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  • Asset_resources contain resources you need to create graphical assets, like skeletons for the different actors in game.
  • bin/win64releaseDLL is a development build of the game. Most importantly it contains the Sandbox editor (Editor.exe). It also contains a development build of KingdomCome.exe, which you can use to debug your mods (it is, however, much slower than the master build).
  • Data contains game data, which the game itself doesn’t use, but are used to generate other game data. Because the game doesn’t use them, they are not distributed in the public build of the game.
    • Levels contains the two game levels, rataje and rataje_dlc4 (Rataje means Rattay in Czech) in a format that Sandbox editor can load (and the game can’t).
    • In Libs/Storm are resource files for Storm. These are used in game export to fill soul database.
    • Prefabs are arrangements of entities, which often repeat throughout the game world (e.g. a table with chairs and tankards for pubs). In level source files the prefabs are referenced, however in exported level they are replaced by the set of entities they represent. That’s why the game doesn’t need these definitions.
  • Data_reference are data, which are distributed in the public build, and the game does use them. Some of these source files, however, are often sanitized for public version (LUA scripts are shipped without comments, for example), so this is a copy of the original version.
    • Modding.sql and public.sql are a dump of the game database. You will only need this to set up database, you won’t ever need to change these files.
  • Editor is a folder needed for the editor to run. It contains, for example, icons for the editor UI, or layouts of some menu bars. You don’t need to concern yourself with this folder
  • Tools
    • !registry/db.reg is a registry entry file which other tools need to connect to database. You need it only once, for Setting up database
    • 3dsmax and WHMaxTools are plugins and scripts for Autodesk 3ds Max, which can be used to create new model and animations for the game. See Asset creation tools
    • LocDiff is a utility for generating differences between localizations. You don’t ever need to execute this file directly, as it can be invoked from editor modding tool
    • ExcelDbAddin2 is an in-house tool for editing game database. See Setting up database
    • Luadoc contains documentation of all LUA functions exposed to LUA scripts from code.
    • Maya and MelScript contains plugins and scripts for Autodesk Maya, which we used primarily for creating armor and clothing models
    • Photoshop is our modification of the CryTiff tool, a plugin that allows exporting to tiff with some additional metainformation
    • rc, “resource compiler” is a CryTech tool that converts assets to engine formats. It is used by the Editor (which needs the rc folder to be in correct relative directory) and by asset plugins (which need SettingsMgr.exe to be run first, See Asset creation tools)
    • Shadercachegen is a tool for creating shader cache. You only need it for creating a shader mod
    • Storm is a tool for generating soul database
    • Swift is a tool mainly for editing souls and roles, with some extra utility functions
    • TraceServer is used by Editor to log all debug outputs
    • 7za.exe is the executable of 7-zip, used by PakShaders.bat
    • PakShaders.bat creates shader cache paks from local shaders. Used only for creating a shader mod
    • SettingsMgr.exe sets registry entries with paths to rc and editor, which asset tools need, See Asset creation tools
  • User_shadercachegen is a “temporary” folder for te user “shadercachegen” (when you launch editor, simillar folder named “user_editor” will appear). It contains a list of all shaders used by the game, and is only needed for creating a shader mod
  • user.cfg is a config file with some settings that will be useful to you when working with the editor. You will need to fill in database connection information, see Setting up database
  • modding_eula.txt is the license under which these modding tools are released. All mods created with these tools must include a copy of this file.
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