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All Natural + Immersive Interiors

Not intended as an article per se, keeping for reference.


This was originally targeted at theblackpixie's specific problem but is VERY useful information for ANYONE having problems concerning Bashed Patch Configuration. Anything in yellow is a hotlink to related and important information.

This is gonna be long, detailed and step by step so anyone can follow this. It is rather simple though, follow it exactly, step by step, and your Patch will be properly configured. Open Wrye Bash while your reading this and follow along. It will be much easier.

If the filter patch is not showing up under Import Cells in your Bashed Patch you don't have it properly tagged. I strongly suggest using BOSS to tag your mods. Make sure you have tags set to Automatic. All of this info is listed in the Wrye Bash ReadMe, explained in the section Bashed Patches. Then in the subsections Bash Tags are explained. Importantly the first line states it is required for some mods to be tagged for other functions to work. Also another subsection is Import Cells which explains importing cells and how they must be tagged. Allow me to explain.

To emphasize; I encourage you to use BOSS to properly tag your mods. Make sure Bash Tags are set to Automatic! I'll explain how to set to Automatic in the following steps, read on.


1. In the lower right corner of Wrye Bash there is a box, Bash Tags. In this box it will show the tags for the currently selected mod. Example: I click on All Natural - Indoor Weather Filter for Mods.esp. Now in the Bash Tag box I see the following tags; C.Climate, Filter, Deactivate. If you do not see these tags make sure you have tagging set on automatic. Next step explains.

1a. To set tags to Automatic: With the desired mod selected, All Natural Filter in this case, right click in the Bash Tags box then at the top make sure there is a check mark beside Automatic. This will populate the proper tags in the box if you have previously ran BOSS. If no tags show up, run BOSS again and if you have BOSS properly installed the tags will show up in the box.

1b. Just in case the tags still don't show up here is how to manually tag a mod. Select the mod desired then right click in the tags box then select the appropriate filters. In this case for All Natural - Indoor Weather Filter for Mods.esp we need to select the following tags; C.Climate, Filter, Deactivate. Make sure each of those three have a check beside them.

2. At this point I suggest you double check your other mods to make sure they are properly tagged. To do this select each mod, one at a time, then right click in the Bash Tag box and set each to Automatic

3. After each mod is properly tagged Rebuild your Bashed Patch according to this post. It's also safe to select ANY and ALL other options under the "Merge Patches" and ALL of the "Import ..." sections. Simply put a check mark in each box and then use the "Select All" button on the right. You have to do this for each "Import" section. Most notably "Import Cells" which is what All Natural needs. Again, it's safe to select everything in the Import sections. The Tweaks are just that, Tweaks. You need to select any that you want, or none. That's up to you.

4. After you have properly selected your options according the #3 and this post, quick rundown for AN, now select Build Patch. Sit back and wait on it to finish.

5. You will see a progress bar indicating that it's working. When this is finished you will be prompted to Activate your Bashed Patch.

6. Select Yes, Activate Bashed Patch now.

Now just to be safe ensure the Weather filter is deactivated. All you should see in the box is a Dot, instead of a Check. In case you see a Check instead of a Dot click on it. This will change the Check into a Dot. Close Wrye Bash. You have now successfully built a Bashed Patch.

Final note. All of this information is included with Wrye Bash. At the beginning of this post I included hotlinks to each section stating important topics regarding your Bashed Patch and Bash Tags. You have to be thorough when reading documentation and be precise. If a mod isn't showing up in your patch, go to the ReadMe for Wrye Bash and click on the Bashed Patch section and start reading. It will list information about the patch and possible reasons why it's not properly configured.

That should cover it.

Immersive Interiors - Dark Outside

Help! It's all dark outside and the Sky is gone!?!

UPDATE 18/Oct/2010 since this is now in the README I have highlighted a few things to better emphasize the most likely culprit. Please take note #4 Fixes the issue MOST of the time. Do not neglect the other information though!

1. All Natural installation, Natural Interiors

2. Immersive Interiors installation.Not a likely reason for this issue, since you can see the city outside but it's dark. Leaving it here for posterity.

3. Load order

4. Cells were not properly imported by your Bashed Patch and you need to rebuild it with proper configuration. (probably this)

4a. Follow the steps below EXACTLY to properly build your Patch for All Natural

I would start out by checking Load order. Using BOSS is the best option. It should look like this. NOTE Newest BOSS moves Real Lights down the list Otherwise everything else is the same!

-All Natural Base.esm

-All Natural - Real Lights.esp

-All Natural.esp

-All Natural - SI.esp

-Immersive Interiors.esp

-Immersive Interiors - Lights Addon.esp

Then at the very bottom of your load order...

-All Natural - Indoor Weather Filter for Mods.esp (DO NOT ACTIVATE!)

-Bashed Patch,0.esp

IF all of that is in the correct order it is most likely to be your Bashed Patch not properly built. So try rebuilding your patch.

-Right Click on Bashed Patch

-Select Rebuild Patch

-Go down to Import Cells and put a Check in the box

-Now select all in the list on the right. Make sure All Natural.esp, All Natural SI.esp, and All Natural Indoor Weather Filter for Mods are listed AND Checked.

-Click on Rebuild Patch

-Activate your Bashed Patch when prompted

When complete try again and see if the weather properly matches. If not you should completely re-install All Natural and Immersive Interiors, in that order.

Be sure to follow the README for All Natural and Immersive Interiors EXACTLY, especially for All Natural. Everything I listed here is in the README's by the way.

Good luck and report back with your progress.