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What is Stracker's Loader and why do I need it?

Stracker's Loader is a tool for Monster Hunter: World that is required for many mods to work properly. The loader needs to be installed into the game's root directory (where MonsterHunterWorld.exe is). If you are using Vortex version 1.2.0 or higher, Stracker's Loader will automatically be installed in the right folder.    

Please make sure to keep Stracker's Loader up to date as its functionality might be dependent on a specific version of Monster Hunter: World.    

Stracker's Loader stopped working/is crashing my game/is not loading my mods

With every bigger update of Monster Hunter: World, Stracker's Loader might need to be updated by its author which requires work and time on their part.

Because of that, there might at times be a delay between the game being updated and a new, working version of Stracker's Loader being released.

Please remain patient and consider installing NativePC Enabler - a plugin that requires Stracker's Loader to be installed (but not necessarily to be up to date) that retains most of the functionality enabling most mods to load (except for custom quests and custom monsters).