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It's come to my attention recently that, for one reason or another A LOT of people have trouble installing the Lop-eared Elf and Lop-eared Elf mini. As a result I am posting here for you a guide including links to every file and recommended methods. I hope it helps.


STEP 1: Go to this thread on the jp modders forum:Link

Here you will see many links, you will need to download files named "Modular Beautiful People 2ch-Edition (Full) v1.4a.part1X.rar" where X is the part number of the rar.

There are four parts which you need to download, you can see which ones in the screenshot below.

STEP 2: Extract the multipart rar using the decompression tool of your choice. I recommend 7zip.

For those of you who don't know, a multipart rar only needs to be extracted once. Make sure all of your files are in the same folder and then tell "part1.rar" to extract. It will extract every rar file as one single larger file.

STEP 3: Inside the Modular Beautiful People rar's is an OMOD (if you downloaded the correct links) to install this you will need "OBMM", this can be found here

Once the mod is loaded into obmm (for how to do that look at a users guide for OBMM) simply click activate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod will bring up messages in Japanese, I recommend simply allowing any data overwrites and saying yes to all Japanese messages. BE AWARE, however, that this will change the language on some of your vanilla and custom race lore to Japanese. IF YOU DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN STOP HERE AND DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD.

STEP 4: Next you need to go here Go to the second last folder. See screenshot below.

In the second last folder there are a lot of files labelled x117race, the one you need has the exact name "x117race021(addHair02_nonegm).7z"

STEP 5: Once the "x117race021(addHair02_nonegm).7z" file is downloaded you must unpack the file and install it as you would any other mods allowing any overwrites.

STEP 6: Go to this Link

Download the latest version of the working eyelashes mod.

STEP 7: Extract and install this as you would any other mod. Allowing any overwrites.

STEP 8: Once you have performed all of these prerequisites, and ONLY once you have done so, you should go to this Link

Dowonload the latest version of "Lop-ears Elf" or "Lop-ears Elf Mini", whichever your personal choice is, both can be installed at once.

At time of writing the most recent versions are "Lop-ears Elf 0.7.1" and "Lop-ears Elf mini 0.7.3"

STEP 9: Install whichever of the above races you chose (or both) as you would any other mod. Allow any overwrites.

STEP 10 (Optional): kumakumakokuma has recently added an optional ear-morphs pack so that the ears will change related to emotion, as with the Kajit and Tabaxi races. To download it, go here

Download the file "Lop-ears-M_v0.1".

STEP 11 (Optional): Extract the archive. Inside you should find folders for Lop-ears and Lop-earsMinis. In each of those folders is a sub-folder for your data folder.

Simply install the relevant folder to your race (or both) as you would any other mod. Allowing overwrites.

STEP 12: Once all of this is complete you Lop-ears Elf or Lop-ears Elf mini is installed and ready to go and, providing you followed the instructions here to the letter, you should have no problems.

Activate all of the (many) esm/esp files that have been installed and place them in positions that you deem pertinent in your load order.

NOTE: My personal choice is based on my general load order but these mods specifically, all the beautiful people esp's are first, followed by the x117 races, followed by working eyelashes and then lastly the lop-ears elf or elf-mini but that's my personal choice. Since they're race mods I suspect they will work in almost any order with little problems.

Hopefully by this point your Elf is installed and working like a charm. If not, you can leave a comment, but if you've followed all of the above steps correctly, I may not be able to provide much help.

Good luck!


Additional: I'm sorry there are no screen shots, they shouldn't be required for this guide, if I think they need to be at a later time, I will add some.

Credits: Remember that all of these files were made by people. Unfortunately, for those of us unable to speak Japanese, we have no way of thanking them but taking them into account is still important.