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This is some tips which will be useful for everyone, newbie or veteran.

Let's start with everyones friend, which many people don't know even exist, I call him Sean.

Requesting and you image 1.png

I would like everyone to meet Sean the Searchbutton, he and Anna Advanciarus likes to help us find things. Sean is that positive that guy doesn't do much, but he enjoys helping, about as useful as your five year old brother. He can go get you a chair, but only if you tell that specific chair with wheels on.

Requesting and you image 2.png

Anna Advanciarus is more like that fat smart girl in the back of your glass that you rarely care about. When she is told go get you a chair, she will bring everything that can be considered a chair, even though if you can't spell chair but you remember that you can sit on it.

Considering that you are reading this on the forums, I'll also tell about this guy, Freddy the Friendly Forum Search, he is about the middle thing of Anna and Sean and works for the Forum.

Requesting and you image 3.png

None of these bites, stabs or will let you down. If they can't find anything for you, then your problem is located between your keyboard and chair.

You have discovered the forums, I recommend you take a look at this educational video: Link

Seriously, see it.

Now that I hope you saw that video, I might repeat a few steps since I wrote this without seeing the video since last summer.

You see that we have a request section and your thought is: OMG!?!!!111 I c4n get p33p5 2 maek stuf 4 mi? Yes you can. But here are some great tips regarding requests:

1. ANIMATIONS (Applies to FO3, Morrowind and Oblivion sections)

Does it require new animations? If it does, most of your responses will be: "No can do Mister, we don't have the tools to add new combat situated animations yet" and your response might be: "wut? we haf poses!11eleven" Yes, we do have poses, but they work differently from combat related animations and are therefor much easier to make.


FallOut OnLine The closest thing to something official for Fallout.

And the guys behind the online mod for Oblivion have said that they are working on a version for Fallout 3

3. I WANT AN <insert random M4 alike looking weapon> (FO3 and Oblivion)


Here are some of the results from a simple 30 second search





See 1.


See 1.

5. I want a buttload of guns and armors and I don't care how many it is and the size of the download

(FO3) Go here:

(OB) I have no idea what Oscuro's site is now, but I'd search for either FOCOM or OOO

6. Halo stuff.

No ARBITER (See 1.)

FO3: There is a project for it, but it's on hold at the moment.


7. Battlefield 2142 stuff


8. Rain in FO3 Link

9. Ghillie suits in FO3 Link

A request topic by Varithgar, the topic that sparked my interest to write this (read: made me rage and therefor calmed down and wrote this) I repeat, that is a request topic, which no one has started on making yet, it's NOT a done or working ghilliesuit.

10. A checklist before posting a topic:

A. Did you ask Sean, Anna and Freddy about it? Well did you?

B. Is your post readable?

liek hellz yah1111!1!11!!1! THAT IS NOT PROPER ENGLISH! Write properly to achieve a greater chance of positive feedback. Proper grammar now will help you later!

C. Did you provide enough information on the subject?

Pictures help greatly to make people know what you want. If you can refer to a video, then even better! Goldstar for you! I requested once a pipewrench, I provided pictures and an already textured model for another modder to use, it took only ELEVEN DAYS.

And that is a short time around here! That is not long to wait for a mod.

D. Is it possible? See 1.

E. Can you contribute?

Contributing to a request helps alot. If you can't get models into the game you want the mod for, but you can make models, make sure you get someone who can import it for you so it lessens the workload for the modder.

11. The ReadME.txt is there for a reason.

I'll let you figure this one out. (hint: Read it)

12. Total conversions (also known as the "generic convert fo3 to this game so I don't have to buy it and I'm going to use the console to cheat through it anyways"-Request) M ake sure you can contribute to it. And not only story wise, GECKwork, 3d modeling, sound, voice, texture, nifskope, anything helps. But do more than just "story"

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