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Hello all!

Recently I have seen a few mod requests for shorter wait times I hate the long wait time too.

Anyways, I thought we should compile a list of things that CANNOT BE DONE

  1. Shorter waiting time
  2. New kinds of magic (you can create new spells using existing magic, but you can not create new forms of magic) Now possible using Oblivion Magic Extender and AddActorValues OBSE plugins (both available on the nexus).
  3. New skills Now possible using the AddActorValues OBSE plugin
  4. Different body meshes for different races
  5. Mods that change the same race. the last one in the load order will conquer the other mercilessly. This also applys to vendor chests
  6. New weapon types. no spear (strictly speaking not impossible, but requires a full set of custom weapon animations)
  7. no moving planes of water
  8. cannot add body slots (no second heads, sorry)
  9. Esp.s cannot communicate between each other. their phones are dead, because they dont pay their phone bills Actually this is pretty easy to achieve if you can modify both esps: Add a common esm and communicate through quest variables.
  10. Collision (Havoc physics) cannot be added to the player or player-worn items such as clothing or armor.
  11. "Rigged hair. I don't mean wigs, which CAN be rigged to move with the body. I mean hair that you add to a race in the CS and equip through Character Generation. It cannot be done; trust me, I've tried." Desuchan
  12. no stopping the rain inside
  13. no soft body physics
  14. no new colored lights
  15. No nested Begin/end blocks.
  16. No huge battles with hundreds of enemies. (no battle of Helm's Deep, sorry)
  17. No getting followers to jump. (they are just too lazy)
  18. No objects that act like water (So no realistic fountains unless they're cell-sized).
  19. Sheogorath cannot make sense
  20. Cannot copy an object/actor from kotn without the cs crashing
  21. cannot climb a rope or ladder Or even climb up a rock pile (if the rocks are spaced properly you can hop up from one to another, but cannot climb.)

Keep em coming! (note ill try to add some humor once in a while)