Dragonborn Gallery

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Dragonborn Gallery
Region Haafingar
Location Solitude City
Type Quest Hub, Player Home
Quests Finders Keepers
Characters Auryen Morellus
Mod Legacy of the Dragonborn
Creation Kit Info
Cell ID(s) DBMDGHallofHeroes
Location ID DBMSolitudeDragonbornGallery

A large museum building located in Solitude (near the Blue Palace) - featuring hundreds of displays for both vanilla items and new treasures added by this mod. The Museum features themed rooms for Ancient Civilisations (Falmer, Dwemer, Ancient Nords), Skyrim's Wildlife, Dark Daedric Artefacts and all the other Oddities you will find on your travels.


Former known as McNarian Hall, the large building served as a Temple of Talos up until the Empire outlawed worship of Talos as part of the White-Gold Concordat. After sitting empty for many years, it was acquired by Auryen Morellus who refitted the entire building in a museum to protect and display as the valuable relics of Tamriel.


Finders Keepers

Once you have full access to the museum, Auryen Morellus will give this quest to location a randomised relic.

Notable Items






Legacy of the Dragonborn