Making Pipboy Readius screenglares

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this wiki outlines how to add images to the screen background with the Pipboy Readius you can get the Pipboy Readius mod at and



first get a program to make .dds format files, im using Paintnet cause its built in but theres a Gimp dds plugin on fallout3nexus if thats your preference. With that, find an image approximately 8/6 or change the canvas size: the calculation ive settled on is the width divided by 1.34 so 800 pixel width needs a 597 height (but use even numbers so make it 598)

the processed image is then resized to a square and rotated 180 degrees (so 800x598 with say a spot in the top right corner is resized to 598x598 and rotated so the spots in the bottom left causeingame the image gets stetched out and rotated back) then named "screenglare" and converted to dds. i prefer using DXT1 and it needs to have mipmaps included (ithink)

its loaded in the Data/Textures/scorptech/readius folder. If installing to FONV first create the scorptech and readius folders cause the FONV Readius installs as a .bsa file with no physical folders but load whats manually added after the bsa stuff so works the same. If installing to FO3 backup the original "" in the readius folder folder cause you cant simply remove your moded one, need to reinstall the old one or reactive the the Pipboy Readius fomod. With nothing overwritten in FONV, can just delete it to uninstall with that game



both color and brightness need to be toned way down, which alone can ruin some images, but tone them far as possible before things look completely different: changing contrast etc can side step some bad results. Sharpness can also take a significant hit (depending on the nature of the image), so careful not to make it too dull, and add as much sharpness possible (stopping before it starts to artifact)

the best approach is to get a higher rez image with very few artifacts and good detail, and resize it to something close or bit over what itll show at native screen rez. At 1920x1080 the highest field of view (also showing all the Pipboy Readius onscreen) is 29 which shows screenglares about 680x920. So for example might use a 1600x1200 image resized to 924x1232 (77%) and its the correct ratio so no need to change canvas size. You could also resize it to fit the vertical size so 680x680 resized from 680x910 and after resizing add more sharpness cause that step will make it blurier



I also use two mods to enhance visibility onscreen: Shiloh DS -Clean Pipboy Screen at and Fallout3 interface color changer at Both work with the other game, Clean Pipboy screens a fomod so just launch it on the FO3 side if your playing that, and Fallout3 interface color changer defaults to FO3 but works the same in FONV if you change the path when the applications launched. Id suggest installing the Clean Pipboy screen before making screenglares cause it removes the color distortion glow and darkens/sharpens things abit so things look different before and after