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Links to assorted MGSV modding references

Forums / threads - Ground Zeros/Phantom Pain thread

/r/moddergearsolid - sub reddit

Nexusmods- General MGSV discussion - Lua Modding Compendium

Various Notes/Resources

MGSVLUA - Notes on Lua tables

TPP.FileFormats - Notes on TPP file formats

Unique staff

Deminified data1 luas


MSGV QAR Tool 1.3.3 - via

MSGV FPK Tool 1.2 - via

GzsTool - Fox Engine dat, fpk, fpkd, pftxs and sbp unpacker/repacker

FoxTool - Fox Engine XML compiler/decompiler

FtexTool - Fox Engine Texture (.ftex) converter

FoxEngine.TranslationTool - LangTool,SubpTool,FfntTool

MGSV-QAR-Dictionary-Project - Dictionary for GzsTool,QarTool.

MGSV-Lang-Dictionary-Project - Dictionary for LangTool

MtarTool - Mtar - Motion archive tool.

mgsv_path_hasher - Filename hasher for fmdl/fv2

SnakeBite - Metal Gear Solid V mod manager