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.dds.X - SC Texture Converter Guide

SC Texture Converter (SCTC or sctexconv_1.3.exe) is a tool for un-splitting and converting KCD texture and image files (not the 3D models).

Download(15.5MB): star-citizen-texture-converter-v1-3.zip


1. about .dds files and formats

Search and extract the needed textures/images from one of the .pak files. Almost every texture is acompanied with several files named like the main texture, except for their extensions, which go from 1 to N.

*** You have to copy them along with the main texture, otherwise you won’t be able to convert it.****


/Data/textures.pak/Textures/terrain/grass/grass_01_diff.dds and “grass_01_diff.dds.1” to “grass_01_diff.dds.6

2. un-split .dds.N files

Copy textures into the folder where the tool is extracted and start sctexconv_1.3.exe.

OR: just DRAG & DROP a folder with all files you want to un-split onto the sctexconv_1.3.exe file.

It converts your *.dds.1 to *.ddc.n in a nice .TIF image. ***be aware the process may take some time!!***

3. edit

use your favorite image editor with .dds support (gimp, photoshop).

4. save as .dds



SCTC by Eppi was originally made for Star Citizen.


use your favorite image editor with .dds support (gimp, photoshop)


Vector graphics (Adobe Flash-based .swf)