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Recently there were several Japanese mods uploaded without permission. After numerous reports about the files being stolen/uploaded without permission the files were hidden from public viewing and downloading. Subsequently the mods have been deleted, as per the wishes of their authors/creators.

I have spent the last several days making contact with the Japanese modding community trying to get permission from the various authors with some level of success.

Most of the files in question are still WIP's and as such have not been released to the general public as of yet, most of these authors are members here and will upload their work when it is completed and tested.

In a few cases however, the files are not to be shared outside of the 2ch forums as the author(s) do not have permission to use some of the contents from their original creators. Specifically pose mods that are a compilation of many different creators and permissions from all is difficult or impossible to obtain.

It must be understood that the Japanese modding community has their own rules that should be respected, you are free to visit their forums and download what interests you, however uploading content here without permission will not be tolerated. We will afford all mod creators the same courtesy and respect their wishes regardless of where they call home.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope some level of understanding with our various cultures has been reached and a spirit of continued cooperation and support will be the end result.


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