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Although it is a common occurrence that people turn in to raging, flaming trolls as soon as they have the anonymity of the internet to hide behind, it is not something that should be accepted as the general behavior on the Nexus. Especially in the comments on peoples mods. Every time a mod where the subject matter is touching on something taboo and/or something that is not entirely morally or politically correct is posted, the angry trolls appear and launch a cavalcade of hate and flames in said mods comments. They call the author names, put words in his/her mouth, scream, yell, piss and moan. And anyone who has a different view than they do are automagically "knaves", "morons" or worse. The latest case is a mod that adds WW2 SS uniforms to the game. The comments some people have left there are about as offensive as they can be.

The funny part in all this is that the people that rage over a mod that threads on the subject matter of one political view, absolutely praises another mod that is the exact opposite of the first one. How can one claim to be politically correct, rage over a mod with nazi paraphernalia and then go and raise a mod with communist stuff to the skies? Or vice versa.

I for one am getting pretty sick and tired of all the negativity and hostility of some people here. Keep your opinions to yourselves. It IS a game. If someone wishes to make a mod with sexual content, drugs, violence, a hammer and sickle or a ghoul named Adolph with a little black mustache, then let him! If you don't like the mod then just ignore it. Don't download it. But don't go and start flaming someone over a mod they've made for this GAME. It's completely fictitious.

It's fair to say that a new mod posted by someone was made using the full capacity of his talents. He would have applied any new knowledge he just recently learned and he probably also learned something new when making that very mod too. One strives to make as good a mod as one possibly can, so pretty much every new mod is a testament to the modders skill at that certain point in his modding career. By going out of your way to be hostile towards the modder, flame him/her, rant and rave in the comments of his mod, you only accomplish two things: You make yourself look like a jackass and you're thinning out the modding community. A modder who gets flamed and insulted over a mod might get discouraged from posting new mods and/or continuing modding all together when he sees how openly hostile people are. He just might not want to have to deal with such people. He won't learn new techniques and become better at modding if you take away his passion for modding.

And that modder you ran off with your insults might have been going to make the best damn mod the game has ever seen. But now we will never see that mod of pure awesomeness because some people find it far more important to act like jackasses to people than to adopt a decent behavior and show courtesy and respect to people.

So for all it's worth, be nice to each other. Act with respect and be courteous.