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The material in this article arose from the thread Increased Pod Size in the XCOM Modding Talk section of the Nexus Forums.

When experimenting with increasing the number of aliens or pods that appear on a given game map, it is useful to know how many spawn points already exist.

Programs and Tools


XCOM:EU 2012 has a total of 70 maps, plus 3 additional from the Slingshot DLC. Out of these, 10 are variations on the same map (Abduction/Terror missions on the same map and the 2 Battleship maps), leaving a total of 62 individual maps (regular game + DLC). See UFOPAEDIA Maps (EU2012) for references.

To determine spawn points on maps, first read How to enable the XCOM developer shell and enable the Shell. Then read the article Developer Console - XCOM:EU 2012 and follow these steps on the console command line:

  1. togglefow -- toggles the fow off, so you can in theory see everything, but it doesn't show the alien pods
  2. set actor bHidden 0 -- sets the bHidden flag of every actor on the map to false. This will force reveal EVERYTHING, even cursors and other hidden things. This can cause a few graphical glitches, but will show all of the alien pods, unactivated.

The status of tested commands are in Console Commands - XCOM:EU 2012.

Below is the current table of game maps, organized by the known number of spawn points on each.

Maps (by number of Spawn Points)
Spawn Points
4 5 6
Pier A Bar Slaughterhouse A
Research Outpost Grand Cemetery Street Hurricane
Rooftops Const Highway Construction Trainyard
Train station Office Paper
Commercial Alley
Commercial Street
Convenience Store
Fast Food
Gas Station
Highway Bridge
Industrial Office
Liquor Store
Small Cemetery
Street Overpass
Truck Stop


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