Illegal Music Pack Uploads and You

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Why are most music packs not allowed?

Short answer: Copyright. Copyright restricts the redistribution of an item in order to protect the owner of that item from theft. And the moment original work is created, it is copyrighted. Some explicitly allows the redistribution of their copyrighted music, but most do not.

I want to upload a music pack. How can I tell if it's allowed?

Research! Google, wikipedia, ask on the forums. If it comes from a game, a TV show, a movie, a band, chances are it's not allowed to redistribute. Check to make sure,and if it turns out to be okay, then go ahead and upload! But please link to any and all websites stating how you came to know it is allowed. This makes it easy for the Nexus Mods staff to verify the legality of your redistribution.

I don't care about the rules - What could go wrong?!

First and foremost, your file will be taken down. You will either be given a warning or banned for uploading content without proper permissions.