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Here is a list of the types of files allowed to be uploaded to the Nexus:

.7z - Compressed "7-Zip" Archive
.RAR - Compressed "WinRAR" Archive
.Zip - Compressed "Zip" Archive
.OMOD - Mod packaged for use with Oblivion Mod Manager
.EXE - Executable Program

Here are some file types you might find inside these archives:

.BSA - Bethesda Software Archive
.NIF - NetImmerse / Gamebro Model file
.DDS - Direct Draw Surface texture file
.EGM - Morph file (I do not actually know it's name)
.KF - Key Frame animation files

Archive is a term to describe a single file that can contain many other files inside of it and is typically compressed which makes the size much smaller than when the files are extracted...good for saving bandwidth during downloads which helps the Nexus keep its doors open. Most archives can usually be extracted with most of the popular archive tools (assuming you have the newest versions).


.zip files are usually the largest files but Windows XP has built-in support to extract these files. It is typically a good idea to use the zip format for small archives for maximum compatibility.

.RAR files are normally between the size of zip files and 7z files. You have to use an archive utility such as 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip to extract these files.

.7z files are usually the smallest files of all the popular format types. Because of this, it is favored amoung the modders here at the Nexus because it reduces the bandwidth requirement to download the mods which helps the Nexus keep its doors open. You have to use an archive utility such as 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip to extract these files.

.OMOD files are specially packaged archives designed to work with Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM). If you have OBMM installed, you simply place the OMOD file in the correct OBMM folder and the mod will appear when you start OBMM. Then it is a simple matter of double-clicking the name of the mod to install or uninstall it.

.EXE files are program that you run by simply double-clicking on the name. If you download an EXE file, always make sure your virus scanner scans this file before you try to run it. It is also important that your virus scanner has up-to-date virus definition files.

.BSA files are archives that contain game resources such as meshes (NIF files), textures (DDS files) and sound FX (WAV files). You would have to use a special BSA extraction tool such as BSA Commander or Oblivion Mod Manager to extract the files contained inside for direct access to modify them.

.NIF files are the 3D models you see inside your game (characters, clothing, weapons, armor, buildings, etc.). Tools like NifSkope can modify them or NIF plugins for 3D modeling programs like Blender can export models in that format.

.DDS files are compressed texture files whose dimensions are in powers of two for performance reasons.

.EGM files contain information about a model and how it can deform such as an open-faced helmet that conforms to a small head or a very large and wide head. Tools such as The Conformulator can create these files for use with custom helmets or hair.

.KF files are animations of particular skeletons such as a human skeleton during a running sequence.