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Layer profile is a set of layers that somehow belong together (for example they should be enabled/activated/streamed in at the same time during the gameplay).
Layer profiles are located in the level's folder, in the LayerExportProfiles subfolder.


Parent profile - profile for which the child profile is exported and can be activated/deactivated during runtime. 

HasNavigation - does the profile change the navigation. Usually profiles that doesn't contain any physical objects doesn't change the navigation - e.g. cutscene profiles, profiles containing NPCs only, ... Typically the navigation means changes to navigation mesh, but in a rare case, profile contaning only Navigation platz object also require HasNavigation to be true (even though such profile doesn't change the navigation mesh when compared to the base profile).

NeedsSVORebuild - activating this profile will trigger the SVOTI rebuild. Necessary for profiles that are activated in the vicinity of the player

AutoActivationVersion - version for automatic activation of the profile when loading older save games. The profile will be activated, when a save game from version older than the value of AutoActivationVersion is loaded. This is typically used for profiles containing objects originally contained in base profile and later moved to a streamable profile.

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