How to make a working pipboy icon

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Thing you need:

Photoshop and nvidia dds plugin or gimp and DDS converter 2.

For photoshop:

First you need to have done a simple image with transparent background and the object in white or light grey, this will be your icon, it should have the same style as this:

How to make a working pipboy icon image 1.jpg

The black in this image is transparent.

Then you then open up any in-game pipboy icon, select the alpha channel and fill it black.

Make sure your image has the correct size and then paste it into the alpha channel of the in-game icon, then make sure the rgb channel is filled white and then save it with the dds plugin, whitout mipmaps and as DXT3 and now the icon should work and look good in-game.

For Gimp:

In Gimp it's a little easier, make an image like the one you made for photoshop, make it with transparent background but paint it with a light grey color instead of white, cecece should do it, make sure the image is the same size as the vanilla icons and then save it as .tga.

Then you open up DDS converter 2 and click options, set the DXTc format to DXT3 and make sure the "Build Mipmaps" box is unchecked. select your .tga image, set the output format to .dds and click convert and you have an icon that should work in-game.

If none of this work for you then please tell me and i'll try to help you.