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OBSOLETE NOTICE - This article was written before the max upload per day limit was put into place.

Ok, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, so kindred spirits rejoice and everyone else, here's some food for thought.

What is the attraction with posting picture after picture after picture after picture....... typically, though not always, of the same thing? In the words of a friend of mine, "They're spamming the image share section."

Ok, I know someone is going, "well you've posted a couple of similar pictures, who are you to talk?"

My response: I've posted what I've posted but nobody can say I'm responsible for a veritable flood of images.

To move on, in the last month or two the image share section has grown in the numbers of images hosted seemingly exponentially. When I first started posting images (which wasn't all that long ago) there were maybe 1500 pictures in the section. I'm not looking to call anyone out. After all, this is America (at least where I am), do what you want as long as nobody's hurt. But wouldn't it be better to post a couple of well taken, well thought out pictures than posting 500 mediocre shots hoping that somebody will like one of them and give you a good rating?

There are a couple of members who come to mind that seem to subscribe to this way of thinking. They take their time and post a couple or a few of exceptionally well taken pictures, maybe not everyday but fairly regularly, and it pays off for them. That is if ratings are what they are shooting for. Some just post because they love the game and want to share it. Others post because they see it as an art form and are actively trying to improve the quality of their work (me). Moszibby does it because his imagination needs some form of release before he laughs himself into hysteria and eventually the nut-house. ;)

Anyway, my point is, there are so many screenshots to sift through now it's almost tedious. Ok, not almost. Some of us have favorite authors and others are just on the lookout for that one really good shot but neither can easily find what they are looking for. Just a suggestion, I try and delete my old images just to reduce the clutter, I think maybe it would be a good idea if we all did. I'm not saying anybody should or has to but, why not try and make the image share section better for everyone? If we all try it wont be hard. Once people realize that one good picture is worth ten moderate ones and the picture spamming dies down, there will be easier access for everyone.

I guess the ultimate, underlying point of this article is, we all have a say in what we make of this site. What we do effects each other and we need to realize that for the common good of all us Nexus members. I realize the image share section isn't in terrible shape or anything like that, I'm mostly using it as an example but, I still mean what I said earlier. Well, thanks for suffering through this, I hope I gave you something to think about. Maybe your just thinking I'm an A**hole, well, that's your right.


P.S. Feel free to leave comments with your say, I'd be interested in hearing everyone else' opinion. PM me if you value your anonymity.