanilla game. Vanilla forge water looks terrible, but how much time do you really spend looking at it? 


4)]ESO Skyshards] - [1]

Description: By Arthmoor. If you're really keen to speed up levelling, but want a more interesting way to do it, I recommend this. You gain a level for each shard you find. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] In the files there is also patches for Bruma, and Falskaar, but they are optional. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]


5)]Missives] - [1] (Y)

Description: It works in a similar way to the Notice Board mod. The main difference is that the radiant quests are localised. It's compatible with JK's Skyrim, and probably other overhauls too. 




1)]Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim] - [1] (Y)

Description: A great mod that gives me everything I want from a combat mod. It has a fairly simple, but effective injury system, with effects like being disarmed, and getting knocked over. Other features include timed blocking, and improved AI. 

Note: It's compatible with Ultimate Combat found later in the guide. 

[color=#f1c232]Realistic Damage[/color] The mod increases how lethal combat is anyway, but I also install the realistic damage plugin under optional files, unless I'm also using Ultimate Combat, in which case I use the increased damage option found in the Ultimate Combat MCM menu. [1]

The Realistic Damage Plugin really does make combat quick, and brutal, and either you or the enemy will die quickly. You can control this somewhat by changing the standard difficulty level of the game. On lower difficulty levels, you and the enemy may be able to take more hits, and on higher difficulty levels you will one hit kill a lot of enemies, and they will do the same to you. Blocking still serves a purpose. 

I think this makes combat dramatic, and you'll find yourself in situations where you will have to search your spells, and equipment for any trick to survive. It will also make other encounters seem overly easy. I like the realism. When I hit someone with a sword, I at least like them to be seriously hurt. I only recommend playing the game this way if you're an experienced player. 

OR:]Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim] - [1]

Description: It's by the same author of Wildcat, and they're quite similar. Smilodon could be considered a lighter, less harsh version. 

It also has a realistic Damage plugin. [1]


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move UniqueBorderGates-All.esp above his patch (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It's worth going in game, and checking any environmental structures or extra touches that you chose, specifically that they don't clash with any other mods.



[size=4]SPECIAL LOCATIONS == 1)]CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn] - (Y)

Description: CC has kindly given us two re-textures for the fort as separate mods. This is my favourite. 2K, and 4K options.


2)]CC's Castle Volkihar Reborn] - (Y)

Description: Lovely re-texture! 2K and 4K options.


3)]Skyrim Textures Redone - Sky Haven] - (Y)

Description: Gorgeous textures.


4)]Skyrim Textures Redone - High Hrothgar] - (Y) [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] Fantastic textures.


5)]Chantry College of Winterhold]

Description: My favourite textures for the college by far. Install fixed files from comments section, made by Shiva.


6)]Nightingale Circle] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: A re-texture with two options for style. Not covered by any SSE texture mods. 


7)]Pilgrims Delight - High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures] - [1]

Description: It adds more shrines, and corrects the writing on the shrine to match what it says it says in the text that pops up. I don't use it, and wouldn't even have known that the text doesn't match the shrine if I didn't see this mod.


8)]Dark Brotherhood Tenets Redone] - (Y)

Description: A re-texture for the tenets. It has a huge choice for texture quality. Up to 16K. WTF!


9)]Sweet Mother - The Night Mother Improvement] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: A quality re-texture.

OR:]MCKING - Night Mother Replacer] 

Description: I don't remember grandma looking this sexy when she died. Finally a Night Mother worth worshipping.



1)]Ancient Dwemer Metal] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: 2K, and 4K option. There are separate files for the metal work and automatons.  


[color=#ffffff]2) [/color]]CC's Enhanced Ore Veins] - [1] [color=#00ff00]'[color=#00ffff]'[ESPLite]'[/color]'[/color] (Y)

Description: Recently changed and no longer has the less glowing option or the name of the mine on the ingots. I choose the glowing option.[color=#ffffff]


[/color]3)]Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4K Metalwork] - '[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: Re-texture for the metal in Windhelm. [color=#ffffff] [/color]

4)]Dwemer Inchor Barrel 2K] - (Y)

Description: These aren't covered by other texture mods, and they look great. [color=#00ff00] [/color]

5)]Better Prisonerstuff] - (Y)

Description: A re-texture for metal cages.  


6)]Soulgem Stand Redone] - (Y)

Description: 2K, and 4K textures, with different style options. 



1)]Ennead Banners - The Winds of War] - (Y)

Description: I love this mod, but then am a sucker for bright colours on dark backgrounds. It's high quality, and it covers every banner in game. 

Note: Download one of the main files and also patch for Camp Argentum. 

OR:]Designs of the Nords] 

Description:  Another great choice, and it covers most of the banners. 

Description: This mod matches the banner designs with the optional re-texture for Cloaks of Skyrim, called Cloaks of the Nords, which is an option later in the guide. 

AND:]Markarth City Banner Retexture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Optional) 

Description: I really like this. It's good quality, and I think it's distinctive colours, and design add character to the city. It's already covered by the previous two mods. 


2)]Weathered Road Signs Fixed] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: It adds clutter, and some lighting to the signs. 

Note: It has minor clipping with Claralux, but this can be avoided by turning off road sign lights for Claralux in its control room, which is found in game. 

OR:]Point the Way]  - [1]

Description: It corrects some signs that were pointing the wrong way, and adds some signs back, which Bethesda had made, but weren't included in the final game. 

There is an optional patch for]Unique Boarder Gates], which adds signs that point to the gates. [1]

3)]CC's HQ Roadsigns SSE] - [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color]

Description: This is one of my favourites. It has built in patches, which can be selected in the FOMOD, for CRF, Point the Way, Whistling Mine, Falskaar, and Bruma. 

OR:]Realistic RoadSigns] 

Description: Re-texture.

OR:]luxor's Weathered HD Road Signs] 

Description: Re-texture from Luxor.

OR:]Five Cities Roadsigns 2K] 

Description: Another re-texture for road signs.


4)]Skyrim 3D Signs] - [1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: Unique custom made 3D replacer models for the signs of the inns and the shops of Skyrim.

OR:]Clearer Trade Signs] 

Description: This mod is a recolor of 36 trade signs in Skyrim in an effort to increase contrast and legibility.

OR:]HD Unique Hand Made Signs Overhaul SE] 

Description: A complete signs retexture overhaul.

OR:]Beautiful Honey Signs] 

Description: A quality re-texture for the vanilla designs. 


SkyFix SE - HD Blacksmith Signs] 

Description: It fixes the Blacksmith sign in Riverwood.


5)]Rustic East Empire Company Signage] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Textures for the East Empire Company sign. I prefer the dark option. [color=#00ff00]


[/color]6)]Manhole of Solitude] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] [/color]

Description: A re-texture for the manhole in Solitude.

OR:]Manhole Texture upgrade by Pfuscher] -' '(Y)

Description: Another choice.  


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Check if everything looks as it should in game.



1)]Books of Skyrim] - [1]

Description: Another unique shop for Solitude. It will leave you with a potato headed child running around with all the cool kids, unless you use the patch from TKAA later in the guide. 


2)]Windstad Mine] - '[1] [color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW][/color] '(Y)

Description: It gives a business option to obtain a mine. For the aspiring entrepreneur. 


3)]Heljarchen Farm - Skyrim Special Edition (Revamped)] - '[1] '(Y)

Description: Rebuild a farm, hire workers, grow crops, and earn gold! Download v1.471 from old files.


4)]Inns and Taverns] - [1] 

Description: A lovely mod adding many unique Inns around Skyrim. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move HeljarchenFarm.esp above Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Inns and Taverns.esp to just above Cutting Room Floor.esp if you want to avoid the slight texture issues. Inns and Taverns needs to be above Vernimwood (if you want to use this town) from Legendary Cities anyway (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It would be good to go in game, and check any shops, or Inns you've added.



[size=4]PLAYER HOMES Player homes come down to personal preference, and it's worth checking out what's available on the Nexus to find ones that you like, and suit the type of character you intend to be. Just double check they don't clash with your other mods, and your golden.  

The following options are just some of my favourites, which will work with other mods in the guide. I install about three homes.


VANILLA [i][size=1]You can use it alongside new player homes. WARNING: It's not compatible with the All in One version of Distinct Interiors.[/i]

1)]Eli's Breezehome] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: The ultimate overhaul of Breezehome in Whiterun.  


NEW HOMES [i][size=1]You can use it alongside vanilla player homes.[/i]

1)]Rayek's End] - [1]

Description: A very stylish home with a fun story behind it. There is only one bedroom, but it's a great choice for loners. I prefer medium lighting. 


2)]Routa] - [1]

Description: A warriors cabin with the option to be Stormcloak themed. It's very popular, and rightly so.


3)]Elysium Estate] - [1]

Description: A beautiful medium sized house near Whiterun.


4)]Ebongrove - Recall and Teleport SE] - [1]

Description: Located north of Raven Rock in Solstheim. It has a very beautiful, and distinctive interior. There is a teleport function that can be used to travel to the main cities. 


5)]Legend of the Eagles Nest] - [1]

Description: It adds a small house, and a mine on top of a mountain in between Riverwood, and Whiterun, which you have to pay to refurbish. One of the best things about it, is how good it looks on top of the mountain. It allows hiring of NPC's, and adds NPC's to Riverwood.


6)]Riften Fishing Shack] - [1]

Description: This is one of my favourite homes. A small home situated next to the lake near Riften, and has some nifty features, like been able to close the blinds, and roll out a bedroll for a follower. 


7) (SKSE)]Caranthir Tower Reborn] - [1]

Description: It would be a great choice for mage characters because it was designed for them. It also has gameplay elements to it, and lots of features. It's a highly detailed, and complex mod. There are several guides you can download on the files page. 


8)]Azura's Dawn SSE] - [1]

Description: A small estate located between Riften, and Ivarstead. 


9)]DS Lairs] - [1]

Description: It adds three small homes, and is by the author of the Deadly Shadows series. They make for great starter homes.


10)]LC_Build Your Own Home] - [1]

Description: It allows you to build your own noble fiefdom. Some management is involved, and profit can be made. There is optional files to changes the banners to a different faction.   

WARNING: It's not compatible with the lodge from Hunting in Skyrim.



[size=1]Azura's Dawn SSE

[size=4]EXTRAS 1)]Sexy Mannequins SEE] - [1]

Description: Not sure they're immersive, but they look so much better when showing off your wares than vanilla. It has a choice of several different women, a male option, and a mixed version, and it uses your chosen body, and textures.

WARNING: When this is used with the mod Sexy Move (found later in the guide), you will get a pop up telling you a coin couldn't be placed, for each female mannequin, when entering a new cell containing them. 

If used with certain body mods, the male version may have an erection.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

OR:]Mannequin Designs] - [1]

'Description: This mod looks very promising. It allows you to customise the size, and shape of your Mannequin, whilst offering many different textures options, such as marble. Install the main file, and then your chosen texture file afterwards.  '




1)]HQ Paper] - (Y)

Description: Lovely paper. 


2)]Business Ledger HD Retexture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-texture. Already covered by SRO.


3)]MAPS] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-texture. Already covered by SRO.


4)]Retexture for the Scroll] -[color=#b6b6b6] [OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: It has several designs to choose from and a FOMOD installer. I choose single set and default set. 

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


5)]Map of Dragon Burials] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: It re-textures the map for Dragon Burials. 




1)]High Quality Food and Ingredients] - (Y)

Description: Great textures for most food items and ingredients. Some of the textures are already covered by the Misc Re-texture Project mod. 


2)]HD Bowls of Food and Ingredients SE] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture. Work in progress. Some of the textures are already covered by the Misc Retexture Project mod. 


3)]Rustic Cooking] - (Y)

Description: Textures for ovens, and cooking stations. 


4)]Carbon's Retextures. SMIM Tomatoes - Ducks and Swans] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Install first main file or the Darker Version under optional. 


5)]Boiled Creme Treat Sweet Roll and Pies] - (Y)

Description: I just install the optional file, which re-textures a pie added by USSEP and it isn't covered by other mods. 


6)]Honey Pot] - (Y)

Description: Gorgeous, and comes with several options. 


7)]Better Honey Nut Treats] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


8)]Skyrim 3D Misc] - (Y)

Description: You want Butterchurn, Mammoth Cheese, Tanning Rack. 


9)]Take Clam Shell] - (Y)

Description: It has several mesh options with the main file, but I just install the textures 2.0 clam re-texture under option files. [color=#00ff00] [/color]



1)]XxAwesome_PotionsxX SSE] - (Optional) [1]

Description: A special re-texture. I used to use this all the time, and I think they are the best looking potions, but it does have an ESP.

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] You can also use this extension to it, which covers some of the potions not covered by Awesome It's called]Small DLC and Misc Patch for Awesome Potions]. [1]

OR:]Rustic Animated Potions and Poisons] - (Y)

Description: It adds a glowing effect to the textures from Gamwich, which are also included in this mod. Also install the updated meshes.




1)]Silky Spider Eggs] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture for spider eggs with 3 options for style. 


2)]HD Hawk Feathers and Beak - Mesh and Texture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: Re-textures the ingredients. 

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

I would go in game, and check out some of the texture mods. You should see most by entering an Inn, and a few shops. Also check all houses that you picked.



1)]Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim] - [1] '[CORE] 

'Description: The most popular magic mod for good reason, and made by the author of Ordinator. It adds 155 spells.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] There is a compatibility patch for Ordinator under optional files, so install it now if you used that mod. 

AND:]Project AHO - Spell Crafting Patches] - [1] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] An optional, and minor patch that will add crafting recipes from spells added by CRF, and Apocalypse, to the spell tomb crafting station in Project AHO. 


2)]The Elder Scrolls - Tomebound] - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] (Y)'[/color]

Description: Expand your magical arsenal with spells, staves, scrolls and more straight from the Elder Scrolls lore!

Note: In FOMOD choose: Path of Sorcery Patch, Sacrosant Patch, Ordinator Patch.


3) '(SKSE)]Wards Functionalities Extended] - [1] '(Y)

Description: A magic ward overhaul. Customize magnitude, cost, charge rate and absorption rate. Block melee weapons with your ward. Break your enemy's ward with your weapons. Protect yourself from arrows. Make shouts pass through wards. Play with new expert and master level wards.

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Install patch for Ordiantor and Holy Wards (if you're using it).


4)]WitchHunter Spells and Prayers Pack] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: It adds perks, and spells in the form of powers so that you can use them as shouts, allowing you to free up your hands for combat whilst still being able to use witch hunter specific magic/prayers.  For the Vigilant, and Witch Hunter types.


5) (SKSE)]Path of the Anti-Mage] - [1]

Description: Do you hate mages? Have you ever sat there watching Lord of the Rings with a group of friends, and felt peer pressure to say that you also love Gandalf, when in actual fact you think he's a bit of a twat? Have you ever wanted to punch David Blaine in the face? Then this could be the mod for you. It offers an alternative magic path with spells, and perks designed to give a mage a really bad day. Of course, once your work is done, and every mage in the land is dead, you will realise that your a little bit magey yourself, and have to chuck yourself off a mountain. I really like how it's integrated into the game. Read the description on the mod page for more information.


6) (SKSE)]Spell Research] - [1]

Description: Adds a completely new system to research and discover spells from any supported spell mod. As well as adding an in-built spell tome and scroll crafting system, a Victorian-Era style alchemy system, where you can dissolve items, and mix or analyze the resultant solutions, and expands the lore of magic with dozens of texts and artifacts to find.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • Move Tomebound.esp above his patches (right panel in MO2).
  • Move WardsFunctionalitiesExtended.esp above his patch (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It will be worth checking your game to see if everything is working well. 





1)]Better Ropes] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] Textures for ropes.


2)]DeviantKaled's Nord Ship Texture Replacers] - (Y)

Description: Great textures. This, and the next choice includes textures for the ropes used on ships. 

OR:]Ships HD]

Description: Other textures for ships. 


3)]Viking Style Ship Sails]

Description: Why would you not want this? 




1)]4K Hagraven House] - (Y)

Description: Great textures not covered by other mods in the guide.


2)]Texture for Leatherhide] -[color=#b6b6b6] [OLDRIM][/color] (Y) 

Description: Re-textures the defences of the Forsworn. It has several options, but I choose alternative 2K.


3)]Fur Tent 4K Retexture] - (Y) 

Description: I install the main file and the hunters fur tent file.  


4)]Iconic WoodFires]  - (Y) 

Description: Changes ones like the bonfires giants have.


5)]Covered Carriages] - (Optional)

Description: Install the optional file rather than the main if your using SMIM. I like them, but they do take an ESP. 


6)]Fur Bedroll 2K - 4K] - (Optional) 

Description: Re-textures the bed roll, which is already covered by Peltapalooza, but this has a fur exterior, rather than leather. 


7)]Upgrade for Large Imperial Tent] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y) 

Description: Re-texture.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.

OR:]2K Imperial Tents Re-texture]  

Description: Does what the previous mod does, but it's for SE, and doesn't need converting. Both are high quality. 


[size=4]BLING == Image


1)]Coin Medieval Retexture] 

Description: It gives the option to have the coins in gold, silver, or bronze.

OR:] ]]Ennead - Septims] - (Y)

Description: They look great, and I'm a big fan of the Ennead series.  It also gives the option to have the coins in gold, silver, or bronze. 

There are optional files to change the name from gold to septim, and to give coins weight, but it does require a plugin. I use this one with the name change, and the weight added.[color=#00ffff] [1] [/color]


3)]Gemling Queen Jewelry SE] - '[color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]'[color=#00ffff][0/1][/color] 

Description: FOMOD installer with lots of options. I choose amulets, circlets, and rings, but not the DLC addons as these result in an ESP. I prefer the Gamwich meshes.


4)]JS Dragon Claws SE] - (Y)

Description: A choice for texture quality, but 2K should be fine. 


5)]Snazzy Model Ship] - (Y)

Description: The only mod that improves it.


6)]Rustic Elderscroll] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture for Elder Scrolls. I also install the file to re-texture the Elder Scroll FX. 


7)]HD Better Instruments] - (Y)

Description: Great textures for all three instruments. It's the only mod in the guide that re-textures the flute.

AND:]A lute from Witcher 3] - (Optional) 

Description: A very nice lute indeed. 


8)]Solitude and Temple Frescoes SSE] - (Optional)

Description: It adds frescoes. 

[color=#e69138]Note[/color][color=#e69138]:[/color] Once installed keep SolitudeTempleFrescoes.esp selected, and uncheck the rest. 


9)]Pretty Gemstones] - (Y)

Description: Now ported to SE. It has 2 files, one which improves the vanilla models, and the other adds new ones. 


10)]The Divine Amulets Re-texture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] [/color](Y)

Description: Re-textures the amulets, and it's the only mod in the guide that does. Install the main file, and then one of the choices for The Other Three Amulets, and the file for the Dragonborn Amulets under optional files.


[size=4]LAST BUT NOT LEAST == [color=#ffffff]1)[/color]]Animated Clutter SSE] - (Optional) 

Description: It adds animation to a huge amount of clutter when you open it. There is a FOMOD, and you can pick and choose what you want to be affected.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • My right panel (Priority list) in MO2: [url=9951-1544384504-1374919983.png]25].
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It's worth doing a quick check of the textures in game.




[color=#fff2cc]Just a reminder that I'm not suggesting to install every mod that adds additional NPCs, as they can be taxing on performance. Some more so than others.[/color]

1)]Interesting NPC's - 3DNPC] - [1] [CORE]

Description: The ultimate NPC mod, which adds over 200 to the game. Some are followers, some are marriage partners, and many include quests. The voice acting is excellent.

Follow the link, go to downloads on the top bar, and then select the SSE version, and download it. Despite what it says on the page, the ESP is in Form 44. Next, go to downloads again, go to Optional files, and download the Dawnguard meshes for vampire NPC's.]Link to the Oldrim version] for more information.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] Hide Scripts\follower3dnpc.pex. It would be good practice to]build BSA for this mod to reduce loading times]. You can also check our Discord server, channel #files. There is ready file, that you can download.


2)]Inconsequential NPCs] - [1][color=#b6b6b6] [OLDRIM] [CORE][/color]

Description: Adds NPCs and dialogue scenes to Skyrim to enhance the social ambiance of the game, all voiced. Aims to be unintrusive in implementation to maximize compatibility with large load orders.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Unpack bsa. Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer. Resave plugin in Creation Kit 64.


3)]Immersive Patrols] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#b6b6b6](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: A great mod adding patrols of Imperial, Stormcloak, Thalmor, and Dawnguard to the mainland, and adds Skaal, Reaver, and Reiklings to Solstheim.

AND:]Immersive Patrols Fakreela Face Fix] - [color=#00ffff][color=#b6b6b6](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: Fixes the Fakreela dark face bug. 


4)]Keeper Carcette Survives] - (Optional) [1]

Description: It not only adds a vigilant of Stendarr to each city, which come with their own AI schedules, but it also adds improvements to to the vigilant's head quarters, and other content for more immersion. 

[color=#e69138]Note[/color][color=#e69138]:[/color] It also resurrects Carcette after the attack complete with injuries, who then patrols with her bodyguard. If you install an NPC overhaul, which changes Carcette's appearance, her face will change dramatically after the attack! 

WARNING: I don't recommend using this with vigilant, because it also edits the head quarters.


5)]Dawnguard Protected Cities] - [1/2]

Description: A great mod adding at least three Dawnguard to each large city, and they're well integrated with their own relationships. What I really like is that they don't respawn, making them more unique. I only install the first main file, but you may want to install the Dragonborn add on too. 


6)]Solstheim Merchants in Skyrim] - '[color=#00ffff][1] [/color]'(Y)

Description: It adds two merchants to Belethor's in Whiterun. Between them, they sell all the items from Solstheim. A reasonable, and immersive way to add the items to Skyrim. I like it. 


7)]Hunter Vendors For SSE] - [1]

Description: It adds 11 hunter vendors around towns, and cities. They can also be followers. A good mod to add extra NPC's, but particularly good for hunter characters.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

I recommend going in game to check your additional NPC mods. Picking a city, and walking to another would be a good test.




1)]aMidianBorn Book of Silence] -Armors - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures armours.

WARNING: In the FOMOD installer select custom and pick everything except: Glass Variants, Differently Ebony.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.

AND:]aMidianBorn Blades Armour SSE patch] - (Y)

Description: Fix for blades armor meshes.


2)]aMidianBorn Book of Silence] - Weapons - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures weapons.

WARNING: In the FOMOD, go to custom and choose all options except Skyforge weapons as it may cause CTD's.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] Delete Meshes folder.


3)]aMidianBorn Book of Silence] - Dragonborn DLC - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures weapons and creatures. Also install Bonemold Hotfix from Misc.

WARNING: Go to the filetree, then textures/actors/dlc02/ash folder and rename it as ashman. In the same place find stormatronachash folder and delete it.


4)]aMidian Book of Silence] - Unique Items' -[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: Re-textures several of the games unique items. Also install the hotfix for the Staff of Magnus (3rd file under misc). 

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] Go to the filetree, then meshes and delete staffofmagnus folder.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


5)]aMidian Book of Silence] - 'Content Addon - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: Add new armors and weapons.  

WARNING: Don't install Improved Closefaced Helmets version (you can uncheck it when you install the mod).

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.

AND:]aMidian Book of Silence - Content Addon Fixes] -' '(Y)

Description: Fixed Content Addon plugin. Require CCOR and ACE. 


6)]Rustic Armor and Weapons SE] - (Y)

Description: RUSTIC ARMOR & WEAPONS Special Edition is a hi-res retexture of select armors and weapons of Skyrim SE. 


7)]Common Clothes and Armors] - '[color=#00ffff][1] [/color]'[CORE]

Description: Adds over 130 new clothes and armors to the common people of Skyrim. 

[color=#e69138]Extra:[/color] There is CBBE bodyslides under optional files]HERE]. Download it if you're going to use CBBE body.

AND:]Common Clothes and Armors - Patches] - '[color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 3] [/color]'[CORE][/color]

Description: Patches for ACE, CRF and CACO.




1)]Immersive Armors] - [1] [CORE]

Description: It adds a huge amount of new armours, and other items to the game. I would consider it essential. 

[color=#e69138]Note[/color][color=#e69138]:[/color] Pick the UNP support in the FOMOD only if you're going to use UNP or UNPB. If you're using CBBE you can still install this, because a mod including the Bodyslide files have now been released, and it can be installed later in the guide.

[color=#fff2cc]You can check out the female bodies in the Physical Appearance and NPC Overhaul section of the guide, if you haven't decided already.[/color]

This mod doesn't edit individual NPC's, and therefore doesn't need to be patched.

WARNING: [color=#fff2cc]It seems this mod hasn't been converted properly for SE. The meshes haven't been converted, and the mod can potentially cause CTD's at times. I have to recommend that you convert it, or don't use it. The process is a bit different to a normal conversion, but thankfully KorruptKSwades has written a detailed, and easy to follow[/color]]guide for the Forum].


2) aMidianBorn Textures For Immersive Armors and Lore-Friendly Armor Pack - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: This mod allows the textures from aMidianBorn Book of Silence to show up on some of the armors from the Lore-Friendly Armor Pack and Immersive Armors.


Immersive Armors - Heroic Imperial amidianborn fix - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: This applies proper dark textures for the amidianborn textures for Immersive Armors, that were missing gauntlets, boots and helmet.




1) Cloaks and Capes - [1]

Description: A lighter option for cloaks than Cloaks of Skyrim and Winter is Coming. It gives guards, and some bosses cloaks, and adds some for crafting. Frostfall compatible.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


Cloaks and Capes Fixes 

Description: Tweaks the mod, and adds some tweaks. It replaces the ESP of the main mod.


2) Ennead - Cloaks of the Evening Star [1]

Description: Beautiful cloaks. They're craftable and they can be found in game, but they aren't worn by NPC's.[color=#ffff00] [/color]Frostfall compatible. 


3) Cloaks of Skyrim - '[color=#00ffff][color=#00ff00][3] '[color=#00ff00][CORE] [/color][/color][/color]

Description: Adds almost 100 new styles of cloak to the world of Skyrim, via crafting, levelled-lists, and static loot.  


Nerevars - Cloaks of Skyrim Ultra HD v2 - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]

Description: High quality textures covering all cloaks from the Cloaks of Skyrim mod. 

WARNING: Fix all meshes via SSE NIF Optimizer.


Cloaks of the Nords - [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]

Description: Changes the designs of the cloaks to match the banner mod called Designs of the Nords. Not all the cloaks have been covered yet, but most have and the designs are beautiful.




1) LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - [CORE]

Description: Improves the meshes for most weapons. Install the first main file, and the update.

Note: It has a FOMOD with lots of options, including some that you need Gemling Jewellery installed for. Pick what you like, but read carefully because some options are for other mods, some of which aren't ported to SE. It will say in the description for each choice if it is for another mod.  

This is what I do. First page pick nothing, second page pick custom, on the third page I pick everything except the Skyforge options, the Ultra HD Silver Sword, the Runed Nord Hero Weapons, and I choose Keening with refraction. On the 4th page I pick the second option for all. On the 5th I pick the second option. On the 6th I pick dragon bling green for the first two, and tick the Auriel quiver. For the 7th I pick Stalhrim with refraction, the quiver with refraction, and both Nordic options.   

2) Immersive Weapons - [1] [CORE]

Description: It's now been ported to SE, and even improved. Let's face it, it's the ultimate additional weapon mod. I recommend this over the other choices. 

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color] This mod adds the weapons to the world in several ways. The main way is adding them to levelled lists, but another is to make specific edits to certain NPC's. If you use a NPC overhaul that doesn't have a patch for this mod, the edits won't take affect. It is possible to make your own using SEEedit. I only consider this a minor conflict, and don't think it has a big impact on your game if you end up using a few NPC overhauls, which aren't patched for this mod. You will still find plenty of the weapons in game.


3) T'Skyrim - True Weapons - [1]

Description: Weapons pack that include content from various mods.


4) Lore Weapons Expansion -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

Description: Another great mod, which adds new weapons to the levelled lists.

It also has three optional special weapons in the FOMOD, which will be added to the world to find if you pick them. It will cost an ESP for each. [color=#00ffff][0/3][/color]


5) Artifacts of Skyrim - [1] (Y)

Description: It distributes 15 artifacts around Skyrim, and it should be difficult to find them all. 


6) Zim's Immersive Artifacts - '[1] '[CORE]

Description: It changes the stats, and effects for the artifacts of Skyrim to make them as special as they should be. You can install them in modular form, which will result in an ESP for each, but I recommend you install the full package for one ESP. For Chillrend pick the Leanwolf option if you used that mod.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] Install the patch for WACCF.


Nettlebane patch for Zim's Immersive Artifacts and Immersive Creatures - (Optional) [1]

Description: A patch to make Zim's version of Nettlebane affect all the Spriggans added by Immersive Creatures. Obviously a very specific patch, but if your a fan of the weapon, it's one you will want to use if you installed both mods. Not essential. 


7) Skyforge Weapons SSE - '[color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C][/color] '(Y)

Description: It replaces the Skyforge weapon models, but it also allows you to craft them out of other materials providing you have the right perks, and have completed the quest - The Glory of the Dead.[color=#ffff00] [/color] 


8) Draugr Weaponry SE

Description: I use the replacer version, because it doesn't contain an ESP, and it makes Draugr weapons sexy.[color=#ffff00] [/color]The standalone version adds weapons too, but has an ESP.


9) Real Bows (by DecimusMaximus for SSE) - (Y)

Description: It changes the appearance of bows into a realistic design made from wood. I really like this, and it feels more immersive. 


Real Bows - Colour Match Textures - '(Y)'

Description: Better textures for Real Bows.


10) Falmer Weapons For aMidianBorn Users - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color]

Description: Re-texture. Not covered by other mods in the guide.





1) Dragonbone Armour and Weapons HD - (Y)

Description: Re-texture for Dragonbone weapons, and armour only. 


2K Dragonscale Armour - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] 

Description: 2K re-texture.


2) Ancient Falmer Armor HD retext and redone - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-texture. Install only one main file.


Noldorian Ancient Falmer Armor UNP UNPB others - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Another re-texture. 


3) Outlandish Chitin Armour - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Recolours, and re-textures. This mod also includes the Morag Tong Armour so even if you like the next mod, you may want to still install this.


Grim Chitin Armour 

Description: Ugly, and dirty. Just the way you like it.


4) JS Armoured Circlets - [1] 

Description: It includes 9 standalone circlets with an armour value. Good for the mages out there, or for people who want to look pretty.




1) Frankly HD Nightingale Armour and Weapons - (Y)

Description: Great re-texture. Includes the weapons as well. Download patch for Better-Shaped Weapons. There are also CBBE files under optionals.


2)]Frankly HD Dawnguard Armour and Weapons] - (Y)

Description: Fantastic textures. 2K, and 4K options in the FOMOD. There are also CBBE files under optionals.


3)]Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armours] - (Y)

Description: Another fantastic textures.


4)]Frankly HD Shrouded Armour] - (Y)

Description: Another great re-texture.



1)]Frankly HD Miraak] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description[/color][color=#e69138]: [/color]A great re-texture. 2k, and 4K options in the FOMOD. Install the hotfix too. There are also CBBE files under optionals.




1)]Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons] - '[color=#00ff00][1] [ESPLite - C] '(Y)[/color]

Description: It cover all imperial armors and weapons. Also download Better-Shaped Weapons patch and Sleeves and Pants Edition file from optionals.



2)]Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards] - '[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: Also install the Fix by SpriterSan under updates for which ever texture quality you chose and Falkreath matched color fix. 

AND:]Meshfix for Shields - Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards] -[color=#b6b6b6] [/color]'[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: Mesh fix for shield. 

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix all meshes in SSE NIF Optimizer.


3)]Stormcloak Armour Revival] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: It has an option for tartan under optional files, which I quite like. Don't install the normal map fix that contains a plugin. 


4)]aMidianBorn Stormcloak Officer Armour] -[color=#b6b6b6] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-texture for the officers armour. It's not covered by other mods in the guide.


5)]Ennead Shields] - [1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: Gorgeous.[color=#ffff00]


[/color]]Shields of the Holds]

Description: It gives them a beautiful worn look.


[size=4]SINGLE ITEMS RE-TEXTURES == 1)]Auriel's Bow HD] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture. I choose worn.  


2)]Auriel's Shield] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture. 


3)]Staff of Magnus HD] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture. Already covered by aMidianBorn Uniques. 


4)]Spellbreaker Remesh] - (Y)

Description: It has two files. One is a new mesh, and the second the textures. Download only mesh.


5)]Black Bow of Fate Retexture] - (Y)

Description: Quest item.


6)]2k Ring of Namira Retextured] - (Y)

Description: Not previously covered in the guide. 


7)]2K Retextured Ring of Hircine] - (Y)

Description: Not previously covered in the guide. 


8)]2K Skeleton Key] - (Y)

Description: A great re-texture of the skeleton key. Also includes meshes. Already covered by Lockpick UHD.


9)]2K Azura's Star] 

Description: A great re-texture of Azura's Star.

OR:]Rustic Azura's Star] - (Y)

Description: Another great re-texture, with the option of 2K or 4K.


10)]aMidianBorn Blade of Woe] - '[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]' (Y)

Description: Re-texture. Also download the fix from optionals. It's not covered by other mods in the guide.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


11)]CL's Lord Harkon's Vampire Blade] - (Y)

Description: Re-textue, and the only mod in the guide that does. 


12)]Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed Arrows] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textue, and the only mod in the guide that does. 

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


13)]Remiro's Wabbajack] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture, and the only mod in the guide that does so.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Find and move Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp under Immersive Weapons.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Find and move OBIS SE - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp under Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp after Cloaks.esp. Cloaks - USSEP patch.esp should be after Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Even though it's mainly textures, it's still worth going in game to check that everythings looking how it should. The more checks the better!



I think this section is the most complicated in the guide. It's big, and there are a lot of choices to make. I've tried to simplify it the best that I can, but please take your time with it, and read the information available. 

When choosing NPC overhauls potential conflicts have to be taken into consideration, which was briefly mentioned in the section Useful Information. The main mods in the guide that will conflict with them are USSEP, Immersive College of Winterhold, and to a lesser extent CRF, and Immersive Weapons.

My recommended choices greatly take this into consideration. I've tried to balance compatibility with quality. The choices given should be well patched, and reasonably conflict free. 

The Immersive College of Winterhold is installed later in the guide, but there are patches available for all of the main choices that need one, except for Distinct Husbands. This way, if you decide to use it later, you know that your NPC overhauls will be compatible.

Note: Choices that used to be part of the guide are still listed under a spoiler, but they are no longer supported as part of it. I'm not trying to discourage you from trying them. I've spent a lot of time trying different ones, and have enjoyed trying to find the ultimate combination for my personal tastes. It will just involve more work on your part, and for most of those options it will involve using SEEedit, or living with some conflicts.

[color=#fff2cc]There is more information on conflicts, and fixes under a spoiler further down, just after the Single NPC's sub section. [/color]




1)]ApachiiSkyHair] - [1] (Y)

Description: I'm know that a lot of people doesn't like it. It's still worth to download it because A LOT of good mods require it.It adds a huge number of hairstyles, which can then be selected in the racemenu for your character. There are other mods that require it as a master.

Install the Sky Hair Full file under main, and then the female, and male files under optional. Also install the fix for Khajiit Apachii Sky Hair, and the fix for Hair 82 under misc. 

There is also a file that will allow you to craft certain hats, and helmets, which also include a wig. Any vanilla headware removes the characters hair whilst it is worn, and can make the charater look bold at certain angles. [1]

AND:]ApachiiSkyHair Natural Re-texture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]  

Description: Is ApachiiSkyHair to silky smooth for you? Want all your people to look like a bunch of hippies who never wash their hair? Then this is the mod for you.

OR:]Salt and Wind - Rough Hair For ApachiiSky Hair SE ] Description: Rough retextures for apachii hair.

OR:]Apachii Hair Shine] 

Description: Adds a more realistic shine to Apachii Hair. I'd prefer this to the previous option. There is a file for each Apachii file.


2)]KS Hairdos SSE] - [1] (Y)

Description: Similar to Apachii. Also install the updated ESP.

Note: Installing this, and Apachii Hair will cause a longer pause when switching between genders in the character creation. I think it's worth it though, because it gives you more choice, and some mods will require KS hairdos, and others Apachii. With both you don't have to worry. If you do decide to only use one, you will have to double check any mods that change or add NPC's in case the one you're not using is a requirement.

AND:]Immersive KS Hairdos] 

Description: A simple .esp replacer for KS Hairdos to remove hairs that clip with breasts or otherwise feel out of place. There are still a lot of choices!

AND:]Salt and Wind for KS Hairdo's SE] 

Description: Like the mod for Apachii, but for KS.


'[size=4]NPC OVERHAUL'S - MY RECOMMENDED CHOICE'[color=#f1c232]NOTE:[/color] Why I can't check overhauls from various options like in other sections? Reeee. It's because you know nothing, John Snow. And I want to save you from black face issue.

[color=#f1c232]NOTE ON LOAD ORDER:[/color] NPC overhaul mods should always be kept in the same order that they were installed in. 

[color=#f1c232]IMPORTANT:[/color] You should always check any NPC overhaul you install afterwards in game. This is especially true when installing more than one. Just make sure the ALT Start ESP's are at the bottom of your load order before you do.


[size=4]ALL IN ONE 

1)]WICO - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul] - [CORE]

Description: I felt like I had to mention this because of its popularity, and the fact it's an amazing mod. An artistic master piece really. Pretty much a complete package, and covers over 700 NPC's. It includes it's own textures, and it even covers the presets in character creation. It's the ultimate overhaul which keeps to the vanilla look. There is a version which gives the women the UNP body, and one that keeps the vanilla body. The males won't be nude for either. 

WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]Download first main file (nude version).[color=#ffff00] [/color]In FOMOD go custom, then do not tick anything (just default options). Then go to the Filetree and hide/ delete EVERYTHING except WICO - Immersive Character.bsa. Then download second main file from]WICO Clean Up Script] and put it in the WICO mod folder (Open in Explorer or simply drag and drop in Filetree). At the end unpack both BSA files via BSA Extractor.



1)]Hott Interesting NPC's] - [1] (Y)

Description: This option covers over 200 of the NPC's, which is most of them. I recommend using this over the others. 

AND:]Interesting NPCs Amalee Customizer SSE] - [1] 

Description: Visual overhaul for Amalee.

AND:]Interesting NPCs Zora Customizer SSE] - [1][color=#b6b6b6] [/color]

Description: Visual overhaul for Zora. 


2)]Vigilant - NPC Overhaul] - [1] (Optional)

Description: Overhauls appearance of all NPCs in the mod "VIGILANT". Also download file from optionals and file from misc.


[size=4]THE MEN


1)!HRpGBYbY!vYXUMKNadQrj5PQmw4kXdKYiitKMV1NsXoJZnN7l6lg]Males for Nordic NPCs] -[color=#b6b6b6] [CORE][/color]

Description: This mod replaces the appearance of some males. Required by our Nordic NPCs Overhaul Mixed.


2)]The Men of Winter] -[color=#00ffff] [CORE][/color]

Description: It overhauls 29 men to a very high standard. It includes its own body, and textures. There isn't a nude option, so they will be wearing pants. Don't pick the patch for The Grey Cowl in the FOMOD.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


[size=4]THE WOMEN ==


1)]Metalsabers Beautiful Orcs of Skyrim] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][CORE][/color][/color]

Description: This mod is an overhaul of the Orcs of Skyrim. I didn't touch the ones from the Bijin mod series. This mod includes new facegen/facetint data. It includes hair as well. This mod will use YOUR skin textures. 

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


2)]Fresh Faces] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][CORE][/color][/color]

Description: At least half of the NPC's included in this are also covered by the Bijin series. I like this mod because it users your body, and texture choice, but it does offer it's own skin textures under optional files. It's also very high quality. 

Note: In FOMOD tick Yes, No, and No for all tatoos. 

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


3)]The Ordinary Women SSE] -[color=#00ffff] '[color=#00ffff][CORE][/color]'[/color]

Description: A fantastic mod, which changes the appearance of about sixty women and none of the ones it edits are edited by the Bijin series. They are realistic, varied, and many are beautiful.  

Note: Either download the CBBE or UNP version depending on which body you are going to use.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


4)]Improved Bards] -[color=#00ffff] '[color=#00ffff][CORE][/color]'[/color]

Description: It makes all the bards in game look gorgeous, including the males.

Note: Download the second main file.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


5)]Pandorable's NPC's] - [CORE]

Description: A fantastic overhaul, which changes the appearance of over twenty women, and none of the ones it edits are edited by the Bijin series.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).  


6)]Bijin Warmaidens SE] - [CORE]

Description: Amazing mod.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


7)]Bijin NPCs SE] - [CORE]

Description: Another amazing mod.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


8)]Bijin Wives SE] - [CORE]

Description: And another one!

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


9)]Seranaholic by rxkx22 - Ported to SSE by bchick3 and elrizzo] - [CORE]

Description: Even if you're going to use other overhaul for Serana and Valerica, you still need this one at this point.

WARNING: Hide plugin (you want only meshes and textures).


10)!rQgXFAAK!oFa51Z6pmX06MMxn5YF4DPZCJPJHR8m33tqIitXT07o]Nordic NPCs Overhaul Mixed] - [color=#00ff00][1] [CORE][/color]

Description: MUST HAVE. It's the only one ESP plugin that you need for NPCs overhauls.


[size=4]SINGLE NPC'S ==


1)]Serana and Claire] - [1]

Description: The main file replaces Serana, but there's also an optional file to have a follower called Claire with the same appearance. You can even use both. Her appearance can be customised in the FOMOD, and the choice for UNP or CBBE is included.


2)]Aesthetic Elisif] - [color=#00ffff][[/color][color=#00ffff]1][/color] 

Description: This is one of my favourite overhauls for an NPC. A lot of people seem to prefer the next option, but they're wrong. 


(SKSE)]Toccata Follower SE (With Elisif Replacer Option)] -[color=#00ffff] [1/2][/color] 

Description: As much as I love Aesthetic Elisif I can't deny the quality of this mod by the same author of the Bijin series. It can be installed as a replacer for Elisif, or as a follower called Toccata, or both.


3)]Lilly - A Fully Voiced Female Courier Replacer and Follower] - (Optional)[color=#00ffff] [/color][1] 

Description: An overhaul for the courier, and it also makes her a potential follower. Install the first main file, and the sexier optional file if you desire that. 

When used as a follower, when you get a delivery, you may end up with two Lilly's on screen. You can't recruit her when she's working, but she hangs around Belethor's shop in her down time. Love her voice, she can tell me she has no mail all day. 


4)]Cicero Female SE] - [1] 

Description: If you hate Cicero because of his voice as much as me, this is a great option. It makes me want to replay the dark brotherhood quest line just to get her as a follower. Turns Cicero from the most annoying NPC in the game into one of the best, with a slight (very slight) Harley Quinn vibe. 

Note: Cicero is included in the Men of Winter mod.






If you do come across the face bug, it can often be a load order issue. Always keep them in your load order, in the order that you installed them. When it's one NPC overhaul overwriting another, the one overwriting should be in loose files, rather than packed in a BSA.

There is other ways to fix it too. One is to use the creation Kit, and]here is a guide] on how to do so (just follow the steps, because the file doesn't work for SE). Another way is to use SEEedit, and]here is a guide] on how to do so. 

Remember there is also a guide on this that can be downloaded from the Immersive College of Winterhold file page under misc.



This is for if you want to forward the edits made by another mod to your chosen NPC overhaul.]Here is a link to a video.]



This is very useful to remove a problematic NPC from a overhaul, but it's also the best way to pick and choose which NPC's you want to keep from two overhauls that overlap.]Here is a link to a video.]

This is a link to the]Forum page from the mod Ordinary Women], in which there is a great written guide on it.


[size=4]SCHLONGS - NSFW 1) (SKSE)]Schlongs of Skyrim SE] - [color=#fce5cd]NSFW[/color] (Optional) (Y)

Description: Your game will be even more immersive with this mod :)

WARNING: Schlongs are using slot 52 so it conflicts with other mods that have usage from this slot too. For example: it will conflict with Side Left Pouches from Bandoliers. They just not show up in game. How to solve this? You just need to mark it “revealing” when equipping only the bandolier that is conflicting and the conflict will be solved (you can do this in MCM menu)!

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 




1)]Masculine Khajiit Textures] - [color=#00ff00][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)[/color]

Description: A re-texture for the head, and body. Download SOS FULL file from optionals. In FOMOD I choose grey. Install the hotfix under updates if you picked Leopard. 

AND:]Cover Khajits] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Install the Male file.


2)]Masculine Argonian Textures]

Description: A re-texture for the head, and body. I choose lizard.

OR:]Male Dragonic Argonian Textures 4k - 2k (SOS and Vanilla)] - (Y)

Description: New textures for male Argonians (SOS and Vanilla). Download 2K SOS and 4K SOS.


[color=#fff2cc]WARNING: [/color]The nude male body options below will replace the humanoid chest textures from these mods, but it's the better option for the schlongs. If you're aren't going to pick a nude option, it may work better installing these after/having them lower in your priority order, or it may make no difference. I can't say because I've always gone for the dick. 

[color=#f1c232]BODY CHOICE:[/color] If you don't want nudity, I recommend SkySight Skins. For a nude body, it's a choice between Vitruvia and Tempered Skins for Males. In my opinion Tempered has the better body shape, but Vitruvia has the better textures, especially for the face.

3)]Vitruvia - Skin Textures for Males] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM] [/color](Y)

Description: It includes skin textures, and a new body. There is a file for non nude, SOS FULL and a SOS Lite. We want second main file for SOS FULL. In FOMOD pick SOS Performance (or SOS 2K if you have more powerful machine), then pick whatever you want from A or C (it depends on what you choose earlier). 

Note: This mod doesn't come with any body hair textures, so if you want body hair, you have to copy and paste the textures from another mod to this one. It's a simple process, and the author of this mod gives instructions on how to do it in the description. 

OR:]Tempered Skins for Males]  

Description: It includes skin textures, and a new body. There is the option for non-nude, nude, and a nude version to be combined with its own version of Schlongs of Skyrim Light. 

Choice: I install the 3rd main file (Nude version). In the options, I choose elder, and smooth, and the tint mask for men out of the additional options. Don't pick any for females, or beasts. Alternative choices for male tint masks are offered by the Stubbled faces file under optional.

Next, if you prefer them, install stubbled faces by Geonox under optional files.

Also, on top of the description page, there is a link to fix for legs. Download it.

Note: Install the All Version Hands Quick Fix file afterwards (whatever your choice of body).

OR:]SkySight Skins]  

Description: It includes skin textures, and a new body. It doesn't have an option for a fully nude body, and it isn't compatible with SOS, but in my opinion it has the best textures. Under optional files there is some improved feet meshes for open toe foot ware. There is also a performance, and ultra version of the main file.



'[size=4]FEMALE BODIES'[color=#f1c232]BODY CHOICE:[/color] The female body gets a lot more attention from the modding community for obvious reasons, and there are a lot more options available for body type, and shape than there is for the males. 

Four body types are covered in the guide, but the real choice is between using CBBE, or one of the other options. This is because CBBE has unique features, and resources available for it, and requires the use of an external tool called Bodyslide for many of them. UNP, UNPB, and TBME all work in the same way, can share resources, and don't require the use of bodyslide, and because of this, they're the simplest options. 

Resources refers to the armour, and clothing mods available for the body in question. The reason why there are mods for specific body types is because they are designed to fit the shape of the body. If an actor wears armour, or clothing designed for a different body, then their body shape will change to the one the item was designed for whilst wearing it.

Mods made for UNP, UNPB, and TMBE can be used no matter which of the three you choose. It will change the body shape to the one the mod was designed for, but they are compatible. If you wear items made for CBBE with any of those three options, and vice a versa, it will change the body shape, but it can also lead to unsightly neck seams, or other side affects.  

[color=#f1c232]BODYSLIDE FOR CBBE:[/color] Bodyslide has several functions, but in the guide, it's required to fit some armour, and clothing mods to your body shape, and for body physics when using CBBE (All this can be done for the other three options by selecting choices in FOMODS, and installing mods like normal). More information on it can be found in the section Body Specific Armour and Clothing, or on it's]mod page]. It's actually straightforward to use, but if you don't like the look of it, just pick one of the other options.

[color=#f1c232]BODY PHYSICS:[/color] Body physics refers to applying the games existing Havok physics engine to parts of the female body, so that when the actor moves, certain body parts move too. Yep, I'm talking about the breasts, and ass. The UNP, UNPB, and TMBE options include the stomach too. A few mods, and choices are required to achieve it, and instructions will be given for each body type when necessary, but it is optional. 

1)]Caliente's beautiful body Enhancer - CBBE] - [color=#00ff00][1] '[color=#00ffff]'[ESPLite]'[/color]' (Y)[/color]

Description: One of the most popular bodies for SE, and for good reason. It's higher quality than UNP, and UNPB, and it offers the choice of three body shapes (presets) in the FOMOD. With the use of Bodyslide, it's possible to create your own body shape, or use one of the many presets made for it that are available on the nexus. No other mod in the guide will give you this level of choice, and freedom for the female body. 

In the FOMOD I pick slim, vanilla outfits, face pack, dirt to beauty marks, trimmed brows and no skin maps. It's very important to pick vanilla outfits, as this will fit all the vanilla games clothing, and armour to the body preset you chose in the FOMOD.

Note: The Normal Map optional file is for if you intend to use the Bodyslide tool to create your own body preset (Optional). You could install one of the normal map options later if you need to. Pick the one that most closely resembles the body you want to create.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] You need patches for WACCF and ACE from]Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - CBBE Patch]. (Y)

OR:]UNP Female Body Replacer] 

Description: The most popular choice for this body type. The main file includes all body choices, and textures too. It also includes the head mesh from ECE. There is an optional file, which only includes the meshes, and I think that's a better choice if you are going to install your own textures after this sub-section. 

WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]You need to pick the TBBP option in the FOMOD if you intend to have body physics. The TBBP body requires the XP32 Skeleton, and your game will CTD if you pick this option without it.

OR:]UNP Blessed Body SE]  

Description: This body is similar to UNP, but it has bigger breasts. It has an all in one file with a FOMOD. Pick the choices you desire. It includes textures, but you can still choose your own after this sub section if you want to replace them. 

Note: It supports UNP texture mods.

WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]You need to pick the TBBP option in the FOMOD if you intend to have body physics. The TBBP body requires the XP32 Skeleton, and your game will CTD if you pick this option without it.

OR:]TMBE Enhanced Body SSE] 

Description: This is a variation of UNP. In the FOMOD there is an option for an ultra quality version of the body, which is actually higher quality than CBBE. There is a mod for it later in the guide, which replaces the vanilla armour, and clothing, and fits it to this body, and I think it's the best of its kind.  

Note: It supports UNP texture mods.

WARNING: It requires the XP32 Skeleton, and your game will CTD if you use this body without it. [color=#ffff00] [/color]

Note: Qwinn has also worked his magic in the FOMOD, by making it possible to use this body for several NPC overhauls with a push of a button. The mods that this can be done for at this point in the guide are, the Bijin series, Toccata, Ordinary Women, and Improved Bards. I recommend doing it for the last two, but would say that Bijin mods are more optional. All you have to do is tick a box in the FOMOD. It can also be used for the follower mods Recorder, and Sofia, which are in the Followers section of the guide. Install them before you install this mod, if you intend to use them, and want them to be included. 


2)]Feminine Khajiit Textures] -[color=#00ff00] (Y)[/color]

Description: Choose either CBBE or UNP depending on what body you chose. Pick UNP if you chose UNPB, or TMBE. I choose grey cat.

AND:]Cover Khajits] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Install the Female file.


3)]Feminine Argonian Textures] 

Description: It has the same choices as the previous mod. I choose chameleon.

OR:]Female Dragonic Argonian Textures 4k - 2k(CBBE and UNP)] - (Y)

Description: New textures for female argonians. UNP and CBBE.



[size=4]SKIN TEXTURES FOR WOMEN[color=#ffe599]If textures were included in your body mod, and you're happy with them, you don't need to install one of these. Remember to check, if textures that you're using are compatible with your body mod![/color]

1)]Fair Skin Complexion] 

Description: I've tried most skin textures at some point, and this is my favourite, but the style won't appeal to everyone. Install the file for the body your using. UNP is fine to use for UNPB, and TMBE, and the CBBE option is compatible with the SE version.

I recommend selecting all options for make up, mouth, eyes and freckles They're all really high quality, and I think better than individual mods for each. Don't select the additional eyebrows because it will result in an ESP.

OR:]L]]eyenda Skin] 

Description: High quality, and similar in style to Fair Skin. It gives plenty of options to customise the body in the FOMOD. Pick the UNP file if you're using UNPB or TMBE.

OR:]Bijin Skin UNP and CBBE SE] - (Y)

Description: From the author of the Bijin series. The textures are good, and I'm sure it will become one of the most popular choices out there.


[color=#fff2cc]OR: For those that want a more realistic option. [/color]]Women of Skyrim]  

Description: The three mods below are a little to realistic for my tastes, but this seems a good balance.  Install the patch for Dawnguard under updates. There is also patches for Ethereal Elves Overhaul, CBBE Curvy, and for the vanilla body, and optional files for pubic hair, and make up.

OR:]Mature Skin Texture and Body] 

Description: A popular choice. It lists the FOMOD options on the mod page. 

OR:]Pride of Valhalla] 

Description: Realistic, and muscular textures.  


[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT: [/color]I recommend checking out your skin textures before going further with the guide. If your not happy just uninstall it, and try another. 




[size=4]EYES == 1)]Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered] - (Y)

Description: Improved meshes for eyes. It also includes the invisibility eye glitch fix. Also download Bijin NPCs Main, Warmaidens, Wives and Toccata as Elisif (you you're using it) from Misc files.


2) Pick one of the options. [i][size=1]I now use option 1, and think it's superior to what I have tried in the past.[/i]

OPTION 1]Darling Eye Replacer] - (Y)

Description: High quality textures to replace the vanilla eyes. It has the option for 1K, and there are some optional alternative normal maps. 

AND:]Underworld Awakening - Hybrid Vampire Eyes] - (Y)

Description: Fantastic eyes for vampires, with the option for glowing, and non-glowing. 1K, 2K, and 4K.

AND:]Summer's Custom Eyes] - [1] [color=#00ffff]'[ESPLite - C]'[/color] (Y)

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] It adds new high quality eye options for the player. You need only main file.


OPTION 2]The Eyes of Beauty] - [1]

Description: The main file adds additional eye textures for the player character. Install the file, ESP Update for Player Edition afterwards, found under updates. Also install The Eyes of Beauty - NPC file found under optional files. This re-textures the vanilla eyes, and therefore affects NPC's. 

There is another file found under Updates called The Eyes of Beauty - Elves Edition. This contains exclusive eye textures for Elves, but they're for the player character only. [1]

AND:]The Eyes of Beauty - Vampire Eyes SSE]

Description: Great looking textures for vampire eyes with several options, and they can be used with any eye mod you chose. I choose blue.


OPTION 3]Improved Eyes] -' '[1/2]

Description: A great eye mod, which adds additional options, as well as replacing the vanilla textures. I choose complete, complete full, Dawnguard, werewolf blue eyes, nothing for Serana, and default eyes for vampires. It also has the optional file to change elf eyes to be more inline with the vanilla colours. The Vampire option has an ESP. 


3) Pick one of the options.

OPTION 1]Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map] 

Description: Improved eye cube maps with reflections.

AND:]Eye Normal map Fix SSE]  

Description: Alters the normal map to reflect light correctly. 


OPTION 2]Llygaid Eye Improver] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: It adds eye reflections, and improves textures. There's lots of optional files, but I just use the first main file.


[size=4]HAIR == 1)]Realistic Hair Colours] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff]'[ESPLite]'[/color] [/color](Y)

Description: Replaces the vanilla hair colours with realistic, and vibrant colours. A great mod. Install the optional file instead of the main, if you also want the authors mod called Pale Beauty, which changes the default skin tones for some races. 


2)]Superior Lore Friendly Hair] -[color=#b6b6b6] [OLDRIM][/color] [CORE]

Description: A must have mod, which greatly improves vanilla hair textures. I choose either the first main file 2K straight hair or the 3rd main file 2K rough hair. 


3)]Maevan2's Eye Brows] - '[color=#00ffff][0/1][/color] '(Y)

Description: A choice between a replacer for the vanilla eyebrows (no ESP), or an extra 12 standalone eyebrows for the player character only. It also has the choice to make all eyebrows black. I use the replacer version. 


4)]Beards] - '[color=#00ffff][1] '[ESPLite - C]'[/color] '(Y)

Description: Great beards. 


5)]Argonian Improvements] - (Y)

Description: Textures for Argonian horns. 




Please read all of this sub-section before making your choices.

1) (SKSE)]Enhanced Character Edit] (ECE) - [color=#00ffff][2/4 A=2 The race compatibility patch is a master] [/color]

Description: ECE is a huge upgrade to character creation. It adds new face parts, skin tones, hair, tints, and warpaint colours, and you can even save the face you made as a separate file. There's also an option to add an extra race.  

In the FOMOD I don't choose the vampire sunken cheek option, the extra race, or the race compatibility patch. Some of the options will result in an extra ESP. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 

WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]I have never used the extra race, or the race compatibility option, so I can't say for sure how those options will interact with other mods in the guide.


  • The choice to remove Sunken Vampire Cheeks can clash with other mods. If you're unsure, I don't recommend choosing it. I don't use it.
  • If you choose the improved war paint you need to make a change to the SKSE ini. Or]use this].
  • Sometimes the mod struggles to initialise, and gives an error warning. Changing race or gender should fix it.
  • Don't pick the extra race unless you're definitely going to use it, because it can affect other mod choices.

[color=#ffff00] [/color]WARNING:[color=#ffff00] [/color]If you have used Sacrosanct, don't select the the Race Compatibility option in the FOMOD. You don't need it anyway unless you chose the extra race, or are using a different race from another mod. If you do need it, install the more up to date version from]its mod page]. 

Moonlight Tales isn't fully compatible with Race Compatibility. If you want to use the two together you have to delete the Scripts/PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.pex file.


'(SKSE)]Racemenu] - [color=#00ffff][2] [color=#ff7700][ESPLite - both plugins][/color] (Y)'[/color]

Description: A similar mod to ECE, with some differences in features. I would say it is a simpler option, and one that is more compatible with other mods. 

Choice: The main differences are that Racemenu has less sliders, and options. You won't get the head mesh that comes with ECE, or the option for an additional race. I recommend reading about both, but if there isn't a specific reason you want ECE for, then I highly recommend Racemenu. This is because it really is a lot more compatible, and it's a simpler option to use with the XP32 Skeleton (see below).

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 

WARNING: Some people have reported CTD's or infinite loading screens when starting a new game whilst using Racemenu. It's not affecting everyone, but it's possibly related to Racemenu not placing the data from the mods Apachii Hair, and KS Hairdo's into the FaceGen Cache, which means all the hairstyles are adding to the total VRAM usage for the game, even after character creation. 

If you experience it, go to the SKEE64 .ini file in the Racemenu mod, and change the number 1 to 0 in the following line:

[FaceGen] [color=#fff2cc]bDisableFaceGenCache=1[/color]


[size=4]FACE AND SKIN 

1)]Aesthetic Elves] - (Y)

Description: Adds new racial head morphs to female elves for a much smoother and better looking head shape. No more triangle cheeks or insanely long chins.


2)]Skin Feature Overlays] - [1]

Description: It allows you to add freckles, scars, stretch marks, birth marks, and more, to the face, and body. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] Racemenu


[size=4]WARPAINT AND TATTOO'S To improve the texture for warpaint's, and for these mods to work, you need to add the following to the SKSE.ini. 

[color=#fff2cc][Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048[/color]

Or you can just]download the SKSE Makeup Configs file from this (Optionals)], and install it like you would any other mod. 

1) (SKSE)]Painterly - A High Res Vanilla Warpaint Re-texture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Re-textures the warpaint for all races, and genders. You can actually use warpaint's now without them fucking up your face with the 512 texture quality. These are 2K.


2) '(SKSE)]Weathered Nordic Bodypaints -Special Edition- RaceMenu Overlays and Warpaints] - [color=#b6b6b6][1] [ESPLite] '(Y)[/color]

Description: This mod adds new Body and Facepaints which are weathered and worn. Most of the paints fit both genders, and should give a battle-worn appearance to any character using them. Require RaceMenu.


The next three mods replace the female warpaint's with different designs. Most come with several packs of designs to chose from, and they don't have an ESP. However, each mod also has a standalone version with an ESP, which requires the mod RaceMenu. The files would need to be extracted from the BSA, and the ESP would need converting if you use that option, because they are all Oldrim. 

3)]Ravens Warpaint] - [color=#00ffff][0/1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color]

Description: Re-textures the warpaints. There is also standalone version.

OR:]The Neith team Warpaint's Set] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][0/1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color][/color]

Description: More warpaints.

OR:]Beautiful Freaks Warpaint] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][0/1] [/color][color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color][/color]

Description: And even more warpaints.


4)]UNP AND CBBE Racemenu SE Collection of Tattoos, Warpaints and Overlays] - [1] 

Description: A collection of body paints, and tats. Several can be worn at once using RaceMenu's overlay feature. 


[size=4]TEETH == Teeth are covered in some NPC overhauls, and skin textures, but not all. Some say the teeth from fair skin are the best. Orc teeth are covered less often. Here are some textures if you want them.

1)]Better Teeth For Human Races] 

Description: A re-texture, but it also includes new meshes. 

WARNING: Problems have been reported when used with ECE, and Fair Skin. If it doesn't work for your set up, it might if you remove the meshes from the mod. That way you would still get the textures.


2)]A Dentist for Orsimers] - (Y)

Description: Orcs need to feel beautiful too. 


3)]HD Khajiit Mouth] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: It also includes teeth. Not covered by Masculine, and Feminine Khajiits, or Cover Khajiits. Do not install textures/actors/character/khajitmale/Thumbs.db (or simply hide it in MO2).


[size=4]SCARS == 1)]Northborn Scars] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]

Description: Scars are sometimes covered, or given as an option in the skin texture mods, but if they aren't or you prefer these, then install this. 


[size=4]OAP's == 1)]Consistent Older People] - [1]

Description: Makes older peoples faces, and bodies match better.


2)]Modest Elderly] - [color=#00ffff][2] [color=#ff7700][ESPLite - main file and waccf patch][/color] (Y)[/color][color=#00ffff] [/color] Description: The elderly will use vanilla clothing meshes, and keep the underwear even if you use a nude body. It's still worth using if used Consistent Older People. Also download WACCF patch.


[size=4]CHARACTER PRESETS == There are lots of presets available for ECE, and RaceMenu on the Nexus. You should find them by searching for preset, or in the Character Preset category. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]



  • Move CBBE.esl under your ESM files (right panel in MO2).
  • Move all three ApachiiHair.esm under ETaC - RESOURCES.esm (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm under USSEP.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move Modest Elderly-WACCF Patch.esp under ModestElderly.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Check new races, new look for NPCs, RaceMenu, etc.



Now for some followers! It's well worth taking a look at the category yourself to see what you like, and which ones would fit into your game well. [color=#fff2cc]Try to keep to around 10 choices from the whole section if your following the guide closely. Don't install them all.[/color]


1)]XG Followers] - [1]

Description: This is one of my favourites. It adds twelve followers, and includes males, and females. They are very distinctive followers with custom AI, and combat styles. Some come with shouts. Great locations too.


2)]Pandorable's Heroines] - [1]

Description: It adds eight women with custom bodies. Six of them them were originally released individually. They can be found throughout Skyrim. 



1)]Azog the Defiler] - [1] [color=#e69138] Description:[/color] Amazing orc from Lord of the Rings. 2K, and 4K options.  

2)]Teron the Reprobate by NeusKharp] - [1]

Description: Possibly really, really, ridiculously good looking. He's a reprobate too, so you know he's down for anything. 


3)]Him - The Man with No Name] - [1]

Description: Found at the Cliffside Retreat. 




1)]Marie - A Vampire Follower SSE] - [1]

Description: Several files with the choice of two body weights, and the option for her to just look like a vampire, or actually be one in game, and suffer sun damage. There is a file for her to replace Serana, but it only gives you the face, and not the body. I think she would serve better as a follower. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton 


2)]LUNA] - [1]

Description: Ningheim race, interesting back story, and found in High Hrothgar. 


3)]Legend of Andromeda] - [1]

Description: She has been left as a sacrifice to a monster, which you'll have to fight. It comes with two beautiful options, classical Greek, and Redguard. UNP body. 


4)]Legend of 1001 Nights SE] - [1]

Description: You have to find this follower in a lamp, but which one? This, and the previous follower add a unique first interaction with them making them standout. UNP body. 


5)]Mese Standalone Female Follower and Trainer] - [1]

Description: Sick of normal looking women, and their lack of fur? Normal women not horny enough for you? Well this one has fur, and horns so you should be alright. She can train you in the art of lo... In the art of archery! Now get your mind out of the gutter.


6)]Naria.. A Wood Elf Follower ]- [1]

Description: Thought I better include her in the guide, as she's in several of my images. She's found in the Drunken Huntsman.


7)]Real Warrior Woman] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: If you want a female follower that makes Uthgerd look like a pussy, then this is for you.


8)]Mizuho Follower - SSE] - [1]

Description: She looks gorgeous.




1)]Maxine - Zombie Follower and Adoptable] - [1]

Description: There are separate files for adoptable, and follower, and some optional files to tweak her appearance. The follower version needs Relationship Dialogue Overhaul so that she can be invited to join the player. It will be installed later in the guide. You can still install her now, but the option won't appear yet. 


[size=4]FOLLOWER MANAGEMENT MODS == 1)]Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT)] - [1]

Description: A fantastic mod giving you an in depth follower management system. You can have more of them, change their outfits, change their fighting style, have them ride horses, and much more. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] Also install the AFT - USSEP patch under misc files. [1]

Install the patch for Interesting NPC's if you used it. [1]

There's a patch for the Dragonborn pet followers, [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]and some optional tweaks you may want to look at, but each one has an ESP.  [color=#ffff00] [/color]

OR:]Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks SE] - (iAFT) [1]

Description: The previous mod, but tweaked to be more immersive. I like the changes it makes. One change is that your followers won't be essential. Install the USSEP, and DLC patch. It overwrites the plugin for the main file so doesn't cost an ESP.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] It has a patch for Interesting NPC's, you will want to install if you used that mod. [1]

There's also an optional patch to restore Cicero's dances, which doesn't have a plugin.


(SKSE)]Nether's Follower Framework] - [1]

Description: This could be described as a lighter alternative to AFT. It allows you to recruit up to five followers, and includes many features, such as followers not setting off traps, and assigning a mage follower as a healer. It now has a horse riding system too.

It doesn't include or alter any standard dialogue and is generally more compatible with other mods than AFT, and because of this no patches are needed. It might work better with Interesting NPC's, and I would recommend it if you used Convenient Horses.

Note: There's an import system that can be used on custom followers, which will allow you to use some of the features from this on them. This includes Serana, but should also work with at least some of the follower mods that aren't compatible with AFT.

If you use this instead of AFT, you will have less control over outfit management, but it's compatible with the mod Simple NPC Outfit Management found later in the guide.


[size=4]QUEST MODS BASED AROUND VANILLA NPC's [color=#fff2cc]You can use follower enhancement mods such as Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT) in the same game as the followers included in these mods, but don't use those mods on them, or they may break.[/color]

1)]Teldryn Serious Enhanced] - [1]

Description: A small quest in Solstheim based around the NPC Teldryn. It's important to not skip any dialogue in the quest as it can cause problems, so listen to it all. 

AND:]A Serious Wedding Teldryn Sero Marriage Mod] - [1]

Description: A mini quest, which allows you to marry Teldryn. This is almost an add on to the previous mod, but it is standalone, and doesn't require it. If you use both mods, it is possible to complete this one before the previous one, but the author doesn't recommend it from a story point of view. 




[color=#fff2cc]You can use follower enhancement mods such as Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT) in the same game as the followers included in these mods, but don't use those mods on them, or they may break.[/color]

1)]Ambriel - The Lost Princess] - [1]

Description: A quest, and follower mod. She will interact with Recorder, and has CBBE body. The quest begins by a letter from a courier. There is also an overhaul available]here].


2)]M'rissi's Tail of Troubles SE] - '[color=#00ffff][1] '[color=#c27ba0][CLEANING][/color] [color=#00ff00][color=#a4c2f4][WATERFLOW] [color=#00ffff]'(Y)'[/color]'[/color][/color]'[/color]

Description: A unique mature story to suit all types of characters, with options that affect the out come. Starts on the road leading to the western watch tower from Whiterun. I love this mod and she is one of my favourite followers. In the FOMOD it has body, and face options. Pick the option for USSEP.  

AND:]M'rissi's Tail of Troubles SE - Delayed Start] - (Optional) (Y)

Description: I would recommend delaying the start, especially if you intend to go near Whiterun early in your game. It will replace the main ESP.


3)]Mirai - The Girl with The Dragon Heart] - [1]

Description: A follower, and a quest mod, with over a 1000 lines of dialogue. It involves dragons, and has a potential romance aspect to the quest. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]Not compatible with Spectraverse, Open Cities, and probably not with anything that drastically alters Markarth. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] If you used JK's Skyrim, there]is a patch] on its files page for this mod. [1]


4)]The Erotic Adventures of Misty Skye] - [1]

Description: I haven't tested this yet, but it sounds fun, and is very popular. It includes quests, which begin when you first approach the Drunken Huntsman. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton 


5)]Hel Rising - Quest and Custom Voiced Follower Mod] - [1]

Description: A quest mod spanning several dungeons, and locations, which leads to her becoming a follower. She's based on the Norse God of the Underworld. To start the quest, talk to the Inn keeper in Dawnstar.

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton


[size=4]COMPLEX FULLY VOICED FOLLOWERS WITH QUESTS[color=#fff2cc]You can use follower enhancement mods such as Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT) in the same game as the followers included in these mods, but don't use those mods on them, or they may break.[/color]

1)]Inigo] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: A fantastic follower with over 7000 lines, and one of my favourites. He's found in a Riften jail cell. He interacts with the follower Vilja.


2)]Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: Lucien is a fully voiced Imperial follower with over 2000 lines of immersive, lore-friendly dialogue. Though he arrives in Skyrim as a cowardly scholar, he'll gradually gain strength and confidence by your side until he grows into a hero in his own right. Interaction with 17 other mods, including full commentary on the questlines of Moonpath to Elsweyr and Moon and Star and fully-voiced banter scenes with Inigo, Hoth and Auri.

Note: Also download Moon and Star patch and Moonpath to Elsweyr patch from optionals.


3)]Song of the Green] - [color=#00ffff][1] (Y)[/color]

Description: Song of the Green is a fully voiced follower and quest mod, which centers around Bosmer culture and tradition. Auri, a traditionalist Wood Elf archer, will follow you, do your bidding, and offer occasional snarky commentary about your surroundings and actions.

Note: Also download 3DNPC banter patch and INIGO banter patch.


4)]Kaidan 2] - [1]

Description: Over 1200 lines of dialogue. Great voice acting with a Yorkshire accent (think John Snow), and a marriage quest-line. Ideal for female players, gay players, bi-sexual players, curious players, straight players that loosen up after a few drinks, and straight players who like an intense bromance, which causes people around them to wonder if it goes deeper than that. 

He has been revamped, and this is the second version of him, which I haven't tried yet.


5) '(SKSE)]Tania the Hermit] - '[1]

'Description: She comes with custom lines edited from vanilla dialogue, has remote commands, she can get drunk, and more.     Install the main file, then the optional body type file if you use 7B Bombshell or CBBE. The NSFW patch is for if you only installed the main file and want her to be nude. The CBBE file already makes her NSFW.  

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]Some people have experienced a CTD bug whilst sneaking, but disabling her built in face light has fixed it for some. I haven't had this problem.


6)]Sofia] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: She's location, and quest aware. Funny, and can get drunk. You will find her naked at the Whiterun stables.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]She conflicts with ECE, because she edits the Nord race. You will lose some of the slider options including in ECE for Nords. You could try loading her before ECE, but if that doesn't work, it will be case of having to make a patch, or live with the loss.

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] There is another mod available, which offers an alternative look for her called]Sophia Customizer SSE]


7)]Recorder] - [1]

Description: She is found in Riverwood. Interacts with the follower Ambriel. Not entirely lore friendly. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]She conflicts with ECE, because she edits the Nord race. You will lose some of the slider options including in ECE for Nords. You could try loading her before ECE, but if that doesn't work, it will be case of having to make a patch, or live with the loss.

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] There is another mod available, which offers an alternative look for her called]Recorder Overhaul] - (Oldrim) Main file only.

Or you may prefer this one, which will also allow you to change her body to CBBE, and it's for SE. It's called]Recorder Customizer SSE]. It's fine to install with your mod manager, and the options are in the FOMOD.

AND:]Recorder Bug Fix Patch] - [1]

Description: It fixes several bugs found in the main mod. A more detailed description of exactly what it changes is in the mod description, but I would recommend using it. 


8)]Vilja] - [1]

Description: A bard. Interacts with Inigo.

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] There is another mod available, which offers an alternative look for her called]Vilja in Skyrim SE Makeover]


9)]Hoth] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: A fully voice acted bounty hunter follower, with extra special armour. He will actually be able to give you bounties in game, and is radiant quest enabled. He comes with a patch for UFO, which is a follower management mod not available for SE. You can deactivate it, or delete it from your Data folder. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move Lucien.esp above his patches (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

Check if your new followers looks and works fine.





'[size=4]BODY FIT'[color=#f1c232]CBBE Body Fit Armour and Clothing:[/color] The files to fit the vanilla clothing to your body preset, were already included in the CBBE body mod. Currently they will be fitted to the body preset you chose in the FOMOD, but if you choose a different preset, or modify your current one in Bodyslide, they will need to be refitted to match your new choice. 

[color=#fff2cc]Other armour, and clothing that doesn't have a CBBE option, can be fitted using Bodyslide, providing they include the Bodyslide files to do so, or another mod provides them.[/color]]Bodyslide and Outfit Studio] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: I highly recommend installing this if you chose the CBBE body.

It is a tool which has several functions:


  • It offers more CBBE body presets than the 3 choices available with the CBBE mod (Slim, Curvy, Vanilla). You can also add even more presets with mods such as]CBBE Presets Compendium], just install them after Bodyslide. There's many more on the Nexus.
  • You can then modify your chosen preset to fit to your tastes even more. For example changing the size of body parts.
  • It allows you to enable body physics for use with mods like CPB Physics.
  • It can be used to fit clothing and armour from other mods (which have the required bodyslide files) to your chosen CBBE body preset. You will still need to do this even if you chose one of the 3 presets offered with the CBBE mod. For example, Immersive Armours only has the option for UNP, but if you install the next mod Immersive Armours SSE CBBE Bodyslide Conversion, it will give you the required Bodyslide files to allow you to convert the armours from Immersive Armours to fit your CBBE body.

I realise it sounds complicated but it is a lot simpler in practice. If you go to the Bodyslide mod page there are links to guides on how to use it. There is a very good one in the posts.

I recommend you watch the video by Gopher, linked just under installation on the mod page. It's for Fallout 4 but relevant to Skyrim, and I found it very useful. It covers building your body, physics, and fitting your armour/clothing.

'[color=#e69138]Installation[/color]'[color=#e69138]:[/color] It's not that difficult. [list=1]

  • Install it like other mods. 
  • Add it as a executable (exe is located in the mod folder, example path: Mod Organizer 2\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio\CalienteTools\BodySlide\BodySlide x64.exe).
  • Run the program.
  • Go to the settings and make sure that Game Data Path looks like this: Steam Games\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\data\.




  • First, pick your body type in the bar next to Outfit/Body. It should have nude, and non nude options. Pick the Physics option if you want it, and intend to use the mod CBP Physics.
  • Now pick your preset in the bar below. If you installed any extra ones, they should be there.
  • You can edit your preset with the bodysliders, but be sure to save it afterwards. 
  • Then click Batch Build.

[color=#fff2cc]I recommend installing any armour or clothes mods which have bodyslide files that you intend to use from the list below, and then use Bodyslide for everything together. Also check out the Apachii Divine Elegance Store, which has bodyslide files too.[/color]



1)]Immersive Armours SSE CBBE Bodyslide Conversion] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: This will allow you to fit the armours from the Immersive Armours mod to the CBBE body of your choosing with Bodyslide. Physics not yet included, but coming soon. Also install the Hunter and Paladin Texture Fix update file. 


2)]CBBE Mini Dresses with Bodyslide] - [2]

Description: It replaces the vanilla clothing with sexier versions, and includes Bodyslide files. 

AND:]CBBE Spice Gear Collection with Bodyslide] - [1]

Description: This does for armour, what the previous mod does for clothing. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]It has been reported that it's missing a mesh for female stormcloak armor.


3)]Legendary Armors - DeserterX Collection SSE] - (Optional) [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color] 

Description: Adds all 16 DeserterX armor sets seamlessly into the game. They are designed to fit your progression; find them as you level, craft them, or buy them.


4)]Legendary Armors by DeserterX-cp44 - CBBE Bodyslide with Physics] - (Optional) [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color] 

Description: This adds all the armours from the mod into the game world, where they can be found and bought. The CBBE body, and Bodyslide tool required. It's compatible with BBP and HDT physics, you just need to select the version with physics in Bodyslide.

IMPORTANT: You need the previous mod to make this one to work. 



[size=4]ADDITIONAL CBBE ARMOURS I'm not suggesting to install any of these, they're just examples of what's available. There's a lot of armour mods with Bodyslide Files on the Nexus. It's worth having a look through them if you want something particularly special.

1)]The Amazing world of Bikini Armour] - [1]

Description: I've replaced the mod Bikini Armours with this, as it seems a better option. It adds bikini armour for crafting, and includes most armour types. You need to find the books first. The Bodyslide files are in a separate file. It has a patch for JK's Skyrim, which should just overwrite the main file.  

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton.

AND/OR:]Bikini Ascend] - (LL) [1]

Description: Includes Elven, Orcish, and Thalmor Bikini Armour, which aren't included in the previous mod. I believe these have been updated for the latest CBBE. It includes Bodyslide files. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton.

Note: It's hosted on the Loverslab website, which you will have to join to download this. 


2)]The Witcher 3 Female Armours - CBBE Bodyslide] - [1]

Description: It includes lots of outfits, and has an optional file to make it all into clothing. They can be found, or crafted under leather. Some people have struggled to find them in House Battle Born, which is where they're located.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


3)]Ranger Armour - CBBE SSE Bodyslide (with Physics)] - [1]

Description: It just includes the one outfit, but it comes in two colour options, and it looks great. Install the update file, which will overwrite the main. Also install the physics file if you want it.


4)]Lustmord Vampire Armor - SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)] - [1]

Description: The most popular vampire armor in Skyrim now comes in CBBE SSE BodySlide version.



[size=5]UNP/B OPTION

[size=4]BODY FIT [color=#fff2cc]The next two options fit the vanilla armours, and clothes to the UNP, and UNPB bodies. You don't need to use them if you intend to use any of the major armour/clothes options in the next sub-section, except for The Book of UUNP, which adds items rather than replace the vanilla ones. It is important to install one of them if you don't intend to use those mods, and used UNP, or UNPB.[/color]

1)]UNP Body Fit Armours and Clothing] - [1]

Description: There are several files to choose from. Install the skinny body option if you chose that for the body, but make sure you choose the TBBP version for your choice if you want body physics. There is an immersive option for TBBP, which will only make the physics take affect in appropriate clothing, and a non-immersive version, which will affect all, including items like steel armour. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton is required for the TBBP option.

[color=#fff2cc]It's compatible with WACCF, and it will recognise if you're using it in the installer.  [/color]

OR:]UNP Blessed Body Fit Armour and Clothes] - [1]

Description: There isn't the options for the different body types like the previous mod, but the information for the TBBP options applies. Install the update too. Under Misc files there are some meshes to install if you used Immersive Armours, and some optional files to make a few outfits more skimpy. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton is required for the TBBP option.

[color=#fff2cc]It's compatible with WACCF, and it will recognise if you're using it in the installer.  [/color]


[size=4]MAJOR UNP/B ARMOUR/CLOTHING MODS These mods will replace the vanilla armour, and clothing, with the exception of The Book of UUNP, which just adds items. You could install one of the other choices with the Book of UUNP, which would leave you with the additional items from UUNP, but the games vanilla items would be replaced by the other mod you installed.

1)]The Book of UUNP Volumes 1, 2, and 3] - [2]

Description: It adds different variations of the vanilla armours. Install the main file, the Missing DBboots Texture under updates, and then either the meshes for UNP, or UNPB, depending on which body you chose under optional files.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] Install the patch for Cloaks of Skyrim if you used that mod. [1]

There is also patches for Winter is Coming and Joy of Perspective, which aren't featured in the guide, but install the patches for them if you do use those mods, once they have been installed. [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color] [color=#ffff00] [/color][color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]There is a small issue with this mod, which is one type of mage boot has missing meshes. In game, there will be a gap where their ankles are supposed to be. This is how to fix it.

The solution for this was in the forum for the Book of UUNP, and is a post by murillor908:

"So for those looking for a precise solution for the invisible ankle/calves, here's how I did it for the College Boots (high heels):1. Load "Book of UUNP Iron and Steel.esp" on the CK2. On the Object Window, go into "ArmorAddon" then type "58D" in the Filter field. This is the Form ID for the boots. The 2 results are the 2 College heeled boot with invisible calves.3. Right click each of them, "Edit" and under "Biped Object", unselect "38 Calves".4. Save, done."

Another option is to install Simple NPC Outfit Manager later in the guide, which will allow you to change their outfit.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]The ESP's are still in the Oldrim Form 43, and will need to be converted.


2)]TMB Vanilla Armour and Clothes SSE] - [1] 

Description: Another great port by Qwinn. It has a FOMOD allowing you to choose between different options. This would be my choice if I was using any of the UNP options. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton.

Note: They are designed specifically for the authors body mod, which is a variation on UNP. They are still compatible with UNP/UNPB, but your body shape will change slightly whilst wearing items from this mod. The body was given as an option in the female body section, but this mod is still worth using even if you didn't choose it. 


3)]UNP Armour and Clothing Replacer] - [1]

Description: Huge mod with lots of options in the FOMOD installer, and it will take you some time to get through. It has skimpy, and non-skimpy options, and covers all armour, and clothing in the game. Depending on your choices, and when using a nude female body it's possible to encounter female NPC's showing a little to much down below.

It's actually lots of mods combined into one, which allows you to have NPC's wearing significantly different styles of clothing that look great, and really stand out. 

It's for UNP only. You can use it if you chose UNPB or TMBE, but it will change the body to UNP for the player character, or NPC's, whilst wearing the outfits from this mod. 


4a)]UNP and UNPB Spice Gear Collection] - [1]

Description: This replaces most of the vanilla armour with a skimpy version. If that's what you're looking for, it does the job well. There is a file for UNP, as well as UNPB. 


4b)]Tiwa 44 Mini Dresses Collection UNPB -BBP-SSE] - [2]

Description: This replaces the clothing in the game with a skimpy version, and works well with the previous mod. There is a file for UNP, as well as UNPB. 

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] XP32 Skeleton.



[size=4]ADDITIONAL UNP ARMOURS [color=#fff2cc]These are all optional, and are just a few examples of what is available. You may prefer other options on the Nexus.[/color]

1)]Gwelda Red Riding Hood - DX Mini Armour Collection] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color]

Description: DX Mini Armour Collection - My favourite female armour. There are ultra res textures under optional files, and a patch to remove the armour rating. UNP, and craftable only. You need to find the book first.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

There is]another version], which has the option for UNPB, and TMB body types, and includes physics. I recommend using it. It requires XP32.


2)]Tembtra Thief] - [1]

Description: From the same collection as the previous mod. Sames note apply.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

Note: It's included in the mod UNP Clothing Merchants (I don't use it), which can be installed later, but this does allow you to craft them.

There is]another version], which has the option for UNPB, and TMB body types, and includes physics. I recommend using it. It requires XP32.


3)]Merta Assassin] - [1]

Description: Same collection and info as the previous 2. There's no ultra texture option for this one. [1]

Note: It's included in the mod UNP Clothing Merchants (I don't use it), which can be installed later, but this does allow you to craft them.

There is]another version], which has the option for UNPB, and includes physics. I recommend using it. It requires XP32.


4)]Gwelda Armour Pack] - [1]

Description: UNP only. Found in a chest outside Warmaidens so no crafting. Has an optional file to give them a light armour value. It overwrites the main ESP, say no if it asks you to update. The chest slightly clashes with JK's Whiterun but works fine.

Note: It's included in the mod UNP Clothing Merchants (I don't use it), which can be installed later, but this does allow you to craft them.

There is]another version], which has the option for UNPB, and TMB body types, and includes physics. I recommend using it. It requires XP32.


5)]Ashara SSE Princes of the Woods for UNP and Males]

Description: It includes several items, which are craftable, and available for both males, and females.


6)]COCO Anaconda SSE] 

Description: I just think this is kinda hot, and thought you might too. It can be crafted. There are files for several UNP based body types.

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] Lazy Tools - Heels, and XP32.


[size=4]ARMOUR AND CLOTHING SHOPS == 1)]Apachii Divine Elegance Store] - [1] [ESPLite] (Y)

Description: The ultimate shop which has unique clothes, armour, and items for sale. Over a gigabyte in size. Also download update file and the USSEP patch under optional files. 

[color=#fff2cc]UNP or CBBE[/color]

If you intend to use the UNP or UNPB body, install the meshes under the misc section. The default is for CBBE, but also install the Bodyslide files if you intend to use it. 

AND/OR:]The Floating Market] - [1]

Description: A similar mod which adds shops selling exclusive items in an underground market near Riverwood. The female clothing is in a similar shape to UNP, but it can be worn with any body mod.


[size=4]GENERAL ADDITIONAL ARMOUR AND WEAPONS - CRAFTING ONLYThese are just suggestions. It is well worth looking through the mod categories, and picking ones which appeal to you, but these are some of my favourites. 

It varies, which I choose, but I don't choose many because a lot of extra armours, and weapons have been added by other mods I've installed.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

1)]The Shadow Scale Set 2.0 for SSE] - [1]

Description: Really evil looking armour.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


2)]Tribunal Robes and Masks for SSE] - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)[/color]

Description: Fantastic looking robes, and masks. Unarmoured, and armoured options. Craftable only. Great for any mage type characters.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


3)]Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons and Viking Gear] - [1]

Description: Weapons, and Armour.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


4)]Kthonia's Unique Weapon Pack - Dragonborn weapons] - [color=#00ffff][1] [color=#00ffff](Y)[/color][/color]

Description: It adds 3 great looking unique weapons to Solstheim. They have to be found, but a lesser version can be crafted for two of them. The locations are on the mod page.  


5)]KS Jewellery SSE] - [1]

Description: It adds a variety of high quality jewellery, which can be found in a strongbox in Anise's Cabin. 


6)]The Witcher 3 Weaponry SE] - [1]

Description: It includes many weapons, and I really like how they are integrated into the game. You have to have the skill to craft them, but you also have to obtain a book first.



1)]QUARK - Qwinn's Ultimate Amulet Restoration Kit] - (Optional)' [1/3]

Description: USSEP made the decision to hide amulets when worn with vanilla clothing, and armour due to how much they clipped. However, they don't always clip with the modded versions for female body mods. This mod makes the amulets show again. Read the mod page, and see if it appeals to you, and will benefit the armour/clothing mod you have used.

One file has four ESP's allowing you to choose which types of clothing/armour is affected, but there is also an all in one version. There is optional files for people using Joy of Perspective (not in the guide) and WACCF. Install this after JOP if you do intend to use it.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move Apachii_DivineEleganceStore.esm under ApachiiHairMales.esm (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

I would definitely go in game now, and check the NPC's are wearing what their supposed to be. Check the cities, and travel on the roads a bit, go fight some Forsworn or bandits, and see what armour they drop. Look out for the face bug, there shouldn't be any, but mods that edit NPC's can cause it. Some mods you installed won't show up in your crafting menus until you meet the requirements. 

There is a random element to which armours NPC's will wear from Immersive Armours, and The Book of UUNP. For example Jenassa might be wearing leather armour with a different look to your last game, so sometimes it might be more skimpy than others. 



1)]The Kids are Alright] - [1] 

Description: It adds extra children, child vendors, new clothes, and children to enemy factions. The first main includes all these features, the second just overhauls the vanilla children, and the third includes all the features, but also makes all the children mortal.

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] Install the patch for Immersive Encounters if you used that mod. [1]

There is also a lot of patches to overhaul the children added by other mods. All are optional, and if you don't feel comfortable merging them, it will lead to a lot of ESP's. I recommend using the ones for Interesting NPC's, Keld-Nar, Outlaws and Revolutionaries, and Bruma, if you used those mods. [color=#00ffff][0/16][/color]

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]Depending on what mods you've installed, you may find all your children have a bad case of the face bug. If this is the case, follow the fix below. It seems to happen when CBBE is used.

[color=#fff2cc]THE FIX:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Go to]TKAA files page], and install The Loose Facegen Files under optional. It overwrites the main mod, and won't cost you an ESP.

OR:]RS Children Overhaul] - [3/4]

Description: I haven't used this one. I put it in when TKAA mod was hidden. Make sure the Master ESP is above USSEP in your load order.  

There is also]a patch] for the child added by CRF.

Check out the]RS Children Patch Compendium] for patches for the children from other mods. Each one has an ESP, and if you don't feel comfortable merging them, I don't recommend using many of them. Some only change the appearance of one child.  


Description: Most compatible children overhaul... because it's only a retexture. Download second main file.





1)]Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack SSE] - (Y)

Description: The textures from this mod are great, and if you pick the custom option it also gives a lot of options for colours, and patterns. Some of the animals, and creatures covered by this mod are covered by other mods in this section, and I prefer some of those. Those mods often include the option for 4K, which you don't get with this mod. 

In FOMOD pick custom: bear replacers, chaurus black, chicken dark brown, dog default hd, dartwing replacers, deer replacers, fox red, fox arctic, none, none, goat shaggy - brown, common buzzard, belted galloway, none, none, none, mammoth brown, mudcrab grey, rabbit replacer, sabre cat striped, sabre cat white solid, skeever mangy grey, skeever healthy white, none, none, none, none, none.



1)]Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer] - (Y)

Description: It re-textures and fixes dragons. 


2)]Chappers Demonic Alduin Mashup] 

Description: A re-texture of Alduin. 

Note: Already covered by Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer.

OR:]Supreme Alduin] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: A re-texture of Alduin, with several styles to choose from. 

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer. 


[size=4]BONE TEXTURES == 


1)]Skeleton 4K Retexture] 

Description: These textures are very good, and offer a cleaner look. You also have the option of 4K. It has a brighter, and a darker version. 

OR:]Skeleton] - (Y)

Description: By the author of Troll, and Giant.


2)]Enhanced HD Dragon Bones] -[color=#b6b6b6] [OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: These textures come in several styles, with the option of 1K, 2K, and 4K.

OR:]Bloody Dragon Bones] -[color=#b6b6b6] [OLDRIM][/color]

Description: A choice of texture quality. 

OR:]Enhanced Dragon Bones 4k] 

Description: Luxor retexture.


3)]Serious mammoth Bone Retex] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Beautiful textures. 




1)]Draugr] - (Y)

Description: 2K, and 4K option.


2)]Dragon Priest] - (Y)

Description: 2K, and 4K option.


3)]Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks SE] - [1]

Description: Beautiful, and not covered by the Dragon Priest texture mod.

OR:]4K Dragon Priest Masks of Immersion] 

Description: A quality re-texture with no ESP. It has several options. 

OR:]Dragon Priest mask Overhaul] - (Y)

Description: I came across this hidden in the overhauls category. I like the strong colours, and metallic look from this one, and thought it offers an alternative look to the other two choices.




1)]Falmer] - (Y)

Description: 2K, and 4K option.  


2)]Hagraven] - (Y)

Description: I choose 4K. 


3)]Falmer Ear and Hagraven Claw] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Both main files. 


4)]Realistic Skin Shaders - Falmer and Hagravens] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: I've not tried this yet, but I was pleased with the equivalent mod for giants. 


[size=4]ICE AND SOUL 

1)]Transparent and Refractive Icicle and Frost Atronach] - [1] 

Description: It adds light refraction to ice. In the FOMOD I tick the first option for the LOD, smaller ice spikes, the soul gems, and I pick 25% transparency for the Frost Atronach. 

[color=#fff2cc]The halo option for soul gems isn't compatible with any other soul gem re-texture, so don't pick it if you intend to pick any of the options below.[/color]


2)]Morrowind-Style Soul Gems] 

Description: I like the style, and there's no ESP. 

OR:]Rustic Soulgems] - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite] (Y)[/color]

Description: Thought I better put the most popular soul gem texture for SE into the guide. It also gives them a glowing, pulsing effect. Install an unsorted file unless you're using an item sorting mod (none in the guide), in which case install a sorted file.


3)]Ice Wraith and Dragon Priest Retexture 4-2K] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Just install the textures for the ice wraith. Either the second main file, or the optional file. 




1)]Giant] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture.

AND:]Realistic Skin and Hair Shaders - Giants] - (Optional)

Description: Improves lighting effects. Definitely seems an improvement. No ESP. 


2)]Troll] - [color=#00ff00](Y) [/color] Description: Re-texture.


3)]Rustic Spriggan][color=#ffff00] [/color]- (Y)

Description: A quality re-texture, which covers all four types. Already covered by aMidianBorn creatures. 


4)]Rustic Daedra] - (Y)

Description: High quality textures for ice, flame, and storm atronachs. 


5)]Seeker and Lurker - Creature Retex] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Not previously covered in the guide. 


6)]Wispmother] - (Y)

Description: I go for the 2nd main file, and choose the recommended option in the FOMOD installer. 


7)]Frostspider 4K Re-texture] 

Description: Already covered by Bellyaches, but this others some alternative styles, and goes up to 4K. It has a lighter and a darker version. Very high quality, and truly amazing textures. 

OR:]Rustic Frostbite Spider] - (Y)

Description: Another great re-texture.


8)]HD Werewolf Retexture] - (Y)

Description: I go 4K. Has an optional file for blood red eyes. 


9)]Rustic Death Hound and Gargoyle] - (Y)

Description: Great textures, with the choice of 2K, and 4K.





1)]Mammoth] - (Y)

Description: 2K and 4K. Already covered by Bellyaches. 


2)]Sabrecat] - (Y)

Description: 2K and 4K options. I also install the Vale cat. Already covered by Bellyaches. 


3)]HD Sabre Cat Tooth Mesh and Texture] - (Y)

Description: The only mod that does this. 


4)]Horker 4K Texture]

Description: I had to add this even though Horkers are already very much covered, because they look so good. Up to 4K, and has a light and a dark version. 

OR:]HD Horker] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] 

Description: Install the first main file. 

OR:]Happy Horker - Rustic Texture for HD Horker] - '[color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)'

Description: Amazing retexture.


5)]Photoreal Foxes 2K HD Retexture] - (Y)

Description: Fantastic Mr. Fox! Already covered by Bellyaches. 


6)]True Wolves Of Skyrim] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: The best wolves retexture mods on nexus!

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION:[/color] Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


7)]Better Bats] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures the bats that fly out of caves. It has a choice of colours. Don't install the plugin, which allows you to kill them. 


8)]MM - REAL ELKS] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] (Y)

Description: Re-textures for elks. 


'[size=4]INSECT TEXTURES == 1)]Luxor's Moths HD] - '(Y)

Description: Great moths retexture.

AND/OR:]Luminescent Luna Moths] 

Description: Nine colours to choose from. 


2)]OH GOD BEES SE] - (Y)

Description: It has a FOMOD installer. I just pick the textures for the bee, and the nests, and use one of the textures below for the bee hives.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]The second main file has an ESP, and it's water records haven't been updated for SE. 

AND/OR:]Awesome Apiaries - Re-textures Beehives] 

Description: More great looking textures with a distinctive style. Includes new meshes.

OR:]Beehives 4k 2k] 

Description: Luxor retexture.


[size=4]FISH == 1)]Improved Fish] - '[color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][1][/color][/color]'

Description: This mod adds over fifty new species of fish, and new ingredients. This mod also replaces the vanilla fish, and includes textures. If you use it, you don't have to install any other textures. 

AND/OR:]PondFish and Salmon Replacer - Texture] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] 

Description: Fantastic textures, and meshes for the pond fish.

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer. 


[size=4]HORSE TEXTURES == 


1)]Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittKitty] - [1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: Gorgeous horses. 

Note: These textures are already included with Immersive Horses. 


2)]Horse Saddle Retextures] - (Y)

Description: My favourite choice of saddle, but you may prefer the next one if you want to look like your carrying equipment. 

OR:]More Saddles SSE] - [1]

Description: FOMOD installer with several sets of equipment to choose from, to suit different character types. 


3)]Archet's Dark Brotherhood - Improved Shadowmere]  

Description: Re-texture only. Already covered by Realistic Horse Breeds, but not the version included with Immersive Horses.


4)]Arvak With or Without Flames] - (Y)

Description: FOMOD installer with lots of colour choices. 

OR:]The Elder Scrolls V Rewritten - Arvak SE] - [1]

Description: Another great re-texture, which also gives several options for appearance. 



1) (SKSE)]The Sinister Seven] - [1]

Description: I always wanted a mod like this. You will be targeted by assassins throughout your game, and it can all be customised in the MCM. A great choice for adding some variety, and danger to your game, and would also work well as a back story for a character. 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).
  • Move Animal Tweaks.esp below this section (right panel in MO2).

It will be worth going in game, and checking the animal, creature, and enemy mods are working fine. You should encounter more if you explore off road.




1)]Corpse Burned UHD] - (Y)

Description: Re-texture for burnt corpses. 


2)]Ennead - Shadowmarks] - (Y)

Description: Creates a burnt affect for the shadowmarks. 


[color=#ffffff]3)[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]]Ultimate HD Fire Effects] -' [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)

Description: Amazing textures. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]Hide [i]meshes[/i] folder. From textures folder hide: [i]textures/effects/[/i] and [i]textures/effects/[/i].

OR:]Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD]  

Description: Re-textures fire effects. If I refer to Ultimate Fire Effects in the guide, the information will also apply to this mod.


4)]Embers HD] - [1] [ESPLite - C] [CORE]

Description: The Forges Addon is included as an option in the FOMOD. I pick Embers HD 2K Orange Cast, Fireplaces Add-on + Custom Effect, Forges Add-on, Lava Crater Add-on, and the Campfire patch. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] If you installed 2K Retextured Mage Tables]install the Embers HD compatible meshes] under Optional Files.


5)]Unofficial Material Fix - Embers HD Patch] - (Y)

[color=#e69138]Description: [/color]Fixes countless material bugs. Download only Embers HD Patch from optionals.


6)]Burnt Wood] - (Y)

Description: I recommend using this if you used Iconic Woodfires. That mod, although great, will make the wood embers in Helgen, carriage attacks, and maybe other places, glow extremely brightly, and this mod fixes that. It's an unintentional side effect to do with the game, and not the mod. You may want to use this either way, because it looks really good. 


7) (SKSE)']Frozen Electrocuted Combustion] - [color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C]'[/color] (Y)

Description: Love this mod. It adds effects to dead bodies killed in certain ways. including poisoning effects, and more. Gives a choice of 2 files, one where the fire burns to a charred corpse, and one that burns it to a skeleton. I choose charred. 


8)]Daedra-tastic Rune Spells] - [color=#00ffff][0/1 A=1] [ESPLite] [/color](Y)

Description: Re-textures runes. Includes those added by the Dragonborn DLC. In the FOMOD tick the option for Apocalypse Magic if you used that mod, but it does have an ESP. I'm using it. 


9)]Electrify S.E.]

Description: Re-textures electric effects. 

OR:]Voltage] - (Y) 

Description: Alternative textures to the previous option. It looks much better than previous mod in my opinion.


10)]Deadly Spell Impacts] - [1] 

Description: Re-texture. 

OR:]Fire and Frost Impact Decals HD] - (Y)

Description: This is a lighter option than the previous mod. It doesn't include any textures for sparks, and doesn't include as many textures for fire, and frost. It maybe possible to use both together. The textures look great, and it doesn't have an ESP.


11)]Ash Pile Retexture]

Description: Re-textures the vampire ash pile. 

AND:]Remade HD Better Dust Piles SE] - (Y)

Description: Another re-textures for the vampire ash pile. I'm using no skull version from optional files.


12)]Dust Effects] - [color=#00ffff]'[1] [ESPLite]'[/color] (Y)

Description: Greatly improved dust particles. 


13)]SOUL] - [color=#b6b6b6][OLDRIM][/color] '(Y)'

Description: It re-textures the soul absorption effect, and has several options of texture quality. 

[color=#fff2cc]CONVERSION[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]Fix meshes via SSE Nif Optimizer.


14)]No More Ugly Effects] - [1] 

Description: Similar to Glow Be Gone mod, but it affects more effects shaders and don't use SKSE.


15)]Holy Wards] - (Y)

Description: Re-textures the ward spells. No other mod in the guide does this.


16)]Refracting Ice Form Debris] - (Y)

Description: Adds a transparent refracting effect to the ice from the Ice Form Shout.


17)]Improved Sparks] - (Y)

Description: Improves the textures of sparks, and has the option to increase them. Install one of the files for grindstones, and one for impact.


18) (SKSE)]Face Light SE] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: Allows you to light up your characters, or a NPC's face with a spell. Basically it can look good. 


(SKSE)]Better Face Lighting and Conversation] - (Optional)'[color=#00ff00] [/color][color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C] [/color]'(Y)

Description: Similar to face light. It gives more choice for the lighting affect, but can't be used on as many NPC's at the same time. It has an optional feature, which will light up the NPC you are talking to.

Choice: It should be more reliable than face light, which can cause CTD's in certain situations. One of the aims with this mod was to avoid that happening. Both mods can potentially cause a CTD.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It would be worthwhile going in game, and trying out some effects.






1) (SKSE)]Violens - A Kill Move Mod] - [color=#00ffff]'[color=#00ffff][1] [/color]'(Y)'[/color]

Description: Allows you to customise kill moves. In FOMOD pick loose files and nothing from Optionals.


(SKSE)]Heart Breaker - A Kill Move Mod] - (Optional) [1]

Description: A mod for the psychos out there. If an enemy drops to one knee in the bleed out state, you can press the activate button to rip out their heart. It can be customised, so that this can only be done in certain conditions, such as when you're a vampire, or to Briar hearts only. The previous mod isn't needed. 


2) (SKSE)]Sands of Time Sleeping Encounters] - [1] [ESPLite - C] (Y)

Description: Love this mod. There's a chance you'll be attacked every time you sleep, and the chance depends where you are. It comes with default settings, which work well anyway. 

[color=#f1c232]SLEEPING:[/color] [color=#ffffff]It's important to me, to be able to sleep where I want in game. I realised that with Campfire I could make a rough bed with one fur plate, so I just do this. It works really well, you can place it inside and outside, and sleep where you want. I found this a better option than using the mod Simple Actions.

If you're somehow not using Campfire, you might want to try]Simple Bedroll] - It allows you to craft a bedroll, and you can place it, and sleep where you want. [/color][1]



1)]Footprints] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Animals and humanoids leave footprints. I love the mod, but don't always use it. It's not compatible with all animation mods. It won't break your game, the footprints just don't show. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]It runs scripts often, and if combined with mods which add many more NPC's or enemies it can cause issues. Plus if you decide to uninstall it, it can leave traces, even on a new save. I think if I was going to be a hunter character I would use it.


2)]Google's Simple Vampire Hunting] - (Optional) [1]

Description: It allows you to sell vampire dust to the Dawnguard for 250 gold to represent being paid a bounty for each kill.




1) (SKSE)]Lock Overhaul] - [1]

Description: It allows you to set a required skill level to open locks. Other features include breaking locks with weapons, and using magic to open them. All options can be customised in the MCM. Use the version for Ordinator if you also used that mod.  


2)]Improved Traps] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite]'[/color] (Y)'[/color]

Description: It fixes some issues, and adds some features for traps. Install one of the main files. There is an optional file to add a possible detection event when mining. 



1)]Wearable Lanterns] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Allows you to wear lanterns, which means you don't have to use a hand to hold a torch. You can buy or craft them, and even get your followers to use them. Another type of light source offered by the mod is a torchbug in a jar. 

Choice: Obviously a great mod, and it's very popular. I used to use it a lot, but don't anymore because I prefer Quick Light, which I find a simpler, and more efficient choice. 

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]: [/color]It require additional steps to make it actually work.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


(SKSE)]Quick Light] - [1] (Y)

Description: Works like the pip boy light in Fallout. You can activate it by holding down the action key. The light emits from a lantern, which appears attached to you when in use. A solid choice either way, but recommend over Wearable Lanterns if you're using SKSE. 


[size=4]CHARACTER == 1)]Imperious  - Races of Skyrim] - [1] [color=#00ff00][CORE][/color]

Description: Changes starting magic, health, and stamina levels, the regeneration rates, and the carry weight for each race. It also adds racial bonuses, and a quest for each race to unlock another.   [color=#ffff00]  [/color]

2)]ECE Imperious Patch] - [1]  

Description: It allows the race changes from both mods to be active.

Note: There are two ESP's. Keep the regular version and deactivate the Subtle Classes version (It's for a different mod), and then preferably delete the ESP for it in your Data folder. 


3) (SKSE)]Pumping Iron] - (Optional) [1]  

Description: A very cool mod that allows you to gain muscle if you train (get an increase in a combat or smithing skill), and sleep well.  


4)]Optional Starting Spells] - (Optional) [1] 

Description: Compatible with Alternate Start. It places a dead mage in the cell with all novice spells. Essential for roleplay because you can either choose not to have any spells, or pick the ones you want for a starting mage build. Also includes a chicken.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


5)]Faster Levelling 2017 (Now with Slower Levelling)] - [1]  

Description: I don't use it, but the slower levelling does appeal to me. If you do use it, you need to activate it in the console, and it's then that you choose the speed of your levelling. Instructions are on the mod page. 



1) (SKSE)]To Your Face - Sensible NPC Commenting SSE]  

Description: NPC's will no longer greet or comment on you, unless you are close to them. I no longer use this because the other option is included in True Skyrim.


2)]Realistic Conversations] - [1] (Y)

Description: It makes conversations more realistic, and improves NPC expressions, and emotions. Install the 3rd optional file.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


3) (SKSE)]Realistic Capacity] - [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite - C][/color] (Y)[/color] 

Description: It changes the way carrying capacity is calculated, with the intention of limiting it in a realistic way. It can be customised in the MCM. 

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color] Install!iAZWmSDB!SN5kyBWIKl-LmYcqoqIZ8scPNP8PDmKSqgVK7dSeM8g]Realistic Capacity - Script Fix].


4)]Simple NPC Outfit Manager] - [1] (Y)

Description: It gives you a dialogue option to choose the outfit of the NPC. There is two files. The main one will only work with allies or higher, and the second works on every NPC. It seems to work well. I use the option which allows you to change the clothing for any NPC. 


[size=4]HOME LIFE == 1)]Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions] - [1/2]  

Description: Allows you to adopt up to 6 children. You can also cast a spell to make a home your main one, allowing you to send adopted children, and your partner there. It works for a huge number of house mods. There is an option in the FOMOD to give children the last name Dovahkiir, which will result in an extra ESP. 


2)]My Home is Your Home] - (Optional) [1]  

Description: It allows you to designate homes to your followers, and assign them work, guard, and sleep areas, for up to 60 followers. It's it up to you if you use this.

Choice: AFT allows you to tell followers to hang out, and if you use this option in one of your homes they will stay there until you tell them otherwise. It's like they live there, and they will interact with their surroundings. AFT is enough for me.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


(SKSE)]My Home Is Your Home (MHiYH 2plus)] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Same as the previous option, but has a MCM menu, and more features. I would use this over the other option if you're using SKSE.


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game[/color]


  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It would be a very good time to test your game.


'[size=4]LIGHTING == 1a)]Enhanced Lights and FX] (ELFX) - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)'

Description: Obviously a great mod, has the best effects in my opinion, and I like the darkness it brings to interiors, at least from an immersion point of view if not a practical one.

In FOMOD pick: nothing in first page, SMIM Meshes and SMIM Lantern in second page, nothing in third page.

AND:]Unofficial ELFX - SMIM FPS Patch] -'[color=#00ffff] [1] [/color](Y)'

Description: Patches ELFX with SMIM, and improves performance in four core areas. It needs to be after the main ELFX ESP, but before the Enhancer/Hardcore ESP's, and any others. 


1b)]Relighting Skyrim] - [1] 

Description: The mod places lights at their light source. It creates a very natural, and realistic look.[color=#ffff00] [/color]  


1c)]Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)] - [1] 

Description: ENB not needed. Makes changes to the image spaces, and lighting templates, configuring them for more natural occurring colours, and much more. Combined with the mod above, your interior lighting will look great, and natural. From a darkness point of view, I would say it was pretty much in between RLO, and ELFX. Not as light as RLO, and not as dark as ELFX.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] If you installed Outlaws Refuges install the patch it has for this mod. [1]


1d)]Realistic Lighting Overhaul] - [color=#00ffff][2/8][/color]

Description: Offers realistic lighting, fixes, and other options. Brighter interiors on average than the previous two. It's performance friendly. I would at least pick the interior lighting and dungeons, but check out the options, and see what you think. I don't recommend you install the City Exteriors option as it can clash with other mods. 

If your just installing the interiors leave it where it is in your load order. If you do install the city exteriors (not recommended), move this mods plugins above your weather mod in your load order. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] It has a FOMOD installer with several options, and patches resulting in ESP's. The options are Interiors, Exteriors, Effects, and Illuminated Spells. The patches are for CRF, immersive citizens, JK's Riverwood and JK's Whiterun. Select the one's for the mods you've used, and pick the one for Immersive Citizens if you are going to use it, but deactivate it for now. 

There is a]patch available] for Eli's Breezehome. It's not essential, but people who use both seem pleased with the result. [1]

Note: If you're using MO, you need to place this before Embers in your priority, and load order.[color=#ffffff] [/color]

1e)]Luminosity] - [1]

Description: A new lightweight lighting mod that is very compatible. It essentially recolours vanilla lighting. It would be a good choice for fans of the vanilla lighting, or for people looking for a less fuss, and minimal ESP option. 



1)]Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Removes lighting in a realistic manner based on dungeon type, and NPC presence. It has a settings menu accessible in game by book. It makes dungeons very dark.

Do not use it with the ELFX hardcore module. It has a patch for Skyrim Underground, one for ELFX that replaces its Hardcore module, and one for if you used the enhancer instead. There is also a patch for SMIM. Install the one for SMIM, and any of the others, if you have used those mods.[color=#ffff00] [/color]

Note: If you are using SkyUI it will detect it, and give you a MCM menu instead of the book.


2) (SKSE)]Immersive College of Winterhold] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color][CORE]

Description: A complete overhaul for the college, which changes the layout of the interior, and edits the NPC's. 

Note: In the FOMOD pick: desaturated (or original if you want), ELnFX SSE Patch, none, CRF Patch, Better Dynamic Snow Patch, Ordinator Patch.

AND:]The Legacy of the Dragonborn Immersive College of Winterhold] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color](Y)

Description: It just adds in a display for ICOW, so it isn't essential.


3)]Webs S.E.] - (Optional) (Y)

Description: Install after lighting mods. If you installed ELFX you may want to install the patch for it, under optional.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • If you installed Distinct Interiors, move it to below ELFX (and the Enhancer/Hardcore plugins) if you also used that mod (right panel in MO2). 
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2) before loading the game. WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp also should be moved at the bottom (last in the load order).

It would be a very good time to test your game.




[size=4]MORROWLOOT ULTIMATE[color=#ffff00] [/color]1)]MorrowLoot Ultimate] - (Optional) [1]

Description: It makes quality loot more rare, and places it in a more immersive way. It also adds items, changes how tempering weapons works, de-levels enemies so that they are tougher to begin with, but become easier as you progress, and de-levels quest rewards so that you always get the strongest version.  

[color=#e69138]Patches for Morrowloot[/color]

It will conflict with a lot of other mods, but there is a huge number of patches available. There are several patches available under optional files, and patches found on other mod pages too. 

[color=#fff2cc]If you use mods that conflict which don't have a patch, you will need to use a Bashed Patch and Smashed Patch. [/color]

Note: Not all the patches are essential. I would read the description of each, and decide if you want to use it. For example the Inigo patch changes his Ebony bow to a lesser bow. That isn't that important to me, but might be to you. I would install the patches for the large additional armour, and weapon mods, and any others that have a big impact, like the Bruma one. Make sure you install any that solve conflicts which may cause problems in game.

[color=#fff2cc]IMPORTANT:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]There is also a patch to revert the encounter zones back to vanilla. If you used a mod which changed them earlier in the guide, you should use this, and then move your encounter zone mod to below Morrowloot in your load order. [1]

[color=#f1c232]Patches for mods in the guide from the[/color]]MLU Community Patches].

[color=#f1c232]Other Patches:[/color]]A patch for Immersive Weapons.] [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]]Patch] for Immersive Sounds Compendium. [color=#00ffff][1]

[/color]Don't forgot to install the patch from]Economy Overhaul and Speechcraft Improvements] if you used it. [color=#fff2cc]If you also used Ordinator, you need to move the Economy - Ordinator patch to below the Economy - Morrowloot patch. [/color][1]


[size=4]TRUE SKYRIM 

1)]T'Skyrim - True Skyrim] - [1] [CORE]

Description: A great mod that combines many smaller mods, and adds other tweaks into one ESP. 

Choice: I use it because it saves so many ESP's, and because some of the tweaks it makes aren't covered by other mods in the guide.

It does include some edits to a few male NPC's. If it is loaded after any NPC overhauls that also edit these NPC's it will likely give them the face bug. The good news is that the author mnikjom has made patches for several overhauls. If you do end up choosing one that a patch doesn't exist for, you will have to make your own patch, or live with a few NPC's having the face bug in game. 

There is another option to avoid this. Unless you intend to use Immersive Citizens (which will affect its load order), it will be possible to place it before the NPC overhauls. If this is done you will lose the edits to those NPC's made by this mod, but it will avoid the face bug. See Conflicts in the Useful Information Section for more information.

Note: It will tweak some edits made by other mods. 

[color=#e69138]Patches Download: [/color]It has patches for Babes of Skyrim, Divine People, Men of Winter, and Diversity. These patches can be downloaded at the same time you download, and install the main mod later in the guide.


[size=4] THE REST == 1)]More Tavern Idles] - [1] (Y)

Description: It adds more Idle markers in most taverns. [color=#ffffff]


[/color]2)]Run for Your lives] - [1] [color=#00ff00][CORE][/color]

Description: Non combatant NPC's will run, and seek shelter in homes, and Inns during Vampire, and Dragon attacks. 


3)]Realistic AI Detection SE] - [color=#00ffff][1] [/color]

Description: I use the light version because it raises the difficulty slightly, makes it more realistic, and that is enough for me. However, if you intend to do a lot of sneaking, want even more realism, and a bigger challenge, you may want to go for the medium or high settings. 

[color=#fff2cc]Lite version is already included in True Skyrim.[/color]


4)]Relationship Dialogue Overhaul] (RDO) - [1] (Y)

Description: It adds 5000 lines of voiced dialogue for followers to use. 

[color=#e69138]Patches:[/color] Under optional files, install the RDO - CRF and USSEP patch, which will give you two plugins. One covering CRF and USSEP together, and one just for USSEP. Deactivate the one just for USSEP.

Then also under optional files, install the RDO - AFT SE Patch Final This should be below the CRF/USSEP in your load order. If you have used Immersive AFT install the patch for that instead.[color=#00ffff] [/color]

This also has to be loaded after the AFT - USSEP patch from AFT as it overwrites some of it, but it should be below it anyway.


5)]Serana Dialogue Edit] - [1] [color=#00ff00][CORE][/color]

Description: This mod fixes, and expands Serana's dialogue.



6)]Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE] - [1] 

Description: A large mod which overhauls the Jarl's castle in each of the 5 major cities. It changes the lay out, adds new rooms, NPC's, clutter, has custom music, changes with the civil war story-line, and changes the AI of the original NPC's. A truly amazing mod. It's surprisingly compatible, but does require several patches.

Note: It has a minor incompatibility with Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers that are included in True Skyrim. If you can't find a few of the stones at the end, you'll know where to look.

[color=#fff2cc]Please read the warning about one of the patches before deciding to use this.[/color]

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] You should now install the Compatibility Patches. It's under Optional Files on the mod page. 

[color=#f1c232]IMPORTANT[/color][color=#fff2cc]: The patches should be in this order, in your load order.[/color]

USSEP/CRF - Essential Alternate Start - Only needed if you intend to start in the civil war. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Not needed if it's loaded after RDO  Skyrim Sewers - Essential if you installed that mod. Immersive Citizens - Essential if you installed that mod. ELFX - Essential if you installed that mod.   Relighting Skyrim - Essential if you installed that mod.  Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Essential if you installed that mod. ELFX Enhancer - Highly recommended. I would consider it essential. NO custom Music Patch. Intersesting NPC's - Essential if you installed that mod.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]The ESP for the Skyrim Sewers Patch is still in the Oldrim Form 43. 


7)]Realistic Water Two] (RW2) - [1] (Y) 

Description: A gorgeous overhaul for water. In the FOMOD I don't pick any of the options on the first page. On the second page pick Breaking Waves and Extended Ambiance. Also pick Watercolour for Needs mods if you're playing with iNeed or RND.

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Hide these files: meshes/effects/fxrapidsrocks01.nif; meshes/effects/fxcreekflatlong01.nif; meshes/effects/fxcreekflatlarge.nif. 


8)]Water HD] - '(Y)'

Description: HD Texture Replacer for Realistic Water Two.


9)]White Water HD] - '(Y)'

Description: It's compatible with RW2, but will overwrite.


10)]Volcanic Tundra - Heat Wave Effects] - (Y)

Description: Adds a heat distortion effect to the area. It will overwrite a few files from RW2.



1)]High Poly Project] 

Description: A fantastic mod, which improves the models for many things. The cabbages are the best I've seen. 

Note: The mod author suggests loading/installing this before Skyrim 3D Trees, and EEK's Renthal flora collection. I still have it afterwards, and everything looks good to me, but if you want to: 


[color=#6aa84f]Load Order and Checking your Game


  • Make sure the RDO - AFT/iAFT patch is below the RDO -CRF -USSEP patch in your load order (right panel in MO2). 


  • If you installed Realistic Hair Colours, move it to below Alternate Start (right panel in MO2).


  • If you moved an encounter zone mod to below MLU, also move Animal Tweaks to below that if you used it (right panel in MO2).


  • If you used Nether's Follower Framework, move it to below all mods from this section (right panel in MO2).
  • Move RealisticWaterTwo.esp under Serana Dialogue Edit.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move RealisticWaterTwo - Waves.esp under RealisticWaterTwo.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move the alternate start plugins (LAL/ RoL/ Skyrim Unbound) below Serana Dialogue Edit.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp at the bottom (last in the load order).

It's well worth going in game to check everything has installed, and is working correctly. Check out some water, listen to some dialogue, and so on.




[size=4]QUASIPCQwinn has made many useful patches for several mods, and they now come in an all in one installer. It will auto detect which mods you have used. Depending on which mods you have used, I would consider some of the patches essential, some very beneficial, and one, or two optional. There is a description of each patch on the mod page.[color=#00ffff]  [/color]]QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium] - '[color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 0/?][/color] '(Y)

Note: Uncheck patches for Bruma and USSEP, ACE and Bruma (covered by other mod from the guide).  

[color=#fff2cc]I recommend moving the patches to just below their lowest required master in your load order. [/color]


[size=4]KRYPTOPYR'S PATCH HUB AND IMMERSIVE WEAPONS PATCHES == 1)]Immersive Weapons Patches] - [1] (Y) 

Description: You want only USSEP and Wildcat patches.


2)]kryptopyr's Patch Hub] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 1/?][/color] (Y)

Description: It includes several patches for WACCF, and a few other mods. You want patches for Falskaar and CACO, Gray Cowl and CACO, Hunterborn and CACO, Immersive Weapons and WACCF, iNeed and CACO, Inigo and CACO, Moonpath and CACO, Ordinator and CACO, Patron Gods and CACO, Immersive Creatures and CACO, USSEP and CACO, Wyrmstooth (if you're using it) and CACO.

[color=#fff2cc]I recommend moving the patches to just below their lowest required master in your load order.[/color]


'[size=4]LEGACY OF THE DRAGONBORN PATCHES]Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches SE (Light Plugins)] - [color=#00ffff][ESPLite = 0/?][/color] '(Y)

Description: Patches for LotD are under optionals. Download (Light Plugins) version.

Note: Uncheck Audio Overhaul patch.

[color=#fff2cc]I recommend moving the patches to just below their lowest required master in your load order.  [/color]




1)]Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS] - [1] [color=#00ff00][CORE][/color]

Description: This is the framework needed to make animations you add to the game work. Install the main file, and then the optional file FNIS Spells SE if you want it (Only needed for magic animations). The creature pack is for other mods not available on the nexus. It currently isn't needed unless you plan to use those.     [color=#f1c232]INSTRUCTIONS:[/color] Open it from your mod manager, tick the boxes for the Skeleton Arm Fix, and for Gender Specific Animations, if their not already ticked, and click update FNIS behaviour. Don't tick the patches for the mods listed yet.[color=#ffff00] [/color]It will calculate your mods, and animations, and then finish. Providing it doesn't mention any errors, exit it. The first time you do this it will ask if you want to create a shortcut. You don't need one because you will launch it from your MM. I press cancel. 

1. Install FNIS Behaviours - The Main File 2. Install FNIS Creature Pack - (Very Optional) - Most people won't require this. 3. Install FNIS Magic 4. Add FNIS as executable (\mods\Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users) 5. Launch FNIS 6. Tick the boxes for Skeleton Arm Fix and Gender Specific Animations 7. Click Update FNIS Behaviour 8. Let it finish calculating and then click Consistence Check.  9. If there is no errors you can click Exit. Don't create desktop icon. 10. Follow steps 5-9 after you install or uninstall any animation mod that users FNIS - If in doubt use it anyway.[color=#fff2cc]

WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Don't enter the game if you have installed any mods that require FNIS, before adding the animations to FNIS first, or it can cause NPC's to break.



1)]No Spinning Death Animations] - [1] (Y)

Description: After death, bodies will just drop rather than spin. First main file.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


2)]Lowered Hands]

Description: You only see a raised hand if you have something in it. Very immersive, and well worth a download.


3)]Expressive facial Animations - Female] (Y)

Description: Improves the female facial expressions.

AND:]Expressive facial Animations - Male] (Y)

Description: Improves the male facial expressions.


[size=4]WALKS == 1)]360 Walk and Run Plus AND YY Animations] - [1] (Y)

Description: Allows you to move towards the camera face first. It also helps with clipping caused by cloaks. Install the main file. When I used it, in the options I chose 360 + cloak, same on the second page for females, I didn't increase the running backwards speed, and I chose swimming as well. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color]

Note: [color=#fff2cc]Don't pick BBP if you intend to use CBP Physics with SKSE.[/color]

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING[/color][color=#fff2cc]:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]It isn't compatible with other walking/running mods. I recommend using FNIS Sexy Move, and its version of this mod if you're going to be a female character, and have used SKSE.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


(SKSE)]FNIS Sexy Move SE] 

Description: Assigns a feminine walk to surrounding NPC's. Several mods have been combined to give 9 different animations in total. You can remove up to 3 in the MCM menu, and assign one to your female character. [color=#ffff00] [/color]

Note: It's not compatible with the mod 360 Walk and Run. However, there is a 360 Pack for female characters under optional files allowing you to move towards the camera face first. The 360 Pack also has support for BBP, but the mod is compatible with CBP Physics anyway, which would be the better choice. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color]


2) (SKSE)]CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR] - (Y)

Description: Gives physics to certain female body parts. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color]

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color] If you used CBBE, you will need to open Bodyslide ,and convert your CBBE body so that it can use the CBP physics, but you will have probably already done this earlier.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] If you want to change the default bounce, but don't want to do it yourself, then you can install some of the presets (you'll find them on mod site in description).


[size=4]COMBAT == Note: For the next three mods I would recommend making a straight choice between them. It should be possible to use Ultimate Combat, and Pretty Combat Animations, with FNIS PCEA2, but it's not as simple as installing them together. PCEA2 has some sub folders that can be used to add animations from other mods. Instructions are on its mod page. I've never done it, and I don't recommend doing it unless you feel confident that you understand it. 

1) (SKSE)]FNIS PCEA2 - Player Exclusive Animations (dynamic) SE] - [1]

Description: It combines 8 animation mods, which you can assign to your character using the MCM menu. If you do want to use other animations not included in this mod, you can and should add them to one of PCEA2's 10 sub-folders provided for this purpose, rather than install them separately (more info on the mod page). Update FNIS.[color=#ffff00] [/color]


(SKSE)]Ultimate Combat SE] -[color=#00ffff] [1][/color] (Y) 

Description: This is an incredibly popular mod on Oldrim, and it overhauls the combat system.

[color=#fff2cc]It doesn't require FNIS, but if you have it installed, you should update it after installing this. Before you run the update, select the TK Dodge/Ultimate combat patch in the FNIS App. [/color]

[color=#e69138]Load Order:[/color] This mod is compatible with Wildcat. It says to load their mod after the other on both mod pages, but I believe it is better to have this after Wildcat in your load order. It probably comes down to which ones features you want to have priority. The main conflict is that they both have timed blocking, so you should disable that feature from one of the mods in game. 

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 

AND/OR:]Pretty Combat Animations SSE] - (Optional)

Description: It replaces combat Idles with better ones. I've never tried it myself, because I primarily play in first person. Update FNIS.

The latest version of XP32 Skeleton includes several options for this mod in its FOMOD. I mentioned this at the time it was installed, but if you do want to use it, and didn't pick any, it will be fine to uninstall, and then reinstall XP32 now.[color=#fff2cc] [/color]

Note: [color=#fff2cc]This wouldn't be compatible with PCEA without using the folder system described on the PCEA mod page. [/color]


2) (SKSE)]TK Dodge SE] - [1]

Description: Allows you to dodge, and it does it well. It's fine to overwrite FNIS. You still need to install this, even if you have installed Ultimate Combat. It should be compatible with other combat animation mods. 

[color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS, but this time tick the patch in the list for TK Dodge SE/Ultimate Combat before you run it. The patch doesn't have an ESP. [/color]

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. [color=#ffff00] [/color]



[size=4]IDLES == 1)]Pretty Female Idles]  

Description: I recommend picking mixed style 0220 in the FOMOD. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color]

[color=#fff2cc]If you want to use this or the next choice with PCEA, you will have to take the idles from these mods, and place them in the correct folder of the PCEA mod. There's detailed info on how to do this, on the PCEA mod page.[/color]

OR:]Life Like Idle Animations] - (Y)

Description: This would be my choice for Idles. I think it is the best I have used, because it includes several poses, and movements, and looks more natural. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color] 


[size=4]ADULT I realise there maybe strong opinions out there on certain mods with a sexual element, but I will discuss the options available as I want the guide to be as informative as possible. I consider myself to be very open minded, and wanted to include some mods I haven't seen in other guides, even if I don't use them myself. In the end peoples tastes differ, and it's just a game.

[color=#fff2cc]Any of these links are likely to lead to images of sexual content. I can't guarantee you won't go blind.[/color]



[size=4](Option 1)

(SKSE)]OSA Skyrim Ascendancy Engine] - [1]

Description: This is an engine, that will allow Skyrim modding to achieve new things. Primarily it's an animation framework, but a very special one. It's well worth reading the mod page on the Nexus, but also the projects main web page, where it is explained better, and in more detail than I ever could. It's main function currently is to support a sex mod, also made by the developers called OSex. The animations for it are incredibly advanced, and realistic.

SKSE VERSION CHECK: Make sure this mod matches the current version of SKSE. 


XP32 Skeleton SKSE SkyUI FNIS]Papyrus Util SE] - A plugin for SKSE. You will already have this installed if you used Legacy, or Frostfall. Install it like you would any other mod

WARNING: Make sure this matches the current version of SKSE.]Mfg Fix] - A plugin for SKSE - Install it like you would any other mod.

WARNING: Make sure this matches the current version of SKSE. 

[color=#fff2cc]Make sure you have all these requirements before installing OSA. Once that is done, install OSA like you would any other mod, and then update FNIS. I would install the Skylife file too.[/color]

WARNING: The mod is still in its early stages for SE, so there is still the potential of bugs.


Description: An adult animation mod, which uses the OSA engine. Rather than me trying to describe it, because it's quite unlike the other options, just check out the mod page. It also links to their off site mod page, and it has detailed information on how to use it in game. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color]

It has several optional files to expand the main mod with additional scenes, whcih you might want to install, but their all marked as WIP.

WARNING: The mod is still in its early stages for SE, so there is still the potential of bugs.

[size=4](Option 2)

1)]Animated Prostitution SE] - (Optional) [1]

Description: Slightly more female character orientated. It has prostitution options for yourself if your female, but has many other features that might appeal to male characters too, like being able to initiate sexy stuff with friendly NPC's. It takes a longtime to install. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color] 

AND:]Flower Girls SE x] - (Optional) [1]

Description: It allows you to hire prostitutes, and adds them to the game, gives sexy time options for your spouse, and adds spells that you can cast on NPC's. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color] 

[color=#e69138]Patches Now:[/color] It has several patches for other mods. Install the one for Female Cicero if you used that mod, and want it (Optional).  [color=#00ffff][0/2][/color]

[color=#e69138]Extras:[/color] You might also want to install the optional file Amorous Adventures FG, which is the mod Amorous Adventures, but with added sex scenes. The clean version can be]found here]. 

If you want a makeover for the prostitutes -]KSHair For Flower Girls] [1]] ] WARNING: On the mod page it says it isn't compatible with Birds of Skyrim, but I never had any problems using them together, and an experienced mod author also told me they are fine to use together. 

AND:]FlowerGirls - BDSM - Base] - (Optional) [1]

By the same author of Flower Girls. It adds extra animations, and some different dynamics. With the Flower Girls seduction system, if they become your lover, you will get the option through speech to make your sex life more kinky. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]

[color=#e69138]Requirements:[/color][color=#ffff00] [/color]Flower Girls.

AND:]Flower Girls Sperm Textures] (Optional)  

Description: Erm, textures for sperm, that appear after the money shot. [color=#fff2cc]Update FNIS.[/color]




[size=4]XP32 MAXIMUM SKELETON ECE - Realistic Hair Colours - Fair Skin

Please read all of this sub-section before making your choices.

1)]XP32 Maximum Skeleton] - [1] [CORE]

Description: I would consider this an essential mod. It replaces the vanilla skeleton, and it's a requirement for many mods. If a mod requires it, and you don't have it, the game will CTD. 

It has a FOMOD with a lot of options. I will add more information on the different choices when I become more familiar with them. 

In the FOMOD pick: 

1) Physics Extensions. 2) Racemenu - if you used it.     ECE - if you used it.     MCM - if you didn't use either of the above, but want the XP32 MCM menu.     None - If you don't have SKSE, or didn't use the top two, and don't want the MCM menu. 3) I picked none.  4) I picked none. Pretty Combat Animations is in the Animations section of the guide, but I don't use it. If you do decide to use it later, you could just reinstall this, and pick the options for it then. Magic Nipples isn't in the guide. [color=#fff2cc]Options from 5 and 6 aren't compatible with options from 3.[/color] 5) I picked none. 6) I picked none. 7) Joy of Perspective isn't in the guide. Pick Schlongs of Skyrim if you used it (Racemenu users only). 8) Deadly Mutilation isn't in the guide. 9) Enderal isn't in the guide.

Note: If you have the Schlongs of Skyrim Patch plugin, make sure it's below the XP32 Skeleton plugin (right panel in MO2).

[color=#fff2cc]WARNING: If you pick ECE, MCM, or any of the options from 3, you will need some files from the mod Racemenu. [/color]

Download]Racemenu], and extract the files to a folder you created. Once this is done, the files from the BSA included in it will need to be extracted using the]Bethesda Archive Extractor]. Download BAE, and extract the files to another folder you created. Launch it via the BAE executable, and then drag the BSA file from the Racemenu folder into the big box that says Drag Archives Here. Choose to extract the files to the folder containing Racemenu. 

[color=#e69138]MO:[/color] Create a folder on your desktop, and call it something like XP32 Requirements. Open it, create a folder inside, and name it Scripts. Go to the Racemenu folder, open Scripts, right click, and copy the script nioverride.pex, and paste it into the Scripts folder you created.

Go back to the Racemenu folder. Right click, and copy the SKSE folder, and paste it into the XP32 Requirements folder. Now zip the XP32 Requirements folder, and add it to MO like you would any other mod, and activate it. 

[color=#f1c232]EASY OPTION:[/color] You can avoid doing this by using Racemenu for your character creation, or by not using ECE, and not picking the MCM option. The MCM allows you to adjust the skeleton in game.



1)]Supreme Vampire Lords] - (Y) 

Description: It replaces the skeleton for the vampire lord, increases the wing size, and fixes the leg clipping when flying. Download second main file.


2)]Savage Bear] - (Y)

Description: This makes bears larger, and more fearsome.


3)]Immersive Smilodons] - (Y)

Description: Improves the skeleton of the Sabre Cats, and makes them more feline. 


4)]Immersive Dragons] - (Y)

Description: It includes new meshes, which increases the wing size. Compatible with texture mods, and any dragon mods in the guide.


5)]Feral Foxes] - [color=#00ff00][color=#00ff00][color=#00ffff][1] [ESPLite] (Y)[/color][/color][/color]

Description: This mod transforms your cute vanilla foxes into stealthy feral foxes by replacing the vanilla skeleton with a custom skeleton. 

Note: Download only the second main file.


6)]Nightmare Chaurus] - (Y)

Description: This mod transforms your not so scary vanilla chaurus into a chaurus of nightmares by replacing the vanilla skeleton with a custom skeleton.


7)]Marvelous Mudcrabs] - (Y)

Description: This mod transforms your stubby vanilla mud-crabs into Mud-crabs with proportions that could actually run out of water, by replacing the vanilla skeleton with a custom mud-crab skeleton. 


8)]Grave Gargoyles] - (Y)

Description: Transform your impish vanilla gargoyles into a nightmare by replacing the vanilla skeleton with a custom Gargoyle skeleton.


9)]Heartland Horses] - (Y)

Description: New, custom skeleton for horses.

FNIS Output Remember to make your own FNIS Output at the end of this section.


  • If you installed Amorous Adventures (either version), move it to the bottom of your load order (right panel in MO2).
  • Move SOSRaceMenu.esp under XPMS.esp (optional - only for Schlongs users; right panel in MO2).
  • Find and move Particle Patch for ENB SSE.esp below Serana Dialogue Edit.esp (right panel in MO2).
  • Move WACCF_BashedPatchLvlFix.esp at the bottom (last in the load order).

It will be very worthwhile going into your game to check everything is working. Are your tits bouncing? Jump, walk, fight, have sex, check your MCM menu, and so on. Sometimes CBPC Physics doesn't take affect until after you've left the Alternate Start cell.


[size=4]TOOLS - INSTALLATION AND TUTORIALS [font=Times New Roman][size=5]]HERE][/font]


[size=4]MEGAPATCH == Now install Megapatch from #files in Discord. It should be almost last in your right panel in MO2. The only thing below it should be WACCF_BashedPatchLvlListFix.esp. If you're using Summermyst, move Sum_WACCF_Patch.esp below WACCF_BashedPatch.


[size=4]zEDIT Damn you Mator... First, you need to disable all unneeded plugins (right panel in MO2) to use zEdit properly: Everything from Music section Everything from Loading Screens section Everything from Audio section + patches related to these mods Everything from LOD section Everything from Effects and Textures section Everything from Patches section Everything from Animation section (except Savage Wolves - Feral Foxes plugin) Everything related to UI (SkyUI, iHUD, etc.) Everything from Weathers section Everything from Vegetation and Mountains section All patches and addons from Additional Quests and DLC Size Mods section Unofficial High Definition Audio Project plugins Enhanced Blood Textures plugins CACO Patches iNeed Patches JK's Skyrim patches/ other cities and towns patches If you're still upon limit - disable more patches

TL;DR: You need only mods that adding or editing creatures, animals, npcs, clothes, armors and weapons.

1)](SJG) UPF Patcher - See the Encounter Zone level in the name of the zone] - (Optional)

Description: Want to add the Encounter Zone's level to the text you see before you enter a zone? This is an updated version of hishutup's original patcher that now correctly pulls the correct EZ levels from any/all mods.


2)]UPF Opposite Animation Disabler] - (Optional) (Y)

Description: A Unified Patching Framework (UPF) patcher that disables the 'Opposite Gender Anim' flag on all affected NPCs.


3)]UPF NPC Enchant Fix Patcher] - [CORE]

Description: Simply a Unified Patching Framework (UPF) patcher that applies the NPC Enchant effect that ASIS included.


4)]UPF Khajiit Ears Show Patcher] - (Optional)

Description: Simply a Unified Patching Framework (UPF) module that applies the Khajiit Ears Show effect.


5)]UPF No Dragon LODs Patcher] - [CORE]

Description: Simply a Unified Patching Framework (UPF) module that applies the No Dragon LODs effect.


6)]Hunterborn Creature Patcher] - (Optional)

Description: This is a zEdit module for adding compatibility for mod added creatures.]Configuration options].

WARNING: There are some problems with bigger load orders. If you want to use this patcher, you need to disable ALL plugins (right panel), except these that edits animals. 


7)]Know Your Enemy Patcher] - [CORE]

Description: You should have both patchers already (they are included in KYE files).


Select all mods (except official esm), right-click, Manager patchers.


You can change some options in patchers (read descriptions in mod pages about it).


Build All patchers.



[size=4]zMERGENow you need to merge three files that was created by Patchers above.


Run zMerge. Click Create Merge.


Name your merge in Details window.


In Plugins window check ONLY your kye patches and zPatch. Click OK.


Click Build.


Wait until merge will be done. 


Remove informations about merge from program (it doesn't remove your merge files!).


You'll find your merged .esp in merges folder. Zip it and install like normal mod.


[size=4]MATOR SMASH == Disable all plugins Enable USSEP Enable all mods from Music section Enable Particle Patch for ENB


Run Mator Smash. Make sure that everything except Skyrim.esm had Smash.All setting.


Select all files (you don't need to select official esm files). Right-click, Add to patch and then <New Patch>.


Name your patch and click ok.


Build patch. You will find it in your overwrite folder.


[size=4]MANUAL FIXING FOR SMASHED PATCH Open your Smashed Patch.esp in SSEEdit and remove Worldspace.


[size=4]WRYE BASH == Off. Finally easy part. You can enable all of your plugins.


Rebuild your Bashed patch.


Tick ONLY Import Inventory and Leveled Lists.





[color=#f1c232]ENB'S:[/color] ENB's edit, and add to the visual effects of the game. They are amazing, and I think they can improve the look of your game at least as much as your weather, and lighting mods, and all the texture mods combined. They do come at a cost to FPS, and lower to mid range PC's are likely to struggle. Many of them do have a choice in quality, and therefore a choice in performance cost.

Note: The ENB binary can be updated regularly at times. The authors of ENB's are normally very quick to update when this happens, but make sure you double check which version of the ENB series you need for your chosen ENB/Preset.

[color=#e69138]Installation:[/color] First follow]this link] to download the latest ENB Binary. Click the version at the top of the list, and on the next page click download. Extract the contents to a folder on your desktop. Open the wrapper folder, copy [color=#fff2cc]d3d11.dll[/color], and d3dcompiler_46e.dll, and paste them into your Skyrim Directory folder. 

This next bit is a general rule, but you should check the installation steps on the mod page for the ENB you're using in case there are any differences. Download the ENB preset, and extract the contents to a folder on your desktop. Open it, pick the folder for the weather preset, and quality that you desire (if it has those options), copy the contents of that folder, and paste them into the Skyrim Directory Folder.

What you're looking for in most cases is a folder called enbseries, and two configuration settings called enblocal, and enbseries. There is sometimes another folder included called enbcache. 

[color=#fff2cc]Some ENB's suggest, or require some .ini changes to achieve the best results. Check for any on the mod page, but don't make the changes until you use Bethini, which will be done soon under the section Last Steps. [/color]


[size=4]THE ENB'SIt's well worth spending some time trying out different ENB's, because they have a huge affect on how your game will look. It's easy to switch between them. To do so, just delete the files you added from the ENB preset in your Skyrim Directory. You don't need to touch the files from the ENB Binary. They can also be changed mid game. There are plenty of images, and videos you can check for each before trying them too.

The first three choices are from the same author. They're all fantastic, and you can't go wrong choosing any of them. Presets for most weather mods are included for each.]Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB] 

OR:]SkyrimSE Re-engaged ENB] 

OR:]Intrigued ENB] 

OR:]Sin Xtreme realism ENB] - I liked this when using NAT.

OR:]The Truth ENB]

OR:]PRT - PhotoRealistic Tamriel]

OR:]Rudy ENB SE]

OR:]PhoenixVivid ENB - Reshade] - Like the title suggests it also users a re-shade, but there is an only ENB version too. It covers most weather mods, including Mythical Weathers, and the new NAT. Instructions on installing the Re-shade are on the mod page.

OR:]Surreal ENB] - A very good ENB, which seems particularly good for interiors, and actors. The presets for different mods are activated within the ENB menu whilst in the game (press End). I pick the option for True Storms when using Obsidian, and TS together. 

WARNING: Some of the presets, including the ones for True Storms, and Obsidian will turn distant mountains completely white. This will likely be fixed in a future update, but until then, you can tweak the settings in the ENB menu. 

Click Environmental, and then navigate down to the series of settings called FogColourMultiplier. There are different settings for different times of day.  Make sure you have the right settings, because there are ones with similar names under Environmental. Reduce those settings until the mountains appear normally for that time of day. For daytime I recommend reducing it from 3.0 to 1.5, and the night from 1.8 to 1.2. 


''''[size=4]BethINI ==]BethINI] - (Y)

Description: A tool that gives you a user friendly way to change your ini settings, or you can let it do it for you. It's very user friendly, in that it gives you a description of each setting if you hold your mouse cursor over it. A link to a]tutorial] by Dirty Weasel Media.

Download it and extract it to a new folder. I put it on my D drive, but your desktop would be fine. Open it, double click the application, and then select Skyrim Special Edition. [color=#fff2cc]Mod Organizer needs to be closed before you launch Bethini.[/color]


On the first screen, pick the setting that matches what was suggested when you first loaded the game to create the .ini files (for example, ultra), and then click recommend tweaks. Once that is done make any other tweaks you want or need to with the options available. 

[color=#f1c232]GRASS:[/color][color=#f1c232] [/color]Under the visuals tab, you can change grass diversity, and grass density. Check the mod page for the grass mod you used. For Skyrim Flora Overhaul, change it to at least 7. Changing it to 3 should work well for other grass mods, unless it says otherwise on the mod page. The optimum for grass density seems to be between 40, and 60 for all grass mods.

[color=#f1c232]uGRIDS:[/color][color=#f1c232] [/color]Under the View Distance tab, you can change uGrids to load, but don't do so without reading about it first. Increasing it will make the game load areas further in distance than it would normally. Opinions are mixed on if you should. It's good for reducing/removing the pop in effect of the environment, but it's more taxing on your system. It can also cause scripted scenes to begin before you arrive. People that do change it tend to increase it to 7. [color=#fff2cc]Don't ever change it on an existing save.[/color]

Another option on this screen is to increase the fade distance of different things by increasing the distance that they stay visible. Again this will affect performance.

There is a mini guide]here] that can help with grass rendering to close to you. 

[color=#f1c232]ENHANCED BLOOD TEXTURES:[/color][color=#f1c232] [/color]Under details the Decals box should be ticked. 

[color=#f1c232]TRUE SKYRIM:[/color][color=#f1c232] [/color]If you used True Skyrim go to the Gameplay tab, and change all the combat settings to 0.7. Once you have finished with Bethini, go to Documents/Skyrim Special Edition, open the Skyrim .ini, and add the line f3PBoltTiltUpAngle=0.7 under [Combat]. You should see the similar lines added by Bethini when you made the changes to the combat settings.

[color=#f1c232]ENB'S:[/color] If you wish to make any edits suggested by the ENB you used, bring up the ENB mod page now, and see if you can match any of the suggestions with the options available within Bethini. If you can't, you will have to manually add them to the Skyrim .ini files, which can be found by going to Documents/Skyrim Special Edition. 

[color=#f1c232]PERFORMANCE:[/color] There are many tweaks that you can make which will improve performance, and there is a great deal of information available on the net about this. The main one I will suggest is to disable the Ambient Occlusion found under the details tab. It's a good choice because many people argue that it looks bad, or the benefits it brings aren't worth the performance impact. Some ENB's will suggest to do this anyway, because they include their own version of it.  

Disabling anything that adds effects will also improve performance. This includes god rays, shadows, reflections, and so on. These can also be found under the Details tab. The game won't look quite as good, but it could be very worthwhile doing so on low spec computers. 

[color=#fff2cc]Once you have finished, go back to the Basics tab, and click save and exit.[/color]




[size=4]Installation Download DynDOLOD Standalone from DynDOLOD mod page.  Go to your modding folder: Modding Folder/Tools. Extract DynDOLOD archive. Add TexGen64.exe as executable (in the same way as you did with xEdit and other tools earlier).  Add DynDOLODx64.exe as executable. Add -sse in the Arguments field for both exe.


[size=4]TexGenLaunch TexGen via Mod Organizer 2. First window comes up, wait until you can click OK. Then you can configure the options: Navigate to Your Modding Folder\Tools\DynDOLOD\TexGen_Output. LOD Texture Size: 512 <— 256 if you have less than 4GB of VRAM Hit Start and wait for TexGen to finish. Click Exit. Move newly created TexGen_Output to the desktop, zip it and install like a normal mod. Delete TexGen_Output from DynDOLOD folder. Refresh MO2 and activate TexGen_Output in your mod order (left panel).


[size=4]DynDOLOD Launch DynDOLOD via Mod Organizer 2. First window comes up, wait until you can click OK. Select Advanced and configure DynDOLOD: Right-click in the box on the top left > Select all. Check both “Candles” and “FXGlow”. Under Options, make sure the following are ticked: Generate Static LOD Create texture atlas Max tile size=512 <— 256 if you have less than 4GB of VRAM Generate DynDOLOD Windows High Fake lights in child worlds Generate Tree LOD Select the Low, Medium or High preset. Click OK and wait for DynDOLOD to finish. Save & Exit. Move newly created DynDOLOD_Output to the desktop, zip it and install like a normal mod. Delete DynDOLOD_Output from DynDOLOD folder. Refresh MO2 and activate DynDOLOD_Output in your mod order (left panel). Move DynDOLOD.esm under other .esm files (right panel). Disable WGT.esp (right panel).


[size=4]xLodGen [color=#fff2cc]Some steps differ for MO users. Check that information before following this.[/color]

Manually download the file and extract it to a folder. Its location isn't to important, but try and avoid putting it in Program Files (x86), as you will have to open it as administrator if you do.

Launch the executable, and wait for it to load your plugins. By default, only the Tamriel world space will be selected, but you can tick all world spaces. There's no down side to doing this even if you tick some that aren't needed, except it will take longer to calculate. 

Then go to this]link], and copy the settings you want into the boxes available from this handy guide written by Abendaron. It will be really obvious what to do when you can see it for yourself. Choose the settings best suited to your computer strength. It will reduce your FPS if you go to high.

Click generate then wait for it to calculate the LOD's for each world space. This will take some time. Maybe half an hour. Try to avoid doing anything else on your computer when it's calculating the LOD's. It will tell you when it's finished, and then simply close it, and that's it your done.

WARNING: Before you generate the LOD's, disable any ESL's in your load order or it won't work correctly. I have read that with the most recent version of SSEedit available on Github, you don't have to do this, but you may want to double check that, or do it anyway to be sure.

[color=#fff2cc]It seems that SEELODGen won't run if you have the full 255 plugins. Its max is 254. If you have reached 255 by this point just deactivate a minor mod and reactivate it afterwards. SEELODGen doesn't create an ESP.[/color]

[color=#f1c232]MOD ORGANISER USERS:[/color] You will have to do things a little differently, but apart from these differences the previous information applies. 


  • Download it, and extract the contents to a folder, but don't launch it from its source. Instead go to your MO screen and click the gears sign, as you do to configure executables. 



  • In the Title box type SEELODGen. Then click the tab with three dots opposite Binary, navigate to the SSELODGEN executable, select it, and click open. 



  • Now you need to type something in the Arguments box, so that it knows where to output the data it creates when generating the LOD's. I type -o:"D:/SSELODGENOUTPUT" Doing so will cause it to create a folder on my D: Drive called SSELODGENOUTPUT, and place the data there. You can direct it to place the data where you want, but you need to ensure that you have included the full pathway. Also make sure the / are at that angle, and not \.



  • In the output folder, you should find a Textures folder, and one for Meshes. Zip the output folder, and add it to MO, and activate it, like you would with any other mod.


[color=#f1c232]REMINDER:[/color] For anyone wanting to play through the vanilla start, I highly recommend deactivating your mods, making a clean save after you've escaped Helgen, and then reactivating them. The vanilla start is heavily scripted, and you will very likely experience bugs, and even CTD's trying to do it with a full load order. 

[color=#f1c232]UPDATE:[/color] A few people have said that it's worth trying the vanilla intro first before deactivating your plugins. This is especially true if you started it via Alt Start, because your mods will have been given a chance to load. 

Finally you have finished modding, finished testing, and you can now begin your game! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Once you have created, and named your character, you will see messages pop up in the top left corner telling you certain mods have activated, items distributed, MCM menus added, and so on. This can take a few minutes. Wait until they have stopped appearing before you choose your start at the statue. I also recommend saving your game at this point. That way if you want to change your ALT Start choice for whatever reason, you can just load this save.  

Even when you are out of the ALT Start cell, and have started your game properly, mods are still likely loading in the background. This can take sometime, and you may even notice an improvement in performance once everything has settled down. Take your time. I tend to start the game, and just leave it for a while. Go make a nice cup of tea, or something. 

I recommend playing for 20 minutes or so, and then going into your mod menus, and customising them to your liking. Some mods need to be activated in game from their mod menu for them to start. It varies how mod menus are accessed. The different ways include shouts, spells, books, items, and MCM menus. Explore, and check each one so that you know their active, and their settings are how you want them. Not all mods have option menus.

[color=#fff2cc]MCM menus can appear for non SKSE mods, but don't use them unless you know that mod has SKSE support in SE. [/color] 

Some mods have option menus pop up automatically, either at the start of the game, or when you first go outside. In the case of Classic Classes it's when you first draw a weapon. For most mods these menus can't be accessed afterwards, so make sure you use them when they appear. The exception to this rule is the one for Moonlight Tales. That can be activated again in game.

[color=#fff2cc]It's well worth saving your game once you have done all of this. [/color]

WARNING: I strongly recommend not uninstalling, or installing new mods mid game. If you really want to, a lot of mod pages have information on the best way to do it. I don't recommend updating mods either, but again there is often information on the best way to do it on the mod page. Adding and removing textures should be OK.

Enjoy your game.