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For removal - A bit over the top

The ANG, or annoying new guy, is the bane of many online communities.

He constantly annoys others by posting requests for help without first trying to help himself. He ignores more experienced members who try to educate him about what he does wrong. he teennds toa typ stuf lik thiss and gets mad when you inform him that the combination of grammar and the word "please" works wonders. After all, "it onlly the interwebs, guys. CHilL ouwt."

On Fallout Nexus, the ANG tends to post mods with names such as, "Uber mega chainsaw pistol LOLZ" that are simple stat swaps of vanilla guns, frequently without even retexturing them.

To avoid being the ANG, follow two sets of rules.

For file posting:

Before you post a file, ask yourself a few things.

Number one: "Are there already three or more mods that are suspiciously similar to this?" If the answer is no, proceed.

Number two: "Is this weapon a simple mod of a vanilla weapon without a remesh, retex, or reanimation?" If no, proceed.

Number three: "Is my mod a pistol, rifle, SMG, or other small arm that fires missiles, grenades, lasers, or mini-nukes?"

Only post your file if the answer to all three questions is no.

For requesting help:

Before you request help in a forum, look at this checklist:

Search for desired information.

if that fails

Determine what category the post you are about to make should go in.


Write the post with a polite, accurate title (Please help me with [problem]) (nothing like NEED HELP NEED HELP OMGMGMGMG ASAP PLEASE!)

Check the text you are about to post for grammar and politeness. if the spelling and grammar are good, and you used "please" at least three nonconsecutive times, post your request.

Otherwise: Fix the grammar and add "please" as needed. Post.

Congratulations, you are not the ANG!!!