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Well guys, when I don't like them I do my own sounds for weapons and for every of them I think I did a good job....except for one...the minigun! When you use a free tool like Audacity, the "loop region metadata" of the spin loop can't be read from Audacity (and probably a lot of base free sound programs) and when you save the new spin sound the game don't start it in game, or play it looping it entirely like a normal rifle shot.... I was going crazy because here on nexus the miniguns sounds are like...1...2?? and them didn't fit so much to my tastes so I searched and searched and finally I founded a fantastic tool!!!

With this tool called "Wavosaur" you can simply add loop metadata region opening the file and clicking on..."add loop"! You'll be able so to move the start and end line of the loop and when saving the game will recognise those damned metadata and ta-daaah! you have YOUR spin working on FO3 :D

The program is here and it's free:Link

You don't have to install it, you can just unzip the .exe (there's only 1 .exe file and a readme in the zip) on your desktop and click on it to open the program and edit sound files, It has a lot of functions and supports a lot of sound files, all is wrote on Wavosaur's site :)

I posted this article obviously for those people that actually don't know how to create a spin without get problems with metadata (like me 10 mins ago XD) and that probably are going mad :)

Really Really Really a lot of thanks to Wavosaur team for this beautiful free and easy-to-use program :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sound file of the spin must be MONO when you add the loop points, if you load a STEREO sound, add the loops and then load it in GECK, the GECK will not be able to read the metadata loop points. So convert the spin sound in mono before editing it and adding the loops, then save and use it in GECK :D

Good modding to everyone

Hector Shiroi