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Stashes are game objects that have inventory. From asset standpoint they can vary a lot. Any brush can be made into a stash, but usually only specific stash assets are used, so the player can easily distinguish what is stash and what is not. 

Stash in the editor

To create stash in editor, insert stash entity object located in Entity -> WH -> Stash -> Stash. By default the stash is represented by chest visual, but you can change it by whatever you want by editing Model property. 

Stash Documentation Image1.png

  • Model - visual representation of the chest. 
  • UseAngle - from which angle the stash can by opened. Value 0,7 is suitable for chest (could be opened only from the front hemisphere), value -1 is suitable for sack (could be opened from all sides)
  • UseDistance - distance from which the Use prompt shows up
  • anim_Close, anim_Open - for animated stashes (chests, for example, have opening/closing lid animation)
  • Lock - wheter the stash is lockable
  • ChangeAfterPlayerInteract - after player interaction the model of the stash is switched for different model, specified on the next line
  • ModelAfterInteract - model the stash will be changed to after player interaction. We use empty version of stash (opened empty barrels and boxes, empty sacks etc.) as model after interact.

For barrel and sack stashes, please use "_interactive" versions of the models so they are easily recognizable.

Stash lock

Stashes can have lock. For the lock to work, lock slot needs to be attached the the rendermesh of the stash in 3ds Max. See slots documentation.