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It is important to point out in Mod release notes as to which versions of the game they are compatible with. It should NOT be assumed that any given mod is compatible with any version other than it states in it's documentation. This is especially true where offsets are given to locate the position of hex code changes. Patches usually cause changes to offset values.

Game version information comes in three forms: release date, EXE Version from Properties, and Changelist number from the <install folder>\Binaries\Version.txt file. The community has taken to referring to patches by sequential number since the original game release as well, but this is strictly an informal reference.

The Launch.log file located in your ...\My Games\XCOM - Enemy Unknown\XComGame\Logs folder also contains the Changelist number in the 11th line:

Init: FxsChangelist: <changelist number>

This might be worth looking for if you haven't played for a while as the game keeps about 5 backup copies of this file.

XCom:EU Game Version/Patch Table
Patch Version.txt Date EXE Version Changelist Notes Source
0 2012-Oct-09 Live on Steam: 2012-Oct-09 Steam Announcement
1 2012-Oct-10 338732 Live on Steam: 2012-Oct-11 2K Forums
2 2012-Nov-01 342245 Live on Steam: 2012-Nov-08 2K Forums
2.1 2012-Dec-07 346964 Live on Steam: 2012-Dec-07; Slingshot Saves Hot Fix 2K Forums
3 2012-Dec-11 347752 Live on Steam: 2013-Jan-07 2K Forums
4 2013-Feb-20 356266 Live on Steam: 2013-Mar-15 2K Forums
5 2013-Jul-11 382855 Live on Steam: 2013-Nov-14 Steam announcement
6 2013-Nov-25 398179 Live on Steam: 2013-Dec-02 2K Forums
7 2017-Aug-29 3344272 unannounced SteamDB

View "Sources" for what is known about a specific patch.

  • "Patch 0" was the original public release of the game. SteamDB app id: 200510.
  • "Patch 2.1" for Slingshot Saves Hot Fix release note: "Slingshot Content Pack will no longer cause the game to think pre-existing saves are corrupt. All previous saves should now work properly." It appears to have been slipstreamed in without notice by most people, which is why it was given a ".1" patch number when it finally was recognized after patch 3.
  • "Patch 4" was made publicly available via Steam updates on 15 Mar 2013, but beta tested within the Steam Community starting 20 Feb as the "AI Teleport Bug Fix".
  • "Patch 5" was released along with the Enemy Within (EW patch 0) DLC expansion pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, on 12 November 2013 in North America, and 15 November 2013 elsewhere. Source: Wikia
  • "Patch 6" was announced and 'slipstream' released at the same time as EW patch 1.1. This appears to have been 'EW patch 1' for regions outside of the US.
  • "Patch 7" was an unannounced 'slipstream' release to apparently the entire current lineup of XCOM games (EU, EW, XCom2, and related DLC). At this time it appears the release was related to a switch in the security certificate provider used to verify the authenticity of the purchased game by the Steam Client, from "Verisign" to "Digicert".

There was a "Downgrade EU to patch 4" mod for compatibility with many older EU mods, especially the original "Long War for EU". However, the unannounced "patch 7" has broken the Steam Client verification of the older versions of the game by way of the current (online mode) or cached (offline mode) credentials, so the game wouldn't launch. Consequently the author has removed the "Downgrade" mod from Nexus to avoid people wasting time with it and to forestall any attempts to circumvent the certificates, which likely would be construed as "piracy".

The XCom: Enemy Within DLC expansion installs to the subfolder XEW under the XCOM <Steam install folder>, so it's Version.txt file is found in <install folder>\XEW\Binaries. The installation creates a complete copy of the loose compressed UPK files independently of those used for the original EU game, which differ in content. Some movie files in the EU folder have been updated and new ones are also found in the XEW folder. However, to prevent duplicating movie files, those movie files re-used from EU appear to have small .txt files that are used to reference the movie file in the root XCom-Enemy-Unknown folder.

XCom:EW Game Version/Patch Table
Patch Version.txt Date EXE Version Changelist Notes Source
0 2013-Oct-01 394142 Live on Steam: 2013-Nov-14 Steam announcement
1 2013-Nov-20 398180 Live on Steam: 2013-Dec-02 2K Forums
1.1 2013-Dec-02 398180 Live on Steam: 2013-Dec-02; 3 bug fixes, adds Traditional Chinese 2K Forums
1.2 NA NA NA Live on Steam 2014-Jan-08; Multiplayer Balance Update Steam Community
2 2014-Feb-21 401776/401924 Live on Steam 2014-Feb-25; Touch Support 2K Forums
3 2014-Mar-05 401776/402256 Live on Steam 2014-Mar-10; Keybinding Fix 2K Forums
  • "Patch 0" was the initial public release of the Enemy Within DLC expansion pack, and along with "Patch 5" for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, available on 12 November 2013 in North America, and 15 November 2013 elsewhere. Source: Wikia. SteamDB app id: 32206.
  • "Patch 1.1" appears to have been slipstreamed in without notice by most people: "3 bug fixes, adds Traditional Chinese". The Changelist in the Version.txt file is still the same as patch 1. The only known difference is the internal version number and byte size of the XComEW.EXE file: patch 1= 26.3 MB (27645592 bytes); patch 1.1= Size 26.3 MB (27643032 bytes). Based on announcement on 2K Games forum, changed patch date to announcement date. (If the actual date from the Version.txt file is different, please update both the table and this note.) It is not listed on Steam Product Updates. Patch is decimal numbered because it appears to otherwise be identical to patch 1.
  • "Patch 1.2" announced as specific to EW on Steam Community forum as: "Multiplayer Balance Update" which adjusts the costs of units in multiplayer. This update is not like other patches, as it is without a new Version.txt file & Changelist number, or updated EXE or UPKs; replacing only an INI file. It is given a decimal number to indicate sequence following the previous normal patch with a Version.txt file. It updates various costs in XComMPGame.INI, which is delivered into the Logs\EMS folder via the 'phone home' (IniLocPatcher) mechanism.
  • "Patch 2" will change the "Version.txt" Changelist entry after running the Steam 'verify game files' process. The XComGame.EXE for EU date/timestamp will also change to 26-Feb-2014 13:00, but does not appear to have actually changed, and the "Version.txt" file Changelist data is unchanged.
  • "Patch 3" XEW\Version.txt has Changelist: 401776. XEW\Binaries\Win32\Changelist: 402256. No change to EU (398179). Tactical binds in this patch work once again from DefaultInput.ini. [XComGame.XComTacticalInput] section is no longer present in DefaultGame.ini.

XCom:EU/EW Linux Version/Patch Table
Patch Version.txt Date EXE Version Changelist Notes Source
0 2012-Oct-09 1.0 Beta 2 Live on Steam: 2014-Jun-19 Steam Store
  • "Patch 0" was the initial public release of the Linux version by Feral Interactive, and runs on Ubuntu 14.04 and SteamOS. It contains both EU and EW, but has only one Version.txt file. See the "Linux Differences" section of the Basic Guide to installing mods article for folder locations.

Bear in mind that patches replace some "loose" compressed UPK files as well as the game EXE. Since mods typically are made to "loose" decompressed UPK files, they may need to be updated with newly decompressed versions to apply correctly with patched versions of the game. Mod makers are advised to pay attention to the Globally Unique ID (GUID) 16 byte sequence found in the header at byte range 0x45-0x54 (69-84 in decimal) at the beginning of the uncompressed UPK.

Game Patch GUID
EU 4 33 2E 29 6A A5 DD FC 40 B5 CC 57 A5 A7 AA 8C 41
EU 5 01 E9 EB 29 23 F4 DB 4F A8 2B 8E 46 A7 25 E5 D6
EW 0 B1 1A D8 E4 48 29 FC 43 8E C0 7A B0 A3 3E 34 9F
Game Patch GUID
EU 4 A8 46 50 30 6F 48 84 42 AC 1A 72 B6 8D 2E 6D 23
EU 5 1D EE 33 F1 66 88 FB 49 B1 72 93 44 01 BC 85 39
EW 0 9C F8 70 10 21 38 A0 41 8B 33 A4 2E E8 71 23 00

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