Replacing Shaders

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Shaders are located in Engine/shaders.pak. Thanks to that, you cannot create a “standard” mod that modifies shaders, as mods only work within the Data/ folder. Instead you will need to provide your own shaders.pak and shadercache.pak, which the users will have to manually place in their Engine/ folder.

Modifying shaders.pak is trivial, just change whatever shaders you want within that archive. Then you need to generate shader cache:

  1. Backup system.cfg from root of KCD
  2. Copy Tools/shadercachegen/system.cfg to root
  3. Delete Engine/shadercache.pak, Engine/shadercachestartup.pak and Engine/shadersbin.pak (or just change their extension to something else than .pak)
  4. Run Tools/shadercachegen/ShaderCacheGen.cmd. This will approximatelly half an hour complete (you can check shadercachegen.log for progress, it will have around 110 000 lines by the time the process ends).
  5. Run Tools/PakShaders.bat from root directory. This will create new shadercache, shadercachestartup and shadersbin PAKs in Engine/ folder, containing your new shaders.
  6. Restore system.cfg from backup


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