Installing Morrowind without expansions

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some of you might wonder how would Morrowind play like, if you stick to the former work only, which took developers 7 years to create a tight game-play experience ( ie without expansions ). This is the place for your reference.

Vanilla Morrowind without expansions installation guide.

1. Take your original disk and put it in the DVD drive.

2. Switch to the drive letter and double click Setup.exe

3. Once Setup commences, choose your installation directory and let it finish its work.

4. Test game by double clicking the shortcut on your desktop placed there by Setup. If works, you are ready for patching.

5. If you use GOTY edition, you should have patched Morrowind executable to version You can control this by right click on the executable and select Properties from drop down menu. Once inside the Properties menu, select Version card above. This will show your current Morrowind executable version. If you game says something else patch it to These patches are readily available from several different sites. Just use you good friend Google.

6. Now we'll apply additional fixes provided by Unnoficial Morrowind patch ( later known as Morrowind patch project. ) What you need is version 1.2.2b.

7. Once downloaded, extract the archive into your Data Files directory inside you Morrowind install directory. Check everything is in place. You should see Morrowind patch 1.2.2.esm file hanging out in the Data Files directory and others in their respective sub-folders.

8. Fire up Morrowind launcher and tick the Morrowind patch 1.2.2.esm.

9. Play the game!

Note: Optionally you can defragment your hardrive after the installation for better performance.