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An Easy Guide to making those "Too Big" Dragon Age weapons the Right Size. Or if you want to change the size of something else. --

Ok, so there's a lot of folks that think that some of the weapons in Dragon Age are too big. So what I'm going to do here, is show you how you can make them a size that you would prefer (Re-sample/Rescale them) to a size more to your own personal preference. -- You can actually use this method to re-sample the majority of the models that are in the vanilla content. Such as armor, weapons, monsters, shields, etc.


  • Dragon Age Tool- Link
  • Knowing where your override folder is.
  • Knowing how to create a new folder, in your override folder.
  • A little bit of patience to fiddle with this to find out which sizes that you like, bouncing back and forth between this, and the game.

NOTE- There is a bug in the game where items that have already been created in the game do not always change, when a new appearance mod is installed. Items created after the mod is installed are fine. A work around for this, is to sell the item to a vendor, save the game, exit Dragon Age. Restart the game, load your save, and buy it back. This SHOULD fix it.

How to re-size weapons (and other models) in Dragon Age

Ok, lets get started.

1) Download DAtool from the link provided above.

2) Install DAtool.

Now, once you have it installed, and opened, you are going to want to click on File and then Browse Models and then choose Weapons.

Use the CTRL key (it is at the bottom left corner of your keyboard) and the arrow keys next to your number pad to shift through the different weapons, until you get to one that you want to re-sample.

IF for example, you want to make those GreatSwords smaller, sort thru them til you get to items named w_gsw_xxxxxx. Those are the GreatSwords.

NOTE- This tool does NOT automatically detect DLC content or mod content. If you are wanting to re-sample an item from a DLC or the Dragon Age Awakening expansion, you will have to manually browse to the folders where it is located, and load it up. The purpose of this tut is not to help you hack the DLC's or expansion, so I am not going to tell you how to find those.

3) Now with the model in the window that you want to change size, you click on Edit and then choose SCALE.

4) After choosing Scale, you will have a small box that wants you to put some numbers in it.

Each incremental number that you add or remove from a factor of 1.0 changes the size of the item. So... for example, if you want to make it bigger, you will want to enter a number of 1.+ such as 1.25 To make the item smaller, you are going BELOW 1, so it will be something like 0.95

  • I did this for a female elf, and used a figure of 0.75 and it looked just about right, to me. Just remember tho, that elves, and especially femme elves, are about 35% smaller than humans.

5) After entering your figure, just tap the ENTER key on your keyboard. The box will disappear and the image of the weapon will be smaller in the window.

6) Now that we've got our re-sampling/scaling finished, we want to save it. I recommend putting them into a custom folder in your override, so will include that in the instructions. If you do not want to do that, just skip that part.

Click on File and then choose Save Modified. An explorer window is gonna pop up, and you will need to browse to where your Override folder is located. This location varies depending on which version of windows you have, so... I am only able to give you part of its location. Computer/C:/............/Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Packages/core/override

Click on MAKE NEW FOLDER and name the folder whatever you will remember. Because you're going to have to come back to this one for your next weapon. Or to save the weapon to this folder again, if you do not like the size of it from the first try. Then click your new folder, and click OK.

7) You will now be asked to name your new weapon model. For this task, we want to name it EXACTLY as it is originally named, so that we do not have to go through the whole mess of creating an all new weapon in the toolset (And no...I am not going to tell you how to do that, there are already guides online that can).

So, if the box above the naming box says w_gsw_gs02a_0.mmh, then that is EXACTLY what we want to name our re-sampled model.

Click Ok.

8) Open up your Dragon Age game, and see how you like the new size!

9) Repeat the process for any other weapons that you want to mod, and happy gaming!