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This tool comes very handy for creating spilne-based structures like fences in Editor.

Using spline distributor

  1. Select Misc -> SplineDistr and create desired spline. You can modify spline as usual
  2. Go to DataBase View -> Spline Distribution, here locate object you need and assign it to selected spline

General remarks

  • Sometimes the behavior might be slightly odd – for example when you delete spline distributor object, the distributed objects, despite being deleted, remain visible until the reload of level.
  • In case you need sharp corner, you need to separate spline distributor into two splines in the corner


  • Objects from the distributor can be extracted as brushes or as vegetation:


Creating spline distributor

How to make assets for spline distributor and how to create distributor itself.

Making asset for spline distributor

Typical usage of spline distributor is for fences. Create fence segment with pole on one side only, pivot in the XY ccenter of the pole. You will need several visually different segments to avoid repetition.


Creating spline distributor in editor:

  1. Go to DataBase View -> Spline Distribution
  2. Add new Library or open existing library
  3. Add New Item – this is the name of the fence
  4. Right-click this item -> Add SubObject – this is the individual segment
  5. Into the Geometry property, load cgf of first fence segment
  6. Set Default orientation (axis along the asset is oriented on the spline; Y in fence image above)
  7. Create spline in the scene and assign distributor to it so you can interactively see the result
  8. Play with Start Offset and End Offset until the fence segments are nicely chained behind each other:
  9. You can also add some randomization to the rotation, scale, position etc. of the elements to make the fence look more naturaly
  10. Now start adding the rest of the segments: go to 4. Given the fact the segments are very similar, you can probably use the same values as for the first segment (Start and End Offset)
  11. Save spline distributors and submit. Location of Spline Distribution xml file(s): Data\libs\splinedistr

General remarks

  • Selection of segments for Spline Distributor is random and cannot be influenced
  • For fence ending, you will need single pole mesh, to be placed in the scene manualy
  • Spline Distributor can be used for many other things but fences – stones border, edge grass around the house, lines of vegetables in the garden, curbs, road sides etc.