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There are two primary developer features available: the Shell and the Console.

  • The Shell becomes part of the User Interface (UI) of the Main Menu.
  • The Console (sometimes called the debug console) is a command line prompt that appears at the very bottom of the screen in game and accepts SOME Console Commands. For information about the Console, see Developer Console - XCOM:EU 2012.

This article is about how to enable the Shell. XCOM Developer Shell.jpg

NOTE: a modded game is not to be expected to work in Multiplayer mode, as the use of the mods like the Shell capabilities is actively prohibited by 'phone home' background function. See Steam and mods.


Info below is derived from these threads on the Nexus XCOM Forum:


There are two simple methods to implement the EU Developer Shell:

ToolBoks is recommended, both as easier to implement (merely a toggle selection) and more current. In addition, it is a recommended mod installer listed in Modding Tools - XCOM:EU 2012 and required by many modlets. However, by design the ToolBoks implementation of the Developer Shell does NOT include the Developer Console, to prevent abuse in Multi-Player games. See the article Developer Console - XCOM:EU 2012 for instructions on how to enable the Console. [Requires hex-editing the game EXE file.]

There are a number of different menu options with the Developer Shell. The Final Shell Menu restores the vanilla game menu interface, including the Exit button.

Here are screenshots from various Shell options, courtesy of Capyvara on the Nexus Forums.


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