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It is advised to use Warhorse Cry exporter extension tool for 3ds Max. It's user interface can be found in WH Tools/Export/WH_Exporter menu. However one can use default Cryengine export procedure, although is much less comfortable and has some drawbacks.

Exporter UI:

Exporting Documentation Image1.png

  • wooden_drain_a, wooden_drain_b, ... – multiple files/assets could be exported from one 3ds Max scene
  • Create Node - creates Export node
  • File Type – possibility to change file type per exported asset
  • Vertex Colors, Custom Normals, ... – include extra properties during export, could be set separately per file

Export node

To export geometry via WH Exporter, Export node needs to be created and mesh linked to the node.  There are several way how to do it:

  • Via Create Node button in WH Exporter window
  • Via menu WH Tools -> Export -< WH_Create_Node
  • Via Create/Helpers/WARHORSE command panel

Name of the Export node represents name of the exported file (for example wooden_drain_a). Pivot of the node represents pivot of exported model in the engine. File is exported to the same folder where *.max file is placed. Node is used only as a information container, and it's not exported.

Typically there should be only one mesh linked to the Export node, i.e. all the model geometry should be attached together with it's XForm reseted.

Merge node

Merge node allows us to link multiple meshes to the export node. This could be used to our advantage – we can keep meshes instanced, we don't need to care about XForm etc. All the meshes are linked to the Merge node and Merge node is linked to the Export node. Proxy meshes are also linked to the Merge node, same as LOD meshes. To make sure proxies are distinguished from visual meshes, they should have string "proxy" somewhere in their name.

Exporting Documentation Image2.png


To export selected or all files, click on Export checked or Export all.

During export, CryENGINE Exporter log window pops up. Please check log for possible errors.

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