How to make Oblivion mods

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Before you start the actual creation process of an Oblivion mod, you will need certain tools. First off, you will need the Construction Set, which comes with the Steam and GOG release of the game (if you do not have the construction set, it can be downloaded here). We also recommend installing the Construction Set Extender, which greatly improves the stability of the tool.

If you plan on making/editing models for your mod, you will need Blender (version 2.49b is recommended for Oblivion).

Creating/editing textures can be done with GIMP (GIMP DDS Plugin) or Photoshop (Photoshop DDS Plugin).

For audio work we recommend Audacity (you will also have to install the LAME MP3 Encoder).


More detailed information on how to actually make a mod can be found on the Construction Set Wiki and TES Alliance (categories on the right side), as well as in the tutorials section of this wiki.