How to replace a character model

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1. Import your rigged FBX model in your Unity Project.

2. Set the rig type to humanoid and ensure that the T-Pose is correctly matched with the humanoid


3. Drag and drop the model on the scene

4. Scale it correctly using the reference model provided (neutral model) that is the scale of Daryon for reference


5. Remove the Animator component, add the component SetCustomAnimationAvatar and put the animation avatar of your character in the avatar slot of the SetCustomAnimationAvatar component


6. Choose a unique name for your GameObject and create a prefab in the project from it

7. Open the Asset Override Manager located in the "EOE Mods Toolkit -> Asset Override Manager" menu

8. Add a new entry and choose the entity that you want to override in the source entry "builtin" dropdown

9. In the replacement path enter the unique name of your GameObject that you prefabbed (without the path, just the name of the Prefab), then in the Asset Load Method for the replacement choose "Asset Bundles Mod Kit" and finally in the DLC or Mod ID enter the unique mod ID that you put in the Mod Settings Window

10. You are now ready to build and test your mod using the procedure described in the "How to build a mod locally" section of the guide