Ordinal 5360 error

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Hello. A lot of you guys have troubles with Ordinal 5360. When you start Fallout 3 it says: "Ordinal 5360 is missing from linked library xlive.dll" or similar. Well I have a few solutions for some of you guys.

  1. Register to Games for Windows Live, and download the newest version of it. Also the updates if available. If this doesn't work and you actually care about GFWL, I don't know...

  2. If you do NOT care about Games for Windows Live, download FOMM [Fallout Mod Manager] Install it. After installation open FOMM, but if you cannot access, right click FOMM and select "Run as Administrator" or similar. Then click on Tools, Install Tweaker, and "Create false xlive" or similar. This should help, it's how I did it, but if you use Games for Windows Live, do NOT use this Method.