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What is NativePC Enabler and why do I need it?

NativePC Enabler is a mod (a plugin) for Monster Hunter: World that can work as a fallback for Stracker's Loader. If the game is updated and Stracker's Loader stops working, NativePC Enabler will ensure that most mods are still loaded by the game with the exception of custom quests and custom monsters. The idea is that if you have NativePC Enabler installed, you will be able to continue using most of your mods even when Stracker's Loader is not up to date yet, essentially to tide you over until Stracker's Loader is updated for the latest version of the game.

Note that NativePC Enabler (like most mods for Monster Hunter: World, and all plugins) requires Stracker's Loader to be installed - even if it's an out of date version.