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A common problem with world creation in the GECK is the lack of real-world measurements. You might want to create something that's a meter long, but have no idea how many units that is. Below is a list of game units to real-world units.  

  • 7 units = 10cm
  • 21.3 units = 1ft
  • 64 units = 1 yard
  • 70 units = 1 meter
  • 128 units = 6ft (Height of default adult NPCs)
  • 4096 units = 1 game cell
  • 10,000 units = 142 meters (Default range of some guns)

To help you further, there's a ruler with measurements of 64 units (1 yard) located in the Fallout New Vegas GECK under the ID of 'ruler'. Unfortunately, there isn't one in the Fallout 3 GECK, but you could simply convert it for use in the FO3 GECK.