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New to Oblivion?

Essential Help Topics & Tweaking (Posted by addiktive ,15 August 2006)


[Rel or ReLz = Released Mod

WiP or WiPz = Work in Progress

ReQ or ReQz = Request / Required Mod / Idea

The 'z' is used because the Forum Search Engine requires more then 3 characters in the search field.

Mod Forum Etiquette

1. Please do not use the Mod Forum to post pointless Polls as all it does it push WiP, ReL and ReQs to the back of the forum. Please use the General Discussion area for polls.

2. If you have a question regarding a particular mod, please post your question in the original mod thread, as the mod author is the best person to answer it.

- If you are having trouble finding the thread, use the search function as detailed below.

3. Please no Flaming or Trolling, Constructive Criticism is fine but remember the famous signature of Buddah:

- Tis better to remain silent, and have the world assume you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

4. Before Posting Please Read the Stickies at the top of the Forum.

5. Please show common courtesy while on the forum, remember that not everyones native language is english. It is better to be helpful then to flame.

6. We do not have seperate ReQ, WiP and ReL sub-forums, so please think and search before posting, we do not want to compound the problem of losing great mod work to the back of the forum.

Searching For Help or Mods Before POSTING

Click 'Search' Top Right Corner of Page.

Type your search words in quotes "Bounty Hunter"

Then select: 'Oblivion Mods'

And finally select: 'Most Relevant'

File Compression - by dev_akm

Virtually all Oblivion mods are "compressed" into one easy to download file that is commonly referred to as a "zip" file or "archive". This makes the file smaller and keeps everything in one file. There are numerous types of these programs:

.7z - opens with 7zip, PowerArchiver, WinRAR, IZArc, but not WinZip .rar - opens with 7zip, PowerArchiver, WinRAR, IZArc, but not WinZip .ace - opens with Winace, 7zip, PowerArchiver, WinRAR, IZArc, but not WinZip

7zip is favored by many mod makers because it can produce dramatically smaller files than the other formats. It's also free, open-source, and supports all of the other common formats, so if you want to cover all your bases with one download, get 7zip.

Download Link: * 7zip: http://www.7-zip.org (Recommended)

Essential Links

READ THIS FIRST:Oblivion Mods FAQ - How to find, install, make, and get help:

Modding Tutorial A beginners guide by dtom Confused by the Wiki, try here - Oblivion Modding for Beginners.

OBMM : Oblivion Mod Manager Take Control of Your Mods : (Solve your pink texture errors)

Oblivion Tweakguide Fine-tune Oblivion performance

TES Wiki How Do I Get Started Making Mods? Im Stuck: Textures/Meshes/Scripting etc.

Buddah's List 'o' Links over 16,000 links to oblivion mods

Conflicts Explained

Dev_Akm - "It's inevitable that the more mods you use, the greater the chances some of them will clash. While mods that address different areas of the game are, for the most part, clearly compatible it's not so simple for mods of similar intentions, due to the way the game handles its data structures. For example, if you want to use "Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul" but prefer a different rate of skill levelling as provided by the "Level Rates Modified" mod - how does Oblivion handle the conflict? Quite simply actually - the last mod loaded takes precedence. So if you did want to use the skill rates that "Level Rates Modified" provides, simply ensure it's loaded after Oscuro's. And how do you do this? Download and use OBMM"

You can ignore any Minor and Very Minor Conflicts, Major Conflicts need to have their Load Order specified in OBMM, or ask in the Mod's Official Thread regarding the conflict, to confirm a course of action.

Conflict Detector Results: This demonstrates a 'Minor' conflict where both mods edit the same cell, but because they dont edit the same object in that cell, it is not game-breaking. Generally Minor Conflicts can be ignored or load order set to ensure priority. [realisticwounding.esp] (unparented) - Active EDID 'ICMarketDistrictFirstEdition' of record type CELL conflicts with 3 other plugins. Sunlit Interiors 1.31.esp(Record type: CELL) (Unparented) (Inactive)

This demonstrates a 'Major' conflict, but even though it is classed as a major conflict it is not game-breaking, all that is needed is to understand that which ever mod loads 'last' will take priority. In this particular case it is simply which Magic Script Effect Icon will show. Generally Major conflicts will require you to adjust the load order, or seek advice about the details to ensure it it not game-breaking. [realisticwounding.esp] (unparented) - Active EDID 'SEFF' of record type MGEF conflicts with 2 other plugins. The Complete Ranger.esp(Record type: MGEF) (Unparented) (Inactive)

This demonstrates a 'Very Minor' conflict, this is one of the most common Very Minor conflicts. NO Very Minor conflicts are game-breaking. [realisticwounding.esp] (unparented) - Active EDID 'Tamriel' of record type WRLD conflicts with 28 other plugins. Window Entrances-Anvil.esp(Record type: WRLD) (Unparented) (Inactive)

These Conflicts are purely as examples they do not represent real conflicts.

If you have further conflict questions please post them in this thread - addikt

Nvidia Video Driver Install Process

You can find Nvidia drivers on Guru3d

  1. Uninstall Drivers via Control Panel.Restart Computer
  2. Download and use Driver Cleaner: Link to ensure you uninstall all the reference files.Defragment your hard drive.Restart Computer
  3. Install New Drivers.Restart Computer .Defragment your hard drive.
  4. Setup drivers via Koroush Ghazis Tweakguide: Link

Note: It is recommended you defragment your hard drive every time you install or uninstall software to ensure a clean running computer, if you havent done it for a while it could take up to an hour or so, if you do it on a regular basis it will take around 15 minutes. I also use Ad-Aware, Spybot, Xoftspy, The Cleaner and AVG Anti Spware / Virus software to keep my computer in top running condition.

addiktives 'Essential' Oblivion INI Tweaking Revision 1.0

Compiled and Tested since Oblivions Release This is a list of essential INI tweaks I use and have compiled and tested since Oblivion was released. Why have I created this? Because there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around about which changes are 'essential'. In my opinion 'less' is 'better'.These Tweaks are designed to give you Optimal Visual Quality AND FPS on Medium to High Performance Computers.

My Specifications

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2Ghz

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard

2Gb Corsair 3500XML Pro RAM

XFX Force Nvidia 7800GTX 512Mb Video Card

Western Digital Sata2 250Gb Harddrive

Creative XFI 24bit Extreme Music Sound Card

Windows XP Pro 64bit Edition

First of All:

On Oblivion Start-Up, Allow the Video Auto-Setup:

At the Launcher window go to Options

Check your resolution setting

Check Antialiasing is 'off'

Check mode is 'Fullscreen' and Vsync is 'off'

Check HDR is 'on'

Check all Distant Rendering is 'on'

Your Oblivion.ini file is located in My Documents > My Games > Oblivion PLEASE Create a Backup of your Oblivion.ini File. You can use the 'Find' option in Notepad to find and edit the settings. BUT to easily make changes to your ini file, download and install Tweak Oblivion by Faw

Tweak Oblivion by Faw

Modify Your INI File, Configure wz Inventory:

General Changes: [General] Performance Tweak

iPreloadSizeLimit = 26214400 (Default)
For 1Gb of RAM Change to:
iPreloadSizeLimit = 104857600
For 1.5Gb of RAM Change to:
iPreloadSizeLimit = 140851220
For 2Gb of RAM Change to:
iPreloadSizeLimit = 209715200

[General] Performance Tweak

bUseThreadedBlood = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bUseThreadedBlood = 1

[General] Performance Tweak

bUseThreadedMorpher= 0 (Default)
Change to:
bUseThreadedMorpher = 1

[General] Performance Tweak

bUseThreadedTempEffects = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bUseThreadedTempEffects = 1

[General] Performance Tweak

bUseThreadedParticleSystem = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bUseThreadedParticleSystem = 1

[General] Remove Invisible Borders

bBorderRegionsEnabled = 1 (Default)
Change to:
bBorderRegionsEnabled = 0

[Interface] Camera Zoom During NPC Conversations

fDlgFocus = 2.1000 (Default)
Change to:
fDlgFocus = 3.5000 Prevents Ultra Zoom In

Graphics Changes 01

[General] Extend Texture LOD Blocks

uGridsToLoad = 5 (Default)
uGridsToLoad = 5 (Recommended)


uGridsToLoad = 7 (Not Recommended due to FPS loss, water glitch and 'jump bug')

[General] uGrid Memory

uInterior Cell Buffer = 3 (Default)
For 1Gb of RAM Change to:
uInterior Cell Buffer = 6
For 1.5Gb of RAM Change to:
uInterior Cell Buffer = 9
For 2Gb of RAM Change to:
uInterior Cell Buffer = 12

[General] uGrid Memory These settings will automatically change if you modify uGridsToLoad

uExterior Cell Buffer = 36 (Default)
For 1Gb of RAM Change to:
uExterior Cell Buffer = 36
For 1.5Gb of RAM Change to:
uExterior Cell Buffer = 64
For 2Gb of RAM Change to:
uExterior Cell Buffer = 72

[Water] Smoother Water Surface

uSurfaceFPS = 12 (Default)
Change to:
uSurfaceFPS = 15

Graphics Changes 02

Suitable for 7800 series Nvidia Cards or Higher

[Display] Graphics Tweak

bHighQuality20Lighting = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bHighQuality20Lighting = 1

[Display] Graphics Tweak

bAllow30Shaders = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bAllow30Shaders = 1

Additional Changes

[Pathfinding] Performance Tweak

bUseBackgroundPathing = 0 (Default) * May need to be added
Change to:
bUseBackgroundPathing = 1 * May need to be added

[GamePlay] Speeds up loading times entering interiors

bSaveOnInteriorExteriorSwitch = 1 (Default)
Change to:
bSaveOnInteriorExteriorSwitch = 0

[LoadingBar] Speed up Loading Bar Update Time

iMoveBarWaitingMilliseconds=10 (Default)
Change to:
iMoveBarChaseMilliseconds=100 (Default)
Change to:
iMoveBarMaxMilliseconds=2500 (Default)
Change to:

[BackgroundLoad] Performance Tweak

bBackgroundLoadLipFiles = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bBackgroundLoadLipFiles = 1

[BackgroundLoad] Performance Tweak

bLoadBackgroundFaceGen = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bLoadBackgroundFaceGen = 1

[BackgroundLoad] Performance Tweak

bUseMultiThreadedFaceGen = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bUseMultiThreadedFaceGen = 1

[BackgroundLoad] Performance Tweak

bUseMultiThreadedTrees = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bUseMultiThreadedTrees = 1

[BackgroundLoad] Performance Tweak

bCloneModelsInBackground = 0 (Default)
Change to:
bCloneModelsInBackground = 1

[Grass] Reduce Grass Density I Recommend using 'ShortGrass by Slig'

iMinGrassSize = 80 (Default)
Change to:
iMinGrassSize = 160 

(Try higher values for lower spec'd machines or if you're using mmmp1ds LowPolyGrass change it to 100 for maximum density without FPS loss)

[BlurShaderHDRInterior] Reduce blinding effect on objects and NPC's

fBrightScale = 2.2500 (Default)
Change to:
fBrightScale = 0.2500
fBrightRadius = 7.0000 (Default)
Change to:
fBrightScale = 3.5000

[BlurShaderHDR] Reduce blinding effect on objects and NPC's

fBrightScale = 1.5000 (Default)
Change to:
fBrightScale = 0.5000
fBrightRadius = 4.0000 (Default)
Change to:
fBrightScale = 3.0000

Optional Changes For Multi-Threading


iThreads = 3 (Default)
Change to:
iThreads = 30

iOpenMPLevel = 10 (Default)
Change to:
iOpenMPLevel = 30

Optional Blood Tweaks

These are not recommended as they can reduce your FPS

fDecalLifetime = 10.0000
Change to:
fDecalLifetime = 30.0000 small FPS hit
iMaxDecalsPerFrame = 10
Change to:
iMaxDecalsPerFrame = 30 large FPS hit


Go to MyGames > Oblivion > ConstructionSet.ini

And change the following settings:


This automatically fixes a number of bugs after editing.

Summary: These are not major changes, just small and subtle. My specs are above to compare your system. Currently I have a constant FPS of 30 in Exterior Cells and 60+ in Interior Cells.If you have further questions please PM me, or email [email protected]



Disclaimer: This is a Work In Progress - I am by no means an expert on these subjects, just trying to bring to light what I have discovered on the forum. If there is information here that you believe to be incorrect please PM me and let me know.