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This procedure is separated into several templates so it may be included in several instances in the article "Multiple-file Merge Up Procedure", with intervening commentary at the various steps.

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Multi-file Merge Up Procedure

Step 10. Save the Result.

  • Save the resulting ModA as the original ModA's filename (or the "<new file>" name selected in Step 6 as the target of the "Copy as Override" or as a "<new file>" replacement version of ModA). This is now our 'patched parent plugin'.
    MfMUP Fig. 1-10
  • Save any other modified plugins as well. These will usually be those un-merged plugins that had one or more of the ModB plugins as masters that should now be gone and replaced with ModA. Some may have have some records updated with new FormIDs from the ModA plugin as well.
(See Fig. 1-10. Click the link/thumbnail to see the enlarged image. Use your browser "<back page>" control to return to this page.)
  • If you haven't already in Step 9, take a screenshot of this window or otherwise note which files have changed. You will need to know these file names in the next (Verify and Cleanup) step.


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