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ID Name
str Strength
agi Agility
vit Vitality
spc Speech
vis Vision
hea Hearing
bar Barter
cou Courage
rep PlayerReputation
prg StoryProgress

Derived stats

These stats are derived from other stats, states, skills, params, items or table values. Some derived stats have constant base value (often 0), the purpose of these is to be modified by buffs.

ID Name Base value
lvl MainLevel Derived from Strength, Agility, Vitality, Speech and StoryProgress.
xpm XPMultiplier soul.xp_multiplier
cha Charisma Derived from equipped items, soul.charisma and CharismaFromBuffedItems.
cbi CharismaFromBuffedItems 0
rch RelativeCharisma Charisma / StatCap
bad Badassness lerp(Morale, Strength / StatCap, ThreatenStrenghtWeight)
vib Visibility EquipVisib + MovementVisibilityPenalization + LightProbeVisibility
evi EquipVisib Derived from equipped items.
lpv LightProbeVisibility Calculated from light probe. Value between MinLightProbeVisibility and MaxLightProbeValue.
con Conspicuousness Derived from equipped items.
drt Dirtiness Derived from equipped items.
cds ClothDirtyingSpeedKm Derived from surface, FullClothDirtyingOnZeroSpeed and FullClothDirtyingOnFullSpeed.
bld Bloodiness Derived from equipped items.
pla PlatingRatio Derived from equipped items.
noi Noise Derived from equipped items and NoiseFromBuffedItems.
nbi NoiseFromBuffedItems 0
fsm FootstepSoundMultiplier clamp(1 - StealthSkillToFootstepSoundMult * Stealth / SkillCap, 0, 1)
caw CarriedWeight Derived from inventory.
rcw RelativeCarriedWeight CarriedWeight / InventoryCapacity
eqw EquippedWeight Derived from equipped items.
cow CollisionWeight BodyWeight + ArmorCollisionWeight
bow BodyWeight Derived from soul_archetype.normal_body_weight, SlimCollisionWeightMul and FatCollisionWeightMul.
aco ArmorCollisionWeight Derived from equipped items.
cap InventoryCapacity (BaseInventoryCapacity + StrengthToInventoryCapacity * Strength) * soul_archetype.inventory_capacity_multiplier
enc Encumberance Derived from surface, RelativeCarriedWeight and EncumberedToSpeedSurfaceCoef.
alo ArmorLoad Derived from EquippedWeight, Strength, Agility, MaxArmorLoad, StrAgiToEqwArmorLoad and ArmorLoadDiffToMax.
arr ArmorRating clamp(OverallArmorDefense / GoodArmorDefense, 0, 1)
oad OverallArmorDefense Derived from equipped items.
owa OverallWeaponAttack Derived from equipped items.
wud WeaponUsageDamageMod lerp(1, MaxFencingWeaponUsageMod, Fencing / SkillCap)
cdw ClinchDamageToWeapon 0
wbc WeaponBuffCharges lerp(MinWeaponBuffCharge, MaxWeaponBuffCharge, random)
mst MaxStamina Derived from MaxHealthyStamina and Health.
mhs MaxHealthyStamina soul_archetype.base_stamina + soul_archetype.relative_vitality_to_stamina * Vitality / StatCap
hlt Healthiness MaxStamina / MaxHealthyStamina
sdt StaminaDerivation Derived from Vitality, MaxHealthyStamina, ArmorLoad, Stamina, HorseRiding, and many others.
src StaminaRegenCooldown StamRegenCooldown
fov FieldOfView min(PerceptionMinFov + HearingToFov * Hearing, PerceptionMaxFov)
vir ViewRadius min(MinViewRadius + VisionToViewRadius * TimeOfDayCoef * (Vision - 1), MaxViewRadius)
dtf DiceThrowFixing 0
dbf DiceBustFixing 0
pt1 PerfectThrowMultiplier1 1
pt5 PerfectThrowMultiplier5 1
hac HaggleAdditionalChances 0
lsa LockStartAngle 0
lfu LockFailUnlockProb 0
lio LockInstantOpenDifficulty 0
pds PicklockDmgSpeed PicklockDmgSpeed
nrs NormalizedRunSpeed Derived from movement.
rsa RelativeMovementSpeedAddition lerp(-MaxAgilityToMovementSpeedAddition, MaxAgilityToMovementSpeedAddition, Agility / StatCap)
rms RealMoveSpeedMod 1
ble BleedingTotal Derived from buffs which have a special Bleeding modifier.
ibi InjuryBleedingInterval RPG_params_in_KCD#InjuryBleedingInterval
mor Morale

clamp( ( (Courage / StatCap) * SoulCourageMoraleWeight + clamp(soul_class.soul_class_courage, 0, 1) * ClassCourageMoraleWeight + ArmorRating * OverallArmorDefenseMoraleWeight + clamp(OverallWeaponAttack / GoodWeaponAttack, 0, 1) * OverallWeaponAttackMoraleWeight ) / ( SoulCourageMoraleWeight + ClassCourageMoraleWeight + OverallArmorDefenseMoraleWeight + OverallWeaponAttackMoraleWeight ) * ( HealthToMoraleMinCoef + (1 - HealthToMoraleMinCoef) * (Health / HealthFull) ) , 0, 1)

mcf MoraleContextFadingMod Derived from Courage, StatCap and MaxCourageMoraleContextFadingMod
hcm HorseCourageMod 1 + HorseRiding * HorseRidingToHorseCourage
hml HorseThrowDownMoraleLimit HorseMoraleToThrowOffRider
osl Oversleepness 0
ore Overreadness 0
caf Caffeine 0
rdq ReadingQuality DefaultReadingQuality
erq EffectiveReadingQuality ReadingQuality
sle Sleeping 0
coc Consciousness 1
ufo UnconsciousnessFadeoutSpeed UnconsciousDepthFadeoutSpeedBase + VitalityToUnconsciousDepthFadeoutSpeed * Vitality / StatCap
mut Mute 1 if soul is Unconscious or Dead, 0 otherwise
prb PerceptionPriorityBoost 0
fpa FoodPoisoningAntidote 0
apa AlcoholPoisoningAntidote 0
cag CombatAggression Derived from Defense, Fencing, SkillCap and CombatAutoAggressionDiffScale.
def Defensiveness Derived from Stamina, CombatAggression, MeanAttackPeriod, CombatAutoScaleDefensivenessDelayRel and CombatAutoAttackDelaySigma
map MeanAttackPeriod Derived from Stamina, Fencing, CombatAggression and CombatAutoMaxAttackDelay
fol DistanceFollowing Fencing / SkillCap
dru Drunkenness 0
poi Poisoning 0
pos PocketSight 0
ran RobbedAngriness 0
iex ItemExpert 0
was RangedWeaponAimSpread AimSpreadMax * (1 - WeaponBow * AimSpreadSkillDecrease)
grm GoodReputationMod 1
brm BadReputationMod 1
hko HeadHitKnockOutProbability HeadHitKnockOutBaseProbability
fdm FallDamageMultiplier lerp(1, FallDamageMultiplierAtMaxAgility, Agility / StatCap)
sma SellMarginAdjust 0
bma BuyMarginAdjust 0
hgs HerbGatherStrengthXp 0
sha BowSelfHarmAttack 0
pbm CraftedPotionsBuyMarginAdjust 0
rml RandomMoneyLoot 0
bso BasketSuspiciencyMod 0
jrm JailRecoverySpeedMod 1
sur Surrendering 0
edm EquipmentUseDamageMultiplier 1
prc PicklockReturnChance 0
alc Alcoholism 0
adm AlcoholDigestMod 1
btw BoidThreatWeight 1
owl Owl 0
imm Immortality Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id.
apr AttackProtection Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id.
ppr PickpocketProtection Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id.
upr UnconsciousnessProtection Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id.


These are exposed intermediate results from various RPG equations, which can be modified by buffs.

ID Name
ade ArmorDefense
wat WeaponAttack
wac WeaponAttackCost
ahm AttackFromHorseMod
rtm RiderThreatsToHorseMorale
act MovementActivity
asp AttackSpeed01
pbs PerfectBlockSlot01
cli ClinchAdvantage
hlh HealthLossHit
slh StaminaLossHit
sls StaminaLossBlockingShield
dig DigestionSpeed
exh ExhaustionSpeed
lcs LockCursorShake
srg StaminaRegen
sco StaminaConsumption
srb StaminaRegenBlock
sra StaminaRegenAttack
skp StealthKillProbability
rst RelativeStaminaMax
pdp PullDownProbability
eep RandomEventEscapeProbability
lpd LockpickingDifficulty
lpn LockpickingNoiseMultiplier
ain AttackInjury
fae FirstAidEfficiency
dee DamageToEnemyEquipment
osb OpponentStaminaLossBlocking
dsl DodgeSlot
cos ComboSlot01
pac WeaponPoisonApplyChance
lpb LockpickingLockpickBreakChance
ors ObserverRecognitionSpeed