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Especially as a advocate of 'sexuality' in Fallout mods for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas I see some of the backlash even towards my own 'nude' mod and some of the aggressive anti-nudity and anti-sexuality sentiment which is quite prevalent. As a female modder, I thought doing a article on 'sexuality' in Fallout and, even though I don't mod them, Dragon Age and Oblivion, can be seen more objectively then if I was a guy, as people can't look at it as just typical male justifying sex in games just because he's a 'guy'.

I understand that Nexus is quite International and living abroad most of my life understand there are vast difference in how cultures deal with nudity and sex. Some countries and cultures have extremely negative feelings against nudity and sex anywhere but in the home and for reproductions and feel dead set against it in any public setting including entertainment. At the same time there are other country and cultures that embrace nudity and sex and is free in expressing it ( not necessary meaning having sex in the streets or anything) and then there is others like my own (North American) which is somewhere in between. But this article is just a general commentary and deals with nudity and sexuality in the specific games featured on Nexus as they are more pertinent for a article specific to the Nexus Community, but can still include other games in the industry.

Aside from the cultural which is more deep set then just personal opinion I don't understand all the negative backlash of nudity and sexuality in the games of the Nexus. Especially when it isn't forced on anyone and is only a option. I also find there is a very large part of the community that is very pro-lore and a lot feel nudity and sex is against that label. But nudity and sex isn't necessarily anti-lore. The only reason nudity, sex or sexuality in general is absent or censored in these games are for the very reasons I expressed previously, as well as age restrictions and the fact profits are dependent on international and general public sales. Lore is to keep with a theme of the setting in a game and in a lot of cases I prefer to keep to the theme of the Fallout Universe and myself have recently turned away from a lot of the non-lore mods and changed my game and character gear accordingly. There are a lot of obvious anti-lore mods like weapons such as the H&K 416 tactical rifle, Call of Duty type tactical armors, modern fashion clothing for females etc. Those are very modern items we see in our own world and not the world of Fallout which is more 50's grounded theme. But in any version of reality, nudity and even sex itself is a constant. Considering the worlds of Fallout, Dragon age and Oblivion universe nudity and sexuality would actually be very prevalent.

Dragon Age and Oblivion are based in time where sexuality was so prevalent that it was seen almost everywhere. It was a world very free with nudity and sex where prostitutes and brothels were wide spread and a regular staple in many areas of Europe where these games are based (More heavily expressed in Dragon Age with a functioning yet censored jaunt in a brothel, including a 3 some). Also with a lot of fighting and conflicts of the day and age (in most cases integral part of the games storyline) there were many soldiers who fought on the field for months, sometimes years on end with only each other to entertain themselves ( and yes so they did what you might be thinking ) and when entering towns and districts were raring for female companionship, sex, etc. So 'wenches' and 'prostitutes' or women (sexually) in general were even more important to keep in part soldiers moral up in the field of battle or for general positive temperament with keeping in mind past and future pleasures of women during the time of strife and battle or even the love of their wives (including on top of the list, sex). I'm not as familiar with nudity and sexuality backlash for those particular games on the Nexus as I do Fallout but I'm sure there is.

On to more familiar territory for me, Fallout 3 and New Vegas. With Dragon Age and Oblivion I covered how sex was prevalent in the days and age of when those games were based on. In the world of Fallout it would be even more prevalent in both positive and negative levels. We are talking about a post apocalyptic world essentially in chaos, some controlled some not. Nudity and sex would pretty much be everywhere. Where there is law and order a lot of prostitutes ( as even seen in New Vegas ) as well as free sexual behavior ( and in the New Vegas Strip case undressed drunks dancing in fountains ) and where there is no law and order there would be nudity, sex, rape etc. Sex for pleasure, sex for profit, sex to hurt. All would be very prevalent in such a 'free' world where even killing and murder is only wrong within curtain individuals conscious and sense of moral ( which in a messed up world may not be top priority above survival).

Thinking about, it's rather funny considering that all the games featured on Nexus are based in worlds where nudity and sexuality would be very prevalent, but at the same time looked down on so much in the Nexus community. On the moderating and running of the site it's understandable as the Nexus is multicultural and, despite M rating on the games, has under aged members. But that being said there is adult rated mods allowed and controlled as best as possible. It's the community in general, cultural sensibilities aside, that fascinates me in their negative expression and damning of nudity and sexuality in The games especially Fallout 3 and New Vegas. It is a optional subject for the games and, argue against it or not, in fact adds realism to those worlds, where it couldn't be included in retail release due to social restrictions put on the games themselves. The games still try to incorporate sexuality anyway featuring prostitutes and the occasional sexual innuendo via dialog, so nudity and sex and sexual mods in general actually does fit right in, reality wise and even lore wise.

Now I understand this isn't everyone's views on the subject of nudity and sex and there are many factors of reason for a individual or group mental, negative or positive towards it in life, games or entertainment in general but to damn it and the people who embrace it is as indignant as someone who abuses the use of it. It is optional so if you disdain it in games, just avoid 'adult' labeled mods but to express it doesn't fit into the lore or sensibility of the games is quite facetious in their logic. This doesn't include trolls as they are to be ignored completely and have alternative objectives that has no rationality but to be annoying and hurtful intentionally.

That being said; to everyone , in agreement or not, enjoy the riches (not meaning monetary) of gaming and modding but at the same time try not to ruin others experiences.

Thanks for your time guys

Much Love...