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Due to declining health, I will no longer be creating or maintaining modding guides or tutorials. The following information may be outdated.

QwHeNwx.png Morroblivion Overhaul - Enhanced Gameplay

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Morroblivion Overhaul - Appendix For installation and load order references, troubleshooting, etc...
This Modding Guide is a [WIP] currently Under Construction! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL this version of Morroblivion Overhaul until it is officially released!
This message will be removed when the content is considered complete.



This sections of Morroblivion Overhaul is an attempt to completely overhaul its gameplay. This includes massive and specialized Overhauls, Quests and New Lands, Dungeons, Guilds and Factions, Extended Cities\Tovwns\Villages (ECTV), Quality of Life (QOL), and various other mods.

01.1 Resources - Guides & Tutorials

Resources that provide a guide, tutorial, or general information about modding.

02. Bethesda Official Content

Official Games and Addons

03. Utilities - Tools

Utilities which allow you to create, edit, or manage mod-related files.


Off Site
zEdit - 0.6.4 - by Mator

Main Files

  • zEdit_v0.6.4_-_Portable_x64.7z

Description: zEdit is a Windows desktop application which provides a development environment for editing Bethesda Plugin Files.

zEdit Special Instructions

More detailed instructions will be provided as soon as I have tested how to efficiently set up zEdit for Oblivion and Morroblivion.

zMerge Setup for MO2 Users
NOTE: From the launch screen, be certain to select the Oblivion profile before continuing on to the setup.
Wrye Bash Users can intuitively follow the steps below excluding MO2 setup instructions. Select None for Mod manager.

In this section we will setup zMerge so that we can create merged mods later on:

1. Open zEdit and select zMerge from the drop-down menu along with the profile you wish to use.
2. Press Start Session.
3. Click on the cog in the Upper Right corner and a new popup box should appear.
4. Navigate to Integration Settings.
5. Under Mod Manager select Mod Organizer 2.
6. Under MO2 Instance select Portable.
7. Under Mod manager path, fill in the file path to where your main Mod Organizer 2 folder is
8. Under Mod manager mods path, fill in the file path to where your Mod Organizer 2 mods folder is (this should be located inside the Mod Organizer 2 main folder)
9 Navigate to Merge Settings.
10. Under Merge Output path fill in the file path to where your Mod Organizer 2 mods folder is (this should be located inside the Mod Organizer 2 main folder)
11. Uncheck "Disable plugins"
12. Navigate to Archive Creation Settings.
13. Under Advanced change Minimum file per archive to 999999
14. Under Advanced make sure Create texture archive is UNCHECKED
15. Click OK.
16. You can now close zMerge.
Check our Lexy's pictures on how to set up zMerge if you're having trouble: Here

Merge Plugins Standalone
NOTE: Alternatively one could install Merge Plugins Standalone for combining mods from Bethesda games which have .ESP/.ESM files. It uses the xEdit codebase as an API, and can be used with Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 3. This utility is recommended for users who intend to have a heavy modlist consisting of more than 254 active plugins.

Related Video: Merge Plugins : Start to Finish by GamerPoets
Related Forums: Mator's Utilities Support by Mator
Special Installation Instructions:
1. Download Merge Plugins and extract the archive into the Oblivion\TES4Edit folder.
2. Move the following files into the TES4Edit folder:
• doc
• lang
• changelog.txt
• MergePlugins.exe
• (overwrite the original)
• TES4Dictionary.txt
3. Run MergePlugins.
Mod Organizer Users: Add Merge Plugins as an executable.
4. The Oblivion Profile should already be detected.
Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Path: \Oblivion\
Click on the Oblivion icon and then click OK.
Right click in the window and select Uncheck All. Click OK.
When you first start Merge Plugins you should do some initial configuration. Click the settings icon.
5. Wrye Bash Users - Setup:
General → Reports: Select a Username
• Updating:
• Check Update dictionary automatically
• Check Update program automatically
Merging: Merge destination directory
• \Oblivion\TES4Edit\Merged Plugins
• Check Extract BSAs
• Click Verify file access
• BSAOpt path: \Oblivion\BSAopt\BSAopt x64.exe (or x32.exe)
• Click ok and close out of Merge Plugins. Reopen Merge Plugins and select the files to merge.
Notice: This application will be launched later in the guide.
Mod Organizer Users - Setup: Watch GamerPoets video linked above.

[Merge Plugins Hide]

Off Site
Merge Plugins Hide - by deorder

Main Files

  • Merge Plugins Hide

Description: This is a Plugin for Mod Organizer 2 Users that allows you to hide Plugins easier after they have been merged.
Special Instructions: Setup

  • Extract everything except LICENSE and to your Mod Organizer 2 plugins directory.
  • Load Mod Organizer 2 and press the Screw Driver and Spanner Icon.
  • Navigate to the Plugins Tab
  • Scroll down until you find Merge Plugins Hide
  • In the Right hand box change hide type to optional. NOTE: Make sure to put optional and NOT Optional, otherwise it will not hide plugins correctly.
  • Click OK.
Merge Plugins Hide is now set up and will move merged plugins to the optional directory within Mod Organizer 2. It can be accessed via the Puzzle icon within Mod Organizer 2.

[Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5]

Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 - 5.15 - by Gruftikus and Lightwave

Main Files

  • Landscape LOD generator 5_15c

Description: Tes4ll creates new and individual high-resolution landscape meshes including all the additional changes added by the mods which one has installed.

TES4LL Special Instructions
Wrye Bash Users:
Extract the files and move the following directly into the Oblivion\Data folder:
• Ini folder
• tes4qlod_tex folder
• tes4ll.exe
• tes4ll_tes4qlod_cache.bat
• tes4ll_normalmaps.bat
• tes4ll_tes4qlod.bat
• tes4ll_highres.bat (or tes4ll_ultimate.bat depending on system specs)
• tes4qlod_Oblivion_ltex.dat
Mod Organizer Users:
1. Install Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 as normal. This mod must remain activated.
2. Create an empty mod and name it TES4LL Output. Copy the following folder from \mods\Landscape LOD generator to the new \mods\TES4LL Output:
• tes4qlod_tex folder

Creating the TES4LL Mod

Wrye Bash Users:
1. Navigate to your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers folder and create a new folder named TES4LL Output. This will appear in Wrye Bash Installers tab now as a new project with a diamond icon.
2. Copy the tes4qlod_tex folder from the "Landscape LOD generator 5 15c" mod into the TES4LL Output folder you created.
Mod Organizer Users:
Special instructions will be provided in the Multi Purpose GUI section below.

Setting up the batch files correctly

ALL Users:
1. Navigate to the \Ini\tes4ll folder and locate a file named tes4ll_all.mpb.
2. Right click tes4ll_all.mpb to open with your favorite text editor and replace all the instances of $_gamedir\Data\ with the full path name that points to the TES4LL folder. If your favorite text editor does not have a "Replace All" function, just use Wordpad or similar text editor:
• Open tes4ll_all.mpb in WordPad or similar text editor, click Replace to open the Replace dialog window.
• Fill in the "Find with" field with $_gamedir\Data\,
• Fill in the "Replace with" field with the full path to your TES4LL Output project folder, ex: D:\Steam\steamapps\Common\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\TES4LL Output\. NOTICE: Change the game directory to match user setup.
• Make sure you have a \ at the end of each line, then click Replace All.
3. All future runs of the batch tools will now update these files in the TES4LL project in either the Wrye Bash Installers tab, or Mod Organizer mods folder depending how it is set up.

[Multi Purpose GUI]

Multi Purpose GUI - 2.00 - by Gruftikus

Main Files

  • mpgui_2_00

Description: MPGUI (Multi Purpose GUI) is a graphical frontend for various command-line based tools such as Lightwaves TESAnnwyn/TES4qLOD and tes4ll. MPGUI works for Morrowind (TESAnnwyn only), Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout3/NV.

MPGUI Special Instructions
Special Installation Instructions:
Wrye Bash Users should simply follow the instructions given by the mod author.
Mod Organizer Users:
1. Extract the archive and double-click on the Setup.exe or on MPGUI-Setup.msi. There is no need to install MPGUI in the game path; however, it is recommended to install it on same drive as the game directory.
2. From Mod Organizer, select Explore Virtual Folder from the executables and click Run.
3. From the Virtual directory, locate the mpgui.exe and double click it to run the program.
4. From the header, select File -> Open batch... -> Navigate to the %\Mod Organizer\mods\Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5\Ini\tes4ll folder and select tes4ll_all.mpb
Note: You could alternatively copy a shortcut of the tes4ll_all.mpb into the MPGUI folder for quicker access.
MPGUI 01.jpg
5. From the header, select Options -> Game mode -> Oblivion.
6. From the header, select Options -> Load order -> By plugins/loadoer file.
7. From the header, select Options -> Choose mod path -> %\Oblivion\Data.
MPGUI 02.jpg
8. From the header, select Plugins. Click Plugins.txt
Notice: Do NOT leave the Bashed Patch activated. If it is checked, simply uncheck it.
MPGUI 03.jpg
9. From the header, select Worldspace. Click Read Worldspaces. After it finishes loading the plugins, make certain Tamriel [0000003C] from 'Oblivion.esm' is selected.
MPGUI 04.jpg
10. From the header, select LOD Meshes. Activate desired settings.
MPGUI 05.jpg
11. From the header, select Normal Maps. Activate desired settings.
MPGUI 06.jpg
12. From the header, select Color Maps. Activate desired settings.
MPGUI 07.jpg
13. From the header, select Start Process. Activate Overwrite the original files and click Click me if you are ready.
MPGUI 08.jpg
14. When the process is complete, close MPGUI.
MPGUI 09.jpg
15. There may be file in the Overwrite mod. Move these files to the TES4LL Output mod. Check the TES4LL Output mod to ensure the files generated appropriately.
16. Activate the mod.

04. Script Extender Plugins

Script Extender expands scripting capabilities and adds additional functionality to the game.


AddActorValues - v1.beta5b - by JRoush

Main Files

  • AddActorValues

Description: AddActorValues adds script functions for much greater control over actor values. It also allows modders to add \'new\' actor values for their own use.
Special Instructions: Only required if installing any of the following mods that will be recommended later in this guide:

Av Latta Magicka
FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons

Esp/m Filter: Uncheck AddActorValues_example.esp

[AV Uncapper]

AV Uncapper - v1.beta1 - by JRoush

Main Files

  • AV Uncapper v1_beta1

Description: Uncaps skills, attributes, and other actor values. Also modifies game formulas so that values above 100 actually have an effect.
Special Instructions: AV Uncapper is the best choice for people who aren't satisfied with the choices made in Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper v098 and want the ability to fine tune themselves. Uncheck ActorValueUncapper_Example.esp
An alternative is the installation and setup of Oblivion -Elys- Uncapper v098 which literally takes two seconds with no readme required beyond "paste .dll into OBSE plugin folder."

05. Master Files and Utilities - Ingame

Master Files are mods containing ESMs (Elderscrolls Master Files). These must load before ESPs (Elderscrolls Plugin Files). Utilities - Ingame mods are plugins which have an ingame interface.


Fundament - v4.03 - by tejon

Main Files

  • Fundament R4 U3

Description: Fundament is a generalized replacement for countless small mods, including its predecessor, Progress. Through simple initialization files the user can safely edit skill advancement rates, game settings, and even Oblivion.ini settings.
Special Instructions: Carefully review the description page and all documentation provided.
This mod is required for any of the following mods:
Alchemy Advanced Adjustments
Birthsigns Expanded
FEA - Fundament Enchanting Addons


Progress - v2.1 - by tejon

Main Files

  • Progress OBSE-0018-pre

Description: Progress is a general replacement for skill rate adjustment mods. It allows full configuration of skill advancement rates by editing the Progress.ini file, and alternate advancement methods for several skills.
Special Instructions: Esp/m Filter: Only activate Progress.esm. All Progress*.esp files are incompatible with Fundament.
Carefully review the description page and all documentation provided.

06. Fixes and Unofficial Patches

Mods which fix issues or bugs without adding new content. They are standalone mods that are rarely affected by other mods but enhance/overhaul large parts of the game with minimal or no overlap. These may include fixes which specifically address game stability or performance.
:Earliest Mods: Plugins that need to load directly after the ESM files for whatever reason. -> 
:NPC Face Mods: Bash and deactivate to keep new faces with NPC altering mods later. -> 
Vanilla Fixes: Fixes for vanilla game bugs, everything else must be allowed to override these. ->
:Unofficial Patches: A very large compilation of vanilla game fixes -> 
:DLC Shivering Isles: Official DLC and mods directly related to it. 

07. Early Loaders

Mods that enhance/overhaul large parts of the game with minimal or no overlap.
:Post UOP Fixes: Mods that directly edit fixes found in the UOP. -> 
:Non-English Language Fixes: Fixes for non-english versions of Oblivion. -> 
:VWalk Post-UOP Files -> 
:BSA Tricks: Dummy files which are used to activate BSA content. -> 
:Initial Fran's Files for FCOM 

07.1 Character Appearance Vanilla Flavor

08. Gameplay - User Interface

Mods which add or modify user interface components. Oblivion's UI Menu has one of the most undesirable gaming UI that I ever played. It's a combination of wasted space, improper scaling, and inappropriate controls. Several mods are available that attempt to correct some of this. I will list my own preferences below, however, I recommend all users research what will best suit you. Remember, if you decide not to mimic my list, make certain it is compatible with mods you choose to install. Try to install only UI mods that are still being actively supported by either the author or the modding community.

08.1 Gameplay UI – CORE

Menus define the layout and style of the UI. This may include the HUD with remodeled textures, etc...

08.2 Gameplay UI – FONT CHANGES

Mods that alter vanilla fonts.

08.3 Gameplay UI – LOADING SCREEN

Mods that alter vanilla loading screens. Need to have the Graphics tag or they may be overwritten.

09. Base Mods

Contains several sub-categories (Weather, Water, Sounds, Lighting, and other Base Mods such as Audio Visual - Models & Textures, and rextured Items). Mods that can be overridden in part. Low priority mods. New Items, NPCs & creatures that are not overrides of other mods. 'Library' mods.

09.1 Audiovisual - Weather

Mods which add or modify weather. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.2 Audiovisual - Water and Lava

Mods that retexture water and lava. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.3 Audiovisual - Sounds & Music

Mods which add or modify sound effects, music, or voice. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.4 Audiovisual - Lighting

Mods which add or modify lighting. This may be moved to a lower category in either Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing or Override Mods - Late Loaders if overwritten by lower mods.

09.5 Audiovisual - Major Texture Packs

Mods that retexure a large portion of the games meshes and textures. Theese mods may be overwritten.

09.6 Audiovisual - LOD Resources

Mods that offer include LOD resources.

09.7 Audiovisual - Grass & Flora Overhaul

Mods that retexture both grass and flora.

09.8 Audiovisual - Tree Overhaul

Mods that retexture trees and shrubs.

09.9 Audiovisual - Landscape & Grass Fixes

Mods that fix landscape and grass anomolies. These may also include mods that claim to increase performance.

09.10 Audiovisual - Landscape

Mods that retextue landscape including dirt, rocks, roads, etc...

09.11 Audiovisual - Architecture

Mods that retexture buildings and other architecture.

09.12 Audiovisual - Caves & Dungeons

Mods that retxture caves, dungeons, forts, ruins, etc...

09.13 Audiovisual - Interiors

Mods that rexture inerior decorations.

09.14 Items - Tools & Clutter

Mods that retexture items that cannot be worn, ingested, or used as a weapon. Any new and unique items belong in a lower category in Gameplay - Quests & Locations.

09.15 Items - Ingestibles

Mods that retexture items you can eat or drink. Any new and unique items belong in a lower category in Gameplay - Quests & Locations.

09.16 Items - Armor, Clothing, & Accessories

Mods that retexture items that can be worn such as armor, clothing, jewelry, cloaks, and bags. Any equipment items that include body replacers belong in a lower catergory in Character Appearance - Equipment.

09.17 Items - Weapons

Mods that rtexture sticks you can stab, squish, or shoot people with. Any new and unique items belong in a lower category in Gameplay - Quests & Locations.

10. Load Order Independent Mods

These mods don't need to go anywhere, they're fully scripted, so load them early. 

11. Late Loaders - Base Mods

Mods which are load order independent that need to be loaded after other base mods to avoid conflit.
:Map Marker Tweaks: Load after OOO to override OOO initial map marker changes, otherwise let OOO remove starting default map markers. ->
:Hotkeys: Load order independent. Use only one unless documentation says otherwise.

11.1 Audiovisual - Post-processing

Mods which perform post processing or include a post-processing preset. These are Graphic Extenders including ENB, ReShade, Sweet FX, TES Reloaded, ect...

11.2 Alternate to Oblivion Reloaded

Extenders and DLL Enhancements

Comparable Graphic Mods

12. Early Quest Add-Ons

Mods that add or alter quests in the game.
:DLC 1: First group of official downloadable content and plugins directly tied to them. ->
DLCHorseArmor.esp -> DLCOrrery.esp -> DLCVileLair.esp -> DLCMehrunesRazor.esp -> DLCSpellTomes.esp 

[Black Horse Courier Expanded]

Black Horse Courier Expanded - v1.2 - by Cliffworms

Main Files

  • BHC Expanded 1_2

Description: Adds 35 new quest-related and non-quest-related Black Horse Courier articles that can be acquired by the player, in addition to the game\'s 25 articles.

[Oblivion Uncut]

Oblivion Uncut - v3.1.8.1 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Uncut

Optional Files

  • Oblivion Uncut - Local Guards Features Patch (Needed only if installing Local Guards Features recommended later in this guide.)

Description: This mod restores over 35 cut npcs, 6 whole quests, a courier questline, LOADS of new dialogue, new locations, shops, spells; you can even celebrate holidays!
Special Instructions: Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul users will need the Oblivion Uncut - Adaptation to OOO patch.

13. Character Appearance

Mods that modify the appearance of characters or add new options for character creation.

13.1 Character Appearance - Body Mods

Mods that adjust body shapes or textures.

13.2 Character Appearance - Skeletons

Mods that add skeleton meshes for comaptibility with body replacers.

13.3 Character Appearance - Equipment

Mods that add items specific to new body replacer.
:Items (Armor and Weapons): nest category which contains all "Items" headings. Wrye Bash tag all armor replacers need BASH: Graphics to keep their new look. Some items will need to go after overhaul or location altering mods to appear. ->
:Body Replacer Armour & Clothing: Stuff for use with body replacers. Wrye Bash tag all armor replacers need BASH: Graphics to keep their new look. -> :Not For Free Armor ->
:Horse Mods: Mods related to horses and some other types of mounts.

14. Pre Overhaul

Mods  that need to be loaded before magjor overhaul mods to reduce conflict.
:Only Name Changing Files:Tag with names and total compatibility. ->
:DLC 2 -> DLCThievesDen.esp 

[Lore Friendly Generic Name Overhaul]

Lore Friendly Generic Name Overhaul - v1.0 - by Publick Gamer

Main Files

  • Lore Friendly Generic Name Overhaul

Description: Every single 'generic' named npc in every city, now has a REAL, LORE FRIENDLY name! Example, Apprentice Jangeline. With over 200 npcs given new names, Cyrodiil will feel more realistic than ever before!
Special Instructions: Load near the bottom of your load order. This mod may conflict with other mods that edit these npcs.

15. Overhauls

Major Overhaul mods including: 
:FCOM, Fran's, OOO, MMM, etc -> Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod -> OOO; FCOM optional and related components; MMM and optional plugins -> OOO Full and Lite -> Post OOO -> MMM & FCOM  -> FCOM/MMM optionals 1 -> FCOM/MMM optionals 2 -> MMM for non-FCOM installs -> OWC New Dimensions -> Tamriel Travellers -> FCOM\MMM optionals 3 -> Overhaul Compatibility -> Additional MMM OOO Patches -> Waalx Animals and Creatures -> Post Overhaul -> CNRP (Cyrodiil NPC Remodelling Project) ->
:Creatures - New:Really needs Wrye Bash or a compatibility patch if using almost any overhaul.

15.1 Gameplay - Crafting

Mods that alter or add items purely through the crafting menu.

15.2 Gameplay - Economy & Item Balance

Mods that alter or change economy and item balance.

16. Morroblivion Mods

Morroblivion: Group for all morroblivion plugins. In the future, Skyblivion and Skywind may also be included in this group.

17. Gameplay - Quests & Stories

Mods which add or modify quests or stories.	
:Quests and Locations 1: All mods that add or change quests, player houses, add or change dungeons, add or change towns, villages, cities and/or landscape. -> Quests Early -> Quests Arena -> DLC 3 -> DLCBattlehornCastle.esp -> Quests and Locations 2 -> Immersive Environments

[Imperial Palace Improvement]

Imperial Palace Improvement - v1.9 - by Marob307

Main Files

  • Imperial Palace improvement

Description: The purpose of this mod is to make the Imperial Palace Alive and complete.

17.1 Locations - New Dungeons

Mods which add new areas where you can encounter and fight enemies.

17.2 Locations - New Lands

Mods which add completely new lands to explore.

17.3 Locations - New Player Homes

Mods which add new player homes.

17.4 Locations - New Structures & Landmarks

Mods which add new structures or landmarks. These may include ECTV (Expanded Cities, Hamlets, Town, Villages, etc...)

17.5 Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing

Mods which specifically aid player immersion or role-playing. These may include weather, lighting, and other environmental and visual effect changes.

18. Gameplay - Quests & Locations

Mods which add new quests, locations and/or new inventory items to the game.
:DLC 4 -> DLCFrostcrag.esp -> Knights.esp ->
:ROM -> ROM Revised Oblivion Mod.esp ->
:Quests and Locations 3 -> FCOM Compatibility Section:FCOM optional addon patches. ->
:Quests and Locations 4 

19. Locations - Overhauls

Mods which modify landscape locations ingame.
:Landscape and City Overhauls -> Tamriel Worldspace Modding Project -> Extended Cyrodiil -> Towns and Villages -> HESU Mods and Patches -> CUO Cities -> Unique Landscapes and Compatibility Patches -> HM2 -> Post UL, Pre BC -> Unique Landscapes V2 Compatibility Patches -> Open Better Cities -> Open Cities Classic -> Open Cities Reborn -> Open Cities Patches -> Quests and Locations 5 -> Post City

20. Overrides

Mods that deliberately change specific things about vanilla Oblivion, overhauls or other mods. Some late loading quests and locations in here too.
:Overrides Early -> Lava

[Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells]

Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells - v1.2.5 - by Alek, uploaded by mitchalek

Main Files

  • AULIAS_1_2_5

Description: Any leveled item or spell obtained as a quest reward or any unused sigil stone will be automatically replaced by better version of itself as player progress through levels.
Special Instructions: This mod is not needed if installing Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.

[AV Uncapper Settings - Fixed]

AV Uncapper Settings - Fixed - v1.02 - by JCN

Main Files

  • AV Uncapper settings-fixed

Description: Bugfixed version of original 'AV Uncapper settings mod' by JCN (original by JRoush). Fixes Luck calculations if you want to use diminished returns formula for luck/skill.

[AV Uncapper - H2H Hand to Hand PATCH]

AV Uncapper - H2H Hand to Hand PATCH - v1.02 - by sickofaccounts

Main Files

  • H2HUncapper PATCH

Description: Fix hand to hand damage with uncapper mods.
Special Instructions: Edit BOSS userlist.txt:

ADD: h2huncappedpatch.esp
AFTER: JCN_AV Uncap.esp

[Time Enough At Last - A Main Quest Enhancement Mod]

Time Enough At Last - A Main Quest Enhancement Mod - v1.0 - by dreamed1

Main Files

  • Time Enough At Last

Description: Add breaks to the main quest line so you can do other things instead of rushing from one quest straight into the next.
Special Instructions: Compare Sinitar's INI Tweaks for Ultimate Oblivion Gameplay\TimeEnough.ini

21.1 Gameplay - AI & Combat

Mods which modify character behavior, combat mechanics, or enemy strength in general.
:Sexual Stuff -> SPT Diverse Guards -> Overrides Late -> TIE Integration Compatibility -> Alternative Starts -> Realism -> Vampires 

21.2 Gameplay - Magic & Abilities

Mods which add new abilities or spells. including slchemy, enchantment, ect...

21.3 Gameplay - Stealth

Mods that add or modify stealth such as thievery, sneaking and crime.

21.4 Gameplay - Skills, Attributes & Leveling

Mods which add or modify skills or perks, attributes, and leveling.

21.5 Audiovisual - Animations & Physics

Mods which add or modify animations or physics.

22. Character - NPC Overhauls

Mods that add new face parts such as hairs, beards, brows, or eyes. They may also add new overlays such as warpaints, tattoos, or freckles.
:Beauty Packs -> Race Changes-Addons: Hair, eyes, race addons & changes and other cosmetics. 

22.1 Character Appearance OCO2 Overhaul

Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2 attemps to modernize characters in the styles of Skyrim and TESO. This affects both player and NPCs. It is a comprehensive NPC overhaul. OCO2 Overhaul is currently the most popular of flavors and most NPC equipment mods provide patches for it where needed, including ponyrider0's Morroblivion-OCO2 Facelift v0.2.s: Hair, eyes, race addons & changes and other cosmetics. 

22.2 New Characters

Mods which add new animals, characters, or creatures to the game.
:Allies & Companions -> Enemies -> Nuetral

22.3 Gameplay - Classes & Races

Mods which modify character classes/races or add new ones
:Race Overrides: Includes birthsign mods. -> Body & Head Changes -> Beauty Packs & Race Changes-Addons -> L.A.M.E. -> Post Magicka Overhaul -> Race Balancing Project 2 -> Bg Integration -> Other Race and Birthsign Mods 

23. Override Mods - Late Loaders

Mods that need to be loaded late for whatever reason or override other mods to avoid conflict.

23.1 Landscape And City Overrides

These may include patches created for campatibility with landscape and city overhauls.

24. Pre Bash

Mods that need to be very low in order to override everything else making the same changes. 
:Message Suppression/Changing Overrides:Best loaded late to override possible message additions from other mods. These are mostly covered by the Bashed Patch. -> Respawn & Day Length Overrides -> Shader Mods -> Shader Removers -> Shader Replacers 

25. Fixes - Patches

Fixes and Patches which make mods compatible with each other.

25.1 Merge Patches

Merged plugins output files.

25.2 NPC Retexture Patches

Conflict resolution patches created specifically to correct NPC appearance.

25.3 Utilities - Patchers

Files that are generated after running a patcher utility.

25.4 Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution mods consist of specialized edits to resolve game breaking conflicts and issues.

26. Post Bashed Patches

Mods which need to load after the Bashed Patch for whatever reason. 

26. Distant Terrain Output

Files that are generated after running a lod generation utility.

27. Map Mods

Maps should always override any Distant Terrain Output. They should also never be included in a Bashed Patch.

28. Script Extender Output

Files that are generated by the script extender after launching the game.

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